Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 3: Orion's Journey)

TMC 3-6

Jazz was the first to get up as he got something out of his subspace pocket. It was a black, rectangular device with blue highlights and three slots for a circular object to fit in. He put the device to his waist so it could form a belt. A circular device appeared at his right while a cylinder appeared at his left. Jazz then fished out three coins from his subspace. They were colored differently and had an animal design on them. The red coin with a hawk went into the right slot, the yellow one with a tiger went in the middle slot, and the green on with a grasshopper went in the left slot. He then tilted the device at an angle to his left foot. He grabbed the circular device on his right and slid it across the tilted coin holder from right to left. “Henshin!” he called. The belt then spoke.

“TAKA! TORA! BATTA!” it announced as images of the coins appeared from top to bottom. “Tatoba! Tatoba, Tatoba!” it sang as the images combined into one and moved to his chest. His paint job went black and his helmet changed to look like a red hawk in flight with green insect eyes. The arms and shoulders gained yellow highlights and a set of folded back claws. The legs gained green highlights. Jazz spun around on his feet before pointing at Aaron.

“Shall we?” he asked.

“I felt magic when you changed!” yelped Aaron.

“Yeah, well,” mused Jazz, “I ain’t the wizard that made this thing the real OOO Driver. Let’s just say that a friend helped me in that regard.” Aaron scoffed.

“I’ll find that friend of yours and turn him into ash,” he declared. “Ut Gigans!” He grew to Jazz’s height. Jazz had seen the spell in action before, so he wasn’t totally surprised.

“You’ll have to get through me first,” taunted Jazz. “I’ve got the eyes of a hawk, the strength of a tiger, and the jumping power of a grasshopper. On top of that, I don’t think punching metal would be a good idea, even at your current size.”

“An oversight to be corrected,” snapped Aaron. “Dura Cutis!” His skin turned into metal.

“And there goes that advantage,” sighed Jazz. He shrugged, then charged at Aaron. The claws folded forward as he made a slashing attack. He then swiped the OOO Scanner across the belt again.

“SCANNING CHARGE!” called the belt. Jazz then leapt into the air and made a diving kick with both of his legs. He gave of the original OOO’s battle cry of “Seiya!” as he made the kick connect. It made a scratch on Aaron, who laughed.

“Do you wish to continue this dance of futility?” he asked.

“I’m gonna have to go stag on that,” joked Jazz as he pulled out a green medal with a stag beetle design on it. He swapped it for the hawk medal and swiped the scanner again.

“KUWAGATA! TORA! BATTA!” called the belt. The helmet changed to a green one with stag beetle horns and orange eyes. The top of the image on his chest went from red hawk to green stag beetle. Jazz then started projecting lighting from the horns, until Aaron seemed to take it into his hands and threw it at a car in the air. Thankfully, Jazz caught it in time. He tore out some pavement and tossed it at Aaron. Once the people inside the car had gotten out, Jazz turned to Aaron.

“All right,” he snarled as he took out another green medal, this one with a mantis design, “start praying, boy!” He swapped it with the tiger medal and once again ran the scanner over the belt.

“KUWAGATA! KAMAKIRI! BATTA!” announced the belt “Gata-Gata-Gatakiriba! Gatakiriba!” Jazz then gave off a roar and multiplied himself to become an army of 100! Aaron smirked.

“That’s supposed to intimidate me?” he asked “Et Multiplicabo Centum!” That was the spell that allowed him to multiply to the number he specified. His army lined up. “Are you all familiar with the plan?!” he shouted to his clones.

“SIR! YES, SIR!” confirmed his clones.

“Then, CHARGE!” he shouted. The army of Aaron clashed with the army of Gatakiriba Jazz. The battle was evenly matched with the two one man armies, until one of the Aaron clones took off one of the Jazz’s OOO Driver. It turned him back into Jazz.

“What the?” yelped the now de-transformed Jazz clone. The others saw it.

“That never happened in the show!” cried another Jazz clone. That was the opening that specific Aaron clone was looking for and it punched through the Jazz clone. It disappeared in a pained scream.

“DON’T LET UP!” shouted the original Jazz. Easier said than done, the Jazz army was getting slaughtered! With all the versions of Jazz screaming in agony before they faded away, Jazz had to pull back 9 other versions of himself so they could fight later.

“COWARD!” roared Aaron. “That’s just like you machines! You flee the instant logic is thrown out the window and your precious battle plans go awry! That’s why magic shall be supreme!” As Aaron dismissed his clones, Jazz and his clones were catching their breath. They removed their belts and discussed their next plan of attack.

“I don’t think I’m being melodramatic when I say this is monumentally bad!” gulped one of the clones.

“We have an option,” replied another clone.

“What did you have in mind?” asked the original.

