Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Cast



A former Shocker scientist, Igura had joined Buffal and Urga in the new Shocker Nova, a group that would take over the planet by controlling the money. During her years with the old Shocker, she fell in love with Hiro Adachi. She remained undercover for a while.

After her organization fell at the hands of Kamen Rider 1, she was resurrected by Lord Vortech and reunited with Hiro to gather the Foundation Elements. She became a Kamen Rider of her own design.

After Hiro’s death, she swore revenge on Megumi Hishikawa and altered herself with Kamen Rider Stronger’s eye and hand and an altered Vortech’s hand so she could get the Foundation Saber.

Hiro is resurrected now and they rule Shocker Rift together after leaving Vortech’s company.

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