Weaver's Journey

Weaver’s Journey 1

I sat in my chair at my desk, ready to make another story. My fingers hovered over the keyboard…but nothing came to them. No words, no sentences, no letters, they all just blurred out, forcing me to get up and try to act out the scene. It still ended up a jumbled mess. I sighed. No ideas were coming to me tonight. I then heard a knock on the door upstairs. “Oh, for the love of…!” I groaned as I went upstairs. If it was a solicitor, I was gonna strip down to my birthday suit and scare the s*** out of them! What stopped me? The guy dressed like Vegeta of Dragonball fame. I opened the door. “Nice costume,” I remarked. “What brings you here?”

“Come on, you know already,” replied the guy, sounding EXACTLY like Vegeta.

“Look, I’m not the most social guy,” I explained, “so I don’t know where Comic Con is. I can certainly look it up for you.”

“I’m not looking for a convention,” dismissed the guy. “You reached the milestone, so ask me.”

“Ask you what?” I quizzed.

“You ARE Optimusthemobian on DeviantArt, right?” asked the guy.

“…How did you piece that together?” I demanded, a little scared.

“I’m an alien, I know things,” answered the guy. “Look, we all know your pageview count, so, go on. Ask me.”

“My…pageview count?” I asked.

“…Do you REALLY not know your pageviews?!” yelped the guy.

“What are you…?!” I replied before something hit me on the back of the head, making me black out.

When I came to, so did the guy. We were in some sort of web cocoon. Another guy in a black cape and dark-colored armor was working a machine. “All right, I didn’t consent to this cheap James Bond-esque villain trope!”

“I didn’t ask for your consent, twerp,” replied the second guy. I then realized the voice sounded like…mine! The second guy turned around and it was like I was looking in a mirror, albeit, a dark one.

“…Mirror universe?” I asked.

“Not totally,” replied my double. “Just an alternate path for YOU specifically.”

“So, what, did the Terran Empire need to research alternate universes to get a leg up on the competition?” I joked.

“You barely speak to anyone in real life,” growled my double, “and yet, you love the sound of your voice!”

“That’s what makes me lovable!” I chuckled.

“As opposed to you writing fanfic day in and day out that no one cares about?!” argued my double.

“Hey, I have people faving my stories!” I countered, feeling attacked.

“Worthless bots!” dismissed my double. “You call yourself the navigator of Anansi’s web, yet your major fanfic, one that you completed, is just a mere retelling of a video game!” That struck a little too close to home. “Oh, that touched a nerve, didn’t it? I will say this, at least you were honest about saying that on your page. Why do you still cling to your childhood treasures?! Because remembering the simplicity of the past makes you stronger! Remembering how it was so easy back then and desiring to bring that into the present day makes you more powerful! You’re just like me! The only difference is I became something worthwhile; the ruler of my world!”

“You? Conquer?” I asked.

“Manipulate all the governments into hating each other, and they will kill one another,” replied my double. “The U.S. President was the easiest to manipulate, given that orangutan’s predilection to spew hatred.” No change from my universe’s version of him. “Then came Russia, then China, then the U.K. and so on and so forth. Eventually, Earth’s population shrank from 7.7 billion to 147.8 million. More land for the people, more chance for animals to spring back, and more chance for the forests to grow to their full splendor. Each nation spent over a trillion dollars in weapons. I denied them that indulgence. The money is now used to suppress hunger, disease, poverty, all the problems that plagued us. Our ozone layer is now stronger than ever. We now use cleaner sources of energy, keeping all fossil based fuels as a last resort. The poorest person in the poorest country can pay off a very decent car and pay their house off in a reasonable time. My world is in a golden age, the likes of which has never been seen before!”

“With your flunkies controlling the masses and you controlling the flunkies!” I snapped.

“Is that really so bad in the long run?!” argued my double. “People need a clear idea of who’s in charge! The system America functions on has each area of the government blaming one another and never getting anything done! Laws can be passed or vetoed by the President and yet Congress can override that decision and, just to muddy the waters more, the Supreme Court is wrapped up in cases concerning such weakness that last for years and leave the people to fight amongst themselves! Under my rule, people know who made the laws, why they were made, and how they can best obey! True unity!”

“What about unity’s other half, freedom?!” I shouted.

“There are those starving who would rather have food than freedom,” replied my double.

“You’re talking as if they’re mutually exclusive!” I protested.

“They ARE,” answered my double. “Vegeta can attest to that.” He pointed to the guy I thought was a cosplayer.

“You mean, you’re…” I gulped, realizing who it was.

“…Did you think I was a mere fanboy?!” snarled Vegeta.

“A dense idiot,” remarked my double. “I have an empire under my command while you sit in your grandparents’ basement writing worthless drivel.”

“We’ll see if it’s worthless!” I challenged. “Why tell me all this?”

“Because I need to make sure there’s only ONE of us in this universe,” explained my double. “Back home, my conquest of the planet was swift! Quick! Easy! …I gained little satisfaction.”

“So you’re here to do it again, but a little slower?” I scoffed.

“Yes,” confirmed my double.

“…I’m getting some Atop the Fourth Wall vibes here,” I remarked.

“There’s never enough time before you shut up, is there, you annoying retard?!” snarled my double.

“Oh, A**hole,” I hissed, “that’s the wrong thing to call me!” I then burst out of the cocoon and leapt onto my double. He yelped and shoved me off. “Besides, if you’re my double, don’t YOU have autism too?!”

“Unimportant to me!” argued my double. Unlike me, this guy could hit hard. Vegeta managed to break out of his cocoon by going Super Saiyan and swung a punch at the guy who effortlessly caught it. “Did you seriously learn nothing?” he muttered as he tossed the Saiyan Prince aside. “There you are, Prince of all THREE Saiyans and their hybrid children, and he’s nothing more than a ragdoll against me.”

“Well, ain’t YOU a Mary-Sued up villain?” I snarked. He grabbed my neck and flung me aside.

“I take what power I need,” he scoffed. “Look at you. You never conquered, never fought, never took the initiative, you drifted throughout your life. My life is in focus. You claim to be a disciple of Anansi when, in all truth, that spider is under my command. Anansi, kill him. …Anansi? …Anansi, your master…” Big mistake! He doubled over in pain as he clutched his foot. Angry fang marks were evident on his ankle. The offending creature that delivered the bite was a mechanical spider, roughly the size of a belt buckle. “ANANSI, YOU JUDAS!” shouted my double. The mechanical spider turned to face him.

“You can’t keep me under your heel forever, Enslaver!” it hissed in a thick Ghana accent. “You tried to take the Stories from me, a poor error in judgement! They’re called Anansesem (spider stories) for a reason!” The spider, the African Story Keeper, Anansi then leapt onto my waist and moved his legs to the side, causing a belt strap to form. Some handle-like device then appeared on the right side of my waist. It had two buttons on top and two triggers on the grip. “You ARE a Kamen Rider fan, right?” asked Anansi. I then saw where this was going.

“Hey! Mirror-me!” I called. My double then got up, frothing with rage. “Get a load of this!” I held the device to my mouth.

“What’s the word?!” called Anansi.

“Henshin!” I announced. I then pressed the buttons on top, making the device split in half. I then plugged the halves underneath Anansi’s legs with the triggers facing down. Anansi temporarily jumped off the belt and wove a cocoon around me while I made a spider with my hands, my thumbs near my face. The suit formed and I threw my fists to the side, breaking the cocoon as Anansi returned to the belt. A HUD showed what I looked like on the outside. My two eyes were split into four to evoke a spider’s eyes. I had a pair of legs going above my head and a pair of legs reaching my actual legs. Coattails resembled spinnerets and my mouthplate evoked a spider’s mouth. “Oh, I very much LIKE!” I chuckled.

“Fancy armor won’t save you!” dismissed my double.

“I think it will, in this case!” I argued. “You face Kamen Rider Weaver, the author of your defeat!” I tried to make a cool pose.

“…I think the Ginyu Force auditions are that way!” laughed Vegeta as he pointed behind my house.

“OH SHUT UP!” I protested.

“And that catchphrase, UGH!” groaned Anansi.

“You zip it too!” I snapped.

“Uh, HELLO?! FIGHT?!” shouted my double. Vegeta joined me as we took a defensive stance. My double took out a device similar to the one that I used to change. He then spoke into it. “Belua!” (Beast!) he announced. He then split the device into two and jabbed them into his pectorals. They sunk into him and he turned into a monstrous, humanoid spider! He then charged at us while we rolled out of the way and delivered a kick to his backside. He swung wildly with his arms, hoping to hit us. “WHERE?!” he bellowed when he missed us. “WHERE ARE YOU?!”

“What’s his deal?” asked Vegeta. “He’s got quadruple the eyes a human does.”

“He’s based off of a tarantula,” I observed. “Their eyesight is very poor. They hunt via vibration. Considered by scientists to be one of the least evolved spiders on Earth. My suit, on the other hand, is based off of more advanced spiders. Excellent eyesight, web-weaving, impressive speed and jumping power, it’s all here!”

“You won’t be boasting about it for long!” shouted my monstrous double. “You win, and you’d have nothing! No one even remembers your DA page!”

“I’m connected to it now!” I argued. “My pageview count begs to differ. I know why Vegeta came here! So, let’s get that meme out of the way! Vegeta, what does the scouter say about my pageview count?” Vegeta checked his scouter, then held it in his hand.

“IT’S OVER NINE THOUSAAAND!” he shouted as he crushed the scouter.

“Way over that, if I’m reading this correctly!” I supplied, stunning my double. “19,276 at last count, with 677 deviations, 42 journals, and 30 people watching me!”


“That’s the thing,” I replied, “being a conqueror tends to turn people away from you in the long run. An artist, on the other hand, one who creates, they tend to be more popular!” My double screamed in rage, unable to accept that I did anything worthwhile in my life. “True,” I continued, “my anatomy needs work and I could use the occasional brush-up on grammar, but I still enjoy what I do! Assholes like you are NOTHING to me!” That set him off as he charged at us.

“Kid, out of the way!” shouted Vegeta as he shoved me aside. “GALICK GUN, FIRE!” He fired off his Galick Gun and hit my double square in the chest. I rotated a dial on Anansi’s rear to an image of a hornet’s nest.

“MMOBORO BLASTER!” he called. A gun evoking a hornet’s nest appeared in my hand as I fired. The shots went into my double’s exoskeleton and he started writhing in pain.

“GET THE FIRE DEPARTMENT!” he squealed. “I’M ON FIRE!” Not true, but the Mmoboro hornets had stings that acted like red-hot needles. I then turned the dial to a python’s image. 

“ONINI SABER!” called Anansi. A sword shaped like a python replaced the gun. I pressed a button on the sword’s hilt and it became a thick whip. I swung it and it wrapped around my double, squeezing him. His exoskeleton cracked and fell, as did his real shape. He then pressed a button on his arm and surrounded himself in a nasty purple aura before slamming his fists into me and Vegeta. I turned the dial to the image of a leopard. “OSEBO CLAWS!” announced Anansi as my sword was replaced with clawed gloves in a leopard pattern. I pressed a button on the dial, indicating that I wanted my current weapon to stay while I used another. I then turned the dial to a small fairy in traditional Ghana dress. “MMOATIA CLOAK!” called Anansi. I turned invisible to my double.


“Right behind you!” I replied in a French accent as my claws raked across his back. I pressed the dial’s button again, cancelling my invisibility and claws while I pressed the triggers on the handles of my belt.

“FINAL STRIKE!” shouted Anansi. I leapt into the air, then fired a rope of silk from my palms, making sure they were on either side of my double. I went higher, making the ropes go taut. “SPIDER BREAK!” called Anansi as I pulled, making me fall at an incredible rate. My foot impacted with my double and I landed behind him. The armor he wore exploded. I decided to follow the ‘Cool Guys Never Look at Explosions’ rule. He fell to the ground, breathing heavily and in pain.

“I’ll take him back,” remarked Vegeta.

“Really?” I asked. “How do you intend to accomplish that?”

“‘A portal then opened behind me, surprising both of us,’” answered Anansi.

“…What?” I quizzed. Vegeta was just as confused. A portal then opened behind me, surprising both of us.

“That’s the thing about all stories belonging to me,” chuckled Anansi, “I tend to see where a story goes.”

“Dude, spoilers!” I protested. Vegeta picked up my double and went through the portal.

“You know,” mused Anansi, “I may stick around for a while.”

“…No tricks then, okay?” I asked, knowing Anansi.

“No promises,” replied Anansi.

“I wouldn’t believe you if you said no tricks,” I answered. “Let’s do this, then!” With that, I reaffirmed my own faith in Anansi’s job and my duty as a writer.

KRV Standalones

Kamen Rider Vortex: A Spooky Win!

Making sure she was breathing with a corset on, a woman had dressed herself up as a vampire woman, complete with black and red dress, a blood-red rose in her hair, and pale make-up with fake fangs. “Perfect!” she declared as she looked herself in the mirror.

“Not going fuzzy this time?” asked her husband as he came in, dressed like a zombie.

“No, not this time,” replied the woman. “…What do you think, Richard? Should I wear a flower in my hair more often?”

“That’s up to you, sweetie,” answered her husband, Richard Saunders. “You look beautiful no matter what you wear.”

