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The Wars of the Three Realms

The Three Realms, like any collection of civilizations, has had quite a few wars that marked the turning point of new eras. After casting out Oyed to keep the Realms as they are, the Divine Ones had a vision of how each conflict would start, fearing the beginning of the last war that would lead the Realms to their ultimate destiny. Below are all the wars the Realms suffered, how long they lasted, the impetus for each war, the enemy, how they ended, and the consequences of each war.

  • War of the Realms
    1. Savage Age 5,024,683,439 to Savage Age 5,024,683,805 (Rechristened to the First Age of Unity Year 1.)
    2. When the Realms discovered one another and mistrust pervaded each one.
    3. All Realms were the enemy.
    4. No victors. Ended when leaders discovered message from the Divine Ones that urged unification and free travel between the Realms.
    5. Realms unite under a Federation to protect each other. Earliest iteration of Realmfleet.
  • War of Stars
    1. First Age of Unity 7,304,330,796 to First Age of Unity 7,304,330,802 (Rechristened to the Second Age of Unity Year 1.)
    2. The Splitters of each Realm finally revealed themselves and disdained the use of Realmgates and Skyships.
    3. Realm Federation against all Splitter Branches.
    4. Realm Federation wins with the aerial advantage giving them the needed edge over Splitter ground-based tactics.
    5. Realm Federation becomes Realmfleet.
  • War of the Depths
    1. Second Age of Unity 6,424,556,879 to Second Age of Unity 6,424,557,039 (Rechristened to the Third Age of Unity Year 1.)
    2. Denizens of the After-Realm’s Depths launched an assault on Realmfleet Headquarters, thinking they were starting the Final War.
    3. Realmfleet against Depths Denizens.
    4. The Divine Ones side with Realmfleet in direct attacks against the Depths, giving the victory to Realmfleet.
    5. The Divine Ones take a more active role in mortal affairs.
  • The Final War
    1. Third Age of Unity, 4,006,300,080 to (Unknown end date. Will become the Eternal Age of Unity Year 1.)
    2. Dr. Borg is forever stymied by her limits and intends to break them in a way the Divine Ones would not approve. She contacts Oyed, creates her first Revenant with no damage to her soul, and gathers an army across the Realms to ‘fix’ what the Divine Ones ‘broke’.
    3. Realmfleet against Dr. Borg’s Realm Unity Empire.
    4. Unknown End. Unknown Victors.
    5. Unknown Consequences. All Unknowns will be explained once Final War is over.
Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Artwork

After Academy Sirens

Even Lacey, Death, War, Pestilence, and Famine do the occasional mermaid pin-up. They rather like acting sexy when they get the chance. If the site for the photo-shoot is in an actual clam underwater, such as the one they’re in right now, so much the better.

Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Cast

Kamen Rider War

War’s Rider form.

Kamen Rider War! I shall bring battle to your doorstep!

Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Cast


I’m rather proud of this one. 


Since the dawn of most civilizations, there has been a conflict in some manner that brews into all out warfare. Be you from a culture hailing peace or one that is steeped in battle, this lady has been involved. War is the smithy of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and has crafted many weapons.

One such weapon was the Foundation Saber, a sword made from the flesh off of Lord Vortech’s face, hence why he has a mask. Over time, Vortech had carelessly thrown it away and briefly enticed War to join him. One of her soldiers informed her of Vortech’s duplicity in that she was promised eternal battle, but Vortech had no intention of keeping that promise. When she found out, she promised to bring the very aspect she embodies to Lord Vortech.

A temperamental force of nature, she is NOT, repeat, NOT one to be trifled with. Even Klingons hold her in respect and fear. Now, with Vortech making his move, and the Bellum Driver given to her by Death, thus making her Kamen Rider War, War helps her fellow Horsemen train Lacey Thanatos at After Academy to become Kamen Rider Apocalypse.

Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Movie Chapters

Chapter 18

I had busied myself with a machine designed to help bring the ghost to a better plane of existence. “Okay,” I muttered. “Todo lo que necesito hacer es conectar esto y estaremos bien.” (All I need to do is connect this and we’ll be good.)

“Señor Ortiz?” asked a voice. I whirled around to see Lacey looking at what I was doing. “Are you trying to contact your dad?” she asked.

“No,” I replied.

“Good, best to avoid him,” advised Lacey. “You know full well he’s not to be trusted. The dead outside of this school rarely are.”

“The mortal realm’s no better,” I grunted.

“Yes, I spoke with Mickey a while ago,” murmured Lacey. “He told me about your feelings concerning the F.N.S and your desire to leave us.”

“I just…I can’t stand the F.N.S right now!” I answered. “I joined you to get away from all the lies I was told back home, but I’ve been lied to again by people I’ve only known for two years! It’s like…it’s like I’m fighting a one-man war against lying! Can you even fathom what that feels like?!”

“Completely, believe it or not,” replied Lacey. That caught me off guard.

“Perdon?” I asked.

“I fully relate to your feelings,” elaborated Lacey, “but I don’t agree with your methods.”

“…How can you relate?!” I protested.

“Alesandro, do you know why I became a Horseman of the Apocalypse?” quizzed Lacey.

“You were chosen to help Megumi fight Vortech,” I answered, not seeing how it correlated to what the conversation was about.

“That was the impetus,” answered Lacey, “but, truth be told, I was gonna join After Academy anyways. I came from Universe T-H-3-5-1-M-P-5-0-N-5.”

The Simpsons?” I asked. “You were a resident of Springfield?”

“Yep, and had an abusive father,” confirmed Lacey. “I hated how chaotic that place was and felt like I was alone in trying to corral the chaos. Death offered to return me back to my universe with a fresh perspective and a better chance of controlling the chaos. I stayed because I found something that I never had in Springfield, a family with the other Horsemen. Now, here I am, part of After Academy’s faculty and being a part of a family with the F.N.S. Now, it IS, at times, dysfunctional; it most certainly is NOT perfect, but the F.N.S and the Horsemen became my family. I certainly hope they’ve become yours.”

“Didn’t War initially join Vortech’s cause at the start of the Vortech Wars?” I asked.

“Yes, but the Four Horsemen have LONG worked through that,” replied Lacey, “because that’s what family does.”

“If they’re meant to BE family,” I grumbled. “Sometimes the family is so toxic that you need to get away from them.”

“Also true, as we can both attest to our blood family,” conceded Lacey. “Now, the question becomes, has this family become that toxic to you?” I stopped working, then set down my tools and sat on the ground.

“I don’t know,” I sighed.

“Well, is there a reason that you’re staying with us?” asked Lacey.

“I was contacted by a ghost a while ago,” I explained. “He’s in an eternal nightmare and I want to help him get out of it.” I then pondered the idea. “You know, now that I think about it,” I mused, “wouldn’t someone who regrets his actions think that he DESERVES punishment?”

“As a matter of fact, yes,” replied Lacey. “Charles Dickens got that kind of ghost right. They’re tormented by their own regret and can only blame themselves since they never regretted their actions when they were alive. Jacob Marley DOES regret his actions and accepted there’s nothing he can do except blame himself since it’s too late for him.”

“This ghost I met didn’t have that kind of thinking,” I revealed. “Megumi DOES regret what she did and made no attempt to stop me from leaving. Something doesn’t add up here.” Just then, the ghost shimmered into view.

“Help me! Please!” wailed the ghost, Carl.

“…Why?” I asked.

“There is goodness in you!” pleaded Carl. “Help me! Let me start again!”

“You’re chained for a reason,” I continued. “If you REALLY regret your actions, you wouldn’t try to escape or shift the blame to…”

“Okay, you know what,” grumbled Carl, standing upright despite being chained, “I saw this coming.” He pulled back the hood to reveal a monstrous head. It had two long tendrils coming from the back of the head and a single eye.

“CAAN!” screamed Lacey.

“Give me access to After Academy’s library,” demanded Caan.

“I read about you!” I snapped. “Why should we obey a Dalek like you?!”

“You have no choice in the matter!” snarled Caan as he equipped his Dal Driver.

“DAL DRIVER!” it screamed. He then took out the Pure Dalek can and turned the dome before inserting it into the belt. “PURE DALEK!” it shouted. He then turned the crank and the piping formed the sides of his suit. “ARE YOU READY?!” asked the Dal Driver.

“Henshin!” called Caan. The piping then slammed the sides of his suit onto him.

“THE UNSTOPPABLE KILLER!” announced the belt. “PURE DALEK! EXTERMINATE!” Caan was now Kamen Rider Dal.

“Henshin!” shouted Lacey as she spun the dial. She became Kamen Rider Apocalypse and clashed with Caan. “Go get help!” she shouted.

“But…!” I stammered.

“NOW!” demanded Apocalypse. I took off and ran through the campus streets to find help. Her fellow Horsemen then saw me.

