Journey Through Wonder story

Chapter 45: Bounty’s Return

Percy arranged the empty trucks so that he could push from behind. He was at the yards at Crovan’s Gate and whispered his plan to the trucks. They were a little scared, but Sodor was their home and they didn’t want it to be destroyed, so they went along with Percy’s plan. Once the train was ready, those that could ride in the trucks boarded them and closed them up. The guard blew his whistle and waved his flag. Percy whistled twice and departed Crovan’s Gate, going down the mainline to Vicarstown. Before they arrived there, they had to pass through Henry’s Tunnel. Ordinarily, Richard would sing the rhyme, but this wasn’t the time for it. Once Percy went through, the Transformers left the hill the tunnel was cut into. They soon arrived at Vicarstown. Igura and her cronies were there. Percy stopped at the platform and saw Crystal Widow holding a plump woman in her hand. The woman was blue all over, her dress, her hair, her skin, everything. “Bounty,” whispered Percy. Yamta and Yulduk opened the trucks and directed the heroes onto the platform.

“That green caterpillar’s your favorite engine?” scoffed Igura as she went down the line.

“Yes, he is,” replied Richard. Igura then slapped him.

“I don’t understand you, gaijin,” she said. “I told you to get your favorite engine. When I said you, I meant all white folk like you, and you all have Thomas as your favorite, yet you say it’s the accident-prone moron.”

“Percy is anything BUT stupid!”

“Why else would he make those mistakes?” Igura then slapped him again. “What kind of joy do you get out of seeing him fail?” Another slap. “What do his stories tell you?” This time, Richard caught her hand.

“They tell me that goose-stepping Nazis like you should try READING The Railway Series books instead of burning them!” What Richard didn’t realize was that she was using her Vortech arm to strike. She heated her arm and burned his hand. Richard let go and Hanako cast some healing spells centered around burns.

“Pathetic. You always go for the last resort. Hence why you’re the only country in the world with irradiated blood on its hands.”

“Perhaps, but our countries’ respective sins are not the topic today. We surrender, Adachi Igura.”

“No!” called Bounty from Crystal Widow’s hand.

“I’m glad you saw it my way,” purred Igura.

“Don’t get comfy, this is Khan’s only victory,” warned Richard.

“Oh, this isn’t for Khan.” Richard arched an eyebrow at that.

“How so?”

“Because, apparently, this is one of Khan’s favorite universes.” She grabbed Richard’s shirt and pulled him close to her. “And you were stupid enough to think I would honor the deal! Sodor will still burn!”

“And your teammates understand your duplicity?”

“No, we don’t!” called Yamta.

“They fulfilled their end of the bargain, now we have to fulfill ours and leave Sodor alone!” agreed Yulduk.

“Not that I like her,” replied Crystal Widow, “but Igura’s right. Sodor’s worthless and it’s time to get rid of it.”

“Sodor still has value!” countered Katie.

“A wise shepherd doesn’t cull the entire herd,” advised Auriella. “We only kill those who are useless to us and the rest can exist as our slaves.”

“Moderation is for the weak!” argued Igura. “I’ve made my decision and-!”

“NOW!” Percy called to the trucks as his driver opened the regulator to full.

“ON! ON! ON!” cheered the trucks as they surged forwards into Crystal Widow’s ankle! The impact was hard enough to make the Terrorcon woman feel pain. She held her ankle high and dropped Bounty.

“GET THEM!” called Richard. He and his fellow Riders readied their belts.

“HENSHIN!” they all announced as they rushed at the villains. The sudden attack caught them by surprise!

“A RUSE!” roared Yulduk.

“SLAUGHTER THEM!” ordered Igura as she and the other Riders readied their belts.

“HENSHIN!” they all called. Once they were armored up, the villains fought back. The Transformers then surrounded Crystal Widow. Guard then touched the derailed Percy and got his i.d tag.

“The Breakdown Train’s already on its way!” he promised.

“It’s up to you now!” said Percy. “Get those brutes off our island!” Guard nodded and then clashed with Talon as she summoned Lords for backup. Guard then swapped his personal i.d tag out for Percy’s and spun his Vortex Driver’s wheel.

“Percy the Small Engine Steel!” it announced. The Wheel Wardrobe appeared and attached green armor with red stripes onto Guard’s suit. He had a funnel on top of his head, Percy’s wheels and side-rods on his forearms as well as his lower legs. His knuckles had buffer beams on them and his upper arms had Percy’s saddle-tank on them while a number six was emblazoned on his chest.

“You SERIOUSLY think that the smallest and weakest engine on this island,” scoffed Talon, “is a match for me?!”

“Considering his weight and strength compared to a human, yes!” replied Guard. The wheels then spun and Guard went from 0 to 45 miles an hour real quick, slamming his fist into Talon’s. Talon was thrown for a loop. “Without the added weight of his water and coal supply, Percy weighs about 25.6 tons in American measurements. He can exert 49,000 newtons of force. And you wanted to know why Percy’s my favorite engine? Here’s why!” Guard punctuated each statement with a devastating punch. “He fixes his mistakes! He never repeats them! He never gives up when he has a job! He does everything in his power to make sure his home survives! THAT’S why Percy’s my favorite engine!” His last punch forced Talon out of her transformation. Igura clutched her stomach and saw her troops falling all around her.

“…GRAGH! KEEP BOUNTY! YOU’LL REGRET THIS!” She opened a portal and dashed into it.

“HEY! WHAT KIND OF COMMANDER LEADS THE RETREAT?!” shouted Yamta. Crystal Widow then went into the portal and led the Lords through it. Yamta, Yulduk, Katie, and Auriella covered the retreat.

“You’ve incurred my wrath today, Richard Saunders!” warned Katie. “No one upsets me and gets away with it!” She was the last to leave and the portal shut behind her. Guard sighed in relief. Diesel then arrived with the Breakdown Train.

“…Huh,” he muttered. “Looks like I’m too late to save the day. What a pity.”

“Look at Diesel, lads!” called one of the Trucks. “All dressed up and no place to go!”

“Maybe we should show him our appreciation in song!” giggled another.

“That’s enough!” said Percy. “The song’s gotten stale anyways. We just saved Sodor, so don’t press your luck.”

“Right, let’s get this mess cleared away, lads,” called the head of the Breakdown Gang. The cranes soon went to work.

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