Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Chapters

Chapter 3

The vortex had dumped us in a dark city. Hongo stopped his bike to look around while I decided now would be a good time to berate his recklessness. “What were you thinking?!” I berated. “For all you know, you could have ended up in a hellhole!”

“Anything to save my friend!” he argued back.

“And if you died the instant you stepped into that hellhole?!” I countered. I’ll spare you the argument as Xiomara did the smart thing and asked a passerby where we are. She squeed at the answer.

“I DON’T BELIEVE IT!” she shouted in joy, interrupting my argument with Hongo. “We get to see Wayne Manor, Wayne Tower, The GPD Station, we might even see him riding the streets with his son/sidekick!”

“See who?” quizzed Richard. “Where are we?”

“We’re in Gotham!” replied Xiomara.

“Gotham?!” gulped Emmanuel. “I have no desire to be jumped by a clown, given a lose-lose choice by Two-Face…” Someone zoomed by us. “…Or end up on Bane’s fists,” continued Emmanuel as he saw the figure.

“That was Bane?” I gulped, a little terrified.

“What were those green crystals?” asked Hongo.

“Green crystals?” mused Xiomara. “It couldn’t be…I mean, what reason would he…?” Her thoughts were interrupted when a red motorcycle zoomed by followed by a black, tank-like vehicle. This vehicle had a bat-like motif. Three guesses what the vehicle is.

“After them!” I called. “We can get answers from Batman!”

“Bat-Man?! Shocker’s here?! He’s mine!” declared Hongo. He boarded his bike and sped off.

“Oh no, this is bad!” gulped Hiroki. “Shocker had a monster called Kōmori Otoko!”

“Bat-Man!” I translated. “Hongo has the wrong idea! After him!” We mounted our horses and took off. Ahead of us, Bane had dropped several green crystals. One of them bounced into the red motorcycle rider’s hands.

“HEY!” shouted the rider, Robin. “NO LITTERING!” He examined the crystal as the Batmobile drove up alongside him. “What does Bane want with all this kryptonite, Batman?” he asked.

“What everyone wants with kryptonite,” replied Batman, “to take down Superman. But not today! Cut him off at the bridge, we’ll have him cornered!”

“Okay, Batman!” confirmed Robin.

“Get away from him!” called Hongo as he drew up alongside Robin. “A young boy like you shouldn’t be near a Shocker monster!”

“You should get out of here!” argued Batman. “We’re chasing a dangerous man!”

“The only danger here is a monster like you, Bat-Man!” shouted Hongo. “What’s Shocker planning?!”

“Hongo-san, stop!” called Hiroki as we drew alongside. “That’s not a Shocker monster! He’s a superhero!”

“Whoa!” yelped Robin as his bike started floating in the air. Batman sped ahead, not knowing what’s going on with Robin. He stopped at the bridge when Robin failed to show up.

“Aw,” fake-whined Bane, “and we were having such a nice chase!”

“Robin?” he asked over the radio. That’s when a portal opened in a wall and sucked Robin in along with the kryptonite in his hands! Batman saw this and turned the Batmobile into the portal. Hongo, who didn’t listen to us when we said Batman wasn’t a Shocker monster, sped off after him. I rolled my eyes.

“After them!” I called. We got our horses to go to the portal after Hongo and pounded through the vortex.

In another universe, a wizard dressed in gray got the rest of his nine-member party to get to the other side of a stone bridge over a chasm. His party consisted of four men about half a man’s height, a small bearded man about a few inches taller than the other four small ones, a man with long, blonde hair and pointy ears, and two other men with goatees. All of them were in some sort of medieval gear. They were running from some sort of giant, demon-like creature wreathed in flames and shadows. The wizard stopped in the middle of the bridge. One of the smaller people turned to see this. “You cannot pass!” defied the wizard.

“Gandalf!” called the small person, Frodo Baggins. The flames of the creature, the Balrog of Morgoth, intensified, hoping to scare Gandalf.

“I am a servant of the secret fire, wielder of the flame of Anor!” announced Gandalf, undaunted. He lit up a crystal at the top of his staff as the Balrog summoned a sword of flames. “The Dark Fire will not avail you, flame of Udûn!” The Balrog swung its sword at the wizard only for it to shatter upon impact with Gandalf’s magic shield. The Balrog roared in frustration at this as the rest of the Fellowship looked on. “Go back to the shadow!” snarled Gandalf. The Balrog put a foot on the bridge, summoned a whip of fire, and cracked it to the side. “YOU! SHALL NOT! PASS!” roared Gandalf as he raised his sword and staff over his head. He then brought them down onto the bridge, enchanting it. The Balrog snorted, charged forward with the whip above its head, but the weight of the creature made its part of the bridge collapse. Durin’s Bane roared in anger as it tumbled into the chasm of what once was Khazad-dûm, now the Mines of Moria. As his foe tumbled, Gandalf turned and walked. That was when the Balrog, not about to be cheated of a victim, cracked its whip around Gandalf’s ankle and pulled him down. Gandalf dropped his sword, Glamdring, the Foe-Hammer, and his staff as he grabbed the bridge. Frodo rushed forward to save him but was held back by Boromir.

