Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 3: Orion's Journey)

TMC 3-14

Journey’s log. Mobius Date: February 25th, 4017. Stardate: 1622095.38, for Star Trek nerds, like myself. I had met up with Misty, nice girl, by the way, and while she couldn’t help since, as Amy said, technomagic is beyond most Mobians, she did tell me of some magic hotspots on the continents of Chun-nan, Mazuri, and Spagonia, respectively known as Asia, Africa, and Europe in the past. As Station Square was on the east coast of the continent of Imperia, formerly known as North America, I decided to head further East. So, I arrived on an island chain…outside…of…Chun-Nan……I need my compass fixed. In any case, walking around Mobian Japan is quite the interesting experience. There’s still a sense of mysticism and modern society blending together. And, of course, there’s still the best entertainment on the planet. From what Misty has told me, there are Wizards and Witches in the, apparently still in business, Toei Studios. I decided to start there. The cast and crew of a show came out and I explained my plight to them. “So, can you guys do anything?” I asked. I had hoped the fox girl in the lab coat was an actual scientist.

“Well,” mused the fox, “I could add some text to it. Maybe a flash noise or a new coloring job.”

“Wait, aren’t you a scientist?!” I yelped.

“No,” answered the fox. “I’m a manga artist playing a Kamen Rider!” After a few minutes of talking, I found that the fox, Yumiko, had gotten a contract to be the first woman to play the titular Rider in the new Kamen Rider Quill. It was a fantasy show with an artist theme. Her default form is a black bodysuit with silver armor and a silver helmet looking like a pen tip with red compound eyes. She fights the evil Cuttrior and his Sinoid generals. Cuttrior wants to tear the world of fiction apart and uses the Sinoids, named after the seven deadly sins, to do so. After obtaining her transformation belt, the Author Driver, Kamen Rider Quill fights to protect her people with art based attacks.

“So, really,” remarked Quill’s suit actor, another fox, “when this ‘Misty’ person told you about Wizards and Witches in Toei Studios, she meant more in the editing department.”

“Any of them actually magic users?” I asked.

“Sorry,” sighed Yumiko. “I have no clue. I’d still ask around.”

“Thank you for your help,” I replied, bowing. After a while, I was given a pass to go into the editing department. After asking around, I found a human Wizard, Takeshi. After I told him the story, he started looking at my gun with a sonic screwdriver he had enchanted. After no results, I suggested the red setting. No results. After Takeshi confirmed he didn’t know much in the way of my people’s connection to magic, I thanked him for his help and headed out of the studio and wandered around Tokyo for a while. It didn’t last long as I heard explosions and screaming citizens.

“SOMEONE HELP!” screamed a woman’s voice. I turned in the direction of the explosions.

“Who, me?” I asked with a grin. I charged headlong towards the source to see a robot. Three guesses who’s controlling it. If you guessed Baldy McNosehair, you win! Eggman had a new robot that looked more like a ball with red circles for eyes and a set of tank treads on the front and back. The Omelette Dictator was laughing in his Egg-mobile when I arrived at the scene. When I clapped optics on his new toy, I was unimpressed. “You’re serious about this?” I said in a deadpan tone.

“Ah, Orion Pax, if I recall!” cheered Eggman. “Say hello to the Eggatron!”

“By the unholy stomach of the Destroyer, what kind of a stupid name is that?!” I sighed.

“Stupid?!” snapped Eggman, offended. “What do you mean stupid?!”

“‘Eggatron’? Dude, you can do better than that!” I wailed.

“Ah, but you don’t know what this baby can do!” giggled Eggman. He then docked his Egg-mobile with the robot.

“Knock it off, Egg-breath!” I hissed as I transformed. “We both know how this is going to end. I’m just going to go over there, tear that thing a new one, and…!” Then…it happened. The rear treads flipped to the sides and segmented into two parts joined by elbows. They sprouted five digited hands. A metal canopy slammed down to protect the pilot. It was sporting a robot version of Eggman’s fat head. The front treads brought the darn thing on two feet. The whole transformation went by so fast that he managed to score a sucker punch! “ARGH! MY NOSE!” I shouted as I massaged my olfactory sensors. I heard Fatso laughing and it seemed to be coming from the robot’s head! It even had facial expressions!

“Something wrong, Orion?!” asked Eggman. “You came here, expecting to fight a simple robot and yet you find…A NEW TRANSFORMER!!” He started laughing.

“The heck is that thing?!” I quizzed.

“This, my young friend,” replied Eggman, “is the result of sifting through Shockwave’s files on cloning! Not really my first option to use a body for a mech suit, but, ‘adopt, adapt, and improve’ is a scientist’s creed.” My optics went wide.

“You discovered our CNA!” I guessed. “You can grow your own T-Cog!”

“Now you understand the implications of simply making my own instead of going through you Autobots when I dig a Cybertronian up,” laughed Eggman. “So, you wanna go a few rounds?!” He slammed his fists together. “Come get some!” I got into a ready stance. Eggman threw a roundhouse kick, which I blocked, leaving me open for a punch. This time, it was to the gut. Then another kick threw me into a building. The military had arrived on the scene and started firing. Eggman switched a red energy shield on and deflected the shots. I got between the reflected shots and the soldiers. Thankfully, it didn’t hurt that much. Eggman took the advantage and slammed both fists onto my back! I fell to the ground. Eggman raised a club, ready to split me open. Something zapped him and made him stop.

“Huh?” I muttered. Then, I saw it…her.

“Well, now,” purred the femme. She was a voluptuous bot with a purple and black color scheme. “Never thought I’d see the great Optimus Prime in a weakened state,” she continued.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“Someone who’s…toxic,” hissed the femme. “Though, if you want a name, I’m Blackarachnia.”

“Let me guess, spider holo-form?” I muttered.

“Black Widow, to be precise,” purred Blackarachnia. She then jabbed me in the chest. Something coursed through my tubes as I fell. “See you around, Red, White, and Blue,” remarked Blackarachnia as she took off. I was in a bit of pain for a while. After it passed, I got up, clearing my processor. Eggman had fled, taking his Transformer suit with him. This journey just got crazy.

Bumblebee headed to Optimus’ office. The Holo-Droid summoned him for some reason that escaped him. He hadn’t done anything wrong, had he? He knocked softly on the door. “Come in,” called Optimus’ voice. Bumblebee came in to see the Holo-Droid looking over something on its temporary desk. It then gave its attention to Bumblebee. “Ah, Bee, good to see you.”

“You wanted to see me?” asked Bumblebee.

“Yeah,” replied the Holo-Droid. “It’s about the rants you give. You know, the ones about your height?”

“What about them?” quizzed Bumblebee.

“It’s starting to get on our nerves, little guy,” explained the Holo-Droid. “So, if you could knock it off, that would be awesome.”

“…Little?” hissed Bumblebee. “Did you say little?!”

“Er, yeah?” confirmed the Holo-Droid.

“……WHO ARE YOU CALLING AN ATOM SIZED…?!” Bumblebee didn’t get very far as the Holo-Droid placed its hand on his chest and made the external image pass into Bumblebee’s chest. He felt fingers wrap around his Spark and started gasping in pain.

“That’s what I was talking about,” hissed the Holo-Droid. “Stop ranting about your height or I won’t release your spark until it stops pulsing!” It then released Bumblebee’s spark and let him collapse. The Holo-Droid then commed someone. “Ratchet, Bee’s got a problem! I think his crystal mail is affecting the stability of his spark! Get here now!”

“On my way!” called Ratchet. Bumblebee passed out.

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