Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 4: Loose Ends)

TMC 4-3

“I’m afraid,” sighed Slash as she checked Tactical, “that the computer is right. We HAVE missed the Zenith. I’ve been able to start the prediction algorithm, but it will take a long time. What are your orders?” Grimlock was about to lose it again but kept calm long enough to command.

“Set a course back to Mobius!” he snarled. “Optimus will pay!”

“Do you not realize your species’ frailty?” continued Metal Sonic. “Do you not see how futile your existence is? You believe you can reach the stars and find perfection! The sad truth is this; flesh fails. It grows old, fat, weak, and slow. Machines don’t have that weakness. If a machine fails, it can be replaced with ease. Flesh doesn’t have that luxury. In the end, flesh fails.”

“That’s a Metrotitan!” gasped Optimus as all Autobots and their allies were back at the base. “How did Metal Sonic find one here?!”

“And where’d he find a gold one?!” yelped Ironhide.

“Chaos Energy,” replied Sonic.

“Pardon?” quizzed Sira.

“He and Shockwave must be powering that thing with all 7 Chaos Emeralds,” explained Amy. “They’re invulnerable now.”

“Even from a sneak attack?” offered Trema.

“Which is why,” revealed Tails, “Teletraan, Ratchet, and I have created such a manner of sabotage.” He pulled out nuts and bolts.

“…What good are they?” asked Optimus.

“These aren’t just nuts and bolts,” explained Tails. “These are our repair/sabotage drones. They transform, like you guys, into little humanoids for repair work or sabotage.”

“Ah, perfect for the battery they’re using,” realized Optimus.

“Problem,” interjected Teletraan. “They’ve developed shields. I’m probing them for a weakness but…” he trailed off

“…But?” asked Optimus.

“Prime, YOU are being hailed,” reported Teletraan.

“I am?” asked Optimus.

“By name,” confirmed Teletraan.

“Can you identify?” quizzed Optimus.

“Doing so now…it’s Shockwave,” snarled Teletraan.

“What in the Pit does SHE want?” snapped Prowl.

“Scramble our base’s location,” ordered Optimus. “I don’t want her tracing the endpoint.”

“Scrambling now,” confirmed Teletraan.

“On screen,” directed Optimus. Shockwave’s face appeared. “Shockwave, what do you want?” asked Optimus.

“Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots,” declared Shockwave, “you will show yourself and allow yourself to be transported into my Metrotitan. If you do not cooperate, Station Square will be leveled.”

“You have committed an act of aggression against a valuable ally in the NEST alliance!” snarled Optimus. “If you do not withdraw from this planet…!”

“You will surrender yourself or Metal Sonic and I will destroy the population,” threatened Shockwave. “Your defenses are unable to withstand a Chaos Powered Metro…” Optimus made a slicing motion across his throat and the call was muted.

“What does she want with you?” asked Ratchet.

“I thought she poo poo’s magic,” muttered Sira. “Much like the old fart you have as CMO.”

“That was Ratchet’s dignity!” gasped Ironhide in mock shock. “He needed that!”

“HEY!” protested Ratchet.

“Enough,” called Optimus. “Teletraan, put Shockwave through again.” Shockwave appeared again. “We have prepared new defenses and are prepared to use them if you do not withdraw from the Mobius system!”

“I have no reason to believe you,” dismissed Shockwave.

“Considering my survival of my recent encounter with the former Lightning Strike Coalition,” countered Optimus, “I’d say you should.”

“The Lightning Strike Coalition?” quizzed Shockwave. “They died after I put them in cold storage.”

“Grimlock and his team live,” argued Optimus. “Now, surrender or we WILL stop you! Me, the Autobots, the witches, and our other organic allies!”

“You are insufficient to stop me,” remarked Shockwave. She terminated the call.

“And, done!” cheered Tails. “I took advantage of your conversation and found a chink in the shields! We can get in!”

“Then here’s our battle plan,” declared Optimus. “Sira, you lead Sonic’s friends with Tails’ new inventions for sabotaging the Metrotitan’s connection to the Chaos Emeralds. Jazz, take the Autobots with you as you keep the defenses off their backs. They’ll join you once their work is done. Trema, Sonic, you two are with me. We’re taking down Shockwave and Metal Sonic!”

“Arkoom, grazin oom, orgtagh!!” roared Trema in Ancient Nebulan. The transliteration is “Today, honorable day, battle!” Translation; “Today is an honorable day for battle!”

“I agree!” cheered Ironhide. Sira and her team grabbed handfuls of Tails’ new inventions.

