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The Three Realms Writing Characters

With the symbols of the written languages of The Three Realms comes a little grammar lesson. All 25 characters in each language make up A to Y. For Z and the basic punctuation characters you would repeat a character twice. Z in the Combined Realm Text would be “rere”, the period is “toto”, a question mark is “tata, an exclamation point is “roro”, a comma is “lulu,” the semicolon is “dada”, the colon becomes “gege”, a dash becomes “riri”, the hyphen is “tutu”, a bracket is “gigi”, “dodo” makes a brace, a parentheses becomes “kuku”, the apostrophe is “keke”, a quotation mark is “rara”, and the ellipsis is “tete”. Next up in world building will be the number symbols and their phonetic sounds, then the calendars.

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