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Elf Affinities

Elves are some of the most well-known species across the Realms. They usually give themselves an air of mystery by occupying their time in contemplation. However, there is one thing they don’t want to be a mystery, and that’s what makes a certain Elf a Wood Elf or a Sea Elf. Despite what people think, there AREN’T exactly species of Elves, much like there aren’t species of humans. They have varying skin tones as well as varying affinities of the elements that make up the Realms. They always address themselves by their name and what affinity of Elf they are. For example, Elmar would say “I am Elmar Narven, Wood Elf”. Below are the various types of affinities available to Elves.

Earth types

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Sand

Fire types

  • Blaze
  • Magma
  • Inferno

Water types

  • Sea
  • Ice

Air types

  • Wind
  • Sky

Lightning types

  • Electric
  • Thunder

Love types

  • Lust
  • Romance

Magic types

  • Light
  • Middle
  • Dark

Death types

  • Necro

Balance types

  • Eternity

Life types

  • Health

Drows are considered Elvish, but not really Elves. They have the same affinity types as Elves, just a different culture.

The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast

Privateers Reb and Melgem

As mentioned, Reb’s legs were consumed by the slime she has on her person. This is a common danger for those who have symbiotic slimes and a variety of people have a variety of reactions. Reb, she views it as a minor inconvenience as it only took the legs, leaving the rest of her, even her privates, intact. Symbiote slimes only take the legs, leaving the rest of its host alone. Now, she’s got more abilities to work with. As for the man behind her, well, let’s get his bio going.

Originally hailing from the Mid-realm’s Varshenta beach, Melgem joined Realmfleet as part of a top-secret super soldier program. His own affinity for water was enhanced…but he never felt tested. That all changed once the 400-year-old Sea Elf met Reb Rojam. He found the pirate’s life much more enjoyable and took a liking to the woman. Now, he’s her husband and they once commanded a vast pirate fleet. Unfortunately, after a setback in Galthar, the first of Dr. Borg’s Revenants, Yulduk, wanted revenge and so took his limbs and eye all down the left side. After being given cybernetic prosthesis and rescued by Arsha’s ship, they were put into Realmfleet Max, only breaking out when Remsu staged a jailbreak. They soon…”parted company” with Remsu and wandered the Realms with Jargoon. It all ended when Jargoon lost his life during the Siege of Realmgate City. They made a deal with Arsha’s parents and their royal colleagues. They would work off their time as Privateers, Protectorate Pirates, and the Royals would grant them amnesty. It seemed like a sweet deal and they both felt they were getting richer at a faster rate than their old pirate ways. Melgem even got better cybernetics out of the deal.

The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


King Endram Felompha is the second husband of the Felompha Royal Family. Like Twirja, he served aboard the Crelima and lost his arms somehow (he’ll change the story about the circumstances). After the previous King, Yentil, died, Pofomofo found him and introduced him to her wives. Soon, he married them and became King. He enjoyed raising the Felompha Children and was happy to learn that Lardeth was gonna be the Crown Prince. His relationship with Lardeth couldn’t be better.

Trinity Soul Trinity Soul Cast

Twaldar Endri (Kamen Rider Terra)

Kamen Rider Terra! The earth shall swallow you whole!

Trinity Soul Trinity Soul Cast

Twaldar Endri

Twaldar Endri is a 300,087 year old Stone Elf of the Mid-realm’s city of Galthar. The Convergence took him and, like Swalmu, landed in Optimus’ universe. He’s got an eye for the lovely and powerful Charline and has joined the F.N.S to become Kamen Rider Terra.

The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


The 400,000 Yulduk Elzemar once lived in the Mid-realm’s tech capital of Galthar. After his demise at the hands of Reb Rojam, he was resurrected by Dr. Borg as a Revenant, Zombie 2.0, in layman’s terms. He still remembers that he’s an orphan, is not interested in love, and once worked as Galthar’s donation collector. He became too greedy and started robbing the poor and wanted to take command of Galthar from his Queens. The attempt failed and he was brought back, soul and all, to become the head of Dr. Borg’s Revenant army!

The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


Leumas Venchitak is the 500 year old Blender son of Petramel and Noletam. Like his parents, he lives in the Mid-realm’s Varshenta Beach, working as an editor for the local paper. He’s single and not looking for anyone. If he did, it’s going to be difficult for him as he’s an autistic recluse, only leaving his house for his job. He can’t pick up on social cues as well as others, but hasn’t let that define him. He’s managed to keep it hidden, usually surprising his co-workers whenever it slips out. There are very few things that cause this easy-going guy to lose his temper, one of them being called “retarded”. While he doesn’t have his mother’s venom glands, he WILL bite when in a fight …and scratch and kick and punch and fire a few magic bolts. Basically, he’ll do what it takes to win because, in his words, “a fair fight only exists in fiction”.

Que the shameless self-insert. Since I did pictures based on my parents, why not make one based on me? Yes, I’m autistic and will swing a punch if I’m called retarded. Yes, it’s harder for me to pick up on social cues and I’m a recluse. No, I don’t let that define me. I refuse to.

The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


Petramel Venchitak is a 26,043 year old Sky Elf married to Noletam and father to Leumas. He works as a programming teacher at the Mid-realm’s Varshenta Beach’s top educational institute. His parents are still trying to figure out why he gave up his biological immortality, but his brother supports his decision. He also has a hobby as an illustrator. He’s found a way to earn cash on his hobby.

This character is dedicated to the man that gave me the basics of my artistic endeavors. Thank you, Dad.

You can find my dad’s site here!

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Sorsha Longbark lives in the Gamfinar Jungle of the Over-realm. Jungles are unusual dwellings for any Elf as the myriad of dangerous creatures are not pleasing. Then again, Sorsha’s not the usual Elf. She’s a reclusive alchemist of an unknown age, preferring only to make contact with her mother. As such, she’s not looking for anyone else.

Artwork courtesy of TheGamingCentaur

The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


Malee Flarentha is from the Grilthan Forest of the Under-realm. She’s a Dancer for the Royal Family at age 3,456. She was raised by her mother’s parents after her own were killed in a hunting accident. She’s dating a young Elf by the name of Lord Elbar.

Artwork courtesy of Punisher2006