“Have you named them?” asked Shadow.

“I was thinking of calling them Nutzanbolts,” mused Tails.

“Teletraan, beam us up there!” ordered Optimus. “Autobots and allies, roll out!” They were teleported to a hallway junction and split off into their respective teams. Sira led hers down the hall with the Autobots covering her.

“Where are they?!” she wondered.

“Come on, don’t fail me now!” urged Knuckles to himself.

“Knuckle-head?” quizzed Ironhide as he shot down a turret.

“I can usually sense the Chaos Emeralds to a degree,” explained Knuckles.

“Hm, there may be some wizard potential in you,” mused Sira.

“Hold up,” called Knuckles. “I’m getting something from behind that door.”

“Allow me,” offered Sira. She then waggled her fingers. “Semita Dimittere!” …Nothing happened. “Er…Ostendere Viam!” …Still nothing. “Reserare in via!” Nothing one last time. “GRGHRHRERHRGH! APERTA! APERTA! OPEN SESAME, DAMN IT!” She then resorted to kicking the door. Kicking metal is bad enough, but Sira didn’t know how to kick properly. She led with her toes, her mule shoe wearing toes. She started hopping around on one foot, dropping her Nutzanbolts. Said machines then started eating the door. Soon, it vanished and the Nutzanbolts replicated 3 times over. Everyone looked on in fear. They then turned to Tails.

“…Okay, so, maybe Grimlock’s Scraplet illusion DID inspire me a bit,” he admitted.

“Never mind that!” interjected Ironhide. “Look! Knuckles was right!” There, in the room, was a machine with seven jewels of different colors. Green, Red, Blue, Cyan, Purple, White, and Yellow, they were all there.

“All right, my little creations,” giggled Tails to his Nutzanbolts, “go and play!” Everyone dropped their loads and the Nutzanbolts got to work.

Optimus and his team made their way to the control room, destroying sentries along the way. Sonic was doing his signature spin-dash, leaving Optimus wanting to experiment. “Let’s try it!” he chuckled to himself. He then crossed his arms in front of his chest and went faster. Sonic saw this.

“Prime, WAIT!” he shouted. Too late. Optimus then started rolling and did the spin-dash. After a few spins, Optimus was rubbing his head. “Put your arms above your head, next time,” lectured Sonic.

“Noted!” groaned Optimus. They continued on their way and found a door. “Perfect! That’s where they’ll be!” cheered Optimus. “Metrotitans have a control room for their main bodies to manage their city mode’s systems.”

“You mean, this city’s robot mode is like their version of your trailer?” quizzed Trema.

“Exactly,” confirmed Optimus. “And, if I’m right, that’s where we’ll find Shockwave!” He put his fingers into the double doors and started pulling them apart. Meanwhile, Shockwave was at the controls.

“…By the Allspark, Metal Sonic’s monologue is taking forever!” she sighed, a little irritation creeping into her voice, despite how she may deny it when asked. “I should have put him in the holo-deck. That would have given me some quiet.” She then heard metal being pushed back. She whirled around to see Optimus pushing the door open. “Then again,” she muttered, “for once, I admit annoyance with the young Prime.” She promptly activated a force-field.

“Look, Shockwave,” offered Optimus, “you don’t want to do this.”

“After the defeat I suffered on this planet?” quizzed Shockwave. “It is only logical that they know my irritation at the scientific setbacks they have caused me.”

“Mobian-kind didn’t exist when you were fighting the Autobots!” argued Sonic. “The humans you fought are dead!”

“It matters not,” dismissed Shockwave. “Their descendants, Mobian and otherwise, will suffice.”

“Where’s the logic in that?!” countered Trema. “Look, you want a quiet world for you to conduct your experiments, be they humane or otherwise, correct?”

“Yes,” confirmed Shockwave.

“Then I can find one for you!” said Optimus. “You don’t need to attack this planet with beings who did no wrong to you specifically!”

“You fail to grasp my meaning,” said Shockwave. “While he lets his emotions get the best of him, Metal Sonic has a point. Organics do not value order. Even those that claim it, like Eggman, tend to lean towards a chaotic existence. It is best to remove it. Besides, one of the names for our devil is the Chaos Bringer. Yet, as a species, we allow emotions to override our sense of reason. And it all stemmed from our interaction with organics. Eliminate them, and a true technoarchy appears, ruled by efficiency, logic, mathematics, and science. In other words, I intend to wipe the scourge of emotions from the face of the universe, starting with Mobius.” As she turned, she noticed a warning sign on the monitor. The gold color scheme around her was changing, fading into an off-white color.

