Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 11: Seconds of Speed)

TMC 11-7

Since this was a Cybertronian affair, Optimus asked G.U.N and their allies not to interfere unless necessary. The plan was simple; A small team of Autobots consisting of Optimus, Ratchet, Perceptor, Bumblebee, Rodimus, and Hot Rod would stealthily enter the cave from different vantage points surrounding the Allspark, take out the security and guards, get the Allspark out of the rock face, hold off any Decepticons that eventually arrive, bridge out of there, and lock the Allspark in the Vault. The mission began at 5:00 AM, so the Autobots wore dark colors to blend in with the dark of the foggy morning. They entered the cave at 5:02 and found the security console. Perceptor and Ratchet got rid of the Egg-pawn and disabled security, giving the Autobots at least 5 minutes before the Decepticons arrived to see what was going on. At 5:05, the robots surrounding the Allspark were destroyed. “All right, here comes the tough part,” muttered Optimus as he approached the cube. “Primus, if only this thing were smaller!” He touched the cube, then…it happened! It looked like the Allspark was folding in on itself. The Autobots gasped, worried that the Allspark was disintegrating. “That wasn’t what I…!” wailed Optimus.

“Wait! Sir! Look again!” called Perceptor. “That’s too orderly for a disintegration!” Upon closer inspection, Optimus saw that the Allspark seemed to be pixelating itself and the pixels entered each other.

“Sir, I think it’s shrinking!” declared Bumblebee. “How did you do that?!”

“I don’t know!” protested Optimus. “I just wanted it to be easier to carry and…!”

“The Allspark responded to the touch of a Prime back in the day,” rasped a voice. “I suppose it acts on a Prime’s will.”

“Megatron!” growled Optimus. Megatron had arrived with Starscream, Soundwave, and Rumble.

“Back away from the Allspark!” warned Megatron as he leveled his fusion cannon. “We DON’T want this situation to escalate!”

“There IS a way for this to defuse,” offered Optimus. “We can guard the Allspark and save Mobius any further trouble.”

“The Allspark is best left in Decepticon hands!” countered Megatron.

“I have information that says the Allspark MUST be protected!” urged Optimus.

“Information that came from 50 years into our future?” asked Megatron.

“…That was oddly specific,” muttered Optimus.

“Like you, I have someone from our future that says the Allspark is best kept in Decepticon hands,” explained Megatron as Galvatron appeared from the shadows.

“Hello again…brother,” greeted Galvatron.

“…Mom had a fourth kid?” quizzed Optimus.

“No, you idiot!” snapped Galvatron as he pointed to Megatron. “I’m him from the future!”

“…What do you call yourself then? Gigatron?”

“Galvatron, actually.”

“Hah! Lame!”

“My soldiers came up with it after I made the mistake of killing you. Look, let us have the Allspark and the future will be that much more secure and happy for you. In my time, we only found the Allspark’s shattered remains!”

“For all I know, you shattered the Allspark and the resulting explosion killed me!”

“I still remember that day and…!”

“ENOUGH!” shouted Megatron. “Optimus, I won’t ask again! Give me the Allspark!”

“Not a chance in the Pit!” answered Optimus.

“Then I’m left with no choice but to pry it from you! Decepticons, ATTACK!” The Decepticons charged as Optimus and Megatron locked themselves into a duel of axe versus mace while Galvatron fought Rodimus.

“You just couldn’t resist, could you!” snarled Rodimus as he swung his punches. “You saw an opportunity for a Decepticon future and decided to take it!”

“The world will be better with us in charge than our enemy!” argued Galvatron as he swung a sword at Rodimus. Rodimus side-stepped and drew an energy-launcher bow. “We will use the Allspark to control the universe!” ranted Galvatron.

“Your ambitions are nothing more than a dirty Decepticon trick!” argued Rodimus.

As they traded blows and barbs, the Autobots and Decepticons were unaware of a third party watching the whole fight. “Doctor, should we move in?” asked a robot to the main observer, Dr. Eggman.

“No, not yet,” replied Eggman. “Wait until Optimus activates the Allspark’s creation functions, then we snatch it up!”

Optimus was bashed in the head by Megatron’s flail. “Give it up, Optimus!” snarled Megatron. “You’re not guarding the Allspark! That’s best left to the Decepticons!”

“You’d never be able to use it!” argued Optimus.

“Hence why it’s safer in Decepticon hands!” Megatron then slugged Optimus in the jaw, forcing the Autobot leader to fall and drop the Allspark. Before Megatron even knelt down to pick up the cube, Optimus swung his leg into Megatron’s, tripping him up and knocking him down.

