The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


Prince Lardeth Felompha is the Over-realm’s Crown Prince. Hailing from Wysper City, he’s a Zephyr/human hybrid. His father was a human and he has 8 mothers and 39 sisters that came before him. His human father had died of an illness a long time ago, so his mothers remarried, this time to an Elf man. Strained relationship between son and step-father? Not at all. He’s doted on his family ever since he married. Because of his sisters, he’s had his clouds molded into dresses. Oddly enough, that’s not unusual among male Zephyrs. Women dominate the Zephyr race in sheer numbers, so men simply dress as women to fit in. Right now, he’s going through his tour of duty as Captain of the CRS-3395, High Sky. He’s betrothed to Arsha, Malnar, Falnii, Gorfanth, and Foresna as part of a plan to unite all three Realms.

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