Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 6: Harbinger of Doom and Betrayal)

TMC 6-10

Queen Aleena’s form betrayed an agitated mind as she glared at the new Decepticon leader filling the monitor. “A new power rises on your planet,” announced Megatron. “Any attempts to attack the Harbinger will be met with deadly force and extreme prejudice! You would be well advised that my ship possesses enough firepower to devastate any densely populated area of my choosing. I would, in all likelihood, set sights on your children’s birthplace of Mobodoon for starters.”

“Point taken!” snarled Aleena. “Now, what do you want from us?”

“Nothing, your Majesty,” assured Megatron. “We Decepticons mean no harm. We simply desire a place to call home, after we were defeated by the Autobots and robbed of our rights on our native soil.”

“No offense, Megatron,” argued Aleena, “but I’m having a tough time believing that since, according to the Autobots, you guys were bent on burying the human race under molten steel before the Mobians came into existence!”

“Your Majesty,” replied Megatron, “I will be the first to admit that war brings out the worst in the Decepticons, but the conflict is now over. Our quarrel is NOT with you or your planet. Now that we have lost, our only wish is coexist on this planet with all species peacefully. Together, Queen Aleena, I believe that you and I can make that dream a reality.” He terminated the call and heard someone applauding him.

“You, too, have a way with words, my Liege,” praised Knock-out. “I almost believed you myself.” Megatron chuckled.

“Mobius has no idea what awaits them,” boasted Megatron. “This planet will be a haven for Decepticons and…” a low beeping interrupted him. “What the? Who’s calling?”

“It appears to be coming from the Autobot base,” remarked Soundwave.

“They haven’t relocated?” quizzed Starscream.

“Grief can make you do illogical things,” mused Megatron. “On screen.” Optimus showed up on the screen, but he wasn’t in grief. In fact, a big fat grin was on his face.

“This is Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots and Cybertron!” he announced. “Hey, Mega-twit! You might want to take that bucket off your head and listen for a klik!”

“…Wow, like a child, you compare my helmet to a bucket,” snarked Megatron. “No, really, I’m truly wounded. My Spark trembles at your words.”

“Sarcasm doesn’t suit you,” argued Optimus. “Listen, I just want to say how deeply impressed I am at seeing you as leader of the Decepticons. Throughout my childhood, you were the one who told me the Cons were the stuff of nightmares. I must admit, I am honored to finally see their true colors, cowards with the ability to make more cowards like you!”

“…I’m sorry, rust must be clogging my audio receptors,” hissed Megatron. “What did you just call me?!”

“Do you seriously think that siding with the Cons would make things more peaceful?!” snarled Optimus. “When did you turn into a full blown coward?!”

“HOW DARE YOU!!” roared Megatron. “Optimus, you impugn my honor!”

“I’m glad you didn’t say ‘belittle’,” replied Optimus, “because then I’d have a field day. But, fighting to silence any views contrary to your own? On a world with alien life that you perceive to be weaker to us? That’s the weapon of a coward, and you know it. Megatron, you’ve got enough power to change the Decepticons’ moral code and yet, you’re content with having them stagnate in their hatred against us. You’re unique in that you have two views from two factions! We can work together to make a peaceful Cybertron and improve the Decepticons!”

“Through talk and conferences?” countered Megatron. “With constant bickering? Autobots and Decepticons always arguing over what’s best?! A watered-down war?! Optimus, the only way change can happen is with all available speed! And, in case you forgot, the most peaceful eras for the Autobots were under Nova and Zeta Prime!”

“That wasn’t peace, that was tyrannical quiet!” argued Optimus.

“Pray tell, what’s the difference?” asked Megatron. “Optimus, the path to peace is paved with tyranny. So, unless you have something legitimate to ask of me, like, say, mercy, terminate this call.”

“I just want to know which of your bots tried to kill Blackarachnia,” replied Optimus. Megatron’s attention was grabbed.

“Tried to…are you saying Elita-1 lives?!” he snapped.

“That is the worst lie I’ve ever heard!” shouted Starscream. “She is dead! I killed her myself! You are bluffing!” Optimus smirked, then gave room to Blackarachnia.

“Don’t get your lottery ticket today,” she boasted. “And, really? Giving me full access to your database when you clapped optics on me? I thought security would be tighter than that. I did what Megatron did with the Autobot database and copied yours over. Only, unlike him, I got the entire thing.”

“…You allowed the spider to LIVE?!” Megatron roared at Starscream.

“Pretty sloppy job, too,” taunted Blackarachnia. “Oh, and it’s still Blackarachnia, not Elita-1. I legally changed my name. Prime, anything you wish to add?”

