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Shocker Rift Special Weapons Dalek

D 2248292: Dalek Drone 2248292 reporting once more. What you see here is a Special Weapons Dalek. Special Weapons Daleks are usually categorized as insane, especially by those that created them. They are used when normal Dalek firepower is insufficient. Radiation backwash from their weapons systems result in constant genetic degradation and they are despised by normal Dalek castes. However, there are a few Special Weapons Daleks that one could bond with. Special Weapons 5590474, pictured here, is one such sane Special Weapons Dalek…as long as he is taking his sanity inducing drugs. If he “goes off his meds”, as you humans put it, he has a tendency to…

SW 5590474: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHAHAHAHAAAAAA! *Spins his mid-section around and glides off at top speed*

D 2248292: THAT HAPPENS! *Places plunger on back of mid-section and is promptly spun so fast, he’s flung out of his casing and onto Hiro.

Hiro: …Get that Special Weapons Dalek under control before I order its extermination!

D 2248292: *scared, tiny voice* I obey!

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