“First, why don’t we check the core medals we have?” quizzed the clone. The others shrugged and then pulled out the medal collection they each had. It was then that two clones had a full red set each. In fact, there were multiple copies of Jazz’s medal collection. “Okay,” remarked the clone that ask for a medal check, “that makes my plan a lot easier.”

“You don’t mean…,” realized another clone.

“All combos?” asked the original. The clone nodded. “Then I guess I’ll take the Tatoba combo!”

“I’ll take Gatakiriba!” declared the second clone.

“Latoratah for me!” announced another clone.

“Sagozo!” called the first clone.

“Tajador will be mine!” interjected another clone.

“I’ll be swimming with Shauta!” proclaimed another clone.

“Stomping around with Putotyra!” sang another one.

“Slithering with Burakawani!” said another with a hiss.

“I’ll take Tamashi!” called the ninth.

“I guess I’ll take the Super Tatoba combo!” remarked the last. They fished out the medals for those combos and inserted them into the belt. Once they swiped the scanner, they all said “Henshin!” and let the combos form.

“TAKA! TORA! BATTA! Tatoba! Tatoba, Tatoba!”

“KUWAGATA! KAMAKIRI! BATTA! Gata-Gata-Gatakiriba! Gatakiriba!”

“LION! TORA! CHEETAH!” The arms stayed the same as the Tatoba combo. The helmet had blue eyes and looked like a yellow lion’s mane. The legs were yellow as well. “Lata Lata! Latoratah!”

“SAI! GORILLA! ZOU!” The outfit turned silver, with the head looking like a rhino’s horn and gained red eyes. The arms looked more like a gorilla’s. The feet became heavier and made of denser steel. “Sagozo! Sagozo!”

“TAKA! KUJAKU! CONDOR!” The outfit turned red with the helmet gaining larger wings and the eyes turning red as well. The shoulder pads looked like a peacock’s feathers with some sort of shield on the left arm. The feet became sharpened like talons. “Tajador!”

“SHACHI! UNAGI! TAKO!” The outfit turned blue with the helmet gaining an orca pattern and yellow eyes. The arms had whip like weapons on them and the legs had suckers on them. “Sha-Sha-Shauta! Sha-Sha-Shauta!”

“PTERA! TRICERA! TYRANNO!” The outfit was purple with the eyes turning green, and the wings going from hawk-like to Pteranodon-like. He gained a set of Pteranodon wings as well. The shoulders got Triceratops horns on each side. The legs became claw-like. “Putotyrannosaurus!”

“COBRA! KAME! WANI!” The helmet gained purple eyes and a snake “turban” with a ponytail like extension. The arms were yellow-orange and had half of a turtle’s shell on each one. The legs became orange and had a tooth pattern. “Burakawani!”

“TAKA! IMAGIN! SHOCKER!” The head remained the same as the Tatoba head, but the arms were red with a large horn on each shoulder. The legs were golden with a wing design. “Tamashi! Tamashi, Tamashi! Rider Damashii!”

“SUPER! SUPER! SUPER! SUPER TAKA! SUPER TORA! SUPER BATTA!” Instead of being mainly black with red, yellow, and green designs, it was red, yellow, and green with black designs. “Super! Tatoba, Tatoba! SUPER!

“We ready?” asked Tatoba Jazz. The response was positive. “Then, CHARGE!” All the combos charged at Aaron. Aaron smirked.

“Oh, that is precious!” he laughed.

“Tajador! Putotyra! You guys first!” said Tatoba Jazz. Tajador Jazz grabbed the three green medals, opened the shield, put the medals in it, closed the shield, and put the scanner on top. The medals spun around the shield.

“KUWAGATA! KAMAKIRI! BATTA! GIN! GIN! GIN! GIGA SCAN!” called the scanner. Energy formed around the shield as he prepared to punch. When he did, a green energy disc flew out of the shield and landed a hit on Aaron. Aaron staggered, but still had the smirk. Putotyra Jazz slammed his fist into the ground, making a purple light glow from the cracks. He then pulled out an ax with a purple blade and an open t-rex mouth holding the blade. He then put a silver medal with an x into the top of the blade, let it go down the blade, and then closed the mouth.

“GOKKUN!” it growled as Putotyra Jazz swung another handle down to turn it into a bazooka. He let the energy charge up before pulling the trigger. “Putotyranno Hissatsu!” Once he pulled the trigger, a large purple blast struck Aaron square in the chest.

“That should do it!” growled Putotyra Jazz.

“Should and did are two different concepts,” replied Aaron’s voice. He was still unscathed!

“ARE YOU SERIOUS!” cried Latoratah Jazz.

“All right, then!” muttered Tatoba Jazz. “Scanners out, everyone!” All the combos swiped the scanners across the belt.