“Alesandro! Stop!” called Death. “What’s going on?!”

“Lacey’s fighting Caan outside the campus!” I explained. “She needs help!”

“A villain with future vision attacks us! Sure! Why not!” snarled Pestilence.

“Anyone got any ideas?” asked Famine with her mouth full.

“…I’ve got a trick in mind,” chuckled War.

War approached the battlefield with a confident grin on her face. “Mr. Caan, I don’t believe we’ve had the pleasure of meeting face to face,” she called, distracting him long enough for Apocalypse to strike him and join War. Dal recovered and drew himself up to his full height.

“You are War!” he observed. “The multiverse has changed if you engage in mortal affairs!”

“Tends to happen,” remarked War. “Tell me, what was your position before your little club?”

“Before the Cult of Skaro,” replied Dal, “I was the Attack Squad Leader of the Thirteenth Assault Group! Many worlds fell under Dalek control thanks to my efforts!”

“Yeah, evil hasn’t changed,” grumbled War. “Comes with the territory. You always rely on permanence to get you through the day. Good, on the other hand, ALWAYS changes. We’ve got new ways of dealing with people like you.”

“There ARE no people like me!” argued Dal. “Not yet!”

“There’s ALWAYS gonna be someone like you,” replied War. “…Wait, not yet?”

“You will never know!” snapped Dal.

“You’re right, I foresee your defeat coming,” chuckled War. “Kamen Rider Dal, you will be haunted by three spirits! Expect them…right now! Henshin!” She transformed and her fellow Horsemen, also in Rider form, joined her in attacking him while I got to work on the machine. Death called it clever, I call it narrowly avoiding disaster. Caan couldn’t fully manifest in this universe unless he was invited in some way. Because I didn’t fully follow through on bringing him into this universe, he was stuck in a transitional state. He’s immune to conventional attacks, but, then again, the Apocalypse Riders are anything BUT conventional. Their attacks managed to do him some damage.

“Guys, it’s time!” I called when I finished.

“Do it!” ordered War. I pressed the button and Dal was sent away from After Academy. “You’re NOT getting a refund on your application!” laughed War as all Riders powered down. Dal was struggling under the machine’s power and turned to me.

“I now…understand…what it means…to live!” he begged me. “Have…PITY!”

“Pity?” I replied, giving my best Dalek impression. “I have no understanding of the word! It is not registered in my vocabulary bank!” I then dropped the act. “For your sake, look to see me no more.” One final button and Kamen Rider Dal vanished, never to terrify After Academy.

“I have to apologize again, for all this,” offered Alesandro.

“No, no, no,” I replied after hearing all of it. “You were doing what you thought was right, obeying your conscience. I didn’t have that kind of courage. If you’ll let me, though, I’d like to work towards proving that I CAN do so.”

“Well, can’t exactly leave the F.N.S on that note, can I?” chuckled Alesandro. “The F.N.S IS a better family than my blood relatives. We all had a flub or two in our lives. The best we can do is pick ourselves up and get back into the fight.”

“Truer words have never been spoken,” I agreed. Just then, the comms chimed. I pressed the accept button. “Moshi moshi!” I called.

“Megumi, mind having everyone gather in the Gateway Room?” requested Richard. “We found something that will make some heads roll.”

“Sure thing,” I replied. I then switched to general broadcast. “Minna, report to the Gateway Room. Richard’s team found something.” We all gathered in the Gateway Room and Technarain, Sludgiona, Batman, Pup-X5, Lukas, and Richard looked pretty mad. “What happened?” I asked.

“We finally figured out what caused the results to go the way they did,” explained Richard. “Someone tampered with the results, someone with more access to the results than any of us who voted. So, the question becomes, X-PO, why? Why did you do it?” …X-PO?

“How is this POSSIBLE?!” I roared. “All five Sources within our grasp, and yet none have been retrieved! I am only inundated with excuses, even from my own wife!” I pointed to Igura after she returned from 5-U-P-3-R-M-4-R-1-0. She snarled at the accusation, but I didn’t pay attention. I turned to our newest addition. “Well, Cyber-Leader Gi? What’s YOUR excuse?!”

“It is illogical for me to give one,” replied Cyber-Leader Gi. “I had underestimated the power they had and it cost me my victory. The fault is mine.”

“Yes, I do believe it is!” I confirmed.

“However, there IS a way to fix this for all of us,” supplied Cyber-Leader Gi.

“Explain! Quickly!” I ordered.

“We still have a fix on four of the Sources’ respective energy signatures,” explained Cyber-Leader Gi. “The reason it is not all five is because, according to what the Joker discovered on the Tarlaxian scout ship’s flight recorder, the Source of Starvation is in Tarlax 14’s vault. However, the other four are all in one place. Logically, it would be the Vortex Riders main base of operations.”

“And since they originally scrambled Vorton’s new coordinates, they may have used it again for some sense of familiarity,” I deduced. “But it won’t matter if we use the Sources as a beacon to guide us there. Muster the fleet. Cyber-Leader Gi, do we have the coordinates of the Sources current position?”

“We do,” confirmed Cyber-Leader Gi. “The probes we have sent to observe the universe have identified the universe as V-0-R-T-0-N.”

“Feed them to all ships,” I ordered. “We leave at once.”

I looked at the various trophies the Doctor left behind on Vorton for me to examine. I snorted at a few. The only trophy I could respect wasn’t even evidence of the Doctor’s victory. That victory belonged to the Vortex Riders. It was an empty, open Dalek casing. The Doctor’s trophies just laid there near the casing. “Look at all this,” I muttered to myself. “Relics and artefacts that I should feel some connection to. I don’t, though. It’s all just junk to me.” I picked up a tribophysical waveform macro-kinetic extrapolator and just sat with it in my hands. “Michael says it doesn’t matter who I am, as long as I live my own life.” I snorted again. “My own life. A life with no memory of who I am. No real history. Wearing someone else’s face! I don’t even like this face, even though it’s considered attractive by human standards! If the Emperor Dalek was lying, and I AM a clone of Rose Tyler, then I’m just a copy. A duplicate. Something that was mass-produced like…like…” My rant faltered as I examined the gunstick’s socket on the Dalek casing. “I remember…not being able to…shoot myself? ……NO!” I threw the extrapolator at the glass case the casing sat in and it shattered. “It’s just some stray thoughts coming to the surface! Thoughts that aren’t mine! They can’t be!” I could only laugh hopelessly. “I can’t trust who I am! I can’t trust ANYTHING about me! If I wanted to, I could just walk around pretending to be Rose Tyler, because all I am is a copy! A copy that can only see the impurity of…! Impurity of…” More memories came to the surface, the glorious saucers hanging over every world across time and space, the Emperor commanding us all, leveling… “…I remember now!” I couldn’t believe it! A smile crossed my face! “I REMEMBER NOW!” I ran my hands across my face…face…hands…arms…legs…two eyes…no! “I remember…I REMEMBER!” NO! NO! NO! I AM CONTAMINATED!

Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Movie Chapters

Chapter 4

With the Gateway having been fixed so that the seven person limit was removed, we didn’t need my power as Vortex. My team, Team Death, assembled first. “Coordinates set,” reported Rusty. “Whenever you’re ready.”

“Shall we, Megumi?” offered Death.

“Minna,” I called, “ikuze! CHARGE!” We charged into the portal, flying through the rift.

Next up was my team, Team War. “Okay, Michael,” called Elphaba. “Your path is set.”

“Off we go!” I called. War gave off a battle-cry as we charged into the portal.

I had already taken everyone up to the Virginia. I adjusted the rose rings around my wrists as we arrived at the bridge. It was multi-leveled. The pilot sat in the center of the bridge’s lower level in a chair that looked like a multi-axis trainer, the chair astronauts use to simulate disorientation on reentry. The walls had half a TARDIS console built into them. The Captain, me, would sit in a chair on the level above the pilot and the First Officer would sit in the seat behind me, facing the back of the bridge in order to relay commands. I was showing off the consoles, starting from port, then going to bow, then starboard, then stern. “Welcome to the bridge!” I began. “We’ve only got a limited amount of time, so let’s go through it quickly. The port consoles are science stations, the bow consoles are weapons, the starboard consoles are in charge of communications, and the aft consoles command Engineering when the Chief Engineer is on the bridge. Now, positions. Liam.”

“Aye?” gulped Liam as he was snapped out of his awe.

“You know technical stuff, right?” I asked.

“…I hit things,” replied Liam. “They get fixed.”

“Splendid,” I answered. “You’ll work with R9 as an Engineer. Amelia, Pestilence, you work the science stations.”

“Got it,” confirmed Pestilence as she and Amelia took their respective consoles.”

“Hongo, you work the weapons,” I directed.

“Both consoles?” asked Hongo.

