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Lord Vortech


The bad guy who freed Hiro Adachi and gathered all the villains he could get, Lord Vortech is the one who made Hiro’s Rogue Driver, the basis for all Vortex Drivers. He’s been sending the villains out to gather the Foundation Elements to collapse all universes into one.

Sitting in his fortress of Foundation Prime, he is constantly scheming to seize power, even if he enslaves someone like Queen Empress Scorpainia and her people, the Tarlaxians. He’s made an enemy of Death and her fellow Horsemen, but sees them as an annoyance.

That all changed when X-PO gathered Megumi Hishikawa and her Feudal Nerd Society, as well as their new allies to combat the threat Vortech poses. Beware Vortech! He’ll stop at nothing to unite the multiverse under his tyrannical rule!

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