“You’re sweet,” sighed the woman, Megumi Hishikawa, happily. When they finished, a woman of African descent with pink hair, eyes, and dress appeared in pink light.

“Spooky,” praised the pink woman, the Chizaran Princess of Peace, Rosadera.

“That’s what I was going for,” chuckled Megumi. “Is everything ready?”

“All set!” answered Rosadera.

“Good luck!” wished Richard as Megumi and Rosadera vanished in pink light. He then turned on the t.v. to see Megumi on a set of railway tracks during the night. Rosadera was accompanied by her fellow Princesses, Azuliterii, Moradelia, Rojenthi, and Verdutha. Opposite of Megumi was a steam engine, an old Furness Railway K2 “Larger Seagull”. However, this engine had a difference from its compatriots, it had a face! The engine was blue with red stripes and had a number 2 on the tender. The lamp in front of the engine’s funnel was modeled after a jack-o-lantern. The Chizaran Princesses began.

“I am Rojenthi, the Red Princess of Chizara, and the war-time leader.”

“I am Azuliterii, the Blue Princess of Chizara, and the technological leader.”

“I am Rosadera, the Pink Princess of Chizara, and the peace-time leader.”

“I am Verdutha, the Green Princess of Chizara, and the environmental leader.”

“And I am Moradelia, the Purple Princess of Chizara, and the history leader.”

“This is it, ladies and gentlemen!” cheered Rojenthi. “The final round of the 591,009thVerse Vs. Verse Rumble Royale! With this round, we’ll determine who controls First Place prize, the Time Amethyst!”

“Representing her home of 8-3-Y-0-N-D-C-1-T-Y,” Azuliterii introduced, “we have Megumi Hishikawa! Representing T-H-0-M-4-5-4-N-D-F-R-1-3-N-D-5, we have Edward the Blue Engine with home-turf advantage!”

“The final outcome shall be determined,” continued Rosadera, “by whoever can tell the scariest story!”

“Megumi and Edward,” explained Verdutha, “must each tell the scariest story they can come up with. Whoever manages to frighten us more is the winner!”

“Each contestant,” Moradelia went on, “is limited to one story and neither of them are allowed do-overs.”

“Edward the Blue Engine, are you ready?” called Rosadera.

“An engine of the North Western Railway is ALWAYS ready!” declared Edward.

“Megumi Hishikawa, are you ready?” asked Rosadera. Megumi chuckled.

“Been ready since I first fought Vortech!” she answered.

“Then all that’s left,” declared Rosadera, “is to determine who shall tell their story first! With this round, we shall determine who will take home the Time Amethyst! Tell your stories with honor, tell them with pride, and, most importantly, tell them well! Who shall call?”

“Ladies first,” offered Edward kindly.

“As you wish,” replied Megumi. “Heads!” Rosadera flipped a coin and checked it.

“…Hard luck, Megumi,” she answered. “Edward, you may begin.”

“My pleasure,” answered Edward. He drew in a breath, then began. “The year was 1861, the rails belonged to the Metropolitan Railway in London. The famous engineer, Sir John Fowler, was a great man in many ways. Indeed, any engine that has crossed his famous Forth Bridge knows of his work. However, his greatest folly was a locomotive he built for the Metropolitan Railway.

“He had designed the engine to work in the tunnels without producing smoke. Any engine driver who is at the controls of a steam engine would occasionally get a cough while going through a tunnel, but there were engines that needed to go underground, spending their working lives in the tunnels. Some drivers simply coughed the entire journey. Sir Fowler ordered a locomotive built to his unique design.

“Unfortunately, the engine was a poor steamer. On its first test run, it failed miserably just outside Hanwell Station of the Great Western Railway. Its second test later that year was no better, failing to live up to expectations.

“Fowler was angry! The engine had failed him! He ordered it to be sheeted up and left where no one could find it. He then went on to order the tests to be covered up and he had denied that the engine ever existed.

“Before the engine was hidden, Fowler had some of its parts sold for scrap, mainly boiler fittings. Once he had regained some of his financial loss, he banished the poor engine to a disused tunnel on the Underground System. Down in its tunnel, the engine grew angry. It wasn’t his fault that he had failed! It was the work of his designer! He plotted his revenge!

“A few years later, some workmen were down in the tunnels, removing the rails to the engine’s final resting place. They bricked up the line, not knowing what lay inside. As they turned to leave, an all-mighty crash was heard, and they turned to see the bricked-up tunnel disappear in dust and rocks. The shaft of the tunnel had collapsed, and the engine was lost beneath a ton of rubble. They had sealed the shaft off and, for a while, nothing happened.

“Then, one night, an alarm went out on the Underground System! A runaway engine had been seen thundering down the tunnel towards Edgeware Road! Men went down into the tunnels and lifted some rails to derail the engine! …It never came.

“This happened night after night for a few weeks until men started muttering about the ghostly specter being one of Sir Fowler’s designs. Try as he might, he couldn’t keep it secret any longer. Some photographs of the engine were released to the public.

“The sightings of the ghost train stopped for a while, and it was only with Fowler’s death that the engine was forgotten about. …But, on the 50th anniversary of the engine’s failed run to Hanwell, it was seen again, and on every anniversary since!

“The engine, now and forever called Fowler’s Ghost, haunts the Underground Tunnels to this day, but it does more than that! It haunts the valleys and haunts the stations! It haunts the goods yards and the sidings! It shrieks across bridges and thunders through the cuttings! It comes to take old engines away, to sheet them up and remove them forever from this world!” Edward paused impressively, watching the nervous reaction of the Chizaran Princesses and Megumi.

“That’s…that’s just…wow!” breathed Verdutha as Moradelia hugged her tight.

“I must say, I was truly terrified,” mumbled Rojenthi as she held onto Azuliterii’s arm.

“Edward, that story was VERY impressive!” praised Rosadera. “However, this contest is not yet over. Megumi, whenever you’re ready, it’s your turn.”

“I don’t know if my story will be AS scary as Edward’s,” muttered Megumi, “but I’m not giving up now.” She cleared her throat and began. “In Japan’s Kyoho period, 1716 to 1736, there was a rule called Sankin-kōtai. During this time, the feudal lords, called the daimyos, were required to alternate living in their own homes and in Edo for a year, to strengthen the rule of the Tokugawa Shogunate’s central power over Japan. One particular samurai, Hotsumi Kanji, a minor prefect from Kitakuni Province, was making such a journey.

“He stopped by an inn along the way to rest for the night and heard the most beautiful singing voice coming through his room’s walls. It was coming from a Goze, a blind woman who would earn money by singing and playing an instrument, a shamisen being the most commonly used instrument.

“Hotsumi thought that such a beautiful voice could only come from a beautiful woman, so he let his lust take over. He had learned which room the Goze was staying in and hid himself there during the night. Once the Goze returned, he sprang from the shadows and seized her, ravishing her throughout the night. Oddly, the Goze was not repulsed by such an act. If anything, she enjoyed herself being dominated in such a manner.

“The next morning, the two had woken up. Hotsumi then got a good look at her face and gasped in horror. The Goze’s face was unspeakably ugly! Joy crossed the Goze’s face, thinking she had found love! Oh, if only that were true. But Hotsumi didn’t pronounce her face to be ugly out loud, no. Instead he concocted a plan to get rid of her…permanently!

“He took the Goze with him on his way to Edo and they went on a mountain road, a convenient mountain road. Along the way, Hotsumi pushed the ugly Goze off the road and into a ravine down the mountain, the impact snapping her neck and killing her instantly! When he was satisfied that the deed was done, Hotsumi continued on his way to Edo as if nothing had happened.

“A year later, it was time for another journey to Edo and Hotsumi had completely forgotten the incident. This time, he stopped at a small mountain temple, graciously accepting the monks’ aid and offer for rest. As he slept, he heard a beautiful voice coming through his window. He opened it and a crazed, blind woman jumped into the room! The woman’s milky eyes bored into him as if she could see him!

“‘Who are you?!’ demanded Hotsumi. ‘How dare you attack me!’

“‘I intend to do worse, Hotsumi!’ hissed the woman. Hotsumi was taken aback when he heard his name. The woman then stepped into the moonlight to reveal her features. Hotsumi almost shrieked in terror! It was the Goze he had killed! Her ghost had returned! ‘Have you already forgotten last Autumn?!’ demanded the Goze’s ghost. ‘You played with me, and then tossed me away when you were finished! I have no eyes, but I see you now!’

“The ghost grabbed Hotsumi by the ankles and tore him from his bed! He tried to get away, but the strength of a man is nothing compared to the strength of the rage-fueled dead! She dragged him to the temple’s graveyard and stopped before an open grave. She gave a wicked smile, then pulled him into her embrace, the pair of them falling into the grave! The pull was so strong, it moved the earth over the grave, suffocating him and killing him!

“The monks at the temple heard the commotion and ran to the graveyard to investigate. They dug as fast as they could, but it was too late. They found Hotsumi’s dead body with the skeleton of a woman wrapped around it. By fate or by bad luck, Hotsumi stayed at the very temple the Goze was buried at after the monks had discovered her corpse in the ravine.” Megumi drew in a breath as she finished her tale. The Chizaran Princesses were all hugging each other tightly and Edward’s jaw was near his buffer beam.

“That’s…” he stammered, “that’s…er…that’s…quite a chilling tale!”

“Indeed!” whispered Moradelia. “Quite a frightening warning!”

“I have to say, both stories were scary!” gulped Rosadera. “However, only one of you is going home with the Time Amethyst. We shall discuss who shall take it.” The Chizarans vanished, leaving Edward and Megumi alone. The silence was a little awkward for the pair of them.

“…So…” muttered Megumi, “…did you see any ghosts lately?”

“None of the scary types,” remarked Edward. “The only time there was a ‘ghost’ on Sodor was because of Percy playing a trick.”

“How so?” asked Megumi.

“…Well, Thomas doesn’t like it when the story’s told,” mused Edward, “but, then again, he’s been bragging how he never gets scared as of late, so having someone else to call him out on that will do him good. You see, it all started when Thomas, Percy, and Toby…”

After a few minutes of deliberation, the Chizarans returned to see Edward finishing his less-scary story. “‘Anyone would think,’ chuckled Toby, ‘that our Thomas had just seen a ghost!’” Megumi was giggling when the story finished.

“I can’t believe Thomas fell for that!” laughed Megumi. Rosadera cleared her throat, grabbing their attention. The Chizaran Princesses then turned to the camera.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” she announced, “we have our winner! The one that told the scariest story, the new owner of the Time Amethyst, the winner of this round, the champion of the 591,009th Verse Vs. Verse Rumble Royale…is Megumi Hishikawa, Kamen Rider Royal and the champion of 8-3-Y-0-N-D-C-1-T-Y!” The cheers were loud and long! “Congratulations, Megumi Hishikawa! You have earned the Time Amethyst! Tell me, do you intend to use it or is it too powerful for anyone to use?”

“…You know, I think I WILL be using it at some point in the future,” remarked Megumi. “I did see my future self during some points in my life and I distinctly remember purple portals being involved.”

“There are multiple ways to open portals of that nature,” replied Moradelia. “Heck, for all we know, I could have sent you to your past.”

“…You can do that?”

“Hello? Chizaran? Mastery of space and time is part of our gig.”

“Oh, yeah, I keep forgetting that.”

The Closing Ceremony took place on Halloween, with all the Chizaran Princesses and princesses decked out in costumes. Megumi, Edward, and the Third Place Winner, a version of Ben 10’s cousin, Gwen, with her own Omnitrix, stood in front of the Princesses. Gwen dressed as a classic witch, given her Anodite heritage. “Ladies and gentlemen,” began Rosadera, “we thank you all for joining us for this particular 3V2R! These three combatants,” she gestured towards Megumi, Edward, and Gwen, “have proven to be the toughest of this tournament’s contenders. Now, they shall claim their rewards.” Moradelia approached Gwen and handed her a metal glove colored like her Omnitrix.

“Gwen Tennyson,” she announced, “Third Place prize is the Omegatrix rig. This will evolve your Ultimates to their projected final evolution before they go extinct.”

“Using this thing as a last resort then,” muttered Gwen as she put the glove in her purse. Verdutha then placed a lamp on Edward’s buffer beam.

“Edward,” she pronounced, “Second Place prize is the Lamp of the Lady, generously donated to us by Lady of the Magic Railroad. This lamp can show hidden paths, find lost engines, and grant incredibly good luck to the user for a full month.”

“I know of an engine who could use a lot of good luck after this month,” mused Edward.

The engine he was talking about was a green tank engine with a saddle-tank and the number 6 on his bunker. Somehow, the poor engine, Percy, had ended up in a tree after his train of trucks had pushed him down a hill! He rested in the tree with bent buffer beams, a cracked funnel, snapped side-rods, and a hole in his bunker. His crew had jumped clear before he ended up in the tree. His best friend, Thomas, a blue E2 tank engine with the number 1 on his side tanks, was trying to figure out how Percy could stay up in the tree while the rescue crew used the Breakdown Train to secure Percy. “How did this…?!” spluttered Thomas.

“I don’t know, and I don’t care!” hissed Percy. “All I want to do is get down!”

“I’m…kind of in the same boat as Thomas,” muttered Megumi after Edward explained what happened to Percy. Rosadera then handed Megumi an amethyst length of her pinky.

