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Queen Empress Scorpainia


Hailing from the poorest Tarlaxian family, Scorpainia was a bug-type Tarlaxian. She was beaten on by her peers as they squabbled over the little resources they had. Her fighting skills were honed both in public, and in private. She was one of the few Tarlaxians that knew the truth about her government. For a while, the Tarlaxians were going through a hard time, a great famine. The Senate, spokesmen of the people, were being strong armed into submission by her predecessor, King Emperor Armadillorg. However, Scorpainia knew of the corrupt clergy and so desired change. At the urging of her people, she marched onto the Senate building where Armadillorg was giving a speech to Tarlax 11. It was directed to the senate, the clergy, and the people.

She then demanded to challenge the King Emperor to combat over the Eye of Tarlax, the symbol of power for whoever rules the Tarlaxians. She won the initial fight, and so was given the Eye. She had to endure the raw, savage pain the Eye puts out as a byproduct of its power and knowledge for five minutes. She did so and the High Priest, a humanoid Owl and Unicorn hybrid called Owlicoragh, proclaimed her the Queen Empress and said that, by Tarlaxian tradition, her predecessor must die. She then spat in Owlicoragh’s eye, a grievous insult among Tarlaxians. She then gave evidence of the Church’s corruption and gave Owlicoragh one, simple order, step down or die.

Owlicoragh chose to fight her and seize power the old fashioned way. The duel ended with a dead Owlicoragh at Scorpainia’s feet. She was about to be given the mantle of the priesthood, but, instead, she chose Armadillorg as her High Priest. For a while, they ruled in coalition, moving to another universe until a drought hit them. Armadillorg had died in his bed and was replaced by Metalran, who was an agent of Vortech and ended up placing her under his spell and under Sontaran sway.

She was freed by Lacey Thanatos as she trained to become Kamen Rider Apocalypse and so moved the Tarlaxians to a new Tarlax 14 where they could fight with their gods, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and defeat Vortech once and for all.

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