“The way I see it, you have two options,” offered Optimus. “You can either surrender right now and return to Cybertron where you will stand trial and serve whatever sentence is passed, or you can fight all the Autobots alone at a time and place of your choosing.”

“………Emerald Coast, in an hour!” snarled Megatron.

“Very well,” finished Optimus as he terminated the call. Soundwave went through the entire database.

“Blackarachnia was telling the truth,” he reported. “Our entire database was copied and decoded.”

“Lord Megatron, I swear upon the Allspark, the spider-femme could not have survived her wounds!” yelped Starscream.

“That bit, I could forgive,” hissed Megatron, “but allowing her full access to our database?!” He grabbed Starscream by the throat. “DO YOU HAVE ANY NOTION OF THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR BLUNDER!?!?”

“My lord!” Starscream chocked out. “It was her feminine wiles that…!”

“ARE YOU SOME JACKHOLE LOOKING FOR A MEASLY FENDER-BENDER?!” roared Megatron as he tossed his second-in-command across the bridge. “Blackarachnia has sold a complete database to the enemy! The Autobots must be destroyed!”

“I shall organize the Decepticons and we will crush the Autobots!” offered Starscream.

“You will only bring failure to our cause!” shouted Megatron. “You have failed me enough times! You will remain on the bridge while I deal with the Autobots myself!” Megatron headed off the bridge with Knock-out following him.

“My Liege, maybe a quick stasis-nap will help you think things over,” suggested Knock-out.

“Perhaps,” replied Megatron, “but there is something I must attend to. The Harbinger carries a large store of Energon, correct?”

“Dark Energon, yes,” corrected Knock-out. “My Liege, you have more than enough with the Badge. Perhaps you should lay off on its powers. I fear too much contact at one time is adversely affecting you.”

“Maybe,” remarked Megatron as they arrived at the Dark Energon store. A large hunk of the stuff was suspended in an energy cage. “And maybe,” continued Megatron as he projected a barrier between him and Knock-out, “I have not had contact enough!” He then tore a large crystal shard of Dark Energon away from the main mass and took the Badge off. Knock-out then realized what was going on.

“My Lord! NO!” he wailed. “That will penetrate your Spark Chamber! You don’t know what it’ll do to you!” His advice went unheeded as Megatron merged the shard to the back of the Badge. Once the process was complete, Megatron plunged the new Badge into his chest, the tip piercing the Spark Chamber as Knock-out warned. The energies of the dark matter and his Spark started mixing, throwing Megatron into pain.

“All right, we’re ready, just have a half hour left of waiting,” reported Ironhide as everyone finished preparations, Sonic included.

“Goody. Waiting. The fun bit,” sighed Blackarachnia. “You know, Prime, if the circumstances were different, you and I would be enjoying some time on an alien beach.”

“Keep your head in what’s happening right now, Lieutenant,” directed Optimus.

“Yes, Sir,” mumbled Blackarachnia. Sonic leaned against the First Weapon, an “impact cannon” Perceptor called it.

“You ever stop to wonder how weird our lives are?” he asked.

“What do you mean?” quizzed Jazz.

“You guys are robots from another planet that turn into vehicles,” explained Sonic. “You’re on an alien world where animals can talk and build civilizations. I fight a fat scientist bent on taking over my planet. There are seven jewels that give me power. I’ve learned about wizards and witches. And, to top it all off, we’re fighting your boss’s brother. Doesn’t that seem a bit odd to you?”

“In all honesty,” replied Optimus, “the bloody history of the Cybertronians is one of oddities popping up everywhere. Normal is relative.”

“Fair point,” conceded Sonic. “Just making conversation.”

“Guys, don’t look now,” gulped Teletraan, “but a Ground Bridge opened and it ain’t mine!!”

“He’s early,” muttered Optimus. “Then again, so are we. Autobots, man your stations!” The Autobots got into position as Ratchet got the impact cannon ready. Megatron then stepped through the Ground Bridge.

“I will drench this planet in your innermost…!” he shouted before he saw the cannon.

“NOW!” ordered Optimus. An impact cannon sends out a short, but powerful sonic burst that knocks the opponent sprawling on the ground as Megatron just found out. He recovered quicker than anticipated and finally used his new fusion cannon to destroy the impact cannon.

“MEIN CANNON!” wailed Perceptor. He then activated a scope for his right eye and fired his sniper rifle. Megatron jumped straight up, then landed near Perceptor.

“I must say, old friend,” he hissed, “I never pegged you for having ANY combat skills, much less sniper skills.” He then grabbed Perceptor’s head. “You ARE full of surprises.” He then tossed Perceptor into the rest of the Autobots.