“GANDALF!” shouted Frodo. Gandalf struggled to pull himself up but couldn’t do so. He locked eyes with Frodo. They stared for a while in horror.

“Fly, you fools!” called Gandalf to the Fellowship. Then he did something that made their hearts shatter, he let go and tumbled after the Balrog. Frodo shouted no at the top of his lungs. As he fell, Gandalf caught up with Glamdring and caught it, diving after the beast. He swung the sword many times into the Balrog as, unbeknownst to him, you guessed it, our party of now eighteen came in through the portal. The Batmobile hit the sides of the chasm before the driver hit the seat eject button. As Batman landed on the Balrog, Hongo activated his belt, the wind pressure spinning the fan fast enough to form his suit. Our horses turned into flying machines as I dismounted mine. I grabbed my i.d tag, ready to activate my belt.

“HENSHIN!” I announced as I fell. As I flew through the blue circle I caught up with Ichigō who was about to strike Batman.

“Where’s Robin?!” Batman asked Gandalf.

“What?” replied Gandalf. He then saw the Balrog’s hand move towards Batman. “Behind you!”

“I said,” shouted Batman, while in the Balrog’s hand, “where’s Robin?!”

“My dear fellow,” replied Gandalf as he struck the Balrog to get it to let go of Batman, “I have no idea what you are talking about! Have you tried looking in a tree?!”

“Not a robin, Robin!” elaborated Batman as he got out of the Balrog’s grip. “He got sucked into a weird hole in Gotham, after the lunatics falling with us tried to stop our chase with an enemy of ours. I jumped in and it led me to you.” He was snatched by the Balrog again.

“And you are?” asked Gandalf. There was a brief silence.

“I’m Batman!” he replied. The Dark Knight pushed the fingers aside and threw a batarang at the Balrog’s eye. He grabbed Hongo and Gandalf, fired his grappling gun up the side of the chasm and they all zoomed upwards to the rest of the Fellowship of the Ring. I disembarked from the Balrog and hopped on my Rider Machine and the Feudal Nerd Society flew upwards to meet Hongo talking to Batman and Frodo hugging Gandalf in relief. Hongo had heard Batman’s backstory and Xiomara confirmed it.

“Oh dear,” he gulped. “Batman, I deeply apologize. I thought you were a monster servant of the organization that altered me into what I am now.”

“What are you anyway?” asked Batman. With Hiroki’s help, Hongo explained what a Kamen Rider is to Batman. Meanwhile, I fiddled with a blue button on my belt and summoned Hongo’s motorcycle, the Cyclone, the Batmobile, and Gandalf’s horse, Shadowfax. Gandalf broke off from his hug with Frodo to shake Batman’s hand.

“My thanks,” he said as he dusted his hat that Sam Gamgee handed him. “But, who are you, my young royals?” he asked us.

“I am Princess Megumi of the Feudal Nerd Society,” I introduced as I curtsied. I proceeded to introduce everyone else and explained about what’s going on. I was about to mention Vortech when we heard Frodo shout Gandalf’s name. We all turned to see Frodo getting sucked up by the portal!

“Frodo!” called Gandalf! “He has the One Ring! It cannot fall into the enemy’s hands!” He mounted Shadowfax and got him to run towards the portal. “Quickly, fly!”

“I’m not an actual bat, Gandalf!” countered Batman as he entered the Batmobile. Hongo got on the Cyclone and we, the F.N.S, mounted our steeds. We all entered the vortex and left the Fellowship of the Ring. Sam blinked.

“I s’pose we’ll just wait for them, then,” he mused.

