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Howard, Howard, Fine, and Howard Services

Moe: Good day to all of you! I’m Moe Howard, the proprietor of HHFH Services! Do you slave away over a hot stove for too long? Is your doorbell not working? Does your house need painting? Is your dishwasher even running?

Curly: Then you’d better catch it! Nyuk nyuk nyuk!

Moe: Quiet! *Smack* With HHFH Services, you can’t go wrong! We can do anything!

Larry: And our prices are out of this world!

Shemp: Because we spaced out on them! *Laughs*

Moe: What’s the idea, making jokes?! *Twists ears* Whatever job you need done, we can do it all for a modest fee that won’t drain your bank account! HHFH Services! No job is too small or too big! We’ll do it all well done!

Larry: Wait a minute, make mine rare!

Moe: Oh, so you want it rare, do you?

Larry: Yeah, and with asparagus!

Moe: Then here’s a couple of tips for you! *Eye poke*

Larry: OW! *Stumbles* Fellas! Help! I can’t see!

Curly: What’s the matter?!

Larry: I got my eyes closed!

Moe: Why you! *Smack* HHFH Services, under the capable hands of Moe Howard…

Curly: Curly Howard…

Larry: Larry Fine…

Shemp: And Shemp Howard!

*TV returns to show*

Megumi: …Richard…

Richard: We’re not getting them, sweetie, I promise.

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