“Megumi Hishikawa,” she proclaimed, “as promised, you are the master of the Time Amethyst. Use it however you see fit but guard that thing jealously.”

“I know where to keep it until the time is right,” promised Megumi. The winners then thrust their prizes into the air in a sign of victory.

“With all that,” declared Rosadera to the audience, “it’s time for the Closing Parade! If the winners will follow us, we’ll all go to the Winner’s Float!” Edward offered them a ride and they graciously accepted. The Chizaran Princesses simply made themselves a coach while Megumi and Gwen entered Edward’s cab. Once he was coupled to the coach, Edward whistled twice and puffed to the float garage, a few miles away. It had recently been modified to let living engines into it and onto the float. Once Edward slowly puffed onto the float, everyone stepped out of his cab or coach. In fact, the coach vanished once the Chizaran Princesses stepped out. The float then moved through the streets of Chizara as the Chizaran Spectrum Marching Band led the way. The parade was definitely Halloween-themed as various Chizarans came out in costumes and spooky decorations lined the buildings and streetlights. Like the last time Megumi fought in the 3V2R, the parade was a good two hours before it arrived at the closing torch. Because he had no hands, Edward’s fireman accepted the torch on his behalf as Gwen and Megumi took theirs. They then threw their torches into the Closing Torch and it leapt high into the air, flashing in all the colors of the Chizaran rulers. “Ladies and gentlemen from all realities,” began Rosadera, “we cannot thank you enough for supporting past, present, and future tournaments. We thank you all for tuning in to this rare occasion when all Halloweens line up so perfectly! As we all return home, we urge you all to stay safe and have fun! Happy Halloween!” The cameras then turned back to Blancalmarem and Nemengra.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we thank you all for joining us this Halloween!” began Blancalmarem.

“We enjoyed seeing all the costumes of the viewers and contestants!” continued Nemengra.

“Thanks to your support, this tournament was a success! We hope to see you tune in to more tournaments! I am Blancalmarem, the white princess of Chizara and the life leader!”

“I am Nemengra, the black princess of Chizara and the death leader!”

“And we thank you for joining us for the 591,009th Verse Vs. Verse Rumble Royale!” the two princesses finished together.

Megumi returned home, bringing Verdutha dressed as Wonder Woman with her. “You sure you want to do this?” asked Megumi.

“Are you kidding?!” replied Verdutha. “Your home’s a place where adults can trick-or-treat, and no one bats an eye?! Chizara doesn’t have that! I want in!”

“Verdutha?” asked Richard as he and Lisa dressed as Lilly Munster came up to them.

“Madam Verdutha, what are you doing here?” quizzed Lisa.

“Megumi told me that the people here trick-or-treat at all ages!” answered Verdutha. “I came here for advice on a route. I’m long overdue for free candy!”

“I see…” muttered Richard.

“She’s not joining us,” assured Megumi. “We’re still going on our own route.”

“I’d advise staying away from Anders Street,” called Lisa. “The one guy that hands out stuff’s a dentist. He’s giving out floss!”

“…Weirdo!” muttered Richard. Verdutha checked her tiara, then left the house in one direction while Lisa took another direction and Richard and Megumi went another way, all of them carrying bags for candy!

Standalones TS

The Last Will and Testament of OTM

Optimus, Megatron, Megumi, Hiro, Arsha, and Dr. Borg had gathered in the main library of Optimusthemobian’s mansion. “I just can’t believe it,” sighed Optimus.

“What? The stay-at-home order?” asked Megatron. “You know how COVID-19 spreads.”

“Well, yes, I do, but that wasn’t what I was talking about!” snapped Optimus. “I was talking about OTM dying!”

“Well, we knew it was going to happen,” sighed Megumi. “What with DeviantArt Eclipse upending everything and angering everyone with the fact that the staff didn’t listen to the majority of people saying it was too buggy.”

“I’m just sorry my journey wasn’t completed on that site,” muttered Arsha. Just then, Petramel, his wife, Noletam, and their son, Leumas entered the room.

“Mr. Venchitak,” greeted Dr. Borg.

“Madam,” returned Petramel in a cold manner. Noletam gave a raspy growl at the sight of Dr. Borg.

“Noletam, old friend, this isn’t about prom, is it?” asked Dr. Borg.

“Mainly, yes,” snarled Noletam.

“That was when we were kids!” snapped Dr. Borg.

“You KNEW I like Carnarad!” growled Noletam.

“Er, I’m glad to see,” interrupted Leumas as he addressed the room, “that everyone’s here.”

“What’s all this?” asked Hiro.

“OTM, our author,” explained Petramel in his teaching voice, “has left my family in charge of his DA estate, should anything happen to it.”

“Given what’s going on,” continued Noletam in her own teaching voice, “he has written out a last will and testament.”

“So, as the Executors of OTM’s estate,” finished Leumas in a slightly less refined teaching voice, “we’ve been empowered to read his will.”

“Well, hurry it up!” snapped Megatron. “I have a war to win!”

“If we may all be seated,” directed Petramel, “Leumas will proceed with the reading.” As everyone sat down, Leumas produced the will, straightened his back, and began.

“‘I, Optimusthemobian,'” he read, “‘being of sound mind and body…'”

“With that paunch?!” laughed Hiro.

“…’do hereby divide my DA estate,'” continued Leumas, “‘as follows: to Optimus Prime and Megatron, the main characters of my longest running series, Transformers: Mobian Chronicles…'”

“Oh, I like where this is going,” chuckled Optimus. Megatron grinned at the praise.

“…’and also the biggest pains in my neck…'” Leumas read on.

“Wait, what?!” yelped the two bots.

“‘I mean, honestly,'” continued Leumas, “‘Optimus, you charging off after Jazz like that and exposing the Transformers’ existence to Sonic’s world with no thought to the galactic political repercussions and Megatron, you adopting a Social Darwinist attitude, both of these actions are beyond me. Why I let kids like you determine the fate of your respective factions, I’ll never know. If you knew just how much you idiots made me waste time puzzling out your motives…nevertheless, that’s all water under the bridge. To Optimus Prime and Megatron, I bequeath…a boot to the head.'”

“A WHAT?!” shouted Optimus. A boot then flew at Optimus and hit him in the head!

“Optimus, are you…?!” yelped Megatron before a boot hit him in the head.

“By the Ones!” swore Dr. Borg. Hiro just laughed.

“‘To Megumi Moody Thrill-seeker Hishikawa…'” Leumas read on.

“MOODY?!” shouted Megumi. “THRILL-SEEKER?!”

“‘What you did to X-PO was necessary,'” continued Leumas. “‘Your hesitance to talk to your own family about your problems led you to making not one, but TWO rash decisions: the first being the potential breakup of the F.N.S and the second being the suicide run on Hiro when he invaded Wyldstyle’s home. On top of that, you constantly ran the F.N.S into the ground after Vortech’s first defeat and accepted an invitation to a tournament while hunting Hiro, Megatron, and Dr. Borg’s alliance. To Megumi Hishikawa, I bequeath…a boot to the head.” A boot then hit Megumi in the head. She managed to steady herself and massaged her head.

“This is an outrage!” snapped Megumi.

“‘But, still,'” Leumas read on, “‘you’re one of my more popular characters and did ask me to retire you until Optimus and Arsha finished their adventures. Since I have no further need of any stories concerning you or the F.N.S…'”

“Finally, something good!” muttered Megumi.

“…’I bequeath…another boot to the head,'” continued Leumas. Megumi managed to block the boot’s flight path.

“Too smart for…!” another boot then hit Megumi in the head, cutting off her boasting.

“‘And one more for Optimus and Megatron,'” Leumas went on. Optimus and Megatron were hit again. “‘To Hiro Adachi, the laziest villain I’ve ever made…'”

“There’s nothing lazy about commanding a multiversal empire!” protested Hiro.

“…’who commanded a multiversal empire for all of five years,'” continued Leumas, “‘until he just let it collapse…'”

“That was THEIR fault! Not mine!” argued Hiro as he pointed to Dr. Borg and Megatron.

“…’I bequeath a boot to the head,'” proceeded Leumas. The boot was too fast for Hiro to shoot as it dodged his gun’s shot and hit him in the head. “‘And one more for Optimus and Megatron.'” Optimus and Megatron were hit yet again!

“I think I’m developing drain bamage!” groaned Optimus.

“I’m dizzy and I think I’ve developed short-term memory loss!” moaned Megatron. “…and I think I’ve developed short-term memory loss!”

“‘To Doctor Cytanek Yavenag Borg…'” continued Leumas.

“Uh oh,” gulped Dr, Borg.

“…’whose actions are a continual disruption to the Realms…'” Leumas went on.

“I don’t like where this is going!” yelped Dr. Borg.

“…’why you felt the need to circumvent the cost of making a Revenant,'” continued Leumas, “‘I will never understand. The price was implemented for people NOT to make Revenants willy nilly.'”

“I don’t want any boot to the head!” pleaded Dr. Borg.

“Why mention making a Revenant?” asked Arsha, still ignorant about Yulduk’s current undead status.

“‘Given your own scientific advances…'” Leumas went on.

“I’m covering my head!” yelped Dr. Borg.

“…’I bequeath…a boot to the wing joints,'” revealed Leumas.

“WHERE?!” shrieked Dr. Borg. A boot then hit her backside, right between her wings. She opened her mouth in a silent scream of pain and fell from her seat. Hitting any member of the Fae between the wings is the equivalent of kicking them in the crotch. Much like humans, it’s more painful for female Fae.

“Oh, that’s just cruel!” protested Arsha.

“‘Last, to Princess Arsha Royana, the most dedicated of my characters…'” continued Leumas.

“Oh?” quizzed Arsha as everyone pelted with boots so far glared at her.

“…’who always did her job and did it with professionalism and courtesy,'” went on Leumas, “‘and continues to be the pride of Realmfleet…'”

“It was no trouble,” assured Arsha.

“Kiss-up,” grumbled Optimus.

“…’To Arsha Royana, I bequeath…a boot to the head,'” revealed Leumas.

“WHAT?!” shouted Arsha. She then got booted in the head! As she massaged her head, she removed her hairpiece. “I hope his soul reaches the Depths and fades to nothingness!” cursed Arsha.

“‘To Noletam Farginta and Petramel Venchitak,'” Leumas read on, “‘in assisting me in writing this will, I bequeath a BOOT TO THE HEAD!’ MOM! DAD! LOOK OUT!” Too late. Noletam and Petramel were hit. Leumas got up and checked them over. “Are you guys all right?!” he asked.

“I think my head’s bleeding!” groaned Petramel. Leumas looked all around.

“No, it isn’t, thank the Ones,” he sighed gratefully. He then checked Noletam.

“I’m fine, my boy,” assured Noletam. “Just need an…” she then noticed something wrong with her vision. “…No!” whispered Noletam as she took her ruined glasses off. “MY GLASSES! THAT’S 60,000 GOLDS DOWN THE DRAIN!” Her saliva was adopting a green coloration from her venom as she ranted. Leumas decided to continue the reading.

“‘Last,'” he wrapped up, “‘to Leumas Venchitak, I leave not a boot to the head…but a crazed wyvern to BE SHOVED DOWN HIS TUNIC’S BACK?!'” A mysterious hand then shoved a crazed wyvern down his tunic and went crazier. Leumas howled in pain as the wyvern’s teeth and claws raked across his flesh. Noletam grabbed the wyvern and sunk her teeth into it, pumping it full of her venom and killing it within 30 seconds. Petramel started casting healing spells on Leumas.

“I take that back, THAT was cruel,” remarked Arsha.

“Not half as cruel as being abused like that!” snapped Megatron. “When do we get our cut of his estate?!” Just then, a hologram of OTM appeared on the table.

“If this message is playing after the reading of my will,” began the hologram, “then it’s safe to assume someone asked when you would get your cut of my estate. The simple answer is…never. I have moved my written works to Archive of Our Own and and all of my drawings are on Newgrounds.”

“Are you serious?!” demanded Hiro. “You mean you gathered everyone here just to abuse us?!”

“It was my final wish,” replied the hologram.

“You pure-blooded bastard!” Dr. Borg managed to get through her pain.

“Do you mean to tell us,” snarled Megumi, “we’re getting NOTHING?! Not even the guys who helped you with your will?!”

“That’s correct,” confirmed the hologram. “But, my watchers get something. To all those that have taken a gander at my DeviantArt page and watched me, I bequeath the links to where you can find me, both in the description of this story and in my journal. Thank you all so much for watching me here and I hope to see you over in the aforementioned sites.” The hologram shut off.

“…I hate him,” muttered Leumas.

“We all do,” remarked Optimus. That statement was met with nods of agreement.


Kamen Rider Weaver

Presenting my Kamen Rider persona, Weaver. On DA, I reached 19,276 pageviews and made a story around it. Vegeta came to do the “Over 9,000” meme, but my evil double from another universe came to kill both of us. He tried to enslave Anansi, but Anansi wasn’t having it and so joined me as he became my belt, the Weaver Driver. My form changes use the Elementriggers to give me powers and armor based on the basic elements, water, earth, fire, and air. The dial on Anansi’s butt can also summon weapons based on his first story. My base form’s powers are based around scientifically modern spiders like jumping spiders and orb weavers.