“HEY! TRAITOR!” called a voice. Ironhide, Prowl, and Ratchet leaped onto Megatron. They tried to get him to the ground.

“Oh, please,” sighed Megatron. “Do you know how many of my opponents tried this in the Pits of Kaon?” He managed to fling them off.

“Okay, really didn’t want to go this far yet, but we don’t have a choice,” declared Optimus. “Ultra Magnus, Bumblebee, it’s time. Optimus Prime, Super Mode!” As the battle frame came into reality, Bumblebee allowed the Apex Armor to encase him.

“Ultra Magnus, Battle Mode!”  announced Ultra Magnus. A smaller trailer split into parts, first forming large gauntlets, then forming tall shoulder pads with a missile on each one, then large boots, then a set of chest armor with a helmet coming down. The helmet was blue with white antennae. He then grabbed a staff with a mallet end on it and the mallet expanded. He swung it at Megatron. Sadly, Megatron grabbed it.

“Seriously?” he sighed. “You barely used your battle frame during the war. What good is a slow soldier and commanding officer?” He flung Ultra Magnus aside. “And you, runt,” he taunted to Bumblebee, “this is the first time anyone of your generation has seen the Apex Armor in this day and age, much less wore it. You don’t know its weaknesses. I, on the other hand…” he then punched the center of the armor and it collapsed into its disc form. “And since you and YOUR brother still stand on the same side, why not join him?” He tossed Bumblebee into Cliffjumper. Sadly, the impact snapped the immobilizer Cliffjumper had. “Now, YOU, Optimus, you move more fluidly in your battle frame,” mused Megatron. “I may have a challenge from you. If only I had a battle frame of my own.”

“I could hear the sarcasm dripping from your voice,” snarled Optimus. “Let’s see it.”

“Very well,” replied Megatron. “Megatron, Conquest Mode!” A dragon-like object flew from subspace and split apart. The parts and panels containing the front legs folded to become gauntlets with large blades, the right blade splitting to make room for the fusion cannon. He then made a short jump in the air and allowed boots to wrap around his feet. The last bit with the dragon head and chest became a helmet and chest armor with a winged jetpack. “I can see that look in your optics, Jazz,” taunted Megatron. “You want to hum the jingle for Drago Knight Hunter Z, correct? A Kamen Rider fan to the end, I admire that.”

“He’s not the only tokusatsu fan here!” called Optimus. He then took out the Gaburevolver and Gabutyra Zyudenchi. Jazz equipped the OOO Driver and Blackarachnia pulled out a device with a large white ring on top. She then pulled out two cards.

“The Toku Trio? Really?” protested Megatron. “See, this is why you’re falling all around me, you’re not fighting seriously. Oh well, if you’re THAT desperate for an easy win, go ahead, make with the long, drawn-out transformation sequences.”

“BRAVE IN!” announced Optimus. He pressed the button on the Zyudenchi and the image went from a silhouette to a full t-rex image. He then put it into the Gaburevolver and closed it.

“GABURINCHO! GABUTYRA!” called the gun.

“Kyoryu change!” he shouted. He then spun the chamber and started dancing to Samba music before doing a complete turn and pointing the gun at Megatron. “FIRE!” he called. A holographic t-rex head flew towards Megatron, but he simply got out of the way and let it fly back to Optimus as it chomped him. His outfit looked a lot like Kyoryu Violet, but he was red and it evoked a t-rex more than a plesiosaur. Jazz inserted the medals and tilted the Driver, scanning them as well.

“Henshin!” he announced.

“TAKA! TORA! BATTA! Tatoba! Tatoba, TATOBA!” sang the OOO Driver. His OOO armor came into existence and he struck a pose. Blackarachnia then revealed one of her cards. It had the image of a man in a silver and white bodysuit and a sliver helmet with white eyes and a blue light in the center.

“Ultraman-san!” she called. She then put the card through the ring.

“Ultraman!” announced the ring. A hologram of the person on the card, Ultraman, appeared on her left. Blackarachnia then revealed her second card. It had a person in a similar suit, but blue was thrown into the color scheme and it had a light between the eyes.

“Tiga-san!” she called. She then put the card through the ring.

“Ultraman Tiga!” declared the ring. The figure on the card, Ultraman Tiga, appeared on her right.

“I’m borrowing the power of your lights!” announced Blackarachnia as she thrust the ring into the air. Wings on each side of the ring opened as the ring glowed.

