Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 3: Orion's Journey)

TMC 3-16

Journey’s log. Mobius date: March 31, 4017. Stardate: 1622183.34. I’m finally in Spagonia, Mobian Europe. I started in the British Isles, what with magic being strongest there. I wound up at Spagonia University, with a Professor Pickle leading my holo-form to his study. He showed me a map of all Spagonia and all the magic hotspots on the continent. The greatest one was near Stonehenge. There was a well-known magic school on a field trip there, so I asked the staff and students for help. Unfortunately, they couldn’t do well. Technomagic was beyond that school. They pointed out that the hotspot in Soleanna may help. It was night when I arrived, and a festival was going on. Soleanna was Mediterranean in design, with rivers going through the city. The buildings and towers were well-lit, and fireworks were going off. It looked like the people were in prayer, and a boat was going through the rivers to a central altar. The boat had ballet dancers in yellow dresses on the bow. A young woman was standing behind the dancers and waving as the people cheered. She was a brunette in a simple white dress with her hair adorned by feathers on each side. I couldn’t fathom what was going on, so I tapped a woman’s shoulder. She wore some sort of black ball gown with white trim and disconnected sleeves. Her rose adorned head turned to me. “I’m not native to Soleanna,” I began. “What’s the particular reason behind this festival?”

“It’s the Festival of the Sun,” explained the woman. “It’s where we pay homage to our Patron Deity and God of the Sun, Solaris. Quiet now! That woman over on the boat, Princess Elise, is about to give the Final Prayer!” The woman, Elise, was greeted by a Bishop and handed a torch. Before she lit the altar, she made a prayer.

“We give thanks for the blessed flames. May we always continue to have peace. Sun of Soleanna, guide and watch over us with your eternal light,” she proclaimed. She then lit the altar and the flames wove into a beautiful design. More fireworks were launched, and the city cheered. I then felt something on my vehicle mode’s trailer bed. My vehicle mode was tossed into the air. I transformed to get a better landing. I then realized that gravity was going to put me in the river.

“LOOK OUT!” I shouted. Everyone got away from the splash radius. I got up once I regained control. I hadn’t prepared myself for an underwater environment, so I was coughing up water for a bit.

“Well, you made quite the splash,” joked Blackarachnia’s voice. I finally looked up at the bridge to see her in robot mode.

“And, you interrupted the humans’ enjoyment, why?” I hissed.

“You were the one who landed in the drink,” observed Blackarachnia. She then drew out a laser launcher and leveled it at the altar. The crowd gasped, the lady whose shoulder I tapped flew through the air and landed at the altar just as Blackarachnia pulled the trigger and let a shot fly.

“Defendere!” she chanted as she cast a large, red energy shield. The shot was absorbed. Blackarachnia snarled. “Machine Woman, you have disturbed your opponent’s attempt to enjoy a long-standing tradition of this country! How dare you!”

“You have interfered with my actions!” hissed Blackarachnia. “You will pay!” she raised her claws to strike.

“Not here!” I demanded. I got between her and the altar. Blackarachnia still advanced. “Didn’t you hear me?! Take it out of the city!”

“You wouldn’t dare interfere here!” snarled Blackarachnia. “It might shatter the Pax Cybertronia.”

“I’ve got 4.37 light-years to bring you back to Cybertron!” I hissed. “I might risk it!”

“The universe respected us when they saw us,” growled Blackarachnia, “and it shall do so again!”

“Freedom is the right of all sentient beings!” I snarled.

“Then, follow through with that, and stay out of my way!” shouted Blackarachnia. “I have freedom to conquer!”

“And, I have freedom to stop you from doing that!” I replied. I grappled her, then activated my flight jets, taking us out of the city. We were flying towards the eastern forested area. After I plowed through a few trees with her in front, Blackarachnia jabbed her claws into me and injected more cyber-venom.

“You still cling to methods that are archaic in origin!” she hissed. “Mercy? Duty? Honor? Justice? That led us to corruption in the High Council! All they do is talk and talk and talk and never get anything done!”

“No, the Council DID get things done!” I protested.

“Did the image the Chrono-knife showed us last time mean nothing?!” shouted Blackarachnia. “Your values have just proven worthless as you don’t act on them! Enjoy rusting alone on this Primus-forsaken rock!” She transformed and sped off. Please, let that be the last time I see her!