Trinity Soul Trinity Soul Chapters

Trinity Soul: Epilogue

250 years had passed. Megumi and Richard just woke up for a new day. She had become the Champion of the 591,001st 3V2R and won an artefact called the Central Stone, a rock that can give the user any power they want. Like the Master Wand, it was locked away to keep anyone from misusing it. Her daughters had just gotten up and put their Chizara University uniforms on. Unlike After Academy, Chizara University had seventeen houses, each one named after the respective colors of the princesses. Kaitlyn was in House Pink while Kaede was in House Yellow-green. Megumi and Richard were still in their pj’s as they shuffled to the table. Lisa had already begun plating up breakfast. “Good morning!” she cheered. “Dawn smiles on us and we are blessed!”

“Dawn who?” mumbled Richard.

“Rough night?” guessed Lisa.

“We didn’t get much sleep last night,” muttered Megumi. “What with a certain Morphus Tarantula scuttling in her lair and bumping against the glass last night!”

“Did you have a boy over for dinner?” snarked Kaede.

“You heard us?” winced Lisa as she finished handing out everyone’s meal and set herself down. “Sorry, I thought we were being quiet.”

“Just tell us when you have someone over,” directed Megumi. “So, who was he?”

“His name is David and he’s so dreamy!” sighed Lisa happily as she blushed.

“…Is?” quizzed Kaitlyn.

“He’s still alive?” asked Kaede.

“What kind of question is that?!” protested Lisa. “Female Morphus Tarantulas don’t eat their mates or failed suitors!”

“…You ate the boy tarantula I got for breeding purposes during the 3V2R,” recalled Megumi.

“Well, it was an animal, WE’RE people,” declared Lisa.

“Okay then,” muttered Megumi as she sipped her tea. They soon finished breakfast and Kaede and Kaitlyn grabbed their bookbags.

“We’ll see you this afternoon!” called Kaede. They hopped onto a transport pad, keyed in a command, and shimmered out of the house.

“So, what are you going to do?” Richard asked Megumi.

“Optimus and I will be wandering over to Arsha’s place,” mused Megumi. “We’re gonna be discussing the situation with Shocker Umbra. What about you?”

“You know, same old newscast,” muttered Richard. “I swear, I need an adventure to stave off the boredom. 271 years and I still get bored.”

“The curse of us immortals,” replied Megumi. They changed into their outfits after the discussion. “See you later,” bid Megumi.

“Bye, sweetie,” returned Richard as they kissed. Megumi then walked off to the park and met with a much-older looking Optimus and Arsha. They both had halos on their foreheads, meaning that they entered Beyond City after they died.

“Welcome, Megumi,” Optimus rumbled in a new, deeper voice.

“Hey, Megumi!” called Arsha before her back cramped.

“Hey, are you okay?” asked Megumi as she helped Arsha to a seat.

“Couldn’t the aches and pains have just stayed back home?” grumbled Arsha. “That’s it, I’m gonna accept a regeneration.”

“I might do the same,” mused Optimus. “Can’t fight Shocker Umbra with a bad back. Besides, I miss my old frame.”

“You’re still powerful-looking, I promise you,” assured Megumi. “Speaking of Shocker Umbra, what did you guys hear?”

“The rumors about them conning the Generation Riders are right,” rumbled Optimus.

“Looking for someone to do their dirty work!” growled Arsha.

“Well, that’s where we come in!” declared Megumi. “Tell you what, let’s get you guys back into younger bodies and then we’ll stop Shocker Umbra, all right?”

“Sounds good to me!” answered Optimus.

“Time to say goodbye forever to grey hair and wrinkles!” agreed Arsha.

“Then let’s get to it!” called Megumi.

“Let’s roll out!” announced Optimus. His forearms folded up to the shoulders, then both arms came together with the elbows touching and forming the nose of a futuristic truck. His head slid into the chest as his legs came together and swung up behind him to form the trailer bed as panels attached themselves to the top of the cab, making his new alt-mode a Mobian tractor trailer. His holo-form was an older looking hedgehog without the Matrix necklace he once had. Megumi and Optimus helped Arsha in, then Megumi came into the cab and shut the door so Optimus could drive off. The three friends were still thick as thieves and ready to clobber evil!

Sometimes when your hopes have all been shattered,

And there’s nowhere to turn,

You wonder how you keep going! (going)

Think of all the things that really mattered,

And the chances you’ve earned!

The fire in your heart is growing! (growing)

You can fly, if you try, leaving the past behind!

Heaven only knows what you might find!

Dare, dare to believe you can survive!

You hold the future in your hand!

Dare, dare to keep all of your dreams alive!

It’s time to take a stand,

And you can win if you dare!

Everybody’s trying to break your spirit,

Keeping you down.

Seems like it’s been forever! (ever), oh!

But there’s another voice if you’ll just hear it,

Saying it’s the last round!

Looks like it’s now or never! (never)

Out of the darkness you stumble into the light,

Fighting for the things you know are right!

Dare, dare to believe you can survive!

The power is there at your command!

Dare, dare to keep all of your dreams alive!

It’s time to take a stand,

And you can win if you dare!

Dare, dare to believe you can survive!

You hold the future in your hand!

Dare, dare to keep all of your dreams alive!

The power is there at your command, oh!

Dare, dare to keep all your love alive!

Dare to be all you can be!

Dare, there is a place where dreams survive,

And it’s calling you on to victory!

Dare, dare!

Trinity Soul Trinity Soul Chapters

Trinity Soul: Finale

The day had come when Optimus, Arsha, and their friends and families had to return home. Jandro, Twaldar, Swalmu, Agus, Wilson, Skyfall, Quake Hammer, and Henry were with Megumi, Batman, Wyldstyle, Gandalf, and Hongo as the Brigadier, Elphaba, POmega, Chell, and Rusty manned the Gateway. Two massive rifts opened near Vorton. “Their paths home are ready,” reported Rusty. “Feeding their respective portals to their ships.”

“Well done, Rusty,” thanked Megumi. She then turned to Optimus and Arsha. “I guess this is it, then,” she sighed.

“So much has changed,” proclaimed Optimus, “since Megatron dumped your friends and families onto the Autobots. I learned so much about the multiverse and hope to learn more. But, as they say, duty calls. I still need to stop the Decepticons. Speaking of, Quake Hammer, you still have a chance with the Autobots.”

“I’d rather not risk having the D.J.D pounding on my door,” replied Quake Hammer. “Thank you for the offer, though.”

“Dr. Atmadja,” Optimus then bid to Agus, “I hope you get the recognition you deserve at After Academy.”

“I have friends to help me,” replied Agus. “Thank you for letting me study you and the Autobots.”

“Captain Skyfall,” gulped Optimus, “I still can’t apologize enough for what I said. You are the bravest Autobot I’ve met.”

“If I may be a little rude, Sir,” requested Skyfall, “enough with the apologies already! I forgive you!”

“I deserve the rudeness,” replied Optimus. He then turned to Arsha. “If we ever meet again, you had best be prepared for my new wand wind-ups.”

“Oh, I’ll be more than prepared, all right!” declared Arsha. “I’m gonna miss seeing different schools of magic than the ones of my home.”

“As will I,” answered Optimus. He then turned to Megumi. “Your Majesty, I am proud to be proven wrong about Vorton and Vortech. It was a privilege to fight by your side.”

“The privilege was all mine,” returned Megumi. “May you end this conflict with the Decepticons quickly.” Optimus bowed, then activated his comms.

Ark, this is Optimus,” he called. “One to beam up.” He vanished in a transporter beam.

Optimus was beamed directly to the Ark’s bridge. He sat down in the Captain’s chair and looked around the bridge. “We have our proper portal,” reported Prowl. “Feeding its location to the helm now.”

“Portal location acknowledged,” called Bumblebee.

“Bring us home, Bumblebee,” directed Optimus.

“Aye, aye, Sir,” confirmed Bumblebee as he keyed in the necessary commands.

The Ark moved to its proper portal and it shut behind the ship. Arsha then turned to Jandro. “I understand you’re going to make a new Grelnak Clan,” she recalled.

“Brendan and I will bring a new era to Vampire-kind,” replied Jandro.

“I wish you nothing but prosperity for the new Grelnak Clan,” bid Arsha. She then turned to Twaldar. “Petramel’s gonna miss you, you know.”

“We’ve kind of drifted for a while,” remarked Twaldar. “It’s time to make new memories. Besides, I’ve got Charline waiting for me.”

“Then may you be blessed under the Ozanor Star,” wished Arsha. She turned to Swalmu. “I don’t believe I’ve ever seen you so happy before you met Flora. Treasure her.”

“I intend to,” promised Swalmu. “May your future be blessed with happiness.”

“May you receive the same happiness,” Arsha responded correctly. She finally turned to Megumi. “I’m sorry we won’t be competing together in future 3V2R’s,” she sighed. “I wanted to see how strong Tora-Onna is for myself.”

“When we meet again,” assured Megumi, “we’ll spar with me as Tora-Onna.” The two ladies then hugged. Arsha broke off the embrace after a few seconds, then switched her communicator on.

Endeavor, this is the Captain,” she called. “One to return to the ship.” Green energy surrounded her and she vanished.

Like Optimus, she was transported to the bridge. “Course for the portal home laid in,” reported Nazay. “According to the Gateway’s calculations, it’s right above the Glasna Kingdom.”

“Right back where we started,” chuckled Oak.

“Realmfleet informed me,” called Shalvey, “that Denstra’s shuttle is on its way. We’ll meet her when we get home.”

“Well then, let’s get home,” declared Arsha. “Nazay, nice and easy.”

“Aye, Captain,” confirmed Nazay as he made the necessary course corrections.

The Endeavor entered the portal and it closed once the ship entered it. All that was left was Batman, Hongo, Wyldstyle, and Gandalf. “Ladies first,” rasped Batman as he gestured to Wyldstyle. Wyldstyle approached Megumi.

“Megumi,” she began, “I don’t think I’d ever have an adventure that would top ours. Doesn’t mean I’m not gonna try. You better make sure you have some cool adventures yourself; you hear?”

“I hear,” replied Megumi. “Goodbye, Lucy. Until our next meeting.”

“A rift to T-H-3-L-3-G-0-M-0-V-1-3 is ready,” reported Elphaba.

“See you later, alligator!” called Wyldstyle as she jumped into the rift. Gandalf then approached Megumi.

“I have seen you grow and change in so many ways,” he mused. “You have proven to be a capable defender, no matter the odds.”

“And you are more than you realize, even now, Gandalf,” replied Megumi. “I know one usually says this to the Great Eagles of your world, but, farewell, wherever you fare till your eyries receive you at the journey’s end.”

“May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks,” returned Gandalf in the correct reply.

“Gandalf, M-1-D-D-L-3-3-4-R-T-H awaits,” called Rusty. Gandalf nodded, then entered the rift. Hongo then moved towards Megumi.

“You claimed that you only had basic knowledge about us Kamen Riders when you and your friends first flew over me and Ichimonji at Arakawa Natural Park,” he recalled. “Don’t underestimate how powerful even basic knowledge is. It got you through three adventures and I foresee more victories for you.”

“And you are a stout-hearted man,” chuckled Megumi. “Never lose sight of it.”

“I never will,” promised Hongo.

“K-4-M-3-N-R-1-D-3-R is waiting for you,” announced the Brigadier. “It looks like Shocker’s making a move.”

“Then I shall make mine!” declared Hongo as he struck his pose. He thrust his right arm to the left side as he held his left fist at his hip. He then rotated his right arm to the right. “Rider…” he called. The shield on his belt then slid open to reveal the fan as it absorbed the power of the wind. He then held his right hand in a fist and put it to his right hip as he thrust his left arm to the right. “…HENSHIN!” he announced. He then jumped into the portal as he became Kamen Rider Ichigō. Batman was the last to talk to Megumi.

“I’m grateful for what you did and continue to do for the multiverse,” he thanked. “I hope you can visit.”

“I might visit during your work hours,” chuckled Megumi. “Both daytime and nighttime.”

“I look forward to it,” replied Batman.

“D-C-C-0-M-1-C-5 is ready,” called POmega.

“Goodbye,” he called as he jumped into the rift. Megumi then turned to Elphaba and her team.

“You sure you guys don’t want to go home?” she asked.

“With a permanent Tarlaxian presence on Vorton,” replied Rusty, “we won’t let loneliness make us do something stupid. We’re fine right here. You, on the other hand, have a home to get to. 8-3-Y-0-N-D-C-1-T-Y still needs you.” Megumi then turned to those that remained.

“Everyone, let’s go home!” she called. “CHARGE!” Everyone leapt into the rift and flew through it all the way to Beyond City. They soon hailed for rides to their respective homes. Megumi had the house to herself as Richard was working and Lisa was in her new classes, but, this time, she didn’t mind. She had only good memories on her mind. Her mind then thought about her future children, then she got a naughty grin. “Well,” she mused, “Richard and I DO want to bring Kaede and Kaitlyn into the world. …Yes, this time, we’ll go unprotected!” She then went into the bedroom, set her phone on the nightstand, and sent a message while she unfastened her top.

“And make sure our dimensional communicator is taken apart!” Megatron barked at Starscream. “I’m not having Dr. Borg listen in on us! We’re going to use the parts for something else!”

“Shockwave and Eggman,” replied Starscream, “have something in mind for those parts.”

“Good to hear,” rumbled Megatron. “Has the Ark returned yet?”