“Only one needs to be used,” answered Mikhail, “but we’re people who prefer back-ups. So, when one explodes, the other kicks in when only one person’s working the weapons.”

“Now THAT makes sense,” replied Hongo.

“Speaking of working consoles,” I interjected, “Mikhail, you’re in charge of communications.”

“да,” (Da, yes) confirmed Mikhail.

“Tanisha, you’ve flown ships before,” I recalled.

“Not this type,” remarked Tanisha. “I need to familiarize myself with the controls.”

“It’s like a video game,” I assured. “Think of the space battles in Star Wars: Battlefront II, the 2005 release.”

“Ah, the good one,” remarked Tanisha.

“Where does that leave me?!” protested Scorpainia.

“It leaves you as my First Officer,” I answered.

“YOUR First Officer?!” exclaimed Scorpainia.

“Megumi legally transferred ownership of the ship to me,” I explained. “As such, I’m it’s captain.”

“I see,” replied Scorpainia.

“Make sure my orders are carried out and smack anyone who says or does something stupid,” I instructed.

“Smacking limbs ready,” reported Scorpainia.

“All right, man your stations,” I directed. “Majel, ship status.” An image of the late Majel-Barret Roddenberry appeared on screen. She was in one of her Lwaxana Troi dresses.

“Still in standard orbit,” she reported, “and this a.i. is really, REALLY bored!”

“Is that…?!” gasped R9.

“No, it’s the a.i. based off of her,” I answered. “When she heard that I needed a shipboard computer, she volunteered. After I explained that it would have a full range of emotions, she planted the idea of an interactive image in Lukas’ head and suggested herself. This was after her guest lecture on how much influence women had in early science fiction. I agreed and so Lukas coded Majel here.”

“And I’ve been stuck orbiting Vorton for a while now,” muttered Majel.

“Well, our new adventure may stretch your engines,” I replied. “We’re going to universe 5-U-P-3-R-M-4-R-1-0 to rescue some Tarlaxian explorers.”

“OOOH! Going outside Vorton!” cheered Majel. “Ready and waiting!”

“Tanisha,” I instructed as I sat down, “set a course for 5-U-P-3-R-M-4-R-1-0. 50% of speed factor 1 until we’ve cleared orbit, then punch it to speed factor 7.”

“Got it,” confirmed Tanisha as she pressed the necessary buttons. As Scorpainia moved to sit behind me, I noticed something.

“Hey,” I whispered to her, not wanting to draw the bridge’s attention to it, “are you all right?”

“What do you mean?” replied Scorpainia in the same whisper.

“Your claw’s shaking,” I answered. Scorpainia’s right claw was shaking a bit. She looked at the claw and saw it shake. She then opened and shut it a few times, making it stop twitching.

“Must be getting old,” she chuckled. I could see it in her eyes, something’s terrified her. We were on a time crunch, though, so I put it to the back of my mind.

“Course laid in,” reported Tanisha.

“Engage!” I ordered in my best Picard impression. The engines hummed, the lights brightened…and the ship lurched, nearly throwing me out of my seat. Scorpainia yelped as the same happened to her while everyone else held onto their consoles as they fell.

“I’ll just correct the orbit, shall I?” gulped Majel.

“Vorton’s hailing us,” reported Mikhail.

“Put them through,” I directed. “They probably want to know what’s going on.”

“Is everything all right up there?” asked Richard.

“Just learned that the controls ARE similar to the space battles of the 2005 Star Wars: Battlefront II,” replied Tanisha, “but with inverted controls.”

“I think we need to learn how to fly this thing,” muttered Scorpainia.

“Majel, why don’t you pull up some tutorials?” I suggested.

“Tutorial system: engaged,” replied Majel. “We’ll start with step 1: Crash Avoidance.”

“When that’s done,” called Liam, “que up Snakes on a Plane.”

“Dude! Do it!” agreed R9.

“…All right,” mumbled Majel. “Queuing up Snakes on a Plane, directed by David R. Ellis and starring Samuel L. Jackson and…”

“Majel, cancel that order,” I interrupted.

“AW!” protested Liam and R9.

“You guys go on without us,” called Emily to my group.

“Okay, if you say so, Sis,” I muttered.

“We should probably get going,” mumbled Famine as she finished her chicken wings.

“All right, then,” I declared. “ATTACK!” We charged into the portal and fell through the rift.

“Moon-kyung,” called Joshua, “wish to do the honors?”

“Me?” I gulped.

“Why not? Let a new girl try her hand in a command position,” replied Lacey.

“…Well, I DID want to join the army when I was a girl,” I conceded. “Time to get some practice in. Gaja!” (Let’s go!) We charged into the portal and headed to our destination.

“There IS one thing I never liked about manning the Gateway,” muttered Elphaba as Ms. Moon-kyung and her group departed.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“The waiting,” explained Elphaba.

“No one really likes waiting,” I replied.

“I’m actually fine with it,” signed Chell. Thank goodness Tanisha taught Rusty, Elphaba, and I how to understand American Sign Language.

“Why?” asked Elphaba.

“Back home,” continued Chell, “I was constantly put into dangerous situations by GLaDOS, never getting a moment’s rest. I’m fine with just waiting.”

“Well, maybe it’s the old bad guy in me,” sighed Elphaba, “but I would stave off the ennui by conquest.”

“You’ve REALLY got a bad case of jitters if conquest staves it off,” remarked Rusty. I snorted holding back a laugh.

“I don’t know if you noticed,” I remarked, “but your old associates in the Dalek Empire are the twitchiest bunch in our universe.”

“And knowing that there’s a hostile multiverse out there,” interjected Elphaba, “we need to be ready for attack. THAT’S what’s making me twitchy.”

“In MY day,” I replied, “we took on Daleks, Cybermen, Autons, Zygons, and all manner of space thuggery, and it doesn’t get more hostile than THAT!” Just then, the Gateway’s control console beeped. Elphaba took it.

“This is Vorton,” she introduced.

“It’s Emily,” called Young Miss Saunders. “We finally got the ship controls hammered out. We’ll see you later.”

“Good luck,” bid Elphaba. As soon as communications ended, the Virginia left orbit, opened a rift, and vanished into it. Rusty and I saluted, you’re familiar with the salute of the United Kingdom, as it left.

“All right,” declared Elphaba as she took charge, “we’re all going into one hour shifts monitoring various aspects. Rusty, you’re monitoring the power systems. Brigadier, you’re monitoring weapons. Chell, medical monitoring for you. I’ll monitor the Gateway for any rift activity. We switch at the end of our shifts, Gateway to medical to weapons to power to Gateway. Understood?” We all confirmed our duties. “Perfect, let’s…” the Gateway beeped again, interrupting her. Since she volunteered for Gateway duty, she checked the console. “Someone’s coming through!” she yelped.

“Shocker Rift?” asked Rusty as she readied her gunstick.

“…No,” reported Elphaba. “A blonde woman in rags.”

“What was she doing in the rift?” I asked.

“Does it matter?!” signed Chell. “Bring her in! She’s unprotected!” Elphaba opened a portal and brought the woman to the platform. Rusty’s eyes went wide.

“I know that face!” she breathed.

“Pardon?” I asked.

“From the Pathweb, the shared intelligence of the Daleks!” explained Rusty. “From the Doctor’s memories as well! I know that woman!”

“Who?” asked Elphaba as Chell picked her up and carried her to the medical bay. “Who is she?”

“…Rose Tyler!” declared Rusty.

Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Movie Chapters

Chapter 7

Me and my group had arrived in Main Street USA. Given that we were in an area where cartoons and people worked together, I felt no reason to hide. Alesandro looked around, a little on edge. “Alesandro, relax,” I urged. “We’re safe right now.”

“It’s not us I’m worried about, Michael,” replied Alesandro. “It’s Shocker Rift. What if they recruited the villains from here?”

“Then we kick their asses,” grunted War. “I don’t see an issue here.”

“With respect, it’s more than that,” replied Charline. “What if the villains find your Source?”

“Now THAT is a reasonable concern,” I conceded. “Kit-10, scan the area. See if you can find the Source.”

“I’ve been doing that since we got here,” reported Kit-10. “Haven’t been able to find it yet.”

“Then how do we get to it?” asked Hiroki.

“We need to get to a place with sensors Kit-10 can hook up to,” figured Irina.

“So where shall we find this place?” asked Gandalf.

“The best way to do that,” Discornia declared, “is to ask a policeman.”

“A guardsman,” I translated for Gandalf. We found a policeman. “Excuse me, Officer,” I called. “Where could one go to find advanced technology?”

“All the weird stuff’s at the castle right now,” replied the officer as he pointed with both fingers. Just then, an explosion occurred at the castle and someone flew out carrying something.

“Kit-10, did you get a good look at the flying thing?!” I quizzed.