“Well,” sighed the woman that protected Elise, “that could have gone worse.”

“Could have gone worse?!” protested the Bishop. “Sira, those robots nearly splashed everyone! The dark one almost killed the Princess! I’m surprised you came tonight and were fast enough to protect her!”

“I just had a feeling I needed to attend this year,” replied Sira. “Besides, is Elise still alive?”

“Well, obviously!” answered Princess Elise.

“Then, no harm, no foul,” assured Sira. “Besides, I was expecting the male robot. He needs guidance. Now, if you’ll excuse me, Natalie is expecting me later tonight for a private celebration. Go on, be merry, and enjoy yourself. The people need to see that you can find joy in adversity.” She then became red mist and flew to the north.

“Strangest woman in our history,” muttered the Bishop. “Your Highness, do we continue?”

“I see no reason to stop the festival over a mere altercation that resulted in no deaths and only wet clothes,” replied Elise. “My people, Solaris has blessed us with first contact with the Transformers and it didn’t result in someone getting hurt, as our reporters in the field would have found in their respective countries. We have no need to fear them and will continue to have peace. Enjoy yourselves!” The declaration was well received.

“I’m not sure HOW a Holo-Droid can sleep,” remarked Ratchet as he shut the door behind him, “but, it IS sleeping. We should be able to talk in peace.” Sonic and his friends were assembled in the Med-Bay with the Autobots. The truth was out.

“We gotta do something about that thing!” muttered Ironhide.

“Well, going at it half-cocked with a Photon Rifle isn’t going to work,” replied Cliffjumper.

“Okay, yes, that was stupid!” hissed Jazz, getting a little irritated about that maneuver. “At the very least, I should have found the doo-dad that powers it, but I was being too hotheaded! Can we drop it?!”

“You WERE shooting at the doo-dad that powers it,” answered Tails. “It was just protected by Optimus’ image.”

“Mind explaining?” asked Jazz.

“The Holo-Droid’s image,” lectured Tails, “is made up of lights and forcefields, creating something we’ve been trying for centuries to make, hard light holograms. Its holo-emitters are on the endoskeleton and project a perfect image of Optimus around itself. For all intents and purposes, it’s a walking force-field.”

“Is there anything you and Ratchet can cook up to switch it off?” quizzed Sonic.

“Sadly, we’re still coming up short on that score,” sighed Ratchet.

“How does it run?” asked Prowl.

“Energon, like us, why?” wondered Ratchet.

“Then, we may stand a chance with a frontal assault,” replied Prowl.

“But, Tails just said nothing can hurt it, Mr. Prowl,” reminded Cream.

“We need larger, more powerful weapons,” explained Prowl. “It’s impervious, but not unstoppable. Ratchet provided me a critical piece of the puzzle.”

“I get it!” realized Ironhide. “we drain the thing’s energy banks, it’s vulnerable!”

“And constant, sustained attacks will do it,” confirmed Prowl, “we just need to survive long enough to see it through.

“We haven’t done Team Blasts in a while,” mused Amy. “This may be a good time.”

“Team Blasts?” asked Prowl.

“Concentrated attacks that rely on the entire team,” explained Sonic. “Each team has one. Me, Tails, and Knuckles call ours the Sonic Overdrive.”

“And we DID all get a Cyber Key,” recalled Bumblebee. “Now’s a good time to test them.”

“Perfect!” cheered Prowl. “We’ll also need Teletraan 1 to help coordinate the assault and get us in lockdown until we’ve dealt with the Holo-Droid.”

“…I don’t think that’s a good idea right now,” winced Tails. He pulled up a screen to see Teletraan 1’s avatar drunkenly weeping.

“MICHAEL BAY’S NOT MAKING MOVIES ANYMORE!” he wailed and then drunk from a hip flask before the image faded away.

“…Isn’t he already dead?” asked Ironhide. “It IS 4017, ain’t it?”

“What I don’t understand,” remarked Tails, “is that Teletraan’s got various filters to prevent himself from taking in too much Energon. How is he drunk?”

“Tails, ever since I landed here,” answered Ratchet, “I’ve learned not to question some things. Just help me get him sobered up and ready.”

“When that’s done, we’ll need some time to plan,” declared Prowl.

“Make it happen, people!” ordered Jazz. “This whole mess went down when an intruder slipped by our sensors and I DON’T want this incident weakening us!”

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