“Ah, you gotta love Tails’ ingenuity!” cheered Optimus. “Despite being a young child, he found a way to sever your Metrotitan’s connection to the Chaos Emeralds. You know, for someone who values order, I’m surprised you use a chaotic element.”

“This is a typical response based on emotionalism and illogic,” rebuked Shockwave as she got into a ready stance. Trema gasped and put her hand on her heart, opposite to a human’s heart placement.

“Did I hear irritation in that voice?!” she asked.

“Certainly not, Nebulan,” hissed Shockwave.

“I don’t know,” argued Trema, “that sounded positively defensive to me!”

“With a hint of anger!” observed Optimus.

“And just a touch of jealousy,” teased Sonic.

“And a lot of bitterness!” continued Trema. “Are you always this emotional?”

“I refuse to engage in this Nebulan game,” remarked Shockwave, “of taunting.”

“Nebulan?” asked Sonic. “Did I color my quills green?”

“Sonic!” protested Trema in mock offense. “Shame on you! That’s racial mockery!”

“All that intelligence,” giggled Optimus, “and she doesn’t even know what a Nebulan looks like!” Everyone joined in the laughter at Shockwave’s expense. Shockwave then grappled with Optimus and managed to keep Sonic and Trema at bay. “Teletraan, I need a clear shot for my trailer! Beam the entire team topside, Shockwave too!” Everyone soon met with each other on the Metrotitan’s top. Metal Sonic saw this.

“What have you done?!” he roared.

“Ask Prime!” shouted Shockwave.

“Good idea!” boomed a voice. “But I already know the answer!” A robot T-rex then came flying in, bringing its foot down on Optimus. Grimlock, in beast mode, roared at Optimus.

“So, the Prime spoke the truth,” observed Shockwave. “My Dinobots still live.”

“Different spelling, Cyclops!” snarled Grimlock. “But, I have other matters to attend to, the bot beneath my foot for a start! The one who delayed me and kept our t-cogs enslaved to our anger!”

“Grimlock,” gasped Optimus, “I know what Shockwave did to you! I made a mistake, a severe, ghastly, HORRIBLE mistake because I let my own emotions cloud my judgement, and I’m sorry!”

“A bit late for sorry now, isn’t it?!” roared Grimlock.

“I WILL see to it that you’re in full control of your t-cog!” promised Optimus. “My technical and medical departments will do everything in their power to fix you and your bots!”

“Them?!” laughed Metal Sonic. “They couldn’t put two boards together if you stuck them in a room with nails and a hammer! Look, it was Shockwave who made you what you are, right? I’m sure she can fix you guys. Knowing Optimus, he’ll say that they can try, but can’t promise success! We CAN promise success!”

“How do I know which side is on the level?!” shouted Grimlock. It was then that Optimus put his gun out, holding it by the barrel. Grimlock arched an eye ridge.

“There IS another Zenith in the Femaxian system,” answered Optimus, “much more reliable and always uses magic implements instead of someone’s life. With my own weapons, you can free yourself from this curse. Take them. Take my ship if you need to. Use them to regain control of your t-cog.” Grimlock was taken aback by this gesture. He first looked back at Shockwave and Metal Sonic, then Optimus, then Shockwave, then Optimus again, and then he managed to be calm enough to go into robot mode again and push the weapons back toward Optimus. He then faced Shockwave and Metal Sonic, leveling his gun at the two.

“Why should I trust a glitch that put me in cold storage?” he asked.

“Oof!” groaned a voice with a Scots accent. “What in…where am I? What in blazes is this place?!”

“I know that voice!” gasped Optimus. “I met a hologram of him when we had our Colony Conference! It’s Metroplex!”

“Why, if it isn’t wee Optimus Prime!” boomed Metroplex’s voice. A massive vehicle came rolling forward, a futuristic bucket/wheel excavator. Instead of hover generators, it ran on four tank wheels. A large Mobian Grizzly bear, one that would tower over the tallest human, stepped out in his construction gear, complete with yellow hard hat. “Good to see you again!” called the bear, Metroplex’s holo-form.

“Yes, bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong, and all that,” replied Optimus. “Can you help us beat Shockwave, so we can save this planet?!”

