Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Cast

Hiro Adachi

Presenting Hiro Adachi, former denizen of Hongo’s universe, and the guy who discovered the Rogue Driver, which gave Shocker the necessary knowledge about transformation belts.

Bio: Wandering around for a while in Japan of K-A-M-3-N-R-1-D-3-R, Hiro was employed by Shocker, a covert terrorist organization hellbent on conquering Earth. During his scouting, Hiro found a young woman and brought her in.

She had amnesia, self-induced, evidently, as she had a note saying that she WANTED to forget her unhappy marriage and life. She was altered and became known as Igura.

During a date, Igura and Hiro found a device that came with a pair of pistols. The device identified itself as the Rogue Driver, a transformation device that gives the user special powers and armor. Hiro was intrigued and brought it to Shocker. After messing around with the internal mechanics, Shocker made their own belt and tried it on different people, even their cyborgs. The attempts were failures until they got ahold of Takeshi Hongo.

After Hongo’s escape, Hiro was blamed for failure and so was about to be executed. He slapped on the Rogue Driver and they escaped to another universe. He slept for a while until the belt got him up in the 90’s. He then married a woman named Akiko, but slew her when she gave birth to Megumi. He altered the crime scene to make it look like a random person killed her so he could be free to watch as the 9 year old Megumi escaped the hellhole that was the orphanage she grew up in.

When Haruna Hishikawa adopted her, Hiro jumped in and tried to take her under his wing. The legal battle ended in defeat for Hiro, with him finally in prison, but he was not without his own tricks.

He learned about a person called Lord Vortech with powers to travel the dimensions and so used the Rogue Driver to contact him. He made a deal that Vortech would give him the power to create a new dimension if Hiro would help in conquering the other dimensions. Hiro agreed and so helped Vortech find Foundation Prime.

After that, he went on a hunt for the Foundation Elements as Kamen Rider Rogue, but his daughter constantly got in the way. Now, he’s hellbent on tearing his flesh and blood apart with his fiancé, his first girlfriend, Igura.

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