“The Ark’s assumed a standard orbit,” reported Starscream. “We’re ready to catch the Autobots unawares.”

“Excellent,” declared Megatron. “Now, we just need to find that…”

“Megatron!” called Eggman, “Galvatron’s finally returned!”

“Let him in!” ordered Megatron. “I intend to speak to my future self personally!” Megatron stormed through the moon base and met with a purple Decepticon with a three-pronged crown and an orange cannon on his right arm. “Galvatron! Where have you been?!” demanded Megatron.

“I was staying out of your way as you lost focus on the survival of our universe!” snapped Galvatron. “Besides, I’ve found something we need in our fight against Unicron!”

Optimus looked around the Command Center as the Autobots returned to work. “Home, sweet home,” he sighed. Blackarachnia then approached him.

“It’s nice to be back,” she sighed as she leaned her head against Optimus’ shoulder. “Kind of nice not to have the fate of the multiverse on your shoulders.”

“Preach, sister,” agreed Optimus. “You got anything to do?”

“Not in terms of Autobot duties,” replied Blackarachnia. “I think I need to tidy my lair, though.”

“Why you still have a lair, I’ll never know,” muttered Optimus.

“Girl’s gotta have a private place somehow,” she purred.

“But with a messy web littering the place?” asked Optimus.

“Hey, that’s just how black widows make their webs!” snapped Blackarachnia.

“Okay, you’re the spider expert,” replied Optimus.

“Come visit when you’ve got time!” bid Blackarachnia as she transformed and sped off to her lair.

“It looks like Realmfleet didn’t find us,” remarked Jansha as she finished her survey of the lab. “Everything’s just the way we left it before Hiro found us.”

“You know,” mused Dr. Borg, “working with Shockwave, I DID notice what could have made our original attempts end badly. Perhaps we should keep them in mind when we try again.”

“What about the dimensional communicator?” asked Tormo. “Soundwave could listen in on us.”

“I’ve already stripped it down to its individual parts,” assured Jansha. “We WON’T be getting any surprises from the Decepticons.”

“Then we will proceed with our original plans,” declared Dr. Borg. “The Realms will unite under me WITHOUT the Decepticons.”

The Endeavor landed safely at the Mid-Realm’s Glasna Kingdom. Queen Dimorea Handra, the ruler of the kingdom, greeted them warmly, despite the cold that gripped the area all year long. “You’ve proven yourself well in that tournament,” Dimorea praised Arsha.

“You saw it, then?” quizzed Arsha.

“From Realmfleet HQ,” explained Dimorea. “I’m pleased you have secured the Master Wand from the hands of evil.”

“Just doing my job,” assured Arsha. “Still, I’m gonna miss Optimus and Arsha. They became really good friends.”

“I’m sure we’ll see them again,” mused Dimorea.

“Captain,” called Bashoon, “Denstra’s shuttle is coming in.”

“Time to meet my new First Officer,” declared Arsha. She turned to Oak. “I don’t remember if I said this, but thank you for your service.”

“It was an honor to serve,” replied Oak.

Trinity Soul Trinity Soul Chapters

Trinity Soul: Ch 74

The Closing Ceremony was in full swing. Megumi, Arsha, and Optimus’ holo-form stood on the podium that indicated which spot they won. Confetti came down as they were cheered and applauded on all sides. The Five Chizaran Princesses then arrived with Azuliterii holding a large, leather-bound book, Rojenthi holding a round device with a handle, and Rosadera holding a long box. “Ladies and gentlemen,” began Rosadera, “this 3V2R is certainly one for the books. We witnessed a Convergence bring unlikely universes together, saw both allies and enemies come together, and got to see the final end of Lord Vortech. I must say, I will never forget this one. These three combatants,” she gestured towards Megumi, Arsha, and Optimus, “have proven to be the toughest of this tournament’s contenders. Now, they shall claim their rewards.” Azuliterii approached Optimus and handed him the book.

“Optimus Prime,” she announced, “Third Place prize is the Grand Tome, a spell book with all the spells known to magic users. I believe you and your friends will enjoy studying it.”

“We sure will!” gasped Optimus. “I never thought I’d see it in my life! It’s considered as mythical as Vorton was!” Rojenthi then approached Megumi and handed her the device.

“Megumi Hishikawa,” she proclaimed, “Second Place prize is the Keystone Forge. The Vortonians stole it from Vortech and gave it to us before their extinction. We believe you are most worthy to use it. There ARE three more Keystones to make. Bring them into existence and a new era will begin in the multiverse.”

“Is this new era’s beginning time sensitive?” asked Megumi.

“No, thankfully,” answered Rojenthi.

“Then I think I’ll wait until my kids are on their adventures before I use it,” declared Megumi. “Gives me enough time to look over the instruction manual.”

“Not a bad idea,” agreed Rojenthi. “The manual’s inside the handle.” Rosadera then approached Arsha.

“Arsha Royana,” she called, “as promised, you are the master of the Master Wand.” She opened the box to reveal a silver wand with tiny jewels set into it. “Use it however you see fit, but guard that thing jealously.”

“I have a place for it already,” replied Arsha as she accepted the wand. “Realmfleet’s been notified and they’re ready to put the Master Wand in the Vault.”

“Good to hear,” bid Rosadera. The winners then thrust their prizes into the air in a sign of victory. “With all that,” declared Rosadera, “it’s time for the Closing Parade! If the winners will follow us, we’ll all go to the Winner’s Float!”

The Chizaran Spectrum Marching Band began playing and led the way as the crowds cheered for a spectacular event. The float could hold Optimus in robot mode as well as Megumi, Arsha, and all of the Chizaran princesses. Their friends and families were on floats right behind them. Everyone waved and smiled at the crowd, all proud of the event they participated in. The parade lasted for a good solid two hours. While everyone was still smiling and waving, fatigue was about to set in until the floats pulled up to their designated areas. Arsha, Megumi, and Optimus followed the Chizaran princesses to the Closing Torch and accepted their own smaller ones. They raised the torches, then threw them into the Closing Torch, causing it to leap up and change colors repeatedly, all with the associated colors of the Chizaran princesses “Ladies and gentlemen from all realities,” began Rosadera, “we cannot thank you enough for supporting past, present, and future tournaments. This will always be considered as one of the famous ones. Arsha Royana, Megumi Hishikawa, Optimus Prime, thank you so much for giving a good show and making friends along the way! Your sportsmanship and aid deserves the highest reward!” She then pulled out three coins, each divided up into 17 segments, each segment with a single color from the Chizaran princesses. “Chizara and her people would be honored to welcome you as honorary Chizarans and pray that you and your friends and family will visit us whenever you wish!” explained Rosadera.

“My Lady Rosadera,” replied Arsha, “I speak for my friends and family when I say we would be honored!”

“I speak for my people as well,” supplied Optimus, “when I say we graciously accept.”

“And I know my friends and family,” finished Megumi, “are spoken for when I say we are honored.”

“Bring it in, then!” called Rosadera as she opened her arms for a hug. Optimus transformed and activated his holo-form before joining Megumi and Arsha in hugging Rosadera.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” called Blancalmarem to the cameras, “your means of viewing does NOT, repeat, NOT need adjustment! Arsha, Megumi, and Optimus and their friends and families are honorary Chizarans and may visit us whenever they wish!”

“This is a rare honor for anyone in the multiverse,” continued Nemengra. “Normally, only contestants may visit us and only if they are participating in the 3V2R. After aiding us against Vortech’s attempted takeover of our home, we all felt they would love to see a world they’ve saved whenever they wish.”

“We cannot thank you all enough for your support through these times,” Blancalmarem went on, “and hope to see you tune in to future tournaments! I am Blancalmarem, the white princess of Chizara and the life leader!”

“I am Nemengra, the black princess of Chizara and the death leader,” finished Nemengra.

“And we thank you for joining us for the 590,492nd Verse Vs. Verse Rumble Royale!” the two princesses finished together.

After the Ceremony, everyone gathered at Castle Nerd Skull for an outdoor feast. Even the Chizaran princesses joined the feast. Food for all diets, including Energon, was available. As everyone sat down, Megumi tapped her fork against her glass for quiet. “Friends and family, both new and old,” she began, “normally, we’d have to tread carefully around a Convergence. During this time, we’ve all had our…difficulties. However, I think I can safely say that, if our universes go through a Convergence again, I would be welcoming you all with open arms! Arsha Royana, you run one of, if not THE, best ships in Realmfleet. Without your imagination and guidance, we wouldn’t be talking as friends. Don’t hesitate to call us if you want help in bringing Dr. Borg down. Optimus Prime, you and your Autobots are some of the best warriors I have ever met. If you need aid in defeating the Decepticons, you know who to call.” Everyone clapped when Megumi finished. She held her hands up for quiet again. “Now, there IS one cloud on the horizon, and that is the departure of Batman, Wyldstyle, Gandalf, and Hongo. You four, there is still time to reconsider.”

“We’ve already made the decision,” replied Batman. He then did something not many would think he would do. He pulled his cowl back to reveal Bruce Wayne. “Besides, we haven’t really done much to protect our own homes. It’s time for us to go.” He then stood up and walked over to Richard who had already changed into his usual outfit. “Richard Saunders, Kamen Rider Guard, King of the Feudal Nerd Society, it would be my pleasure to give you the Shift Keystone.”

“Thank you,” accepted Richard as Bruce handed him his Keystone Gauntlet. Gandalf then approached Michael.

“Lord Michael Archer,” he announced, “I would like to bestow the Elemental Keystone to you.”

“I graciously accept this gift, Gandalf of the Istari,” thanked Michael as Gandalf bequeathed his Keystone Gauntlet. Wyldstyle then moved to Emily.

“Dame Emily Williams,” she began, “CMO of the F.N.S., you’re the one best suited to use the Chroma Keystone. You better put it to good use, you hear?”

“Loud and clear, Lucy,” replied Emily as she accepted Wyldstyle’s Keystone Gauntlet. Last, Hongo approached Hiroki.

“Prince Hiroki Hishikawa,” he chuckled, “I can’t think of anyone more suited to use the Scale Keystone. Stay up to date on the Kamen Riders, understand?”

“I do, Hongo-san,” assured Hiroki as he was given Hongo’s Keystone Gauntlet.

“Minna,” called Megumi as Batman, Hongo, Wyldstyle, and Gandalf sat back down, “we’re all going to miss them, but we won’t forget them, will we?”

“Not a chance,” agreed Richard. Just then, there was fanfare played with imaginary trumpets! Everyone turned to see Lisa and the Stooges coming out with a covered serving tray.

“Er, should we be concerned?” Nazay asked Richard.

“Let’s just say,” replied Richard, “they might foul up whatever fowl was cooked.”

“Ladies and gentlemen,” called Moe, “presenting the multiverse’s best goose!” They uncovered the tray to reveal a well-cooked goose.

“Now, with your permission,” announced Curly, “I shall carve!” He sharpened the knife, took up the fork, then stabbed the goose with it.

“AWK!” cried the goose. Curly yelped in surprise. Some of the feasters goggled in horror.

“What are you screaming about?” asked Moe. “Go on! Carve the goose!”

“I can’t!” replied Curly. “Our goose ain’t cooked!”

“How do you figure?” demanded Moe.

“It called for help when I jabbed it with the fork!” explained Curly.

“Go on, lame-brain!” snarled Moe. “Give me a gander at that goose!” He took the fork and knife from Curly and stabbed the goose with the fork.

“AWK!” the goose shouted again. This time, Moe yelped and more of the feasters looked on.

“Hey!” called Larry. “Come on, guys! We’re all hungry! Stop stalling and carve that goose!”

“I’m afraid to touch it!” stammered Moe.

“Afraid?” laughed Larry. “Now, that’s silly!” He then stroked the goose. “Look at that nice, beautiful…” he was interrupted by the goose laughing. He yelped and grabbed Moe in fear!

“Turn me loose!” snapped Moe as he shoved Larry aside. By now, everyone was scared of eating the goose.

“No wonder you can’t carve it!” gulped Larry. “That thing’s ticklish!”

“You mean it’s haunted!” yelped Richard.

“Why didn’t you kill that one?!” Nemengra called to Death.

“That thing IS dead!” protested Death.

“How do you know?” asked Nemengra.

“‘How’!” grunted Death. “She asks the Grim Reaper ‘how’!”

“Maybe some seasoning will tenderize it,” Larry suggested to Moe.

“Good thinking,” praised Moe. He turned to Nazay. “Could I have the pepper, please?” Nazay handed him the pepper shaker. Moe shook the contents onto the goose. The pepper elicited a sneeze as the goose jumped.

“Gesundheit,” bid the Stooges before yelping in fear. Curly then noticed some crackers, then got an idea.

“Hey, fellas,” he called, “I got a brainstorm!”

“Anything in your head’s a storm,” snarked Moe.

“Well, this is a good one!” assured Curly. “We just need to stuff it!” He took a cracker from the dish. “I’ll stuff this thing with crackers, we let it soak up the gravy, then we all eat the crackers.”

“Boy, am I dumb for not stuffing that thing,” Moe chided himself. “Well, we know how to fix it. Get busy.”

“Right!” confirmed Curly as he took the cracker dish. He then held a cracker near the opening, then he felt the cracker get taken from him. He noticed his hand was empty, then picked up another cracker. “You know, a funny thing just happened,” he remarked. “I had a cracker in my hand…” the new cracker was taken from him! He yelped in surprise and ran his hand down his face.