“Now, don’t you have a fret, young Prime,” assured Metroplex. “Earth will be alright. We’ll beat wee Shockwave in no time. I’ve had nary a loss against her people, and I’m not about to start now, even if you should know better than to provoke her. Now, get ready, you lads and lasses! We’ve got a problem to solve! Metroplex, TRANSFORM!” The bucket/wheel attachment was flung into the air. The front wheel assembly folded up and rotated while the rear treads became arms. A head popped out and the right hand grabbed the bucket/wheel attachment, swinging it like a staff.

“He’s huge!” gasped Amy.

“Not a bad idea,” remarked Optimus. “Optimus Prime: Super Mode!” His trailer then appeared and unfolded to make his super robot mode. “All right!” cheered Optimus.

“A battle frame?” grunted Grimlock. “You’re compensating for something, kid.”

“…6 million of this planet’s years,” hissed Shockwave, her fists trembling.

“Huh?” quizzed Optimus.

“6 million years, I have buried emotions for my true master, logic,” rumbled Shockwave. “And, in a few short months, it is all undone!”

“Er, guys,” gulped Knuckles, “Shockwave’s doing something!”

“How bad?” asked Optimus.

“Let’s just say, the Chaos Emeralds are reacting!” explained Knuckles. Sonic and Shadow’s eyes went wide.

“Oh no!” gasped Sonic. “She’s pouring her negative emotions into them!”

“Meaning what?!” inquired Optimus.

“Everywhere I go,” snarled Shockwave, “something always makes me feel the grief in my spark!”

“Grief?” repeated Optimus.

“I NEED my emotions removed!” roared Shockwave. “I WILL HAVE MY EMOTIONS REMOVED!” The Chaos Emeralds then burst through the city and orbited Shockwave, releasing a dark energy. She removed her helmet to reveal finely shaped metal done up like hair on top of her head and a pair of eyes like Optimus. However, her right eye was replaced with some sort of probe as a visual prosthesis.

“Dark Super Shockwave!” yelped Sonic.

“And she’s removed her helmet!” gasped Grimlock.

“So?!” asked Shadow.

“No Transformer EVER takes off their helmet,” explained Optimus, “unless one of two conditions are met! One, you and your lover are alone! Two, you have no honor! To rob a Transformer of their helmet is a grave insult to their honor! When one removes it voluntarily in public…!”

“They have nothing to lose!” finished Trema. “Just like a Nebulan fighting naked!” Shockwave gave off a beastly howl and the Chaos Emeralds poured their energies into her. As she allowed herself to be filled by their power, her armor went from purple to navy blue and her optics were white. Her face was contorted in rage.

“For a few thousand years,” growled Grimlock, “I was under the belief that the animal that mutated me and my bots was dead. Now, here she stands.”

“I am NOT an animal!” roared Shockwave. “I am a genius, a visionary, and I AM VERY ANGRY! And when I kill you, my greatest failure, I swear I’m going to melt you down to make a new battle frame for me!”

“AUTOBOTS, ATTACK!” ordered Optimus. Everyone rushed at Shockwave and Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic tried to deal damage to the organic members of the attack force, but he couldn’t calculate correctly because of all the people rushing at him with magic, basic attacks, and weapons. The onrush of sensory data was too much for him, so he was successfully battered and flung overboard. The Autobots and Trema, on the other hand, were, by comparison, trying to stop a bull that was driven mad in a Bull Fighting arena. They were getting repeatedly bucked off, even with Team Prime’s Cyber Keys.

“Primus slaggit!” snarled Grimlock.

“Danger!” called his first warning.

“She’s way too strong!” observed Grimlock.

“Danger!” came his second warning.

“Powerful though she is,” answered Optimus, “she’s using bottled up rage. That can be used against her.”

“So can her power source,” explained Sonic.

“How do you figure?” quizzed Optimus.

“Well,” explained Sonic, “Shadow and I use positive emotions to get the kind of power Shockwave’s slinging around.”

“Watch this,” declared Shadow. They shut their eyes and concentrated hard. The Chaos Emeralds rose and orbited them as they did Shockwave. Soon, they gave off a shout and the Emeralds poured golden light into them. Soon, their fur changed into golden hues. Sonic’s spikes went upwards and his eyes went amber. Shadow’s red still stayed on, and his color was a lighter gold than Sonic.

“Meet Super Sonic and Super Shadow!” laughed Sonic. The two Super Hedgehogs then rocketed towards Dark Super Shockwave and attacked.

“Wait,” muttered Grimlock, “organics are weaker than us, and yet those two are holding their own against Shockwave. So, either I’ve been in a delusional coma my entire life, or…”

“…Or?” asked Optimus.


