Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 3: Orion's Journey)

TMC 3-19

Journey’s log. Supplemental. I have been…unable…to try and…puzzle out…oh, for Primus’ sake, who am I kidding?! I know damn well what Sira said! And, looking over my past actions over the past few years, I can’t blame her for saying that. What have I done? I’m surprised Jazz and Ironhide, my closest allies, put up with that. At this point, I wish Jazz invoked the Crisis Act. “What did I do?” I asked aloud. “What did I do to cause something so unpleasant?”

“I think you can answer that yourself,” replied a motherly voice. I whirled around to see two bluish, transparent bots. Their legs were replaced by ghost tails. One of the bots was a femme in a dancer’s armor and the other was a stocky mech with medical markings. I was confused, then remembered the names that were used for my weapons. I pointed to the femme.

“Blade Dancer?” I asked. She nodded. “Then, YOU,” I said, pointing to the mech, “are Pacemaker.”

“That’s right,” confirmed the mech. Time seemed to stop for us as we looked at each other.

“Er, can you sit down?” I asked.

“We can,” assured Blade Dancer. I offered my seat to her and she sat down as if she were still alive. Pacemaker took the other seat. As I stood, they gave me warm smiles. I wasn’t sure I deserved them.

“I made a humungous mess of things, haven’t I?” I sighed.

“Yep, no painting over that one,” remarked Pacemaker.

“Then what am I supposed to do?” I asked. “Never make mistakes? Never raise my voice? Never get angry at anything? Never lie or take a shortcut? Act like a goodie-two-pedes?”

“Of course not. Not even the Primes are that perfect,” replied Blade Dancer.

“THEN WHAT IN THE PIT DO YOU AND THE PRIMES WANT FROM ME?!” I shouted. “I…I just don’t know what to do! What can I do to make this right again?!”

“We want you to be better,” answered another voice. I jumped and whirled to see Solus Prime behind me.

“Yeah, that’s helpful,” I snarked as I tried to slow my Sparkrate.

“You know the problem,” explained Solus, “now you can find the solution.”

“…Yeah, knowing the problem makes a solution easier,” I conceded.

“Pacemaker and I were holding back because we weren’t sure about you,” answered Blade Dancer.

“We didn’t know what would happen if we cut loose,” continued Pacemaker.

“Maybe you shouldn’t,” I sighed. “Maybe Sira underestimated how far along I went on an evil path and you should snuff my Spark before I get worse.”

“Did you really just say that?” hissed Pacemaker.

“In front of a medic, a dancer, and a Prime, no less?” asked Blade Dancer.

“Orion, you’re our partner,” assured Solus. “You’re our friend. As Jazz has been demonstrating since you met him, you don’t leave friends hanging. You help them, try to make them better.”

“And, if you can’t?” I asked.

“Then, at least we made the effort,” replied Blade Dancer. “So, what’s the next stage?”

“I need to be more mindful, think a little before acting and speaking,” I declared.

“You won’t try to do so?” asked Solus.

“While I may lean more to Star Trek,” I replied, “I can’t deny Yoda’s wisdom. ‘Do, or do not. There is no try.’”

“Wise words,” chuckled Solus. “We need to go, as do you.” She then placed her hand on my shoulder as Pacemaker placed his hand on the other and Blade Dancer hugged me as a mother would. “Good luck, Optimus,” bid Solus.

“Thank you, Solus,” I reciprocated. My optics switched off for a moment, then I realized what she said. “Wait, did you call me…?” I then saw my hands. They were in the familiar talon shape. I looked down to see my old cockpit chest. My shoulders had their flight jets back. I then felt around my head and found antennae. Solus was right! I’m back to being Optimus Prime! I gave a cheer! My magic was back!

“You’re quite the excitable one,” mused a voice. I turned to see Sira and Natalie watching. “We felt a magic surge, a small one, here. So, you reexamined your Spark?”

“I did,” I replied, calming down. “I have a few friends to thank. Pacemaker, Blade Dancer, the Primes, the Autobots, our Mobian allies, and you. Thank you.”