“SCANNING CHARGE!” announced all the belts. Tatoba, Tajador, Shauta, Gatakiriba, and Super Tatoba jumped into the air and made a dive kick motion. Sagozo floated into the air before dropping onto his feet and creating a quake. Burakawani slid on his back in a flying kick motion. Tamashi held an energy ball and fired it like Goku. Putotyra extended the horns on his shoulders to Aaron, froze him, and swung his tail. Latoratah charged at Aaron at high speeds and made a cutting motion with his claws.

“SEIYA!” they all cried as the attacks hit their marks. The other combos disappeared, so the only combo left was the original Jazz in the Tatoba combo. He then de-transformed and returned to his usual robot mode. He then wiped an imaginary tear.

“That explosion would have put a tear in many a Kamen Rider’s eye,” he mock-whimpered.

“Whatever a Kamen Rider is,” sighed Aaron’s voice.


“Now, are there anymore tricks you want to try, or shall I deactivate you right now?” asked Aaron. Jazz then tried something desperate.

“That necklace you have there, what is it?” he quizzed.

“Seriously?” muttered Aaron. “I asked for a trick and you want to try something as basic as that? Fine, I’ll play along. It’s my sorcerer’s crest. It shows my rank in the magic world. Why do you ask?” An idea formed for Jazz on the fly.

“It looks a lot like a Cyber Key,” he mused.

“A what?” asked Aaron.

“A Cyber Key,” Jazz repeated. “It’s an ancient piece of Cybertronian tech that unlocks a bot’s hidden systems.”

“It’s not technology!” protested Aaron. “It’s a precious metal that fell from the stars, eons ago!”

“So did the Cyber Keys,” countered Jazz.

“This is a means of one getting power!” snapped Aaron.

“Cyber! Key!” insisted Jazz.

“All right, you know what?!” snapped Aaron as he took off his necklace. He then threw it at Jazz, who caught it. “Now, tell me, is that ancient technology?”

“Actually,” said Jazz with a grin as data flowed into his processor, “that just cinched it.” He then flicked it into the air and thrust his palm into the air. “CYBER KEY POWER!” The Cyber Key then inserted itself into Jazz’s back and turned. Machinery on his back swung to his shoulders to be shoulder mounted firearms. The barrels almost looked like speakers. “Oh,” gasped Jazz as targeting systems flooded his visor, “Christmas came early! Earth-shake Bass Cannons!”

“Oh, please!” mocked Aaron as it looked like he had flicked some dirt off. “That fight must have drained you! And besides, the gap between you and the coward wizard that made that belt real must be wide if you light up at new weapons!” Now, Jazz is a mellow bot. There’s very little that can tick him off. Mentioning the power gap between him and his best friend and calling said friend a coward are sure fire ways to make him lose his cool.

“You know what?” he snarled. “Frag the gap between me and my best friend. Frag the Energon draining fight! Frag your arrogance!! In fact, FRAG YOU FOR DARING TO CALL MY BEST FRIEND, OPTIMUS PRIME, A COWARDLY WIZARD! MAXIMUM SONICS!” The Bass Cannons unleashed a torrent of sonic waves that were directed at Aaron. He held his head in pain. It stopped after a while. “I AIN’T DONE! MAXIMUM SONICS!” Another torrent. Jazz kept on and on until Aaron was on the ground, steadying himself.

“I’m going to get up now!” he snarled. “And if you do that again, I swear to God Almighty…!”

“Maximum Sonics,” hissed Jazz. One last torrent knocked Aaron back a few feet. Jazz stood like a statue for a while. “Huh,” he thought, “with all those shots, I’d figure my Energon reserves would…oh, wait, there they go.” Metal met pavement with a resounding thud. Multiple warnings of Energon overexposure rang though his head. Jazz then tried to transform, to no avail. “T-Cog, come on! No! Be a pal!” Not a snowball’s chance in even the deepest part of Dante’s Hell. Jazz started shorting out.

“Now,” remarked Aaron as he got up, “as far as last words go, ‘Maximum Sonics’ aren’t the greatest. But, to be fair, that’s far from the worst decision you’ve ever made today!”

“You haven’t seen my ‘go frag yourself’ attack yet!” Jazz managed to get out.

“Now, see,” chuckled Aaron, “that’s the spirit.” He shrunk back down and turned his skin back to normal skin. He then raised his hand to the air and made a fist of fire. “Ignis Pugno Mor…!”

“CHAOS SPEAR!” came Shadow’s voice. A yellow energy arrow struck Aaron in the back and the fist disappeared.

“All right, who has the gall?!” snarled Aaron.

“If it’s an opponent you’re looking for,” rasped Shadow as he strode forward, “I can fill the part. Ratchet, get him out of here.” Ratchet used his magnets to lift Jazz over to his position. The other Autobots were conscious and in vehicle mode. Aaron growled.

“Fine!” he growled. “I’ll just deal with this freak!” He charged at Shadow, beginning the battle.

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