Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 8: Growing Problems)

TMC 8-1

Work on a Chaos Energy room was slow going for both factions. Optimus and Blackarachnia were playing a holo-deck video game. The level they were on was a tedious one. “Okay, this way!” called Blackarachnia as she headed towards a treasure pile.

“This is the game that tests our relationship,” remarked Optimus.

“This way, Prime,” urged Blackarachnia. Optimus then saw a large, flat, blue circle that could fit both bots.

“Oh, fracking THIS!” he declared as he jumped on the pad. The scene then started swirling.

“NO! YOU MISSED THE TREASURES!” wailed Blackarachnia.

“Okay, read my lips,” replied Optimus. “I don’t fracking care! You don’t need the treasure to win. It just gives you a better score in the end.”

“Are you seriously telling me…?” Blackarachnia asked before the scene changed into something more solid.

“Wait, did it really just send us back to this room?!” gulped Optimus.

“Oh, thanks a heap, Prime!!” snapped Blackarachnia.

“Okay, how was I supposed to…the Pad…!” protested Optimus.

“Thanks!” hissed Blackarachnia.

“The Pad usually means…!” Optimus tried to say.

“OOOOH! It ‘usually means’!” interrupted Blackarachnia.

“No! Frag you!” snapped Optimus.

“Even though I was telling you to get the treasures,” continued Blackarachnia while Optimus was trying to explain himself, “YOU GOT THE WARP PAD! You just went ahead and decided ‘OOOOO! I’m gonna get the Warp Pad’!”

“Dude, shut…it’s the wrong way. We’re going the wrong way,” replied Optimus as they turned around. “Shut your mouth! You didn’t even…you were thinking it was gonna take us to the next part…until it DIDN’T! Which way is it? You just show me.”

“I don’t…I don’t know!” answered Blackarachnia.

“Oh, you don’t know?” asked Optimus, taking it as his que to harp on what she said.


“You don’t know! HOW LOVELY! YOU DON’T KNOW!!!” harped Optimus.

“Go to…we have to go back there!” urged Blackarachnia. “We didn’t get through all the doors! We have to go back there!”

“I’m going!” replied Optimus. “Where? How do I get?!”

“…The fracking lava area!” answered Blackarachnia. Optimus then cradled himself and rocked back and forth, hyperventilating.

“I’m just…I’m just a little bit scared right now!” he admitted. “Just a little bit scared, dude!”

“May I interrupt?” asked Teletraan.

“Pause,” called Blackarachnia. The game stopped.

“Go ahead,” replied Optimus.

“G.U.N found something,” reported Teletraan. “They said it looks like a pod that a Cybertronian could fit in.”

“A stasis pod?” quizzed Blackarachnia.

“Unlikely,” answered Teletraan. “They described it as being covered in tree bark. All Autobots and allies have been informed.”

“Tree bark?” repeated Optimus. “That sounds like something else entirely.”

“We gotta check it out,” declared Blackarachnia. “For all we know, Megatron has some scheme involving renewable energy.”

“I’d argue that,” remarked Optimus, “but I can’t afford to make assumptions. We all know the saying on this world.”

“Computer, save and end,” commanded Blackarachnia as they left the holo-deck. The program ended and they arrived at the Command Center.

“Bumblebee, Ratchet, Blackarachnia, Ironhide, you’re with me,” ordered Optimus.

“Ratchet and Ironhide?” asked Bumblebee.

“They may have seen the pod in the first war,” explained Optimus, “and we may need to give medical attention. Teletraan, Ground Bridge to the pod’s coordinates.”

“Got it,” replied Teletraan. A portal opened for them.

“Autobots, transform and roll out!” ordered Optimus. They did so and sped through the Ground Bridge.

They arrived to see G.U.N surrounding the pod with Topaz in charge. “Are the tanks really necessary?” asked Optimus.

“We cannot be sure if it’s a Decepticon ally,” replied Topaz.

“And if it’s an Autobot ally?” quizzed Bumblebee. Ironhide and Ratchet looked through the crowd to the pod and gasped.

“GET OUT OF THE WAY!” shouted Ratchet as he and Ironhide transformed. The soldiers dove out of the way as the two bots ran towards the pod. “It’s a Seedrian survival pod!” cheered Ratchet.

“A what?!” yelped Blackarachnia as she, Optimus, and Bumblebee transformed, following Ironhide and Ratchet.

“Yes, a what?” quizzed Topaz.

“A Seedrian Survival Pod!” answered Optimus.

“You guys are just making sounds now!” protested a male purple Mobian Weasel, Ross.

“Ah, good!” called Ratchet as he checked the contents of the pod. “The pilot’s still alive. She’s trying to finish up her regeneration!”

“Seedrians are a chlorophyll based life-form,” explained Optimus. “Hailing from the planet Greengate, their biotech is phenomenal!”

“…They’re talking trees?!” remarked Ross.

“Now, Ross,” chided Optimus, “don’t be racist.” Ross arched an eyebrow and looked to Topaz for an explanation. Topaz shrugged.