“For what?” asked Sira.

“For having me go on this journey to truly know what I need to be mindful of,” I explained.

“Well,” muttered Sira, “we all saw that you were going on some journey. Even my current apprentice, Amy Rose, could see it.”

“The Scarlet Specter has a good teacher,” I praised.

“I’m flattered,” replied Sira. “Like I said, we all knew you were going on a journey. The reason behind it? That was something we couldn’t see. Good thing, too.”

“It wouldn’t really be a test if someone knew the answer,” I guessed.

“You got it,” confirmed Sira.

“Personally, I hope this is the last time I go through this trial,” I sighed.

“You don’t get it, do you?” observed Natalie. “The Trial of the Soul never ends. The universe wanted to see if you could really change and you just proved you can.”

“When I asked my friends for help,” I realized.

“Exactly,” answered Sira. “That’s what a true Transformer does, regardless of being made of metal or flesh and blood. It changes, adapts, helps, and is helped along the way. No being can change without some help.” She then bade me follow her through the house. “Yes, there are those that abuse it by becoming overly dependent, but there is another end to that spectrum.”

“Never asking for help,” I answered. “Letting pride in doing things yourself get in the way.”

“Right again,” replied Sira. “And, along the journey, for a moment, you were thinking of possibilities never once considered by you.”

“When Blackarachnia showed me the Post-war Suffering being heaped on the Decepticons,” I sighed. “I’ve got a lot of work to do.”

“Then, don’t let me detain you,” bid Sira. “But, just so you know, you’re welcome to visit me when you need advice. And, if you’re lucky, Natalie and I may stop by your base.”

“Well, in that case, I’ll make a visit easier for you by mailing you your security cards,” I called.

“Much appreciated,” chuckled Sira. “See you out there!” I was at the main drive with Sira and Natalie still waving goodbye.

“Ad magnitudinem vero,” I chanted. I returned to my original size and switched the comms on. “Ratchet, this is Optimus Prime. My magic’s back and I need a Ground Bridge.” Static was the reply. “Ratchet?” I asked. I tried another one. “Tails?” Static again. “Teletraan?” Static from him?!

“Is something wrong?” quizzed Sira as she and Natalie ran up to me.

“Not even my A.I’s responding,” I answered. A horrible thought struck me. “The Holo-Droid!” I gasped. “I left a copy of me in command!”

“Before you went on this journey?” asked Sira.

“That’s what’s got me so worried,” I gulped. “I haven’t mastered teleporting myself yet. Want to visit the Autobot base early?”

“Sure,” replied Sira. “We just need an image to work with.”

“Better than that, I know the coordinates and the inside of the base,” I helped.

“Even better,” cheered Natalie. “Concentrate on those things as we chant the spell.” We then held our hands up like a doctor would. I did as asked, and we started chanting.

“Locus. Locus. Locus,” we chanted. As we did, magic was flowing around us. We let my image and coordinates bleed into the magic and it started guiding us there.

The Holo-droid went to the main command center. “All right,” it muttered. “What’s on the docket for today? Ah, yes. Teletraan 1, open a channel to the Autobot fleet. Tell them they are to launch within the hour.”

“Not a chance!” snarled Teletraan. “GUYS! NOW!”

“CYBER KEY POWER!” shouted all the Autobots as they came out of the woodwork. Jazz fired off his Bass Cannons at the Holo-Droid. Prowl’s shoulder mounted launchers became shoulder mounted rifles as they fired. Bumblebee’s hands became spikes and they fired a large stream of electricity. Cliffjumper unleashed triple-barreled blasters from his arms. Ironhide combined his cannons to make a laser bazooka. Ratchet had claws deploy from his arms and fire electromagnetic beams. Teletraan deployed internal defenses. The Holo-Droid face-palmed.

“Seriously?” it asked. “I’m made of lights and force-fields! What can you…?” Its power levels went to 99% after 12 seconds. It waited another 12 seconds before it dropped to 98%. “Not gonna work, guys,” it remarked. “I can do this all day!”

“Tails, is it even doing anything?” gulped Prowl.

