Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Chapters

Chapter 40

“That’s a joke, I’m sure?” asked Vortech.

“No, my lord,” sighed Sludgiona. “Hiro Adachi is dead. Kamen Rider Vortex has awoken.” Vortech went deep in thought and worry.

“We’ve just entered our darkest hour, then,” he mused. I felt weak in the knees.

“Pardon me,” I mumbled. I stumbled off to my quarters, my mind in a whirlwind of emotions. First my failure in Jurassic World and now this?! My fiancée dead?! I finally reached my quarters and let myself collapse on the bed. My entire body was wracked with sobbing. I don’t know how long I was crying, but, Ambassador Hell opened my door.

“Igura,” he began, “given the…situation, Lord Vortech has ordered the building of a fallback position. But, know that you are free to use my troops to initiate a counter-attack against the…”

“COUNTER-ATTACK?!” I shrieked as I hurled a vase at Ambassador Hell’s head. He ducked. “Perhaps you fail to remember the reports of two Kamen Riders cleaving a mountain or flooding an island! With Vortex and Apocalypse having awoken, and our strongest warrior dead, our enemies can destroy us all with a wave of their hand! We must level the playing field, if not tip the balance of power back in our favor, in order to properly give Hiro the eternal rest that is his!”

“Is there not a weapon to rival their power?” asked Ambassador Hell.

“Correct, the Foundation Saber,” I replied. “But, it’s locked within the vaults of After Academy. Only students and staff can freely enter and exit that campus. Even then, only Lord Vortech can use it, and he has no intentions of doing so.” My tears were spent, as was my rage. If anything, Ambassador Hell’s words gave me the means to move on and come up with an idea. I started laughing. “But, I might get that access and wield that power if I were to control such genetic material!”

We arrived back on Vorton, the home team cheering at our return. Hiroki hugged both me and Okaa-san. There was a lot of hugging going on. Families were being reconnected. “Quite the reunion,” I called.

“So nice to see our families!” cheered Tonje as she hugged her mother and grandmother.

“Move aside!” declared Mrs. Linda Saunders. “I want to see my babies!”

“I beg your pardon?” asked Hiroki.

“My babies! Emily and Richard!” answered Linda.

“Didn’t they meet up with you?” asked Emmanuel as he helped his aged father sit down.

“No,” I replied. “I thought they would be here by now.” At that point, a rift opened and Lacey came through with Death, three other ladies who I presume the rest of Death’s team, and five other people, one man and four girls. The man wore a skirt. “Lacey, welcome,” I greeted. “I would have baked a cake for you, but we just found that Emily’s team hasn’t come back yet.”

“I wouldn’t worry too much,” assured Lacey. “They’re all right. They’re waiting for you guys.

“Then get us to the dimension they’re in!” demanded Fred. “I want to see my sweet, baby girl and my strong son!”

“But the Gateway can only send seven to a certain dimension,” I replied.

“Not with your current powers,” whispered Death. “You can go there without a Gateway and summon others. You just need to think of your targets.” When I heard that, I grinned like a maniac.

“Henshin!” I announced. My suit formed. “Super Charge!” The color changed and the suit bulked up. “And…Dai Super Charge!”

“HIT THE DECK!” warned Okaa-san. Everyone hit the floor as my armor flew off.

“Ooh! Can’t wait!” I giggled

“Nice suit!” complimented Hiroki. “What do you think of it?!”

“I was too busy fighting the late Hiro Adachi to find a mirror,” I replied.

“He’s dead?!” yelped Lukas.

“He blew himself up, rather than let us help him with his wounds,” I recounted. “The balance of power is in our favor.”

“I need to find him and collect him then,” whispered Death. “Lacey, sweetie, could you accompany Megumi in my place while she retrieves her friends?”

“Of course,” answered Lacey. “And, Megumi, if it’s a mirror you want…” she then summoned dark mist, let it surround her legs, made it grow, and then got it off her legs to make a mirror with a black frame.

“She can use magic?” muttered Gandalf.

“Magic beyond what you’re familiar with,” explained Lacey. I looked in the mirror to see my suit. It was gold with cream tiger stripes. It had a crown with three points, the middle one being the largest. There was a blue jewel in the crown’s center with my helmet’s antennae behind the crown. It had a cape and a skirt that opened under my belt, to allow for easy kicking, no doubt. My eyes were cream colored this time.

“Oooh, Megumi likes!” I giggled.

“With that kind of suit, and the power it supposedly comes with,” remarked Hiroki, “we may start calling you ‘Your Majesty’.”

“Queen Megumi Hishikawa,” mused Emmanuel. “I like the sound of that.”

“I’m not married,” I countered.

“Queen Elizabeth I was unmarried,” replied Joshua’s dad, Tim, “and she ruled England for some time.”

“How about this,” I suggested. “I’ll be called Queen Megumi ONLY by unanimous vote. All right?” Everyone nodded. “Good. With that out of the way, Lacey, why don’t you introduce your friends?”

“Gladly,” agreed Lacey. “This is War.”

“Greetings,” grunted the armored woman.

“Pestilence,” introduced Lacey.

“Hello,” wheezed the green woman as she waved.

“Famine,” announced Lacey.

“Hey!” mumbled the bony woman as she scarfed down some wings.

“And my classmates, Amelia,” continued Lacey

“Good evening,” answered the tall woman.

“Sophie,” announced Lacey.

“Yo,” said the short, stocky girl.

“Flora,” called Lacey.

“Um, hello,” said the plump girl, in a quiet, shy tone.

“Charline,” introduced Lacey.

“What’s up?” called the muscular girl.

“And Brendan,” finished Lacey.

“Nice to meet you,” greeted the man.

