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Captain Irmalii Ralmamp is a 724 Blender of Over-realm Inu and Under-realm Demon and lives in Arsha’s home of the Mid-Realm Capital, Largandra. She was once Arsha’s nanny, then got a position in the Royal Guard and moved up the ranks as she trained Arsha in the ways of combat. She has 5 fathers and 15 mothers, and the is youngest of 38 daughters with 2 younger brothers. She has 9 Slime wives called Twelmak, Kwampem, Swamfur, Gwelmam, Fwandak, Qwendo, Pwolmo, Dwarmu, and Zwelmam. She wears darker colors to remember half of her heritage while the rose helps her remember the other half.

Still working on doggy faces.

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