“Fusion Up!” called the ring. The two Ultramen then started glowing, Ultraman in a blue light and Ultraman Tiga in a yellow light. They then fused into her and she became an Ultraman. The light fizzled away from the feet up to reveal her in a blue, red, silver, and black color scheme with a silver helmet and glowing white eyes. There was a blue ring on her chest. “Ultraman Orb: Spacium Zeperion!” announced the ring. She then struck a pose.

“Blackarachnia as Ultraman Orb!” she introduced.

“Jazz as Kamen Rider OOO!” called Jazz.

“And Optimus Prime as Kiba no Yūsha (the Fanged Brave), Kyoryu Red!” finished Optimus.

“And together, we are the Toku Trio!” called all three as they struck a pose and explosions went off behind them.

“Where’d you get that amount of napalm?” asked Megatron. “And I thought Ultramen would grow Godzilla-sized once their transformation’s complete, shouldn’t Blackarachnia be the size of a Metrotitan?”

“I don’t need to be big to beat you!” snapped Blackarachnia.

“It’s about to get wild!” warned Optimus. “Just try and stop us!” The three then charged at Megatron as he rolled his optics. He was about to send an energy wave when a spin-dash hit him on the back of the head. The punches and kicks from the bots then hit him. He knocked them away and started looking for the mystery assailant.

“All right, who hit me before they did?!” he snarled.

“You’re too slow!” taunted Sonic as he ran by Megatron at a fast enough speed to kick sand up to his face. Megatron was blinded briefly enough for Optimus to roll the Gaburevolver down his right arm.

“Armed on!” he ordered.

“Meccha mucho!” announced the gun. Silver armor appeared on the arm and a t-rex head punching glove appeared. Optimus then swung a punch, but Megatron grabbed it and used Optimus as a club to knock Jazz and Blackarachnia down before they could unleash their attacks. All three transformations were cancelled and Megatron dismissed his Conquest mode armor, allowing him to transform and fight Sonic in his holo-form. He easily tripped Sonic up and grabbed him by the quills.

“I toppled speedsters that could reach Mach 5,” he boasted. “How fast can you go, slightly above Mach 1? Enough to make a sonic boom?” He then tossed Sonic into the groaning Autobots. “Of all the people I’ve had to fight, you lot were the most boring. Toys? Fancy gadgets being pulled out of your afts? Superpowers? Although, I can’t fully say anything against it. I DID pull a fancy gadget out of nowhere and I’ve used my own dark powers. Heck, I’m about to do so to restrain you lot so you can watch Mobodoon burn.”

“THAT’S WHERE I WAS BORN!” wailed Sonic.

“Yes, it is, isn’t it?” chuckled Megatron. His eyes then glowed purple and he fired a beam of purple light into the sand. The area then started glowing purple and he terminated the beam. What happened next can be described as sickening, for hands started sprouting from the ground, dead hands, Cybertronian hands. “See, this is why I picked Emerald Coast,” revealed Megatron. “There’s a high enough corpse count for me to practice my, admittedly, macabre skill of raising the dead. This area was once called Virginia Beach, the site of our bloodiest skirmish in the Earth campaign.” The dead then grabbed the Autobots and Sonic, holding them down. He noticed the angry looks on their faces. “What, were you expecting me to say something along the lines of ‘Behold! The power of Dark Energon!’ and cackle like a madman?” joked Megatron. “The fallen soldiers…Terrorocons, I believe they are now, make for effective minions. Though, I will admit, it’s a drain on Energon. Now, time for me to make a call.” He transformed back into robot mode and tossed a disc to the ground. The disc then projected a holographic screen. “Starscream, it is time. Begin the…wait, is that…gunfire?” He gave the image his full attention to see static. “Fix image and audio,” he ordered. The image was fixed a little and the sound became a little clearer. “Times 10,” directed Megatron. The image and audio then showed the chaos on the Harbinger’s bridge. G.U.N, Sonic’s allies, and a force of mages led by Sira were beating the Decepticons back! “WHAT IN THE PITS OF KAON IS GOING ON?!” bellowed Megatron.


“STOP SHOUTING ‘ENEMY INVASION’ AND HELP US!” shouted Thundercracker. Soundwave then went on screen.


“Obviously! What happened?!” demanded Megatron. He then heard corroded metal falling down. He turned to see the Autobots picking themselves up and Cliffjumper holding his stomach area.

“Cliff, are you all right?” asked Optimus.

“Prime,” groaned Cliffjumper, “in the extremely unlikely event you become like me, don’t swallow Anti-Sparks in one go!”

“Noted,” replied Optimus.

“What did you do?!” bellowed Megatron. “This has your name all over it, Optimus Prime! WHAT DID YOU DO?!”