“Quit stalling and stuff that bird!” snapped Moe.

“It’s haunted!” wailed Curly. “Every time I put a cracker there, it snatches it right out of my hand!”

“Step aside!” snapped Larry. “How could a cooked bird be haunted?” He took a bit of the outer skin off and ate it. “Tastes good,” he reported. He then sniffed it. “Smells good!” The goose then burst into flames! The feasters yelped and the goose quickly turned to ash. Richard and Nazay edged their heads towards the ashes and noticed a molted bird head slowly rise from the ashes.

“Hey, that’s Alfonso, my phoenix!” called Death. She then turned to the Stooges. “I told you idiots not to bring him!”

“You imbeciles!” shouted Richard. “You ruined our dinner!” He then grabbed his knife. The Stooges screamed in fear and ran away from the feast.

“…Well, it looks like we’re getting pizza,” sighed Megumi.

“No, we’re not,” called Lisa as she brought another covered tray out. “I anticipated they would do something like this, so I prepared more geese on the sly.”

“Life-saving Lisa saves us all!” called Richard as everyone applauded. Death scooped up the ashes and her recently returned-to-life phoenix and set them somewhere out of the way so Lisa could set the goose down.

“And now, with no further interruptions,” declared Lisa as she took up the knife and fork. While she DID hesitate in stabbing the goose with the fork, no sound escaped it when she did. She then carved the goose and continued carving the other geese so everyone had a share.

After the feast, Megumi sat on a hill and looked at the starry sky. She sighed, both happy that she made new friends, yet sad that she had to say goodbye to them as well as Hongo, Gandalf, Wyldstyle, and Batman. “I’m gonna miss you,” she sighed to herself.

“Miss who?” asked Optimus’ voice. Megumi turned to see Optimus in robot mode and Arsha climb up the hill.

“Well, you two, for starters,” replied Megumi. “As well as the four former Keystone Bearers.”

“It was kind of fun travelling the multiverse with them,” sighed Arsha as she and Optimus sat down. “Depths, it was fun meeting you.”

“I enjoyed our time together,” agreed Optimus. “I’m glad I got to see your abilities and cunning. I’m just sorry we need to part company.”

“If you ever want to visit us,” offered Megumi, “just give us a call. We’ll welcome you with open arms.”

“Thank you,” bid Arsha. The three then turned their eyes to the stars, just sitting and enjoying the company.

Trinity Soul Trinity Soul Chapters

Trinity Soul: Ch 73

Megumi wiped her bike down a dozen times over before her round began. “Nice and clean, ready to race!” she cheered to herself. A flash of pink light appeared and formed into Rosadera.

“You seem ready for this bout,” chuckled Rosadera.

“I AM ready!” assured Megumi.

“Moradelia’s already taken Arsha to the starting line,” reported Rosadera. “We’re all waiting for you.”

“Then let’s go!” declared Megumi. Pink light enveloped the ladies and the bike and the scene faded to become the first area of Green Hill Zone. Arsha was waiting next to her broom. It was covered by metal armor and had wheels to keep it near and level to the ground. Megumi whistled. “That’s really fancy looking!” she praised.

“Your bike’s not too shabby itself,” replied Arsha. The Chizaran Princesses then gathered and faced the camera, beginning their broadcast.

“I am Rojenthi, the Red Princess of Chizara, and the war-time leader.”

“I am Azuliterii, the Blue Princess of Chizara, and the technological leader.”

“I am Rosadera, the Pink Princess of Chizara, and the peace-time leader.”

“I am Verdutha, the Green Princess of Chizara, and the environmental leader.”

“And I am Moradelia, the Purple Princess of Chizara, and the history leader.”

“This is it, ladies and gentlemen!” cheered Rojenthi. “The final round of the 590,492nd Verse Vs. Verse Rumble Royale! With this round, we’ll determine who controls First Place prize, the Master Wand!”

“Representing her new home of 8-3-Y-0-N-D-C-1-T-Y,” Azuliterii introduced, “we have Megumi Hishikawa! Representing T-H-3-T-H-R-3-3-R-3-4-L-M-5, we have Arsha Royana!”

“The final outcome shall be determined,” continued Rosadera, “by a race! The course was graciously offered by Sonic the Hedgehog of T-R-4-N-5-F-0-R-M-3-R-5-M-0-8-1-4-N-C-H-R-0-N-1-C-L-3-5!”

“Megumi and Arsha,” explained Verdutha, “must race to the end on their respective vehicles. Whoever crosses the finish line first will take home the Master Wand.”

“Arsha’s broom,” Moradelia went on, “has been modified so both racers will have an equal chance of winning and both racers may NOT interfere in one another’s progress.”

“Arsha Royana, are you ready?” called Rosadera. Arsha snapped her fingers, formed her armor, and got on her broom.

“Ready to win!” cheered Arsha.

“Megumi Hishikawa, are you ready?” asked Rosadera. Megumi fastened her Vortex Driver to her waist and inserted her i.d. tag.

“Henshin!” she announced. She spun the wheel and became Kamen Rider Royal before she hopped onto her bike and gunned her engine. “Let’s get going!”

“Moradelia, Verdutha,” called Rosadera, “if you could take your places at the finish line, we’ll get underway!” Moradelia and Verdutha vanished in green and purple light. Azuliterii, Rosadera, and Rojenthi then lined up along the starting line leaving plenty of space for Royal and Arsha to go between them. “With this round,” announced Rosadera, “we shall determine who will take home the Master Wand! Race with honor, race with pride, and, most importantly, race well!”

“On your marks!” cheered Azuliterii. Royal gunned her engine while magic sparks flew from the end of Arsha’s broom.

“Get set!” announced Rojenthi. The two ladies revved their vehicles in an attempt to psych one another out.

“GO!” called Rosadera. The two ladies then took off, the gust of wind from the sudden acceleration blowing everywhere and tossing the Chizaran Princesses’ hair out of their well-kept states. They blinked in shock once the wind died.

“…Dang, they really WERE ready!” chuckled Rojenthi as the Princesses redid their hair.

The racers had just crossed the first bridge when they started taunting each other. “There’s no shame in pulling out!” laughed Arsha.

“I’ve played this level a few times,” replied Royal. “I know the ins and outs of Green Hill Zone! I’m not giving up now!” As they crossed the second bridge, Royal weaved around the fish robots, Eggman’s Choppers, while Arsha simply barreled on through. “Okay, where did THOSE come from?!” protested Royal.

“I thought you cleared Green Hill!” Optimus snapped at Sonic.

“I did!” insisted Sonic. “I cleared it last night! There’s no way Eggman put more of them there!”

“Then you obviously missed some of them!” growled Shadow.

“Oh, bite me, Faker!” snapped Sonic.

While the two Hedgehogs bickered, the racers took different paths. Arsha took the middle path while Royal sped along the bottom path. After Royal had jumped her bike onto a ladybug robot, a Moto-bug, she rejoined Arsha on the middle path and they both approached the giant stone loop. They accelerated and went around the loop safely. They then left the loop and entered a tunnel that snaked downwards. The tunnel ended at a level path and both racers continued along it, forcing their vehicles to jump at certain areas. Soon the path was totally level and they were approaching the sign at the end of the level! They accelerated as Moradelia and Verdutha went to opposite sides and raised their hands. “Here they come, folks!” called Verdutha. The racers were neck and neck! Five…four…three…two…one…they crossed the finish line and spun the sign!

“She won!” cheered Richard.

“Told you she could win!” called Malnar.

“…Who are you talking about?” asked Richard.

“Arsha, like you,” replied Malnar.

“No, I was talking about Megumi,” corrected Richard. “Megumi won.”

“No, ARSHA did!” hissed Malnar.

“I think I know who won!” snarled Richard.

“Obviously not!” argued Malnar.

“Well, the Princesses can tell!” declared Richard. They turned to Verdutha. “Who won?” Verdutha and Moradelia were busy looking over the footage over and over again. “…You DO know, right?” asked Richard. The two Princesses didn’t say a word.

“Come on!” urged Malnar. “Don’t leave us in the dark!” Still nothing. Malnar and Richard rolled their eyes.

“WHO WON?!” they both shouted.

“We don’t know,” gulped Verdutha.

“The race was so close that we can’t tell,” supplied Moradelia.

“ARE YOU KIDDING?!” wailed Richard.

“Don’t worry, we have someone who can help!” assured Verdutha. She pointed up to the sky to reveal a Sky Spy that monitored the whole thing from above.

“Teletraan 1!” realized Richard. “Megumi told me he does photography in his spare time!”

“We’ll get his help and announce the winner very soon,” promised Moradelia.

The picture analysis took about half an hour as Teletraan took multiple pictures. He had magnified the fronts of the vehicles as they crossed the finish line. Soon, all of the Princesses came to the same conclusion. “I think we can announce the winner now,” declared Rosadera.

“She won by just a centimeter!” chuckled Rojenthi.

“Thank you, Teletraan!” bid Moradelia.

“You’re welcome, ladies!” returned Teletraan.

Everyone had gathered at the finish line once again. Megumi and Arsha stood by their vehicles and awaited the results. “Ladies and gentlemen,” called Rosadera. “We have our winner! The one that crossed the line first by just a centimeter, the new owner of the Master Wand, the winner of this round, the champion of the 590,492nd Verse Vs. Verse Rumble Royale…” the pause was a good 30 seconds, “…is Arsha Royana, Crown Princess of the entire Mid-realm, Captain of the CRS-2784 Endeavor, and the champion of universe T-H-3-T-H-R-3-3-R-3-4-L-M-5!” Arsha was cheered to the echo at that announcement! “Congratulations, Arsha Royana! You have earned the Master Wand! Tell me, do you intend to use it or is it too powerful for anyone to use?”

“Definitely the latter,” replied Arsha as her spouses hugged her and sang her praises. “That thing’s going into the Realmfleet Deep Vaults. No one must use it. That was the plan I had with Megumi and Optimus.”

“I recall your little disagreement with them before you all accepted our invitation,” chuckled Rosadera.

“Hey, Arsha,” called Megumi. She shook Arsha’s hand, then hugged her. “Congratulations!” bid Megumi.

“You’ve earned that thing,” agreed Optimus. “Maybe it’s better for someone who’s used magic all their life to look after it.”

“Thank you, both of you!” replied Arsha.

“The Closing Ceremony for this tournament is tomorrow morning, relative to your universe’s time-scale,” Rosadera announced to the camera. “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for tuning in to the 590,492nd Verse Vs. Verse Rumble Royale! We’ll see you all in the next one!”

Everyone returned to Vorton, carrying Arsha on their shoulders like the champion she was. She was set down and showered with praise for a good minute. “Okay, okay, thank you all!” called Arsha, holding her hands up and signaling for them to stop. “That was an intense race!” sighed Arsha happily. “Megumi, I was so sure YOU were going to win.”

“I guess just playing the level didn’t help me win that much,” mused Megumi.

“I’m surprised Eggman still had some robots there,” muttered Optimus.

“Well, they weren’t all that strong,” replied Arsha. “Must be prototypes.”

“I know you’ve been inundated with the praise,” interjected Megumi, “but I can’t congratulate you enough. You are an excellent fighter and a wonderful friend.”

“A pity I can’t compete again,” sighed Arsha.

“We’ll still visit,” assured Megumi. “Besides, if we’re both invited again, Optimus and I will need to settle who’s the better out of the two of us.”

“Tell me if you do so I can tune in to your bouts,” answered Arsha.

“And we’ll make sure we keep all of our universes safe,” supplied Optimus. “Besides, we can’t exactly do much without our Keystone Bearers, can we?”

“Not without your NEW Keystone Bearers, no,” replied Batman in his usual raspy voice.

“…New?” repeated Megumi.

“We’ve all decided,” explained Hongo. “We’re passing our Keystones on to four Vortex Riders. We were going to tell you when the time was right.”

“The massively awkward silence tells us that now wasn’t it,” mumbled Wyldstyle.

“What?! NO!” protested Megumi. “You can’t leave us like this!”

“Our stories have already been completed,” replied Gandalf. “We’ve already discussed this with Death. If certain events do not complete themselves, our universes will collapse, even if they’re already branches of the main one.”

“So…you’re leaving us?” asked Richard. “You’re not gonna see Vorton again?”

“Probably not, not until Death takes us,” answered Batman. The Vortex Riders became misty eyed.

“I will not say ‘Do not weep,’” assured Gandalf, “for not all tears are an evil. My time is done. Sauron is defeated and I must return to the Undying Lands in the West.”

“There’s still evil in Gotham,” continued Batman. “While I have others to help me, they still need my guidance.”

“I’ve got nothing but a life full of change ahead of me,” supplied Wyldstyle. “Besides, Emmet still needs me.”

“And Kamen Rider Zero-One, while his jokes are subpar,” finished Hongo, “still fights to protect the two worlds that influenced him. I am no longer needed. My distaste for the generations of Kamen Riders after my time is gone. It’s time to settle down now that Shocker is so fractured that it can only focus on itself.”

“…Will we ever meet again?” sniffed Megumi.

“I think we will,” replied Batman. “If not soon, then whenever Death takes us to After Academy.”

“You’ve been accepted?!” yelped Richard.

“All four of us,” confirmed Gandalf.

