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Here’s the first monster the Vortex Riders fight and free from Vortech’s control.


Fierce, loyal, protective, clever, these are the qualities of Turretorg. After Scorpainia claimed the throne, Turretorg fought in the brief Tarlaxian Civil War. He was at the Battle of Phantom Creek and saved Scorpainia’s life. After the war ended, he was awarded the title of “Kagluk Meltar Tragaktar” (Person who Sets the Warrior’s Standard), the highest award any Tarlaxian can receive.

Unfortunately, Lord Vortech wanted slaves. Turretorg and a group of Tarlaxians were brain-washed by the losers of the Tarlaxian Civil War led by Metalran. The brain-washed Tarlaxians were then servants of Lord Vortech and did as commanded.

That was until Megumi and her team rescued them. After he was freed, Turretorg swore an oath to help Megumi bring Vortech down. Now, he is a staunch friend of the Feudal Nerd Society.

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