The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast

Dr. C. Y. Borg

Dr. Cytanek Yavenag Borg is a 33,187 year old Sprite from the Over-realm’s Drelda forest. Not someone you want to associate with, this scientist has made numerous advances in weapons technology, ranging from bio-weapons to WMD’s. After an accident with a new invention called a guun, she lost a good chunk of her body. Replacing the lost bits with cybernetics, she became obsessed with ruling the Realms in a purely technological society. Her cybernetic prosthesis has been upgraded to boost her strength and skills so she doesn’t get caught off-guard in physical combat. She was executed, but that was only a test for her newest invention, one that created a clone body for her mind to inhabit. She is believed to be dead again, but who knows what her current state is. 

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