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Leumas Venchitak is the 500 year old Blender son of Petramel and Noletam. Like his parents, he lives in the Mid-realm’s Varshenta Beach, working as an editor for the local paper. He’s single and not looking for anyone. If he did, it’s going to be difficult for him as he’s an autistic recluse, only leaving his house for his job. He can’t pick up on social cues as well as others, but hasn’t let that define him. He’s managed to keep it hidden, usually surprising his co-workers whenever it slips out. There are very few things that cause this easy-going guy to lose his temper, one of them being called “retarded”. While he doesn’t have his mother’s venom glands, he WILL bite when in a fight …and scratch and kick and punch and fire a few magic bolts. Basically, he’ll do what it takes to win because, in his words, “a fair fight only exists in fiction”.

Que the shameless self-insert. Since I did pictures based on my parents, why not make one based on me? Yes, I’m autistic and will swing a punch if I’m called retarded. Yes, it’s harder for me to pick up on social cues and I’m a recluse. No, I don’t let that define me. I refuse to.

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