“My classmates have joined on as our heralds,” explained Lacey.

“Well then, welcome to the war against Vortech,” I said. “Now, with that out of the way, shall we? Lacey, Mr. and Mrs. Saunders, Mr. Kuznetsov, Mr. Archer, Mrs. Acqua, and Mr. Lin, care to join us?”

“Of course,” replied Mr. Longwear Lin. “I want to see my son!”

“Any idiot that keeps me a second longer from my little pirates,” hissed Mr. Sergei Kuznetsov, “is going to be a dead man.”

“Then let’s not wait a second longer,” I declared. “Let’s go! X-PO, the coordinates, if you please!”

“Coming up!” said X-PO. He beamed the info into my belt and I started concentrating. I focused on the parents, Lacey, and myself. All of a sudden, portals opened beneath us.

“I need to learn how to open them where I waaAAAAAAAAANT!!!!!!” I screamed as we all fell into the vortex. We tumbled, not so gracefully, through the vortex until we landed in front of a set of gates. We looked up to see the sign read “Jurassic World”.

“Seriously?” scoffed Linda. “Didn’t they learn from the first movie?”

“WHO YOU?!” boomed a voice. The earth shook in a rhythmic pattern, like footsteps, and a metal 80’s T-Rex stomped into view. It was grey with red eyes, was walking erect while dragging the tail, and had the hands down with the fingers pointing down. “What you doing here?!” roared the T-Rex.

“Grimlock?!” yelped Fred. The T-Rex turned its head.

“How you know Me Grimlock name?” snarled Grimlock.

“We come from another universe where…” I began.

“More?!” wailed Grimlock. “Why more coming here?! If you from Shocker Rift…!”

“No no no!” I halted. “Listen, we’re friends with other Riders! Have you seen Kamen Rider Touché?”

“For all Me Grimlock know,” boomed Grimlock, “you spies for Shocker Rift!”

“Signore Grimlock, aspetta un momento!” (Mister Grimlock, wait a minute!) called a voice.

“That voice!” recognized Mrs. Acqua. That was when a certain mermaid obsessed Italian woman ran up.

“Mamma!” cheered Livia.

“Livia, mia figlia preziosa!” (my precious daughter) called Mrs. Acqua as Livia hugged her. They started talking in their native Italian, with happy tears going down their faces.

“Er, Me Grimlock no understand why fish girl crying and hugging,” muttered Grimlock.

“Grimlock, I’d like you to meet my mother!” introduced Livia.

“Oh,” mumbled Grimlock, looking rather embarrassed.

“Mr. Grimlock!” called Fred.

“Er, yes?” quizzed Grimlock.

“I’m a huge fan of yours!” cheered Fred. “Could I get your autograph?!”

“Er, you have autograph pad?” floundered Grimlock, a little out of his depth.

“Can we focus on something else, like getting your children back?” I asked.

“Er, I’m sorry, Signorina, who are you?” Livia asked.

“What? Livia, it’s me! It’s…oh, wait, I’m still suited up. Hold on,” I replied. I then cancelled my transformation.

“Megumi?!” realized Livia. “You did it?!”

“I did it! I’m Kamen Rider Vortex now!” I confirmed.

“That lady one who train with beasts?” asked Grimlock.

“That’s the one!” replied Livia.

“Then she need to see her friends!” declared Grimlock. “Follow me, everyone!”

“Watch your step, though,” warned Lacey. “The place is a little wet.”

“How do you know?” I asked.

“I helped them out and flooded the place,” explained Lacey. The doors opened and we entered Lake Jurassic World. The place was flooded out. There were a few islands, one of them had a table with a lot of food. There, feasting, were Emily, Richard, Michael, Irina, Mikhail, and Haitao. There was a brunette teenage boy with green eyes, and Ursula the Sea Witch at the table as well.

“This is the good stuff,” sighed Richard. “A real homemade ice cream cone.” He raised his cone as he munched on his burger.

“You know,” mused the brunette, “I feel like I’m back at Burger Shack.”

“I’d love to try that stuff!” called Richard.

“With a smoothie in my hand,” continued the brunette, “and propping my feet up after a hard day’s battle.”

“Only,” joked Emily, “a hard day’s battle is just your typical Saturday of fun and games for you and Rook.”

“And Gwen and Kevin, don’t forget them,” supplied Richard.

“So, that IS Ben 10 I’m seeing,” I observed. Everybody turned to see us.

“Megumi?!” called Emily.

“Not just little old me,” I replied. I then moved to reveal our families.

“No way!” breathed Richard.

“Daddy?!” called Emily as tears of happiness glistened. Both Saunders kids ran to their parents and tackle-hugged them.

“Welcome, Lords and Ladies, to Jurassic World!” greeted Haitao.

“You utter scamps!” shouted Mr. Alexander Archer. “A merry hunt you’ve led us on, making us sick with worry, and we find you feasting!”

“Father, we are simply sitting of a field of victory, blessed by Nike herself,” countered Michael, “and we’re enjoying a few well-earned comforts. The salted pork is particularly good.”

“…S…Salted Pork?” muttered Mr. Archer, salivating slightly.

“We’re under orders to relax,” explained Mikhail as he and Irina pulled up a chair for Sergei. “Strict orders from Dinobot, who’s taken over management while the other Dinobots and Owen Grady deal with a problem.”

“What problem is that?” I asked.

“I called her Hillbilly Heather,” elaborated Emily.

“How’d SHE get out?!” yelped Mrs. Saunders. “I got charges to stick on her two years ago! After she tried to kill you when you didn’t commit suicide!”

“There’s a tale for you,” replied Emily. “Pull up a seat and I’ll tell it.”

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