“Okay, bad news first,” reported Ratchet. “The Seedrian inside has just recently regenerated. The process is jarring. Good news, it’s not so bad. I can easily help the pilot inside adjust to its new body, male or female.”

“Should we head to base to revive it?” asked Bumblebee.

“Better news,” replied Ratchet. “I can revive it here.”

“Then get to it,” directed Optimus. Ratchet touched a knot on the pod and it opened, revealing a Transformer sized woman with no visible nose to speak of, leafy hair, a fully opened rose on each side of the head, a pale, green-yellow skin complexion, and looked like a tribal goddess. She had a red jewel at her collar bone that pulsed rhythmically.

“Even better news!” cheered Ratchet. “She’s giving some effort to stabilize herself! All we need to do is rewire the jewel and she’s good to go.” Ratchet took the jewel and slid a panel back. He then reconnected a few wires before something flashed into his head. He then smirked and handed the jewel to Ironhide. “Just attach the green wire to the green port,” he muttered. Ironhide arched an eyebrow, then did as instructed. When he did, he got the same flash and smirked. He slid the panel back and placed it back on the girl’s collar bone

“So, the old man changed gender this time,” he chuckled.

“Old man?” asked Optimus. “You met this Seedrian before?”

“She went through a few male bodies in the time Ratchet and I knew her,” explained Ironhide. The jewel then went through a long, soft glow before the light died. As it died, the woman started waking up. She sat up in the pod and started clutching her head in pain.

“Easy,” urged Ratchet. “You just went through a regeneration.”

“That explains why my cell walls are buzzing,” groaned the woman. “Where am I?”

“You’re on Mobius, ma’am,” explained Optimus. The woman opened her pale blue eyes at that and gave her full attention to Optimus.

“Why did you call me ma’am?” she asked.

“Because you’re a woman now,” replied Optimus.

“…I’m a woman again?!” she said happily. “Does it still suit me?!” She then realized something. “Oh, good heavens, how did I cope with all that ego?” she mumbled.

“You managed, Old Man,” replied Ironhide. The woman switched her attention to Ironhide and grinned.

“Well, if it isn’t the young whippersnapper, Ironhide!” she laughed as she held her hand out. Ironhide grabbed it and helped her out of the pod. “You’ve changed a bit,” mused the woman.

“You can talk,” replied Ironhide. “I’ve never seen any of your female bodies.” He turned to the crowd. “Everyone, I’d like you to meet one of my old war buddies, General Cosmo.”

“What?! Cosmo?!” yelped Optimus. “That Cosmo?! The one you fought with on Hydrus 4?!”

“Hydrus 4?!” repeated Cosmo. She turned to Ironhide. “What lies are you filling that boy’s head with?! It was Hydrus 5!”

“I think I know what Hydrus planet we fought on!” protested Ironhide. “It was Hydrus 4! I’m positive!”

“Moving along, Gener…excuse me, Ambassador,” interjected Blackarachnia.

“What?!” yelped Ironhide. He and Ratchet then looked at her clothes. “How did you…?!”

“I had retired from the military,” explained Cosmo. “Better to spread peace as an Ambassador than war as a General.”

“But there’s a ritual involving ambassadorship,” recalled Ironhide. “That ritual only takes place on Greengate. After we ended our first war with the Decepticons, I saw the list of the dead! All of Greengate was on it!” Cosmo was confused. “The Cons had used a Metarex Planet Egg Extractor on your world!”

“Oh, no, sorry!” replied Cosmo as she understood. “It was blended with Cybertronian tech. It only transported us to a safer part of the galaxy!”

“You’re kidding!” gasped Ironhide as his and Ratchet’s faces lit up.

“Safely orbiting a yellow sun!” confirmed Cosmo. “Everyone lives!”

“YES!” cheered Ratchet as he, Ironhide, and Cosmo hugged each other.

“Pardon me for interrupting the reunion,” interjected Optimus, “but there IS something that doesn’t make sense. What were you doing in a survival pod?”

“Oh, that?” replied Cosmo. “I was on my way to a planet called Earth. The Xorda had fired a mutation wave and I was sent here. The humans had sent out a distress call 2,000 years ago. I rather wish it were a subspace transmission, we would have come with an entire fleet to aid them within minutes!”

“About that,” called Topaz, “aid won’t be necessary. We survived.” Cosmo goggled.

“A human?!” she gasped. “I thought they were only native to Earth!”

“The mutation wave DID change Earth,” explained Optimus. “Animals of various species had changed to have humanoid appearances. After a bit of restructuring and conflict, they’ve created whole civilizations and renamed Earth. Mobius and Earth are the same.”

“Your planet adjusted to the change without aid from anyone?!” gasped Cosmo. She then whistled. “I’m impressed! Your planet is more versatile than anyone ever imagined! I better tell my mother the good news!”

“Earthia’s still around?” chuckled Ironhide. “Nice! Can’t wait to see her!”