“Well, the person himself, yes, but not the object he was carrying off,” replied Kit-10. “The person goes under the alias ‘Green Goblin’, real name: Norman Osborn.”

“Why would the Goblin attack Disney Castle?” pondered Hiroki.

“Hold on, we may get answers,” called Kit-10. “It looks like Spider-Man is swinging into action. He just knocked the Goblin off his glider and managed to get him into a dumpster. The Goblin’s dropped whatever he was carrying off and…it’s just vanished in midair.”

“Teleport?” I asked.

“The flash surrounding it sure made me think so,” confirmed Kit-10.

“Maybe we should talk to Spider-Man and the Goblin,” suggested Charline.

“Good idea,” I agreed. “Let’s go!” We headed off to the ally the Goblin landed in to see that he was already out of the dumpster and webbed to a wall while Spider-Man was questioning him.

“So, again,” muttered Spider-Man in a disbelieving tone, “Mrs. Doom kidnapped you, then her husband strapped you to your glider, programmed it to attack Disney Castle, programmed your suit to grab X, then you were compelled to fly back to Latveria with X.”

“Well, it doesn’t sound believable when you say it like THAT!” hissed the Green Goblin.

“One glaring flaw in your alibi makes it unbelievable,” replied Spider-Man, “you’re wearing your old suit! The gloves and boots don’t exactly have computers! How could they grab anything against your will?!”

“Excuse me, are we interrupting?” I called as we approached.

“Just a fat lie,” replied Spider-Man. Iron Man then flew towards us with Mickey Mouse on his back.

“Anything?” asked Mickey.

“That depends,” replied Spider-Man. “If a lie is something, then yeah.”

“Good thing you installed that retrieval teleporter on X,” praised Iron Man.

“Thanks, Dad!” bid Spider-Man. We then ALL looked at Spider-Man in stark confusion. “…Why is everyone staring at me?” asked Spider-Man.

“You just called Iron Man ‘Dad’,” replied Irina. “You said ‘Thanks, Dad’.”

“What? No, I didn’t!” denied Spider-Man.

“Spider-Man, do you see me as a father figure?” asked Iron Man.

“No, if anything,” answered Spider-Man, “I see you as a bother figure because you’re always bothering me!”

“Boy!” snapped Gandalf. “Show your father more respect!”

“I didn’t call him ‘Dad’!” insisted Spider-Man.

“No, Spidey, it’s okay,” replied Iron Man. “I take it as a compliment.”

“It’s all right,” supplied Kit-10. “I once called Pup-X5 ‘Dad’ once, and we’re about to tie the knot.”

“Guys, jump on that!” urged Spider-Man. “A robot with psycho-sexual issues!”

“Counselling dealt with that problem quickly,” Hiroki replied, “but you calling Iron Man ‘Daddy’…”

“Hey, ‘Daddy’ is NOT on the table here!” hissed Spider-Man.

“But, you DID call him ‘Dad’, Spider-man,” continued the Green Goblin, making us remember him.

“You, shut up!” snapped Spider-Man. “You’ve done nothing but lie since I webbed you up!”

“All right, all right, I WAS lying about Doctor Doom and his wife forcing me to take X,” admitted the Goblin. “They offered me dibs on studying it for our alliance. The ‘Dad’ thing, however? That happened.”

“AHA!” cheered Spider-Man. “He admitted his alibi was a lie! It was a trap! All part of my master plan!”

“Good work,” praised Iron Man, “son.” Spider-Man just sighed.

“That’s not gonna go away any time soon,” he muttered.

“So, what IS X?” I inquired.

“You wanna see?” offered Mickey.

“If it’s not too inconvenient,” I replied.

“We COULD use a fresh perspective,” mused Mickey. “Come with us.”

“I’ll take Gobby to jail,” declared Iron Man as he slung the Green Goblin’s cocoon over his shoulder and took off.

“I guess…I’ll just go back on patrol,” sighed Spider-Man. Just then, his phone rang. He looked at the number. “Oh no, Aunt May! I’m late!” he yelped. He pulled his mask up as far as his mouth and started talking to his Aunt while swinging on the rooftops. “Hi, Aunt May!” he began. “Sorry! I got into a scrape with the Green Goblin…” His voice finally faded away as he swung home.

“Follow me, please,” directed Mickey as he led us to the castle.

“Er, hello?” called War. “My Source?”

“The sensors at the castle should help me find it,” replied Kit-10. “In the meantime, the Castle awaits. Spit-spot!”

“…Did…you just quote Mary Poppins at me?” quizzed a confused War as she followed us. We were granted access to the castle and escorted to the main science bay where Dr. Banner was working with Professor Ludwig Von Drake.

“Professor…” began Mickey before he was interrupted by a an explosion that knocked Dr. Banner backwards and made him turn into the Hulk. The Hulk then hit a wall and massaged his head.

“…Ow,” he grunted. Professor Von Drake turned to us, smoking from being so near the explosion.

“May I help you with something?” he asked weakly.

“These people are here to see X and use our sensors to find some source,” explained Mickey.

“The ‘S’ is capital,” grunted War, “like Discworld’s Assassins.”

“Very well,” declared Professor Von Drake. “Dr. Banner, could you show the one needing the sensors to the necessary workstation?”

“Fine,” grunted the Hulk. Kit-10 followed the Hulk out of the room.

“Everyone else, follow me, please,” directed Professor Von Drake. He led us to a room that had a door on the other end and a workstation with a monitor near the door. “Now, to see if the cameras work,” muttered Professor Von Drake. He fiddled with the monitor before groaning in frustration.

“Mind if I take a peek?” offered Irina.

“Wear these,” directed Mickey as he tossed her a pair of heavy gloves. “The last person who touched it with his bare hands turned into ashes.”

“Got it,” replied Irina as she put the gloves on. The door opened to allow her access to X’s chamber. Once it shut, Professor Von Drake managed to switch the audio on. “Privet,” (Hello) greeted Irina. “Menya zovut Irina. Kak vas zovut?” (My name is Irina. What’s your name?)

“Ex,” was the reply. The tone…sounded hauntingly familiar.

“…Lights,” requested Irina.

“What?” asked Professor Von Drake.

“Lights!” repeated Irina. Professor Von Drake then keyed in a command.

“The lights SHOULD be on,” reported the Professor.

“They are,” replied Irina, “but now I wish they weren’t. It’s a Dalek. Shocker Rift casing, Drone Class if the color scheme is anything to go by.”

“Not what I wanted to hear,” I groaned.

“Good news, the Dalek is damaged,” continued Irina. “Better news, it’s unarmed. A perfect opportunity to destroy it.”

“What?! NO!” protested Professor Von Drake.

“Professor, with all due respect,” countered Gandalf, “that is not your decision to make.”

“Proceed with the Dalek’s destruction,” I directed.

“Spasibo,” (Thank you) bid Irina.

“Vortex Driver!” announced her belt.

“Henshin!” called Irina. The machinery of the wardrobe could be heard as it attached her armor to her. Professor Von Drake quickly opened the door to try and stop her but she was already in her Rider persona, Kamen Rider Climb. Professor Von Drake and Mickey tried to hold her back as I tried to get them out of the way. During our struggle, however, we all failed to notice a particle of light from Climb’s wardrobe land on the Dalek. It enveloped the killer and reactivated a few systems. We all stopped struggling when we heard it gurgle.

“Rift…particle…extrapolated,” it croaked. “Beginning…casing…regeneration!” It then started moving!

“EVERYONE OUT!” I shouted. We all managed to get out and seal the room.

“Why are you so panicked?” asked Professor Von Drake. “The lock has 387,420,489 possible combinations. It can’t get out.”

“That may be a drone Dalek, but it’s still a genius,” I argued. “It can calculate a trillion combinations in ten seconds flat!”

“It’s over ten seconds right now,” observed War.

“…You’re right, it should be attacking us by now,” I realized.

“It’s unarmed, remember?” reminded Climb.

“That plunger can crush a man’s skull!” I replied.

“A slow death, too slow for a Dalek,” countered Climb.

“Why do you talk about that ‘Dalek’ as if it is a bad guy?!” snapped Professor Von Drake.

“Since they aren’t native to your universe and since I’m the expert on their native universe, I’ll explain,” I began. “The Daleks are an alien race originally a humanoid race called the Kaleds. The Kaleds were at war with the Thals, embroiled in a nuclear war over control of their mutual home planet of Skaro. To try and break the thousand year deadlock, the Kaled Chief Scientist, Davros, accelerated the mutations of his species into their ‘Ultimate’ state. What he created, he placed in a metal war machine. Cue the Dalek Empire, spanning across time and space in more ways than one. Because of their liberal use of time travel, the Dalek Empire threatens to collapse under the weight of its own paradoxes.”

“…You mean…” gulped Mickey.

“That thing has something alive inside,” confirmed Alesandro.