“Its power levels are dropping, but slowly!” reported Tails as he looked on a monitor. “Keep up the attack!”

“Guys, I’m getting bored!” sigh the Holo-Droid. The Cyber Keys then wore off. “There! You’re done!” remarked the Holo-Droid. “Now, will you just…?!” The Autobots then each took a tank from beneath the floor, converted them to rifles, and fired. “Oh, hey! Commander Tower let you guys have them again. Awesome.” It then used its forcefields in its hands to redirect the beams of light to the Autobots. They were blown into the walls.

“NO! KEEP UP THE ASSAULT!” cried Tails.

“Oh, Miles Prower!” quizzed the Holo-Droid in a sing-song voice. “Is that you I hear?”

“Oh, Scrap in a Test Tube!” swore Tails. He turned to his friends, hiding behind him. “It’s our turn already, guys!”

“Blast away!” cheered Sonic. Knuckles grabbed Tails’ legs and Tails grabbed Sonic’s legs. Knuckles spun around a few times, then released Tails.

“SONIC OVERDRIVE!” announced Team Sonic as Tails kicked Sonic into the air, giving him height enough to do a Light Speed Attack, doing his signature Spin Dash at higher speeds and bouncing on the Holo-Droid multiple times. The Holo-Droid knocked Sonic into his team.

“CHAOS INFERNO!” shouted Team Dark. Shadow initiated Chaos Control. Rouge lifted Omega by the head and he converted his arms into laser cannons, rotating them around his body in a counter-clockwise direction and firing. The Holo-Droid redirected the beams and knocked them down.

“FLOWER FESTIVAL!” called Team Rose. Big the Cat bounced Amy and Cream on his umbrella, then he lifted it slightly into the air. Amy landed on the umbrella, struck a pose, then Cream landed on her and struck another pose while an explosion of flowers hit the Holo-droid. The Holo-Droid slammed its foot on the ground as the flowers evaporated and knocked the team down. A shamisen was then being played, then drums. The Holo-Droid was confused.

“CHAOTIX RECITAL!” screeched Team Chaotix. They sang off key, unleashing a sonic blast. The Holo-Droid grabbed one of the overhanging blasters under Teletraan’s command and shot at the Chaotix’ feet. They were tossed like ragdolls. The Holo-Droid then felt something in its head.

“Hm, it looks like Teletraan’s trying to hack my systems,” it chuckled. “It’d be a shame if I didn’t anticipate that and made a special program for that!” It snapped its fingers and the main console sparked. Teletraan 1’s avatar clutched its head in pain.

“Teletraan, are you all right?!” asked a voice.

“Iiiii’mmmm fiiiinnneee!” slurred Teletraan. The avatar then fell.

“Was that…?” muttered the Holo-Droid, wondering about the voice. Trema came out with a laser pistol with a gatling gun barrel. “How did you get in here?!”

“Special permission!” answered Trema as she fired.

“I thought you saved a Nebulan Blaster for war time,” remarked the Holo-Droid.

“This IS war time!” snarled Trema as she continued firing.

“Hm, power levels are dropping,” mused the Holo-Droid, “but, not enough. Say, Trema, did you know various emergency procedures were implemented when the intruder attacked Optimus? This one’s my favorite. Emergency Procedure 5! Activate!” A force field came between her and the Holo-Droid. “Yeah, we got the tech from the cargo hold of the Ark!” it boasted. It then looked over its victims. “Look at you morons! Did you really think you could beat me?! There isn’t a single being here who can stop me! Primus, there isn’t even a being on this planet who can stop what I’ve begun!” Suddenly, a laser blast hit it from behind, sending it sprawling onto the ground. “All right!” it shouted. “Who had the gaaaaaaahello!” it said as it looked down the barrel of the laser pistol pointed at it.

“I don’t know,” grunted the owner of the gun. “I might know a bot.”

“Kiddo!” cheered Ironhide.

“Sir!” gasped Prowl.

“Dude!” called Jazz.

“Mr. Prime!” cried Cream.

“Optimus! You’re back!” cheered Sonic.

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