The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


Falnii Loftanaf is a Zephyr from Wysper City in the Over-realm. As a Zephyr, the most powerful of Cloud Spirits, she can control lightning and its subsequent thunder as well as cause rain to fall. However, at 315 years of age, she’s focused more on being a diplomat, which the symbol on her neck indicates. She’s a member of a species that is well renowned for producing the best diplomats. Her dress, hair, and accessories are clouds that she perpetually generates and manipulates, allowing her to glide to wherever she wants to go. She is the third eldest of 19 daughters and makes every opportunity to visit her 5 mothers and 1 father three times a year. She’s actually from common stock. She’s a quiet, soft-spoken girl, preferring to spend her days at ease. She DOES possess something that her spouses, Malnar, Arsha, Gorfanth, Lardeth, and Foresna, envy. She can enter dreams and, if it is a nightmare, alter it to be a happy one for that particular person. She’s marrying the other five as part of a plan to unite the Realms.

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