“We have had one too many dealings with the Daleks,” muttered Gandalf.

“Well, it’s unarmed, as you say,” mused Professor Von Drake. “Perhaps we can reason with it?”

“Reason with it?” repeated Hiroki. “Professor, you DON’T reason with a Dalek. They can’t be reasoned with.”

“Nonsense,” dismissed the Professor. ‘Everything wants something!”

“Who is one of your more brilliant colleagues?” I asked.

“Shuri of Wakanda,” answered the Professor.

“And Wakanda’s population is?” quizzed War.

“6,000,000,” replied the Professor.

“All dead,” declared Charline. “If the Dalek gets out, it will kill every Wakandan. Man, woman, child, it makes little difference to the Dalek.”

“Why would it WANT to kill innocent people?!” snapped the Professor, still not believing us.

“Because we’re genetically inferior,” explained Discornia. “The Daleks hold the belief that they are the purest life-forms in existence. Any other life-form is an abomination that must be, as they so eloquently put it, exterminated. It’s the ultimate racial cleanser and now it’s loose!” The door then hissed as it opened to reveal the Dalek.

“Weapons!” I called as those of us who didn’t transform into our Rider personas readied our belts.

“Parlay!” barked the Dalek.

“…Pardon?” I quizzed.

“I invoke the right of Parlay!” replied the Dalek.

“…ARE YOU KIDDING?!” I shouted.

“Like you would know what Parlay means!” taunted Alesandro.

“I do!” barked the Dalek. “Neither side has a clear advantage!”

“You don’t have a gunstick, we have weapons to pierce your hide,” I argued. “I’d say WE have the advantage!”

“My shielding is online!” replied the Dalek. “I can cancel out any attacks, be they melee or ranged! When you tire, my shield will be down. Once you regain your strength and resume the assault, my shield will be restored and the cycle begins again!” I then sighed.

“Stalemate, then,” I muttered. “All right, we’ll hear you out.”

“Michael!” snapped Irina, remembering when she was put into a coma on Skaro.

“I don’t like it any more than you do,” I replied. I then turned to the Dalek. “Proceed.”

“You are looking for War’s Source and the Tarlaxian Scout ship!” began the Dalek. A statement rather than a question.

“Correct,” I answered.

“Both are believed to have been taken to the Eastern-European country of Latveria!” reported the Dalek. “Doctor Doom and his wife, Maleficent, intend to dissect the Tarlaxians within 103,984.8 rels!”

“…How long is a rel?” asked the Professor.

“Three Earth seconds!” answered the Dalek. Professor Von Drake then started calculating, first multiplying 103,984.8 by three, then dividing that answer by sixty, then dividing by sixty again to get 86.654 hours.

“These ‘Tarlaxians’,” he reported, “have three days, fourteen hours, 39 minutes, and fourteen seconds before they’re taken apart!”

“Latveria is also in possession of my weapon!” barked the Dalek.

“So, we go talk to Doctor Doom,” I guessed, “and convince him not to dissect the Tarlaxians while you grab your gunstick and then we’ll fight over the Source?”

“Correct!” replied the Dalek.

“…Done,” I answered.

“Not done!” barked War.

“Done,” countered Irina.

“The Daleks put you into a coma!” snapped War.

“It was Davros who put me into a coma,” argued Irina.

“Because that makes it SO much better!” growled War.

“We need the Source,” I countered. “Dalek, we agree to your terms.”

“Very well!” barked the Dalek. “We will proceed immediately! Immediately!” I called up Kit-10.

“Kit-10, there’s a change of plans,” I began. “Meet us in the hangar. We’re taking X to Latveria. Keep your stun blaster trained on it as X is a Dalek Drone.”

“…And why, pray tell, are we taking a Dalek to Latveria?” quizzed Kit-10.

“Its weapon, the Source, and the Tarlaxian Scout ship are located there,” I explained. “We have a truce until the Dalek is rearmed, then we proceed to fight over the Source.”

“A rather shaky truce,” muttered Kit-10. “On my way.” She ended the call.

“The hangar’s this way,” directed Mickey. He led us all through the castle to the hangar.

“While we’re walking, I have a question,” called Alesandro. “Did Maleficent REALLY marry Doctor Doom?”

“She did,” replied Mickey. “I wasn’t invited. Then again, it was a villains-only wedding. Iago DID get me footage of the…”

“SILENCE!” barked the Dalek.

“You’re not in a position to give orders!” I snapped as I advanced on the Dalek.

“KEEP AWAY!” yelped the Dalek as it reversed.

“I knew it,” I hissed, “you’re scared without your precious gunstick.”

“Can we please?!” snapped Mickey. “We’re here.” We had entered the hangar, united with Kit-10,  and boarded an aircraft with Mickey’s usual symbol on it. We boarded the vessel and sat down in various seats while Mickey took the pilot’s seat and Professor Von Drake took the Copilot’s seat. The Dalek just stood there, twitching all the while. “Could somebody strap X in?” called Mickey.

“That is not required!” barked the Dalek. “I will remain on the floor if we encounter turbulence!”

“How do you know?!” I snapped as I fastened safety straps onto Kit-10.

“…I am Dalek Drone 8872345!” declared the Dalek.

“You’re a murderous b*****d that feels only hatred,” I hissed as we strapped in.

“All flight checks complete,” called Professor Von Drake. “We’re cleared for departure!”

“Off we go!” cheered Mickey as he fired up the engines. The hangar doors opened and we took off, making a beeline towards Latveria.

Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Movie Chapters

Chapter 8

The Latverian Air Force didn’t take too kindly to our arrival. “Incoming aircraft, you are invading Latverian Air Space!” warned a heavily accented woman’s voice over the radio. “Turn back immediately or we will open fire!”

“Ignore!” barked the Dalek. “Proceed! Nothing must halt the mission!”

“…What was that?” quizzed the woman.

“For once, listen to the dust bin,” I urged Mickey. He terminated communications and we continued on our flight path. The Latverian Air Force then opened fire on us. We took a couple of hits before Mickey made a decision.

“It’s too hot for me to land!” he called. “You fellas need to make a drop towards Doom’s Castle! Professor, take over! I’m going with them!”

“Understood!” I called.

“Got it!” confirmed the Professor. He then took Mickey’s seat as the mouse opened the rear whilst we stood up. The Dalek turned towards the opening.

“Advance!” it barked.

“I give the orders around here!” I shouted. “Onwards!” We all shouted “Henshin!” and leapt out of the craft. Alesandro’s belt called “Open! Turn! Imagine! The Crossbow of Striker!” Alesandro took the image of a 17th century Spanish knight, adopting his Rider name of Kamen Rider Striker. We landed in the courtyard of Doom’s castle, all the soldiers leveling their guns at us. “I apologize for our abrupt entrance,” I began, “but we need an audience with Lord Doom.”

“My husband is away,” replied a cold, callous woman’s voice. Maleficent then stepped into the courtyard, drawn to her full height. “I rule here at the moment. State your business.”

“My Lady,” I explained, “it has been brought to our attention that you have this one’s weapon,” I gestured towards the Dalek, “on top of non-human prisoners and an orange crystal sphere.”

“What interest are they to you?” demanded Maleficent.

“They are very dangerous to anyone, especially one of your magnificence,” I explained.

“Flattery will get you flattened,” threatened Maleficent. “Suppose I refuse?”

“Then…one of our sides may live to regret it,” I sighed.

“I see,” replied Maleficent. “You have a lot of gall to just barge into Latveria like that. But, you temper it with showing me the proper respect. I must say, you seem much more worthy of being a king than Aurora’s father. I will not give in to rash impulses. Shall we discuss this over dinner?”

“We cannot delay!” barked the Dalek. “You will…!”

“Be quiet!” I snapped. “Show some respect! She is a ruler and requires a fair amount of manners towards her!” I turned to Maleficent. “Please excuse my compatriot, it comes from a culture that simply takes what it wants, showing no respect for other life. A bit of a god complex.”

“Just remind it of its place,” warned Maleficent. She turned to the troops. “Stand down. They are guests in this castle.” The troops obeyed and went back to their normal duties. “Follow me to the dining hall,” Maleficent directed us. As we all powered down into our civilian forms, we followed her to a magnificent dining hall. Chefs were serving up the dishes as we sat. The Dalek twitched as it watched us. “I must say, this brashness is unlike you, Mickey,” mused Maleficent.

“I apologize,” replied Mickey, “but when life is threatened, I can’t turn my back.”

“The knowledge we would acquire,” continued Maleficent, “would be very prized. How else can we obtain it?”

“Perhaps ask the Tarlaxians?” I suggested.

“They never talked,” replied Maleficent. “We had to resort to torture, but they still refused to speak.”

“Torture?” remarked War as she tore into a drumstick with her hands. “A mere test of resilience on Tarlax.”