“She’ll love seeing you,” replied Cosmo as she fixed various bits of her pod. Soon, she got the communications terminal working and made a call. “Contacting Earthia on Greengate. Come in, please. This is Ambassador Cosmo of the 9th Diplomat Division.” A Seedrian woman’s face then filled the screen. She had powder blue hair, a white dress, and a white flower on the top of her head with a vine on each side.

“Cosmo, my b…girl!” answered the woman, Earthia. “Did something happen to make you regenerate?”

“A small asteroid struck my survival pod,” reported Cosmo. “It damaged a few life support systems. Ratchet and Ironhide helped stabilize my regeneration’s end.”

“Oh dear,” gulped Earthia. “Be careful with that one, all right? Because you ARE on your 34th body now.”

“34th?” repeated Ironhide. “Oh boy, one regeneration left for you then?”

“Rude!” snapped Cosmo. “Talking about a Seedrian’s regenerations!” She returned her attention to Earthia. “Mother, I found a pair of friends you may be interested in.”

“Oh?” quizzed Earthia. Cosmo then let Ironhide and Ratchet show themselves. Earthia lit up like a Christmas tree. “IRONHIDE! RATCHET! IT’S BEEN TOO LONG!” she cheered.

“Hello, Earthia,” greeted Ironhide.

“We’ve heard about Greengate’s survival,” called Ratchet. “That’s been weighing on our minds for some time. We thought the Seedrian race was extinct. Thank goodness we were wrong.”

“We’ve been trying to contact you for a while now,” replied Earthia. “I never knew Cybertron to be an isolationist planet.”

“That was in accordance to the Pax Cybertronia,” answered Ironhide, “as space travel encourages both factions to find more allies for even more murdering, according to the bots who drafted it.”

“Pax?” Earthia repeated. “There’s peace on Cybertron?!”

“There WAS,” sighed Ironhide. “One of us Autobots defected and commands ALL Decepticons. He’s broken the Pax Cybertronia. 1,674.31 Stellar Cycles of peace, all undone in a mere day.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” replied Earthia. “Do you know which Autobot did it?” A pained look flashed across the older mechs features as they looked at Optimus. He took it as a que to approach the pod and talk to Earthia.

“Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!” he greeted.

“Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong,” replied Earthia. “Might I ask who you are?”

“I am Optimus Prime, the current leader of the Autobots,” answered Optimus.

“Sentinel stepped down?” quizzed Earthia.

“He did,” confirmed Optimus.

“Then, could YOU confirm which Autobot betrayed you?” asked Earthia. Optimus gave a pained look before responding.

“He’s my older brother, Megatronus Pax,” he replied. Ratchet and Ironhide nodded as Earthia and Cosmo both gave a horrified look to them for confirmation.

“Megatronus…leads…the Decepticons?” gasped Earthia.

“He calls himself Megatron now,” confirmed Ironhide.

“For someone to fight their own family at so young an age,” sighed Cosmo.

“Oh, yeah,” recalled Ratchet, “your father’s the Metarex leader, Dark Oak.”

“That monster is not the sweet Lucas I had Cosmo with!” Earthia snapped. “…If only I can convince myself of that.”

“Mother, I know we can’t spare any military help,” called Cosmo, “but I wish to stay and help the Autobots end this second war in any way I can.”

“Of course,” replied Earthia. “Just remember your duties first.”

“I will find a peaceful solution first,” promised Cosmo. “Cosmo out.” The call ended.

“Well, I guess all we need to do,” mused Optimus, “is show you the base and give you your access card.”

“Lead the way,” replied Cosmo.

“You can confirm she is no threat?” called Topaz. Cosmo arched an eyebrow at that comment.

“Don’t worry,” assured Optimus. “Seedrians are the friendliest bunch in the galaxy, if not the universe. We have nothing to worry about.”

“In that case, Cosmo, welcome to Mobius,” greeted Topaz. “Let’s head home, boys.” G.U.N returned home as Optimus called a Ground Bridge, mentioning a new arrival.

Ravage growled as called up Robotropolis. “Did you get all that?” he asked.

“How could we NOT?!” snarled Megatron on the other end. “Return to base at once!”

As Soundwave opened a Ground Bridge for Ravage, Megatron paced the Command Center. “Of COURSE, Cosmo comes here!” he snarled. “Optimus’ allies grow while ours only consist of Eggman!”

“Lord Megatron, dude,” called Soundwave, “Shockwave and Eggman just reported finding a ship at the bottom of the sea. Its hull and the registry number are intact. Shockwave insists we need to see it.”

“On screen,” commanded Megatron. Soundwave accepted Shockwave’s registry number image. It was DFS-0001. Megatron and Soundwave’s faces displayed surprise. “It cannot be!” gasped Megatron.

“I thought you and your old buddies turned it to scrap!” recalled Soundwave.

“We had no time to conduct a proper investigation to confirm it,” replied Megatron. He gave a wicked grin. “Fortune smiles on us. Tell Shockwave and Eggman to detail repair crews. We need that ship in the air!”

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