The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


Gorfanth Steelhorn is a blacksmith from the Galdredan Lava Kingdom in the Under-realm. At age 400, he’s earned enough to help his parents, brother, and sister live comfortably. His fearsome appearance hides a heart of gold though. Minotaurs are known for being passionate…with a very rough start as lustful creatures. Does that mean they still are? Arsha, Malnar, Falnii, Lardeth, and Foresna wouldn’t be marrying him if that were true. Nowadays, Minotaurs are known as the best givers of lovers’ advice. If a Minotaur can see that your relationship with someone is sour, you’d better listen to their advice. One of the Minotaurs’ best authors wrote a book on having a successful relationship from simple friendships to full on married life. That book even covers monogamous and polyamorous relations and it’s been spread across the Realms as a sort of guidebook to relationships. Gorfanth will always have a quote from that book on hand.

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