“We could tell you,” offered Alesandro.

“Alesandro!” I admonished.

“Actually, a fair trade,” countered Charline.

“It IS the most logical option we have,” supplied Kit-10.

“And if you’re lying?” inquired Maleficent.

“Attach us to all the lie detectors you have,” replied Alesandro, “cast a truth spell, anything to assure you we’re not lying.”

“And yet a lie was fed to you, specifically,” chuckled Maleficent.

“…Perdón?” (I beg your pardon?) quizzed Alesandro.

“The instant you came in here,” explained Maleficent, “I’ve cast multiple truth spells around you lot and probed your minds. Alesandro, was it? Has Megumi ever tried to hide anything from her team before you joined?”

“No,” replied Alesandro.

“Michael, same question,” directed Maleficent. Unfortunately, my mouth was not under my control.

“Yes, she did,” I said. “Before we fought Vortech in 1885 Hill Valley, Megumi kept Batman, Gandalf, Hongo, and Wyldstyle in the dark about the true nature of the threat. When she learned that X-PO had actually sent for them, she had an emotional collapse.”

“…A lie, sí?!” pleaded Alesandro.

“…I’m sorry, but no,” sighed Gandalf.

“…You kept a secret from me?!” accused Alesandro. “I told you that I had trust issues within my family! I thought I could start with a new family with no secrets! I can’t begin to tell you how betrayed I feel!”

“Alesandro, I…!” I began.

“¡Cállate!” (Shut up!) roared Alesandro. “You don’t deserve to speak!”

“Oh, how things fall apart,” chuckled Maleficent.

“Madam, we’ve tried to be nice,” growled War, “but our patience is at an end! Hand over that which we seek or your castle will be destroyed!”

“You dare threaten me?!” challenged Maleficent. “In my own castle, you dare threaten the Mistress of All Evil?!”

“We know worse bad girls!” taunted War.

“Please! No!” I begged. “Let’s all calm down and…where’s the Dalek?! WHERE’S THE GODDAMNED DALEK?!” The damned thing scuttled off in search of its weapon!

“Mistress, the robot has entered the vault,” reported a soldier over the comms. “Somehow, it bypassed all the security codes and gained entrance. It’s moving towards me. I’ll stop it.”

“You can’t!” I warned. “Get out of there before it kills you!”

“…One of the guests?” guessed the soldier.

“It is,” replied Maleficent. “Ignore. It only has a plunger. On screen.”

“Yes, My Lady,” obliged the soldier. The screen showed the soldier approaching the Dalek.

“Stand aside!” barked the Dalek as it held its plunger towards the man’s head.

“What are you going to do?” scoffed the soldier. “Plunge my toilet?” The plunger then grabbed the soldier’s face and created a powerful enough suction to crush the man’s skull and dehydrate the skin until the soldier fell to the floor, dead.

“All soldiers, converge on the vault!” ordered Maleficent. “Kill the creature inside!” As more soldiers moved, the Dalek placed its plunger on a glass casing. It created a vacuum that cracked the glass until it shattered, revealing the signature gunstick of a Dalek. It floated towards the empty socket and installed itself into the Dalek.

“All systems operational!” reported the Dalek. The soldiers then arrived and leveled their guns. Someone shouted an order to fire, as if it would make a difference. The bullets and laser weapons had no effect. The laser fire seemed to be absorbed into the shields while the bullets, unbeknownst to people that didn’t watch Doctor Who, were dissolved. The Dalek then aimed its gunstick and said the one word I prayed I’d never hear during this mission. “EXTERMINATE!” The soldier was gunned down by the Dalek’s weapon, scrambling his insides as he fell. The rest fell the same way. Mickey gasped, never imagining such carnage. “The Dalek race is superior!” boasted the Dalek. “All shall bow before us!” Maleficent then shut off the visual link.

“Now do you see how dangerous that thing is?!” I snapped. “Now do you see why I was holding it back?! Even when it didn’t have a gun, it could still kill people and counter your spells! Not even your dragon form could destroy it!”

“What…manner of creature IS that thing?!” breathed Maleficent, the gravity of the situation dawning on her.

“I’d like to know that myself,” boomed a voice. There, holding himself high, clad in armor with a green tunic and cloak with cowl, and a face hidden behind a silver mask, was Doctor Doom, Lord and Emperor of Latveria. “It slaughtered my best soldiers as if they were nothing,” boomed Doom. “Those men and women were trained in dealing with all manners of threats.”

“Not the threat of a Dalek, Lord Doom,” I argued. “It’s an alien mutant from the planet Skaro, from another universe. It’s been genetically engineered and locked within a metal casing, conditioned to hate non-Dalek life-forms.”

“I was put into a coma by their creator, Davros,” Irina chimed in, “and he’s a man in a wheelchair!”

“Well, with super-powered experts on that creature, we may prevail,” mused Doom.

“By the skin of our teeth, if we’re lucky,” I replied.

“In the meantime,” declared Doom as he keyed in a command on a screen from one of his gloves, “Castle Doom is in lockdown. No one goes in or out. I will not have that Dalek kill any of my people.”

“A wise decision,” I praised. “Can you, at least, tell your men to stick to surveillance while we deal with it?”

“You ARE including my wife and I in this endeavor, I trust?” requested Doom.

“Wouldn’t dream of leaving you two out,” I replied, realizing I slightly lied. Maleficent’s spells must have worn off.

“All soldiers, report all observations on the enemy,” Doom ordered over the comms. “Do not engage. Repeat, do NOT engage! I will not lose any more men.” He ended the broadcast once he got the Dalek’s location from a soldier. “The enemy is moving towards the Foundry. We shall meet it there.” He led the way to the Foundry and we met the Dalek. “Dalek, I warn you!” called Doom. “You have killed too many of my people! If you do not leave, the sonic cannons lining the walls will tear you asunder!”

“Your sonic cannons have already been adapted to!” barked the Dalek. “Your threat means nothing! My mission of reconnaissance and conquest shall continue!”

“A Recon Dalek!” I breathed. “I’m honored! Tell me, what does Hiro want with the Sources.”

“The barrier shall be lowered!” replied the Dalek.

“I take it, you’re talking about the barrier surrounding Foundation Prime?” I guessed.

“Correct!” confirmed the Dalek. “With the Rift Loop collapsed, we need no longer fear Vortech!”

“The Rift Loop collapsed?” I quizzed. “What does that mean? The Doctor set up the Loop. All of her, in fact.”

“The Doctor failed to realize,” boasted the Dalek, “that Vortech’s presence made the Rift Loop unstable! With that gone, Vortech’s life signs vanished!”

“Hold on, are you seriously telling us Lord Vortech is dead?” asked Hiroki.

“Correct!” confirmed the Dalek.

“But, what could you…?” asked Charline.

“No more questions!” barked the Dalek. “Exterminate!” At that moment, I drew my Sonic Screwdriver and leveled it at the gun. A wisp of blue smoke came out, but nothing lethal.

“Nice try!” I laughed.

“Your sonic device will not save you!” barked the Dalek. “I am already adapting around it!”

“Yeah, you Recon Daleks have a tendency to do that,” I muttered.

“You have a sonic device?” quizzed Doom.

“Yep!” I replied. “Called the Sonic…” I stopped myself, figuring Doom would take issue with the name.

“Sonic what?” asked Doom.

“It’s just sonic!” I answered.

“Sonic what?!” repeated Doom.

“It’s just sonic!” I insisted. “I’m all sonic’d up!”

“Sonic device override!” announced the Dalek.

“SONIC WHAT?!” roared Doom.

“SCREWDRIVER!” I finally answer as I pointed it at a large thing held up by chains. The chains were undone and the thing fell.

“Exterminate!” shouted the Dalek. Too late, the thing separated us from the Dalek.

“RUN!” I call. Doom knew the way to a safe room, thus he led us there. We spent the time catching our breath.

“…A sonic screwdriver?!” protested Doom. “That sounds a little contrived, even for Doom! Doom would never look at a screwdriver and say, ‘This could be more sonic’!”

“What, Doom was never bored?!” I mocked. “Doom, of all people, never had a long night or had a lot of cabinets to put up?”

“Did you just mock Doom’s habit of talking in the third person?!” snarled Doom.

“You sound ridiculous doing that!” I argued.

“Doom is currently panicked!” snapped Doom. “Talking in the third person helps Doom relax!”

“Can we save it?!” snarled War.

“You’re right,” I concede. “We have a very angry Dalek ready to kill us all. All right; assets, everyone. What do we have?”

“Most of us have transformation belts,” helped Hiroki.

“A good asset,” I replied.

“Doom and I know the layout of the castle,” offered Maleficent.

“A good asset,” I answered.

“Doom is a technological and magical genius,” boasted Doom.

“A good asset,” I concede.