I’m…not sure how to describe that specific part of the dimension we were about to arrive in. It seemed to be built on clouds, had a sort of Candy-Land feel to it, neon lights flashing everywhere, and a stage where a woman in a black hoodie with purple and blue graffiti style print on the front, black sweatpants, and black hair with a streak of purple and blue going across her right bangs and her left bangs held in a sideways ponytail on the left was in a dance-off with a pink, humanoid cat with yellow hooves for feet, blue furry hands, a human-like face, a cotton candy pink skirt, a pink shirt with puffy sleeves, a blue and white tail, and a blue horn in the middle of her forehead. They were being judged by a pirate that had a giant robot body with a shark on his right arm and cannons replacing his left hand, and his head being the only organic component with a metal beard like device holding it. Oddly enough, this guy was called MetalBeard. “Arr!” announced MetalBeard. “It be Wyldstyle who jigged the best!” He handed the woman a gold trophy. Wyldstyle held it up, her smiled framed by her freckles.

“THIS! DANCE-OFF! WAS! FIXED!” snarled the cat creature, Princess Unikitty, as her colors went from pink and white to orange and red briefly. She then calmed down. “I mean, well done, Wyldstyle!”

“Yes!” cheered Wyldstyle. “I mean, you know, whatever.” Then, MetalBeard, his treasure chest, and the trophy were under a portal in the sky and it started sucking them up. “Hey, wait!” said Wyldstyle as she grabbed the trophy. “That’s mine!”

“Arr!” called MetalBeard as he was sucked in with the treasure chest. “It be a Kraken, I know it!” The portal closed as it took MetalBeard.

“What the?!” cried a construction worker, who’s nametag read “Emmett”. “Where’d MetalBeard go?!” That was when we all came in. The landing was bumpy as we all landed on top of each other and another Batman. We picked ourselves up and dusted each other off.

“Batman?” yelped Wyldstyle as she pointed to our Batman. “Gandalf?!” She pointed to Gandalf. “Batman?” she pointed to the other Batman. Other Batman turned to Hongo.

“OW!” he snapped. “You landed on my back, man!”

“I’m Batman.” replied our Batman. Other Batman turned to our Batman.

“No,” he hissed, “I didn’t say…HEY! I’m Batman!”

“I’m Batman!”

“I’m Batman!”


“I’M BATMAN!” At that point, both Batmans were nose to nose, then proceeded to engage in a slap-fight.

“Oh, twins!” called Gandalf. “I wonder if one of them is evil?”

“Could be,” mused Hiroki. “There’s a monster version of him that Hongo fought.”

“Where did you come from?” asked Unikitty. “And why are there two Bat…mans? Bat…men? Batmens?” She faltered on the plural of Batman.

“There aren’t” replied our Batman as he tossed a batarang. “There’s only one Batman. I don’t know who the stiff is.” He caught the batarang as Other Batman tripped over his own cape.

“Hey!” he rasped.

“I think it’s backstory time again,” muttered Sheela. We all explained our situation and names. Unikitty jumped when she heard I was a princess that had a ruling style similar to hers.

“What sort of fun do you guys have?” she asked.

“We sort of let the wind take us wherever it wants us,” I explained. “It’s more fun that way.”

“Well,” cheered Gandalf, “this is all wonderful! Er, but I don’t suppose you saw a young Hobbit pass this way?”

“What’s a Hobbit?” asked Emmett.

“The only thing we saw was our friend, MetalBeard, getting dragged into a strange vortex,” Wyldstyle told us.

“From what the F.N.S. told us,” mused our Batman, “I think it was some kind of dimensional rift. Where is it?”

“It disappeared after it took him,” reported Emmet.

“What’s Hiro planning with hostages?” I mused to myself.

“So, you guys didn’t cause all of that?” asked Wyldstyle.

“Not possible,” replied Lukas. “We don’t have the technology.”

“Might I suggest we all set out on a quest to find this, er, ‘rift’, you say?” suggested Gandalf.

“A quest?!” asked Unikitty. “Let me go pack some rainbow builder’s bricks!” She skipped away.

“And I’ll get my wrench,” replied Emmet as he followed Unikitty. Wyldstyle lifted a panel to reveal some Lego bricks, built a vehicle, and the vehicle turned into a metal version of the thing.

“Whoa!” I called. “Master Builders at work!”

“We’re making a Master Builder Academy right now,” replied Wyldstyle. “So, quest time?”

“We shall be the Fellowship of the…” Gandalf didn’t get very far as a portal opened beneath all 20 of us as we fell through, screaming. After it closed, the Batman of that dimension got up.

“Fellowship of the Aaargh?” he asked. “That’s a terrible name!” That’s when Emmet and Unikitty came in with a chest of rainbow Lego bricks and a wrench.

“Aw!” cried Emmet. “They left without the whole gang?”

“Gang, shmang!” snarled Unikitty as she got mad. “They left without me!” She roared as her colors changed again.

“That guy wasn’t anything special,” remarked Other Batman. He tried doing some stunts but knocked himself out in the process.

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