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Lady Tanisha Akintola


Tanisha and her family had moved from Africa to the US when she was 10 years old. She always got a strange look because of her blue eyes. Skin tone, she could easily counter, but not her eyes. That is, until her father told her to look at a single flame. When she did, she noticed the core of the flame and asked why it was blue.

Her father then explained light and heat to her and she soon gained an understanding as to why her father wanted her to look at a flame. He was comparing her eyes to a fire’s core. She soon made up a motto: “These eyes are my core, allowing me to become a roaring fire!”

Fire soon became a part of her life, both positive and negative. She learned, while cooking, that fire is beautiful, but must be treated with care and respect, otherwise, if not controlled, it will turn everything to ash. Thankfully, she just suffered a burn when she learned how powerful fire is.

She learned, through a Facebook page, about the Feudal Nerd Society and moved to Virginia a year after it was founded and joined with open arms. Now, with her parents kidnapped by the evil Lord Vortech, she fights as Kamen Rider Hunt to end his evil scheme.

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