“I have a magical key that functions as a sword,” supplied Mickey.

“A good asset,” I praised.

“I have the Elemental Keystone,” offered Gandalf.

“A good asset,” I replied.

“I’m a robot that can interface with any computer and I possess a stun blaster,” called Kit-10.

“Good assets,” I remarked.

“Wait a minute,” called Discornia, piping up after a while, “I have my awesome powers of light and sound, if I may boast, and I just remembered something wicked about the Source, if I may boast.”

“That’s right!” recalled War. “The Dalek is in danger if it touches it!”

“It is?” I quizzed.

“The Sources amplify the feeling attached to the aspect they signify,” explained War. “Death causes grief, Pestilence brings hopelessness, Chaos sparks uncertainty, Famine induces resentment…”

“And War inspires anger!” I realized. “The Dalek IS in danger! Now that’s enough good assets to form a plan! Doom, can you allow Kit-10 to guide the Dalek to the Source?”

“I’ll need to input various passwords,” replied Doom as he revealed a computer terminal for Kit-10 to interface with.

“That will make the work easier on me,” assured Kit-10.

“Excellent!” I praised. “Now, once the Dalek spots the Source and is close enough…”

The Dalek was guided to the Source and clapped its eyestalk on it. “Source located!” it cheered. “Beginning retrieval!” It then moved forward. Once it was in the center of the room, I noisily entered in my Rider persona of Kamen Rider Battle. It heard my steps and turned towards me.

“Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!” I called.

“Exterminate!” it squawked. It then fired only for the shot to be absorbed by a shield Doom had erected once the Dalek got to the center of the room.

“If the Doctor wasn’t that daft, why should you assume a companion is?” I taunted. Everyone then joined me. Those that had a Rider persona had changed into it.

“Hide behind your shield!” barked the Dalek. “You and your associates, you have failed!”

“Dalek, I’m giving you one chance!” I snapped back. “Leve this universe at once!”

“You are not my commander!” replied the Dalek. I sighed.

“I tried,” I muttered. “I really gave it a chance. You all saw it, right?” The general consensus was yes. “Now, we’re fast enough for this plan to work, correct?” There was a bit of mumbling before Doom responded for everyone.

“Possibly,” he stated.

“Well, THAT needs work!” I hissed. “All right, everyone, Catchphrase time!

“Kamen Rider Climb! Mountains are a warrior’s best friend!”

“Kamen Rider Sengoku! You shall get a taste of Feudal Japan!”

“Kamen Rider War! This battlefield is mine!”

“Kamen Rider Battle! For friends and family, I shall be victorious!”

“Kamen Rider Herald O! I bring news of your defeat!”

“Kamen Rider Striker! None shall delay victory!” called Alesandro.

“I am Gandalf the Grey! Prepare to see some fireworks!”

“I am Discornia, the Dazzling Dancer!”

“I am Kit-10! You shall fall before my claws, both digital and physical!”

“All shall bow before Doctor Doom!”

“You shall be ashes at the feet of Maleficent, Mistress of All Evil!”

“I’m Mickey Mouse! The light of imagination shall show the way!”

“The Dalek race is supreme!” boasted the Dalek.

“DOOM! NOW!” I called. Doom keyed in a command and dropped the shield. We then spread out as the Dalek fired on us.

“All shall be exterminated! Exterminate!” shrieked the Dalek. Mickey stopped by a door and heard something pounding on it from the other side. He used his Keyblade to unlock it and revealed…the crew of the Tarlaxian scout ship! The crew was as follows, Captain Bladriga; a male that had multiple blades for his limbs and digits, Commander Crabordii, a female that was based on a hermit crab, and Lieutenant Draknarg, a male based on a western dragon. They seemed to be recovering from injuries and I remembered Maleficent saying they had resorted to torture to no avail. Mickey had cast a healing spell and helped them recover faster.

“Thank you!” bid Bladriga.

“How do we know he’s not part of some elaborate…?!” snarled Draknarg. He was interrupted by one of the Dalek’s shots flying over his head. “Okay, bigger priorities,” muttered Draknarg as he drew his blade. His crewmates did the same as Crabordii waved Mickey over.

“You might need this,” she offered. “A little extra protection.” The object was a Chronicle Driver! Mickey looked at it in awe, then equipped it onto his waist. It formed the belt strap automatically.

“Chronicle Driver!” it announced. He then fished out an Armor Auto-bio and pointed at his enemy with both his pointer and middle fingers. He then turned the hand sideways as if the fingers were a key.

“Henshin!” he called before inserting the Armor Auto-bio into the shelf and pressing it down into the buckle.

“Open! Turn! Imagine!” announced the belt. “The Keyblade of Lux!” Mickey’s armor attached itself to his little body, even his tail and head, and he stood proud after the eyes flashed, indicating the transformation was a success. Mickey examined himself briefly before drawing his new Keyblade and leaping into the air.

“EYES SHUT!” he warned. We all shut our eyes while the Dalek foolishly looked up.

“LIGHT!” announced Mickey as he summoned a bright light. I heard a crack, then the Dalek screamed.

“VISION IMPAIRED!” it screamed. “ENTERING SIEGE MODE!” When I was sure the light had died down, I noticed that the Dalek was different. Its sensor spheres, eyestalk, speech indicators, and armaments had retreated into the casing with covers over the holes while the collar around the neck had slammed shut, covering the neck. It didn’t move, most likely too focused on fixing the eyestalk.

“NOW!” I called. Striker and Doom grabbed the Source and attached it to the Dalek’s backside while Kit-10 and War used a small laser each to weld the Source to the casing. The Dalek started twitching.

“What did you attach to my casing?!” it demanded as it disengaged Siege Mode.

“I must say, the Siege Mode thing is smarter than your usual screaming about your blindness and firing wildly,” I mused, not answering as the Dalek’s dome and newly repaired eyestalk whirled violently around to identify the object on its back.

“What did you attach to my casing?!” the Dalek demanded again. “My…hatred…is reaching…unacceptable tolerances!”

“War’s Source amplifies the emotions and feelings associated with her aspect,” I explained, repeating the lecture Discornia and War gave. “Since you Daleks are born with hatred and anger towards the existence of non-Dalek life-forms, it’s making that hatred go through the roof until you want to destroy everything with no reason and no sense of purpose, even yourself! A blind killing machine! In other words, the Dalek Factor cranked up to eleven!”


“Gandalf! Maleficent! Doom! Now!” I called. Doom activated a shield around the Dalek as it fired blindly. Maleficent and Gandalf used their magic to reinforce the shield.

“And a little more power,” called Gandalf. “Elemental Keystone, activate! Element of lightning, all allies!” We were all surrounded in a cyan aura and felt an electric charge tingle through us. Us Vortex Riders spun the wheels on our belts while Mickey and Striker pressed the button on top of their belts and War rotated her belt’s sword a full 360⁰ before pressing down again.

“Final attack!” called the Vortex Drivers.

“Final Pen Stroke!” announce the Chronicle Drivers. We all leapt into the air as Gandalf, Kit-10, Discornia, Doom, the Tarlaxian crew, and Maleficent fired a stream of lightning at the shields.






“RIDER STRIKER KICK!” announced Alesandro.

“RIDER LUX KICK!” shouted Mickey. We all then performed a flying kick at the shield as the rest stopped their attacks. The Dalek was still violently firing until its own shields came down and it exploded, scattering its gooey remains all over the inside of the shield. The only things left intact were the skirt section and the Source. Doom turned the shield off so we could get a look. A rather nasty smell assaulted our noses, coming from the dead Dalek. Crabordii braved a look and gasped.

“I thought the internal creature was underdeveloped with vestigial limbs and sensory organs, almost ameboid,” she recalled.

“This one seems altogether different than what you just described,” remarked Doom. “This one has functional appendages with some form of mechanical prosthesis grafted into its body.”

“Davros must have dusted off the plans for his old Imperial Daleks,” I mused as all of us Riders cancelled our transformations.

“I think I’m going to be sick,” groaned Maleficent.

“Now, at the risk of sounding rude,” snarled Doom as he turned to us, “a good number of men and women died at that creature’s hand! You brought death into my castle! Take your Tarlaxians and your Source and get out!”

“…Understandable, Lord Doom,” I replied.

“May I come with you?” asked Mickey. “I think I’d need some training for my new Rider form.”

“If you wish, then very well,” I answered. “What did your Chronicle Driver say when you transformed?”

“I think it said ‘The Keyblade of Lux’,” recalled Mickey.

“Then that makes you Kamen Rider Lux,” I explained as I took out the communicator. War held the Source and examined it for any damage. “Vorton, we’re ready to return,” I called. “Mission accomplished. Mickey Mouse will be joining us as well as other Tarlaxians”

“Good to know,” replied the Doctor’s voice.

“Doctor?!” I yelped. “What are you doing on Vorton?”