“Grim,” called Optimus, “do you think you can get angry enough to help those two?”

“That’s the whole reason behind my curse,” replied Grimlock. “I’m always angry!”

“Danger! Danger! Danger! Tyrannosaurus Rex! Beast Mode!” came Grimlock’s final warning. Grimlock changed and leapt onto Shockwave. Optimus charged in as well, at the speed he was used to, even. He had trained up his Super Robot Mode to the point that it just felt like a suit to him. Even with two super powered Hedgehogs and two powerful robots on her, Shockwave managed to keep them at arm’s length. Finally, she flung them back.

“THIS IS GETTING US NOWHERE!” roared Grimlock. Optimus then pulled his weapons out, speaking to them.

“Madame, Monsieur,” he whispered, “when we last spoke, you said you were holding back, that you could cut loose. Care to give a demonstration?”

“WHOA! WHERE’D THEY COME FROM?!” yelped Ironhide. Pacemaker and Blade Dancer’s ghosts appeared behind Optimus.

“Delighted,” replied Blade Dancer. Optimus grinned.

“Ut Gigans!” he chanted as he weaved magic over the Mobians and humans. Now they were all Transformer sized. Grimlock’s rage was replaced with confusion as he transformed into robot mode again. “Everyone,” called Optimus, “make a line behind each ghost and grab the shoulder of the person in front!” Everyone was confused. “Just do it!’ said Optimus. On Optimus’ left were Blade Dancer, Prowl, Sira, Ironhide, Amy, Big, Metroplex using his finger, since he was huge, Cream touching Metroplex’s back, Ratchet, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. On his right were Pace Maker, Jazz, Trema, Grimlock, Vector, Espio, Cliffjumper, Charmy, Bumblebee, Shadow, Rouge, and E123-Omega. “CYBER KEY POWER!” announced Optimus as his Cyber Key beamed new information into his head. Instead of the usual Spark Drinker axe configuration, the axe blades went to either side of the handle as the barrel of the gun lengthened and expanded to allow for the axe handles to be covered.

“An Ion Blaster?!” gasped Ironhide.

“Why are we doing this?” asked Grimlock, still confused.

“Powerful though my weapons are,” explained Optimus, “even in their combined Ion Blaster mode, they’re only as strong as their user. I can’t make a dent in Shockwave alone, so I need power from everyone to pull this off.” He started gathering power from his friends. Shockwave crouched low, so she could charge them like a bull-moose. “CHAOS CYBER SHOT!” said Optimus as he gathered enough energy and pulled the trigger. A huge energy beam went from the barrel to Shockwave. As she was bathed in it, she roared in defiance and her armor change back into its usual purple. When the beam terminated, she fell forward, slowly. Her prosthetic eye popped out and landed near Optimus. The weapons split into their respective components and landed in Optimus’ hand. Sira cancelled Optimus’ size changing spell. “And Shockwave’s rampage is over,” breathed Optimus.

“Yeah, she won’t give you her research on me and my bots,” sighed Grimlock. “She deleted it a while after she finished with us.”

“I wasn’t lying,” promised Optimus as he picked up Shockwave’s prosthetic eye. “With the resources we have, we’ll fix your t-cog, make the procedure as painless as possible, and have you back to normal.”

“Why are you giving him mercy?!” protested Shadow.

“I DID harass you and made you feel your deepest fears,” reminded Grimlock.

“Because mercy is the greatest weapon of all time,” answered Optimus. “Besides, I think that Autobot badge looks good on you. And, any magic user that does his research as you did is a friend of mine.” He held his hand out for a shake. Grimlock stared at it for a while, then moved to give Optimus a scowl.

“I see no reason to call you a friend!” he snarled. “I wouldn’t be stuck as a rage monster if you hadn’t stopped my ship!” He then gave an intake of air, then exhaled slowly. ‘However, I WILL need your help.” He activated his comms. “Swoop, this is Grimlock. One to beam up.” Grimlock was taken up to his ship.

“Well, I’ve got a colony to get to, lads and lasses,” called Metroplex. “I’ll speak with ye soon, wee Optimus!”

“Farewell, Metroplex,” bid Optimus. “Hey, say hi to Saw Boss for me.”

“Will do, lad!” promised Metroplex as he transformed into alt-mode and sped into his city mode. Optimus then moved to put his weapons away, only to find his axe was missing.

“Surrender my prosthetic eye,” demanded Shockwave’s voice, “or your axe becomes ash!” Shockwave had gotten her right arm into gun mode and was pointing at the axe in her left hand!

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