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Dragons, easily one of the most powerful of races in the Realms. Most connected to the elements of the Realms, they once started as mindless beasts. Elves then taught them how to speak and think. After that, they became some of the most advanced species in all the Realms. Unlike Elves, Dragons DO have different species. There are 10 species among Dragons, all of which have different characteristics.


  • Two legs in back
  • No tail
  • Wings for arms
  • One horn on forehead


  • No wings.
  • Serpentine body
  • Two grasping hands in front
  • Fins for propulsion through water
  • No horns


  • Pair of stag-like horns
  • Turtle-like
  • No wings
  • Four legs


  • No legs
  • Wings
  • No horns
  • Long whiskers


  • Fluffy
  • No horns
  • Moth antennae
  • Paws with claws
  • Long ears


  • Pair of curved horns joined in middle of forehead
  • Serpentine
  • Four taloned feet
  • Wings
  • Crocodile mouth


  • Beak
  • Feathered
  • Two legs
  • No wings
  • No horns
  • Peacock tail feathers


  • No horns
  • Wings line front legs
  • Four horns
  • Tail for locomotion


  • Small horns
  • Dog-like muzzle
  • Serpentine
  • No legs

Shadow (Recently rediscovered)

  • Branched horns
  • Horn on nose
  • Wings
  • Tail for locomotion
  • Grasping hands

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Now I kind of want to see a 10-episode nature documentary series, with some clueless but well-meaning host constantly putting him/herself in hilariously mortal danger to cover these creatures’ behaviour in the wild.

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