Agamemno Contingency Standalones TS

Agamemno Contingency 7

Agamemno Contingency, file code name: Blue Blur

Sonic the Hedgehog, as his name suggests, is a humanoid hedgehog that is capable of going faster than Mach 1. He’s capable of maintaining that same speed going backwards as well as forwards. He is also able of using seven mystical gems called the Chaos Emeralds to obtain a golden super form which gives him incredible power and flight on the levels of Superman. He has aquaphobia, meaning his biggest weakness is that he can’t swim in most circumstances. He can run on water but interrupting that run will cause him to fall into the water. His phobia’s at its height when he’s near the ocean. He is also cocky and impatient, so dismissing his skills and forcing him to wait is the best way to incapacitate him when not near large bodies of water.

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