Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Artwork

Vortex Driver Models

These are all the models of the Vortex Driver, the main transformation belt for the F.N.S. The top two ones are Megumi Hishikawa’s, the Proto-Supreme Vortex Driver and its complete form, the Supreme Vortex Driver, once the means that gave her access to her Proto-Vortex and Vortex forms. The one in the middle was the one all F.N.S members used. The one down below is the more advanced Vortex Driver given to the F.N.S at the end of Kamen Rider Vortex and used in the continued adventures of Kamen Rider Vortex, a movie, if you will. The new Vortex Driver has a gimmick that allows for a final attack, like the Rider Kick or the related Steel-based attacks. Spin the wheel and it will build up energy until the wearer unleashes their attack.

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