“We’ll be going once we’ve ALL said our goodbyes,” explained Batman.

“Then we should make our last moments memorable,” declared Megumi.

Trinity Soul Trinity Soul Chapters

Trinity Soul: Ch 72

The break was over and the 3V2R was back on. Optimus was waiting for his ride to Phury’s home by the Vorton Gateway. His holo-form twirled the pair of sai he was going to use. He had a mode-lock attached so he would remain in his alt-mode. “Careful, Prime,” warned Jazz. “She’s crafty.”

“Crafty or not,” growled Optimus as he put his sai away and changed his outfit to a ninja suit, “I’m not going to let her cheating go unpunished! I’ll show her! I won’t become a cheater like her!” Black mist appeared and formed Nemengra.

“Phury is waiting within her forest,” she reported.

“Then bring me to her!” declared Optimus. His holo-form and alt-mode were surrounded by black mist and they all appeared at the edge of a dense forest. A camera appeared as Nemengra checked her hair and hair ornament. She then adjusted her skirts and began her broadcast.

“I am Nemengra,” she greeted, “the black princess of Chizara and the death leader! Representing G-W-3-N-1-0, we have Phury of Appoplexia with home turf advantage! Representing T-R-4-N-5-F-0-R-M-3-R-5-M-0-8-1-4-N-C-H-R-0-N-1-C-L-3-5, we have Optimus Prime! The competitors’ shadowy skills shall determine the victor of this bout! Both combatants are using the weapon they are weakest with. Whoever lands three hits on their opponent it victorious! No other weapons may be used, no force-fields and no outside interference! Phury, are you ready?”

“Let’s get this over with,” growled an image of Phury dressed in a ninja’s outfit.

“Optimus Prime, are you ready?” asked Nemengra.

“Let’s do it!” declared Optimus.

“This round is for Third Place prize!” reminded Nemengra. “While it’s not as powerful as the Master Wand, it WILL be as magnificent! As such, fight with honor, fight with pride, and, most importantly, fight well! Begin!” The image of Phury disappeared and Optimus pulled his mask over his face as he dashed into the forest. As he jumped through the trees, he looked around for any telltale movements that would give Phury’s position away. Something then hit him on the back of the head during his jump! He landed hard on the ground and looked up to see Phury twirl a pair of tonfa!

“One for me, whelp!” she taunted.

“Gonna have to come down from there sometime, kitty!” taunted Optimus.

“You have a point!” laughed Phury as she jumped down. Optimus performed a slash, but Phury blocked it.

“Ah, poopy!” swore Optimus. Phury then went of the offensive with a series of strikes that Optimus blocked. Soon, their weapons locked with each other.

“There’s no shame in surrendering to your better!” chuckled Phury.

“There is if they’re not my better!” shouted Optimus. Phury then shoved Optimus away and untangled the weapons in the process. Her tonfa then smacked Optimus in the face!

“Two for me, none for you!” taunted Phury. “Wish to reevaluate that opinion, child?”

“I didn’t say you weren’t a better fighter,” corrected Optimus as he bent down, “I just said you weren’t my better!” He then scooped up a pile of leaves from the forest floor with his sai and flung them at Phury. She swatted at them like mosquitoes targeting a sweaty human. When everything had settled, Phury no longer saw Optimus!

“…Where?!” she demanded. “Where?!”

“It must really gall you,” chuckled Optimus’ voice from above her. The sound came from all around her, so she couldn’t determine where he was.

“…What does?” asked Phury.

“How you lost your empire,” replied Optimus.

“Well, being betrayed by your white-furred sister…!” growled Phury.

“No, no, no, that’s not what I meant,” laughed Optimus. “I mean, yeah, having a sibling betray you, that stings. I completely understand, I’ve been there. However, that’s not the galling part. All of those people underfoot, suddenly rising up against you? That’s what I’m talking about. I’m willing to bet my Spark that you always ask yourself how it could have happened. After all, you’re their ‘better’.”

“I AM their better!” snarled Phury. “Superior strength! Superior soldiers! Superior intelligence! Superior in EVERY aspect!”

“Yet, here you are,” answered Optimus, “fighting someone beneath you in a tournament, CHEATING in said tournament, and making a sad bid for power just to reclaim your throne.” Phury then felt a strike to her knees and grunted in pain. “What do you know? One for me, now!”

“I’M the cheater?!” roared Phury. “You must have switched your holo-form off as I swatted the leaves aside!”

“He didn’t,” replied Nemengra’s voice. “His holo-form is still online; you just need to find him. He DID strike you with one of his sai. He’s correct, it IS one for him.”

“He distracted me!” countered Phury as she tore her mask off. “Optimus, come out and face me with honor!”

“Oh, yes, I know all about your ‘honor’, Ms. Tony the Tiger,” taunted Optimus.

“What’s THAT supposed to mean?!” snarled Phury as she struggled to hold it together.

“See, unlike you, I did my homework and read your dossier,” explained Optimus as his tone became one of disgust. “You personally butchered all of Anur Transyl and its moon, Luna Lobo! All of those men, women, and children of both the Loboans and Transylians you killed before the Ectonurites took command of the Anur System, CHILDREN, Phury! The blood of innocents and innocence saturates your hands, you demon!”


“Yet, your sister, the current Queen of Appoplexia, Rayj, didn’t agree with you, did she?” growled Optimus. “She got Verdona and her granddaughter, this universe’s Omnitrix bearer, Gwen Tennyson, to liberate Appoplexia from your rule and join the Plumber Alliance.”


“So, what in the Pit makes YOU any better than her?!” demanded Optimus.


“Yeah, how sad,” scoffed Optimus in an unsympathetic tone. He appeared suddenly in front of Phury, slammed the end of his sai’s handle into her chin, and sent her cartwheeling out of the forest near Nemengra’s position. As Phury readjusted her jaw, Nemengra made her announcement.

“This contest is over!” she cheered. “Third Place prize goes to Optimus Prime!”

“NO!” roared Phury.

“Optimus, I shall return you home,” declared Nemengra. “Phury, though you have suffered a…” she didn’t get far as Phury wrapped her fingers around Nemengra’s neck and started squeezing.


“The victor…was chosen…by YOUR fight terms!” choked Nemengra.


“Not…not much of…a threat…for an immortal!” gasped Nemengra. “The…the victor has…already been…been decided! Get your…fat fingers…off my neck!”

“I AM QUEEN PHURY OF APPOPLEXIA!” shouted Phury. “NONE DESERVE THE PRIZE MORE THAN…!” Nemengra touched her hair flower and it turned into black armor for her. As Optimus’ holo-form escaped the forest, Nemengra clasped her hands under Phury’s elbow and drove them upwards, bending Phury’s elbow in an unnatural way and breaking it. Phury roared in pain before she was punched square in the face, making her fly backwards into the forest and knocking the trees over with the impact. Nemengra then leapt upwards and landed on Phury, feet first. She got off and looked over Phury before snapping her fingers and restoring Phury’s bones to their unbroken state, but still leaving the pain. For once, an enraged Appoplexian was stopped by a few punches. Nemengra dismissed the armor, then glared at Phury.

“I’ll let you in on a little secret,” she said softly, “Because we can’t die, I’m the weakest Chizaran. Not the weakest of all the princesses, not the weakest of the minor princesses, the weakest of every single Chizaran. Even so, I still have more power in the loosest thread of my dress than you’ve ever commanded in your entire life! Article 1, section 1, subsection 1, paragraph 1 of the General Rules of Combat: violent actions towards the judges or competitors outside of a bout will NOT be accepted! The prescribed penalty is immediate banning from the tournament at a judge’s discretion! As of now, I intend to follow through on that! Let me tell you something, Phury, disgraced Queen of Appoplexia! You will no longer be welcomed to the Verse Vs. Verse Rumble Royale!” She snapped her fingers and Optimus and Nemengra returned to Vorton. “Congratulations, Optimus Prime, on your victory,” she bid before the mode-lock vanished in black mist and she left in the usual Chizaran manner. Megumi and Arsha had seen the whole thing.

“She’s the weakest Chizaran?!” gulped Megumi.

“Remind me not to make her mad!” muttered Arsha.

“I’m glad she’s on our side,” mumbled Optimus.

Blancalmarem and Nemengra began their post-round broadcast. “I am Blancalmarem, the white princess of Chizara and the life leader,” began Blancalmarem.

“I am Nemengra, the black princess of Chizara and the death leader,” finished Nemengra.

“We’d like to offer a small warning to those who wish to participate in other 3V2R’s,” continued Blancalmarem.

“We Chizarans like to consider ourselves gracious hosts,” supplied Nemengra.

“However, unlike our lives and power,” warned Blancalmarem, “our hospitality is NOT without limits.”

“So, please,” advised Nemengra, “be gracious in defeat and magnanimous in victory.”

“If not,” continued Blancalmarem, “as Nemengra and Phury can attest, the results WON’T be pleasant.”

“You’ll find out what it means to get on a Chizaran’s bad side,” finished Nemengra. “Please do everything legal in your power to stay in the tournament and we’ll all get along just fine.”

Phury was still lying in the crater that was created from the beatdown she had received. She was practically numb to everything. All she could do was think about how her last bid for power had slipped from her hands. She had nothing, no troops, no loyal subjects, no home, no title, nothing. She then started crying. She was nothing now. She sat up and looked at her claws, a thought crossing her mind. Desperation took hold as she wanted it all to end. She extended a claw, brought it to her neck, hesitated only for 10 seconds, then her arm was grabbed by a metal hand. “I see no logic in suicide right now,” remarked the hand’s owner.

“LET GO!” shrieked Phury as she got out of the stranger’s grasp. The stranger was the former Cyber-Leader, Gi. “There’s no logic in living now!” sobbed Phury. “I just had my power stripped of me and all of my future chances of regaining it are gone! Only death remains! I don’t care if it’s dishonorable! My life needs to end on MY terms!”

“What would you say if your chances of getting power AREN’T gone just yet?” asked Gi.

“What would YOU know of that?” dismissed Phury as she turned away.

“My organization has quietly conquered three universes,” explained Gi. “You’ve led an empire longer than I did, so there IS a place in my organization’s ruling council for you.” Phury stayed still for a while, then turned as her tears stopped flowing.

“…Go on,” she invited.

“I represent a new iteration of Shocker,” continued Gi. “Shocker Umbra. I’m sure you’ve heard of Shocker Rift?”

“You mean Vortech’s version of Shocker?” asked Phury as she wiped her eyes. “What about it?”

“My friend and I,” Gi went on, “are making a better, more stable version of that organization. We’ve got some rather tough universes, so we need someone who knows how to put down the most difficult of resistance groups. Your name was high on the list.”

“…How many is your ruling council at the moment?” purred Phury.

“Right now, it’s just me and my partner,” explained Gi.

“That’s no council,” scoffed Phury.

“No, it isn’t,” agreed Gi. “We need seven to make up our council. Your advice would be invaluable. Think about it, we have troops to do as you say with just enough initiative to make sure your goals are accomplished in an effective manner.”

“…What’s your name?” asked Phury.

“I am Cyber-Priestess Gi,” introduced Gi.

“Let me tell you something, Cyber-Priestess Gi,” declared Phury, “we need to discuss my place in this ‘Shocker Umbra’ you and your partner are making. I accept!”

“Splendid!” cheered Gi. She then took out a communicator. “Metaltron, we have our third! Requesting a rift home!”

“Coming up!” replied Metaltron on the other end. A rift opened and Phury and Gi entered it. It shut behind them, leaving that universe barren of any version of Phury of Appoplexia.

Trinity Soul Trinity Soul Chapters

Trinity Soul: Ch 71

With the Chizarans helping out, the cleanup of the hangar went smoothly and swiftly. Megumi and Richard retired to their house and bed, exhausted from the food fight, and went soundly to sleep. Lisa also took a bed in a spare room and fell to sleep, dead to the world until morning. When Megumi and Richard woke up, they smelled food cooking. “Sausages?” muttered Richard. Then, they remembered. “Oh yeah, maid,” recalled Richard.

“I wonder if Kaede and Kaitlyn grew up…will grow up with her in their lives?” mused Megumi. “Man, time travel really alters the tenses, doesn’t it?”

“I’m sure Michael or the Doctor could give a lecture or two on the subject,” chuckled Richard. They got dressed and made their way to the dining room as Lisa was placing their meals at their places.

“Good morning, Sir, Madam!” she greeted. When they sat down, she sat at her own place and they ate their meals.

“Lisa, this is delicious!” praised Megumi. “Where’d you acquire the skills?”

“Before I was kidnapped,” explained Lisa, “I was serving as a maid in an old Morphus family’s house. I didn’t enjoy it. I learned the skills, but never got ANY praise whatsoever. Mr. Boomer then lured me into his work with the promises of a better life. As you know, he tricked me and locked me in my spider form.”

“That reminds me,” remarked Megumi. “Lisa, with your paycheck, I’m going to add what I paid for you when I thought you were a normal tarantula.”

“On top of the standard paycheck?” asked Lisa. “You don’t need to do that!”

“Yes, I do,” replied Megumi. “You’ve suffered enough and need the money more than I do.”

“Thank you, Ma’am,” bid Lisa. Just then, there was a knock on the door.

“Now, who could that be?” asked Richard.

