Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Cast

Lord Michael Archer and Sir Richard Saunders

“Ah, beshrew me, Lord Michael, you’re in good humor!’

“Don’t tell me to beshrew you or mention that I’m in ‘good humor’, Richard, you absurdly tall Hobbit! It’s just a tiny step from all of that to ‘Hey Nonny Nonny’, and then I’m calling the nearest psychiatric ward.”

Bio: (left)

Hailing from Upper Class London, Michael has been classically trained since birth. A student of Shakespeare, of Tudor history, and of the great English novelists, he has a few hobbies involving the comedies dealing with dry humor, his favorite being Blackadder, and a few sci-fi shows, Doctor Who being chief among them.

Bio: (right)

Richard Saunders is Emily’s brother, one who had his fair share of fat shaming and has helped Emily through a time of crisis. It was he who spearheaded Emily’s obsession with roses.

Bio: (together)

With Michael’s help of understanding court systems, he, Richard, Emily, Hiroki, and Megumi had formed the Feudal Nerd Society. Now, with Michael as Kamen Rider Battle and Richard as Kamen Rider Guard, these men protect the multiverse from Vortech’s sinister plans.

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