Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Cast

Lady Sheela Kumar

Notice anything “catty” about her? *rotten vegetables thrown at artist* ALL RIGHT! ALL RIGHT! SORRY!


Two phrases describe Ms. Kumar of India, purple obsessed and crazy cat lady. Sheela’s clothes have to have something cat related and purple on them. She’s got five cats at home and a room done up in purple. She’s even taken to filing her nails into claws and wearing purple cat ears and a purple tail. She’s even researched all she could about the jungle cats and house cats.

She’s gotten some odd looks, but she doesn’t care. Those that tried to do harm to her experience a fighting style she’s developed on her own, based on felines both domestic and wild. When they tried to report to the police that a woman/cat hybrid attacked them, they were usually thrown in jail for being so drunk, as most of her, admittedly few, assailants were.

She had discovered the Feudal Nerd Society when she moved to the US to finish her education. She was a late comer, joining three years after its founding. Now, she fights as Kamen Rider Claw to save the multiverse from disaster.

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