Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Cast

Duke Emmanuel Babineaux


Ever since his mother died, the relationship between Emmanuel and his brother, Esteban was…strained…at best. Esteban would torment Emmanuel during his early years because he was gripped with anxiety. That disappeared during an attempt to embarrass him.

Esteban had managed to get Emmanuel to wear a dress to school one day. He thought it would cause his younger brother to drop out. Oddly enough, it didn’t. Yes, Emmanuel was ridiculed, but he was still smiling. It was a genuine smile, as if he found strength in the dress.

When he was asked about it by his father, Emmanuel simply said that Esteban was a good brother in helping his younger brother find strength somewhere, in this case, dresses. Esteban heard that and was livid enough to try and give Emmanuel a black eye. Emmanuel surprised him by catching the incoming fist. Esteban tried again, but met the same result. There was going to be a fight, but their father intervened, saying that the brawl would cause Emmanuel’s strength to be ruined.

After a while, Emmanuel went to America to finish his studies and found the Feudal Nerd Society. He joined during the year it was founded and spent many days happily being nerdy and fancy looking with them. After a while, he gained a Vortex Driver and became Kamen Rider Arch to fight Lord Vortech and stabilize the multiverse.

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