“I think that’s our que,” giggled Blackarachnia.

“Oh yes!” cheered Optimus, doing a David Tenant impression. All Autobots got up and Optimus used the communi-disc Megatron activated to make a call. “Hey, Shadow, you there?”

“Team Dark’s in Engineering,” revealed Topaz, “working on the computer systems. The self-destruct codes have been deleted, so the Cons can’t rob us of our prize.”

“But…how?!” spluttered Megatron. “How did G.U.N get past the defenses?!”

“Is that Megatron?!” snapped Sira. “Sir, you are a coward of the highest magnitude!”

“Madam, who are you?!” roared Megatron.

“I am Sira, Grand High Witch of Mobius!” introduced Sira. She then fired a magic blast at Knock-out.

“Watch the paint!” he shouted.

“Mages and non-mages working together?!” screamed Megatron. “And…is that a Nebulan?!”

“Trema’s helping Sira train Amy,” explained Sonic.

“Recent events have brought the magically-inclined folks of Mobius together with their non-magic friends,” revealed Optimus, “Thus, the planet became stronger and better than us.”

“HOW?!” shouted Megatron.

“Because, they understand how differences can be strengths,” continued Optimus. “Because of a common cause, they found a way to quickly compromise and settle differences at a faster rate than our people can. In fact, that was what led to your plans backfiring!”

“Explain!” demanded Megatron.

“After you betrayed us,” began Jazz, “Optimus and Blackarachnia realized that you were trying to break him emotionally. So, they wanted to show that he’s no so easily broken in the line of duty.”

“This whole thing about us not fighting seriously?” continued Blackarachnia. “That was part of the plan. But, it had to happen at a certain Prime’s cue.”

“That’s right!” supplied Optimus. “When I contacted you, it was to show you that you can’t break an egotist like me so easily!”

“And that wasn’t all that happened when he called you,” remarked Jazz. “Teletraan was just waiting to get into your systems!”

“And when I poked your ego, you left a big, gaping security hole wide open for him to plant a virus in your defenses! Soundwave didn’t even find it until the forces of Mobius boarded your ship!” boasted Optimus.

“YOU PLAYED ME FOR A FOOL!” roared Megatron.

“Wasn’t really that hard,” replied Optimus. Megatron roared to the heavens and pulled out a whip-like device with a small ball on the end. He then pressed a button and the ball’s panels split away, held together by purple light that ran along the length of the chain and made spikes at the ball end, creating a mace. Optimus activated his axe in dual mode. “You would destroy everything you touch, Megatron!” declared Optimus as he started fighting seriously. Megatron swung the mace and got it wrapped around Optimus’ arm.

“Because everything I need to touch is food for my hunger!” announced Megatron. “My hunger for power and unity!”

“NO!” proclaimed Optimus as he boomeranged his other axe into Megatron’s face, making him release Optimus. “I’m going to put an end to your hunger once and for all, before it grows out of control!” He then knocked Megatron down. Sadly, it allowed Megatron to fling sand into Prime’s optics.

“Almost, Prime,” boasted Megatron as he got back up and powered his fusion cannon up. “But, almost doesn’t get the job done! You can’t stop me!” He fired, but Optimus rolled out of the way, drawing his own gun and combining the axes into their single mode.

“You’re old, Megatron!” taunted Optimus as he fired back. “Yesterday’s model! Ready for the scrap heap!”

“We’ll see who’s ready for the scrap heap!” snarled Megatron as he swung the mace wildly.

“Junk!” insulted Optimus as he avoided the blows. “That’s what you are! Junk!”

“SILENCE!” roared Megatron. He avoided a shot from Prime’s gun and activated his concealed blade, batting a shot towards Optimus and making him fall. “When I’m through with you, Prime, there won’t be enough pieces to smelt down for raw metal!”

“We’ll see who gets smelted, Megatron!” countered Optimus. He then activated his smokestack guns from within his Prime jets and fired while Megatron fired his fusion cannon. The two shots hit each other and caused a light. Then, a power awakened within the two bots. On some primal instinct, they gathered energy from their sparks, brought it to their right fists, and charged at each other at top speed. Their punches connected and caused an explosion, knocking the two mechs back. Megatron recovered first to give an order.

“Soundwave, activate the Ground Bridge! Scatter us across the globe!” he called. A Ground Bridge soon opened up. Optimus was picked back up by his bots. “Prime, let your people know that your efforts to stop me, while valiant, will prove fruitless in the end! Farewell!” He ran into the ground bridge and it closed. Optimus had a lot to think about.

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