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Lady Colleen Doyle


Colleen Doyle grew up in Waterford, Ireland. Like Livia, Colleen’s a mermaid at heart. She’s one of the permanent students of After Academy and is one of the first new members of the Feudal Nerd Society after the Vortech Wars. Megumi herself scouted her out. An excuse to dress fancy and be nerdy? She signed up in a heartbeat!

She’s one of the first users of a new transformation belt, the Chronicle Driver. It’s on the same level as a Vortex Driver, but uses a different type of i.d tag called an Armor Bio. With her belt comes a new identity, Kamen Rider Slam, a new warrior to fight against Hiro and the rest of Shocker Rift.

Being a permanent student of After Academy, she knows her way around people from other universes. She even has a Tarlaxian boyfriend, Cerborian, an eight-armed, three-headed, six-tailed, dog-based Tarlaxian.

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