“Perfect!” muttered Eggman as he observed the readings on his scanner. “It’s still in an active state! Now for the ol’ ‘yoink’!” He pulled out a gun-like device with a four-digited claw and aimed it at the Allspark. He giggled a little bit before pulling the trigger. The gun then fired the claw as a metal cable bridged the gap between gun and claw. The claw sought out the Allspark and clamped itself onto the cube before the cable pulled it back to the gun. The combatants stopped fighting to see what was going on. “Excellent!” cheered Eggman. “My new invention’s almost fully tested!”

“Doctor, what’s going on?!” demanded Megatron.

“Oh, just the culmination of my first steps into your world!” laughed Eggman as he leveled the device at five different vehicles; an anti-aircraft truck with two large guns on the back, a tank supplied with a double-barreled gun on top of the main gun, a space-capable jet fighter, a helicopter with a gatling gun on each side, and a jeep with a cannon on the back. “Now, watch as I give birth to the culmination of my ambitions!” cheered Eggman as he leveled the gun at the five vehicles, Allspark first. He pulled the trigger and the Allspark fired a stream of light onto the vehicles. The treatment lasted a few seconds until Eggman released the trigger, terminating the light stream. Everyone waited for a while. “…Something should be…” muttered Eggman before five Mobians appeared, a Great Dane stood by the anti-aircraft truck, a Horse appeared next to the tank, a Rat materialized on the jeep’s , a Pigeon was under the helicopter’s blades, and an Ox appeared in the jet’s cockpit. They lined up and stood at military attention. “Excellent!” cheered Eggman. “Now, my creations, report! How much mastery do you have over your t-cogs?”

“Total mastery, Dr. Eggman, Sir!” replied the Great Dane.

“Then sound off and show us!” ordered Eggman.

“ONSLAUGHT, TRANSFORM!” called the Great Dane. As the holo-form vanished, the cab of the truck split and the front tilted up to form feet as the rear split and folded down to the sides to form arms. The gun assembly rotated so it faced the rear, and the arms pushed the whole robot up as a head popped out and the torso rotated at the waist. The head had a single visor for optics and the robot took on a navy-blue color with military green highlights.

“BRAWL, TRANSFORM!” shouted the Horse. Arms swung out of the front treads as the rear of the tank unfolded into legs. The front treads became shoulders as a robot’s head with a visor popped out as the barrels of the guns rotated to give the illusion of a rifle strapped to his back.

“SWINDLE, TRANSFORM!” announced the Rat. The front of the jeep folded down and split to become legs as the rollbar folded up and allowed the arms to fall into place. After the visored head came out, the robot pushed himself up and he turned to face forward as the gun fixed itself onto his right upper arm.

“VORTEX, TRANSFORM!” crowed the Pigeon. The helicopter’s front split and rotated to become legs as the tail folded into a better position to release the head while the rotor blades folded towards the tail and the sides of the rear became arms with a gatling gun on each one. Like his compatriots, he turned to reveal an optical visor.

“BLAST OFF, TRANSFORM!” announced the Ox. The rear of the jet split and folded down to become legs and feet as the cockpit and nosecone folded onto the back and arms came out of the sides. The head, you guessed it, had a visor. The new Transformers stood at rapt attention.

“IT WORKED” cheered Eggman. “The culmination of my research! I have created new warriors! My combative constructs shall be my elite guard! Behold, Transformers from beyond the stars! Behold, the Mobian-born Combaticons!”

“…A fine piece of engineering, Doctor,” chuckled Megatron as he looked inspected the new Combaticons.

“Well, it IS me we’re talking about,” boasted Eggman.

“Onslaught, was it?” Megatron asked the first Combaticon.

“That is correct,” replied Onslaught. “I am the leader of this team.”

“Splendid,” chuckled Megatron. “You shall be an excellent weapon against the Autobots. Now, tell me…whom do you serve?” He held out his hand for a handshake.

“…Lord Eggman, who’s this presumptuous walking corpse?” asked Onslaught.

“…I beg your pardon,” hissed Megatron, “what did you call me?”

“He’s the one who kept usurping me,” replied Eggman. Megatron goggled at Eggman.

“…You DID design them to be Decepticons, right?” asked Megatron.

“Onslaught, show him who the REAL lord of machines is,” ordered Eggman. Onslaught leveled the guns on his back at Megatron and fired, knocking him into the cave wall.

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