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The Wars of the Three Realms

The Three Realms, like any collection of civilizations, has had quite a few wars that marked the turning point of new eras. After casting out Oyed to keep the Realms as they are, the Divine Ones had a vision of how each conflict would start, fearing the beginning of the last war that would lead the Realms to their ultimate destiny. Below are all the wars the Realms suffered, how long they lasted, the impetus for each war, the enemy, how they ended, and the consequences of each war.

  • War of the Realms
    1. Savage Age 5,024,683,439 to Savage Age 5,024,683,805 (Rechristened to the First Age of Unity Year 1.)
    2. When the Realms discovered one another and mistrust pervaded each one.
    3. All Realms were the enemy.
    4. No victors. Ended when leaders discovered message from the Divine Ones that urged unification and free travel between the Realms.
    5. Realms unite under a Federation to protect each other. Earliest iteration of Realmfleet.
  • War of Stars
    1. First Age of Unity 7,304,330,796 to First Age of Unity 7,304,330,802 (Rechristened to the Second Age of Unity Year 1.)
    2. The Splitters of each Realm finally revealed themselves and disdained the use of Realmgates and Skyships.
    3. Realm Federation against all Splitter Branches.
    4. Realm Federation wins with the aerial advantage giving them the needed edge over Splitter ground-based tactics.
    5. Realm Federation becomes Realmfleet.
  • War of the Depths
    1. Second Age of Unity 6,424,556,879 to Second Age of Unity 6,424,557,039 (Rechristened to the Third Age of Unity Year 1.)
    2. Denizens of the After-Realm’s Depths launched an assault on Realmfleet Headquarters, thinking they were starting the Final War.
    3. Realmfleet against Depths Denizens.
    4. The Divine Ones side with Realmfleet in direct attacks against the Depths, giving the victory to Realmfleet.
    5. The Divine Ones take a more active role in mortal affairs.
  • The Final War
    1. Third Age of Unity, 4,006,300,080 to (Unknown end date. Will become the Eternal Age of Unity Year 1.)
    2. Dr. Borg is forever stymied by her limits and intends to break them in a way the Divine Ones would not approve. She contacts Oyed, creates her first Revenant with no damage to her soul, and gathers an army across the Realms to ‘fix’ what the Divine Ones ‘broke’.
    3. Realmfleet against Dr. Borg’s Realm Unity Empire.
    4. Unknown End. Unknown Victors.
    5. Unknown Consequences. All Unknowns will be explained once Final War is over.

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