“I’ll go check,” declared Lisa as she pushed back her chair. She went to the front door and opened it to reveal Octorpindar. “May I help you?” asked Lisa.

“Are Megumi and Richard home?” inquired Octorpindar, slightly hurriedly.

“They’re in the middle of breakfast,” explained Lisa.

“Who’s at the door?” called Richard.

“It’s Octorpindar,” replied Lisa.

“Let him in,” directed Megumi. Lisa turned back to Octorpindar.

“May I take your coat?” she asked.

“I’d prefer to leave it on,” replied Octorpindar as he entered the house and took off his shoes. He bounded up the steps and met with Richard and Megumi. “I have a message for you from Queen Empress Scorpainia herself!” he panted. “At your earliest convenience, you MUST come to Tarlax 14 and meet her and Dr. Emily Williams at the Royal Eye Hospital!”

“What’s Emily doing there?” asked Richard.

“Assisting in the birth,” replied Octorpindar.

“Scorpainia’s having her baby?!” yelped Megumi.

“We gotta finish up quick!” declared Richard.

“I’ll stay behind and clean up!” called Lisa.

“Thank you!” bid Megumi as they quickly finished breakfast.

Richard and Megumi arrived at the hospital and were directed to the waiting area outside the delivery room. Emmanuel and Lukas arrived as well as Lacey. They waited as they heard Scorpainia screaming as she was getting her baby out of the womb. In the delivery room, Scorpainia was holding Eelinape’s hand, or rather, CRUSHING it! Her tail was threaded through the bed and restrained so she wouldn’t accidentally sting the baby. “Come on!” urged Emily. “You’re doing great! One more push!”

“YOU SAID THAT FIVE PUSHES AGO!!!” roared Scorpainia.

“And look how well you’re doing!” replied Emily. “Wait, I see the head! Come on! Push!” Scorpainia was practically roaring at a frequency only dogs could hear. She then started panting from the last push.

“My…” she gasped weakly. “My…” Then, a sound that she was waiting for reached her ears. “My child!” she panted happily as the baby cried at being pushed into a brighter, colder world.

“Congratulations!” cheered Emily as she checked over the baby. “A cute baby girl!”

“A girl?!” called Eelinape.

“Wait, no, wrong equipment,” Emily corrected herself as she recorded the baby’s weight. “It’s a bouncing baby boy.”

“In your face!” chuckled Scorpainia.

“Height: 59 cm,” reported Emily. “Weight: 5.5 kg. Time of birth: 08:42 am. Temperature: 36.4 C. He’s big, but healthy.”

“You did good,” Eelinape praised Scorpainia. “I suppose it wasn’t so bad.” Emily drew in a breath at that statement.

“…Wasn’t so bad?” repeated Scorpainia in a low whisper. Eelinape started sweating. “Wasn’t so bad?! WASN’T SO BAD?!”

Megumi, Richard, Lacey, Lukas, and Emmanuel and the nurse recoiled in terror outside the delivery room. “A…Are you sure it’s safe to go in?!” squeaked Lukas.

“I may be wrong,” gulped the nurse as he hid behind his arms. Emily then opened the door.

“Come on in and meet the new Prince of Tarlax!” she invited. Megumi, Richard, Lacey, Lukas, and Emmanuel followed her in and found Scorpainia holding her son with Eelinape making cutesy noises. They got a good look at the baby and saw that he had two humanoid arms and a set of lobster claws as well. He had a lobster tail and long antennae under his nose. Still, the baby looked cute.

“Did you name him yet?” asked Richard as the new baby was passed to Eelinape.

“I think we’ll call him Lobstornias,” declared Scorpainia.

“Eelinape, here,” called Emmanuel as he opened a box of cigars.

“Er, I don’t smoke,” replied Eelinape as he handed his son back to Scorpainia.

“Neither do I,” assured Emmanuel. “These are chocolate cigars.”

“Now that’s different,” answered Eelinape as he accepted one and put it in his mouth.

“I’m so glad all of his Godparents could come,” sighed Scorpainia as Lacey took a turn holding Lobstornias.

“All of them?” she quizzed. “I know Lukas, Emmanuel, and I are three out of the four. Who’s the other Godmother?”

“Who else but Megumi?” asked Scorpainia.

“ME?!” yelped Megumi.

“You’ve saved Tarlax as much as Lacey did,” explained Scorpainia. “The honor of being his Godmother is yours if you’ll have it.”

“…Scorpainia, I’d be honored to be his Godmother!” cheered Megumi as she got misty eyes.

Once everyone was tactfully shooed out of the hospital, Richard and Megumi returned home. Lisa greeted them and showed off how clean the house was. “Okay, that’s impressive!” praised Megumi. “Having six arms must be…er…useful.”

“You were about to say ‘handy’, weren’t you?” guessed Lisa.

“Yeah, I was,” sighed Megumi.

“Glad you stopped yourself,” remarked Lisa. Just then, there was a knock on the door.

“Now who?” muttered Richard. Megumi opened the door to reveal Arsha.

“Arsha, come in!” invited Megumi. Arsha entered the house and whistled in an impressed manner.

“You’ve set yourself up real good!” she praised as she removed her shoes.

“We’ve made it so we’re comfortable,” replied Megumi.

“You look like you just came back from something,” observed Arsha.

“Scorpainia was giving birth on Tarlax,” explained Richard, “and Megumi was named a Godmother.”

“No kidding?!” cheered Arsha. “Congratulations!”

“Thank you,” replied Megumi as she, Richard, and Lisa led her to the living room. “Tell me, what brings you here?” asked Megumi.

“Just some scouting,” replied Arsha.

“I thought we were using Optimus’ universe for our bout?” quizzed Megumi.

“We are,” answered Arsha. “I just wanted to see what your universe looks like. Oh, that reminds me, Sonic’s found a good course for us. Some place called Green Hill Zone.”

“The place where it all started for Sonic fans,” chuckled Megumi. They waited for a bit for one of the Chizaran Princesses to make their announcement. “…Er, hello?” called Megumi.

“Anyone?” asked Richard. “My wife and her opponent just got the fight terms hammered out!”

“…Is someone asleep?” quizzed Arsha. Snoring answered her question.

“Oh, for the love of…!” griped Amartonadii’s voice. “Sorry! Rosadera’s asleep at the announcement console!”

“Asleep?!” yelped Lisa. “What happened?!”

“Partying, that’s what,” replied Amartonadii. “Let me just see if…all right, a race through Green Hill Zone. First one to cross the finish line is the winner. Arsha’s broom against Megumi’s motorcycle. No interference, no power-ups, all specs on both vehicles are good, okay then, it all checks out. Looks like I’m making the announcement.” She cleared her throat before giving the usual spiel. “The challenge has been set, the terms have been agreed upon, and the chance of victory is agreeable for both sides. All five of the Founding Chizaran Princesses will be judging. When this break is over, your fight begins! Prepare and make ready! Good luck!”

“Thank you!” bid Arsha and Megumi together.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me,” grumbled Amartonadii, “I’m going to put Rosadera to bed!” The call ended and Arsha and Megumi smiled at each other.

“I look forward to facing you once this break is over,” proclaimed Arsha.

“Just know this,” replied Megumi, “whatever the outcome, you are an excellent friend and I will miss you when this is all over.”

“Then we need to make sure we have one final bash before we say goodbye,” declared Arsha.

“We better talk to Optimus about it,” mused Megumi.

“Then let’s visit him,” offered Richard.

Optimus and Blackarachnia were playing a game in their base’s holo-suite. They had just defeated the boss and opened a chest to get their contents. “Aw, sweet!” cheered Optimus. “Blade of Infinite Possibility!”

“But no updog,” muttered Blackarachnia.

“You’ve been mentioning updog ever since we started this game!” laughed Optimus. “What are you even talking about?!”

“I’m talking about updog!” replied Blackarachnia.

“Wh…what’s that supposed to mean?” chuckled Optimus.

“It means updog,” answered Blackarachnia.

“…What’s updog?” quizzed Optimus. Blackarachnia then erupted into hysterical laughter. “Oh, Primus Slaggit!” groaned Optimus as he realized the joke. “Well, aren’t you proud of yourself!” Blackarachnia was rolling on the floor as she laughed.

“I have NEVER,” she wheezed, “in my life, got that joke to work!” The game was then paused as Teletraan’s avatar appeared.

“Sorry to interrupt,” he bid, “but Phury just broke the door down and is currently engaged in a fight with Jazz and Bumblebee.”

“Not in my house, she ain’t!” snarled Optimus.

“Computer, save, bookmark, and end game!” called Blackarachnia as she and Optimus dashed to the Command Center, finding Bumblebee and Jazz dodging the objects Phury was throwing. Optimus caught one and sent it flying back to her. As she leapt, Blackarachnia flung a web at her and pinned her to the wall. Phury struggled against her bonds, but tired herself out in the attempt. As she panted, Optimus got closer.

“You invade my base! You attack my friends! You…!” he ranted.

“I don’t believe this!” growled Phury. “You consider your pawns your ‘friends’?!”

“Those ‘pawns’,” hissed Optimus, “fight with the most bravery I’ve ever seen and work the hardest out of any soldier to defend this world from petty tyrants like you! You’re in MY base and you WILL show them respect!”

“In my universe, Cybertron burned half of Appoplexia with their war!” snarled Phury. “They made no attempts for reparations! They gave no respect for us, no matter the faction, so why are they due any?! The Master Wand was the best chance I had of keeping the universe safe from them!”

“Yeah, well, cheating wasn’t the way to go!” growled Optimus.

“I’ll be after Megumi for ruining me!” promised Phury. “You can count on it!”

“State your business or get out!” warned Optimus.

“I have decided on how to best you!” declared Phury. “You are part of the Cyber-Ninja Corps, correct?”

“And you were trained by the Shinobans of Shinobus,” recalled Optimus. “You’re challenging me to a ninja fight?”

“Each of us will use the weapon we are weakest with to achieve victory,” replied Phury. “Whoever lands three hits on their opponents will be victorious. No other weapons may be used, no force-fields, no robot mode, no outside interference.”

“And our battlefield?” rumbled Optimus.

“There’s a forest outside my old palace,” answered Phury. “We’ll use it.”

“Fine,” agreed Optimus. “Just know that I will be praying for severe scrutiny on this bout.”

“You will get your wish, Young Prime,” assured Moradelia’s voice. “The challenge has been set, the terms have been agreed upon, and the chance of victory is agreeable for both sides. Nemengra, the black princess of Chizara and the death leader, will be judging. When this break is over, your fight begins! Prepare and make ready! Good luck!” Purple light surrounded Phury as she vanished from her bonds. Optimus cycled air through his olfactory sensors, trying to calm himself down.

“Prime,” interjected Teletraan, “Arsha and Megumi are requesting permission to come in.”

“I could use some more friendly faces,” replied Optimus. “Let them in.” The door opened and Megumi and Arsha entered the base.

“Hello!” greeted Arsha.

“Thank you for coming,” bid Optimus. “I just got the terms of my bout settled with Phury.”

“I take it she’s STILL angry about having to settle for fighting over Third Place Prize?” muttered Megumi.

“And she insulted my friends by calling them pawns,” answered Optimus.

“Okay, one, rude!” growled Arsha. “Two, if she wanted First Place Prize, she shouldn’t have cheated!”

“Well, winner or not,” remarked Optimus, “I’m gonna show her what happens when you cheat!”

“Optimus, if I could turn your attention to something more pleasant,” offered Megumi, “Arsha and I were planning a feast before we all need to part ways.”

“One last hurrah before we all return to our lives,” mused Optimus. “I think we can work that in.”

“I just want you all to know,” called Arsha, “this has been a fun adventure. We DID have our downs, but I wouldn’t change a single bit of it.”

“Neither would I,” agreed Optimus.

“And neither would I,” supplied Megumi. “If you all want, I can get you into After Academy.” Optimus and Arsha looked at each other, then shook their heads.

“We’ll save that for AFTER we die,” explained Arsha.

“But you’re more than welcome to drop by our homes when you can,” offered Optimus.

“I’d like that,” replied Megumi. “Now, I’d better get back home.”

“I’m still getting paperwork throughout all this,” sighed Arsha. “A Realmfleet Captain’s work is never done.”

“Hey, before you ladies go,” called Teletraan, “how about a picture with you three?”

“Just a moment,” directed Optimus as he transformed and switched on his holo-form. “There, now we can all fit.” Teletraan aimed his camera eye at the three as they lined up with Optimus in the middle, Megumi on his right, and Arsha on his left. Arsha and Megumi each knelt down and placed a hand on his back as Optimus placed his hands on both their backs. Teletraan lined up his shot.

“All right, say ‘Trinity’!” called Teletraan.

“Trinity!” called Arsha, Optimus, and Megumi. Optimus and Arsha winked when they said that and Teletraan took the picture. It appeared on the screen quickly.

“Now THAT’S a cool picture!” cheered Optimus.

“Good work, Teletraan!” praised Megumi.

“Did you take photography classes?” asked Arsha.

“Oddly enough, yes,” answered Teletraan. “I got into some online photography classes at Optimus’ request.”

“I paid his tuition and he got certified,” explained Optimus. “He was worried about what would happen to him when the war’s over. He wanted to try his processors at photography and he’s been doing it on the side ever since.”

“Planning ahead, the gift of the gods,” praised Megumi.

“Amen to that!” chuckled Arsha.