“Are you familiar with Rose Tyler?” asked the Doctor as the portal opened.

“Your first companion after the Last Great Time War,” I recalled. “You two had a romantic attraction towards each other. Why? Did she find you again?”

“No, but a clone of her did,” explained the Doctor. “Do you mind talking to her when you get back?”

“Of course,” I promised. “See you later. Michael out.” I hung up and we went into the portal, arriving back on Vorton after a minute. The Doctor and Megumi greeted us. “Where’s the Rose clone?” I asked.

“This way,” directed the Doctor. She led me to a spare room where the Rose clone was watching the first Dalek episode of the revived Doctor Who. It was the scene within Van Statten’s cage. The 9th Doctor spoke.

“What the hell are you here for?” demanded Nine.

“I am waiting for orders!” replied the former last of the Daleks.

“What does that mean?” asked Nine.

“I am a soldier!” barked the Dalek. “I was bred to receive orders!”

“Well, you’re never gonna get any!” hissed Nine. “Not ever!”

“I demand orders!” screamed the Dalek.

“Excuse me?” I called. The Rose clone shook as I had apparently startled her.

“You…are new,” she ventured as she paused the video.

“I’m Michael Archer, Kamen Rider Battle,” I introduced myself. “I take it you don’t know what or who you are?”

“…No,” muttered the Rose clone. Que the awkward silence.

“So…how are you doing?” I asked.

“Nothing…feels…right,” mumbled the Rose clone.

“Maybe if you had a change of outfit…?” I offered.

“That’s not what I meant,” answered the Rose clone. “Besides, I don’t feel like changing out of my outfit. It’s mine, not hers.” I guessed the “her” was the original Rose Tyler.

“I believe I understand,” I assured her as I sat on the bed next to her.

“…The Doctor thinks I’m Rose’s clone,” muttered the Rose clone.

“I don’t suppose you have any leads on that?” I asked.

“No one does,” sighed the Rose clone.

“Do you have a name?” I inquired. “I mean, it would only cause the Doctor heartache in both of her hearts if we called you ‘Rose’.”

“The Doctor suggested ‘Daisy’,” grumbled the Rose clone.

“A little on the nose, even for the Doctor,” I mused.

“I don’t know who I am,” sighed the Rose clone. “Every name I’ve been given feels wrong, even ‘Rose’. I suppose it’s because I’m NOT her.”

“You’re not required by any law to be Rose Tyler,” I assured her. “Be your own person.”

“But I need to conform somehow,” mumbled the Rose clone. “If I’m not her, then I need to know who I am. On the other hand, if I AM a clone, then who cloned me?”


I had retreated into my quarters on Vorton and took off my Chronicle Driver, tossing it onto the dresser. I needed to be alone. I looked at the calendar and saw the day circled. “Feliz cumpleaños, Tío,” ( Happy Birthday, Uncle) I sighed. Just then, the door chimed. “Adelante,” (Come in) I called. Mickey came in.

“You live in an AWESOME place!” he praised.

“Gracias,” (Thank you) I mumbled. Mickey noticed my mood.

“Is everything okay?” he asked.

“No, not really,” I muttered. “I’m thinking of leaving the FNS.”

“…I think I have a guess why,” mused Mickey, “but could you tell me so I can see if I was right?”

“I came from a totally dysfunctional family that always kept secrets,” I explained. “My uncle was the only one I could rely on. When he died, I felt like I had to get away. After Academy and the FNS gave me a fresh start. I thought I could get away from secret keeping, but what I heard in Doom’s castle gave me horrible flashbacks! Is it wrong that I feel angry at the FNS?”

“No, in this instance,” replied Mickey, “your feelings are legitimate.”

“It’s just…I’m not sure I want this kind of life!” I continued.

“Where will you go?” asked Mickey.

“I’m not sure,” I answered.

“While I’d be saddened at the implication that my arrival in all of this would mean I replaced you,” sighed Mickey, “I do know some areas in my domain that could use you.”

“I appreciate that,” I bid. “Let me think it over.”

“I WOULD strongly suggest that you talk to Megumi before you go,” urged Mickey.

“…Why?” I hissed.

“Because, if you don’t,” answered Mickey, “you’ll be leaving with no feeling of closure.” He left my room on that note.

Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Chapters

Chapter 13

“I’m very disappointed in you, Lex and Hiro,” rumbled Vortech as he dangled Hiro and Lex Luthor in front of him.

“It’s not my fault!” protested Lex. “You should have warned me Batman and his cronies would be there!”

“I did!” argued Hiro. “You were the one who underestimated them!”

“Batman? Again?!” snapped Vortech as he released the two of them. “Well, if mice are scurrying through my property, then I’d better put down some traps!”

“You do that,” replied Hiro as he picked himself up. He then took out the spheres of Turretorg and Discornia. “In the meantime, I’m going to regenerate these two. They were about to explode back there.” He headed to a terminal with many spheres and inserted the two in his hands into empty slots. Holograms of the monsters appeared in red and showed a status bar.

“Well, I can see Vortech’s no Shocker leader,” called a voice that made Hiro grin. He turned to see Igura. “Such a sloppy man, he can’t even keep the enemy straight,” she muttered.

“He pays well,” explained Hiro, “but he’s no true ruler. He intends to make one perfect universe at the expense of others but doesn’t understand that a multiverse needs to exist to keep ideas fresh, reality stable, and feelings to flourish.” He then remembered something. “Speaking of feelings,” he continued, “do you remember our days in Shocker?”

“Ah, yes,” remembered Igura, “you were one of Shocker’s top scouts. Discovering your belt was what inspired Shocker to make a cyborg super soldier for their needs.”

“Remember when I said that you were the only light in that dark organization?” asked Hiro.

“That was when we were young,” sighed Igura, “when I was young. Now, I am old, and far past my prime. There is someone better for you.”

“Not true,” argued Hiro, “my feelings for you have not changed. I’m going to ask you something, and I want your honest answer. ‘No’ is fine with me.” He got down on one knee and opened a ring box to reveal a ring with an eagle decoration. “Igura, will you spend the rest of your life with me as my wife?” Igura gasped.

“Is this a joke?” she asked as her eyes went misty.

“I never joke about this,” replied Hiro.

“It was a joke when you married Megumi’s mom,” noticed Igura.

“She could never fill the void in my heart that came when I was taken from our home,” answered Hiro. “Well?” He was then taken into Igura’s embrace.

“YES!” she cheered. “I would love to be your wife!” She released Hiro to allow him to slip the ring on her finger. “Of course,” mused Igura as she looked at the ring, “we need to wait for these events to end.”

“Then we need to end them quickly,” chuckled Hiro as he leaned in for a kiss, which was reciprocated. They heard a “Tch!” from behind them and turned to see Ambassador Hell watching them.

“This is exactly what makes humans weak,” he hissed. “You’ve fallen far, Igura. You forget that without me, you would have no power!”

“You forget that a world cannot be conquered unless you control the money,” argued Igura.

“Quite honestly,” mused Hiro, “if I stayed back home, I would have joined Shocker Nova.”

“That would be a very poor move,” countered Ambassador Hell. “Besides, without me, we wouldn’t have any Foundation Elements.”

“I noticed that you haven’t done anything,” said Hiro.

“He’s needed to command his troops,” replied Vortech as he approached them. “A general hardly enters the battlefield and risk getting killed. It would put his troops in disarray!”

“Oh yeah?” commented Hiro. “And you would know? A general that hangs back is a coward in my eyes! He that never fights wouldn’t know how to throw a punch!”

“I can fight!” argued Ambassador Hell.

“Yeah, poorly!” countered Igura.

“Ambassador Hell could probably locate the next Foundation Element without help!” boasted Vortech.

“I could do better!” argued Igura.

“You wouldn’t even last five seconds in another dimension before you start worrying about dirt on your coat!” snapped Ambassador Hell.

“Would you two care to make a wager on the outcome?” asked Hiro.

“I wouldn’t want to bet against your fiancée,” assured Vortech with heavy sarcasm.

“Well, if you two are afraid,” taunted Igura. Ambassador Hell’s claw clamped on Igura’s neck.

“I’m afraid of nothing!” he snarled.

“Prove it!” gasped Igura.

“Ambassador Hell, release her! We’re taking up their wager!” ordered Vortech. Ambassador Hell dropped Igura. “Name your stakes,” requested Vortech. After he made sure Igura was okay, Hiro laid out the wager.

“Once the next Foundation Element is located,” he explained, “we will split into two Shocker branches-only teams. Ambassador Hell will lead Shocker and Igura, Shocker Nova. Whoever finds the Foundation Element and returns here with it is the winner. The loser must prepare the winner’s meal.”

“Done!” agreed Ambassador Hell.

While that was going on, we returned to Vorton and got out of our vehicles. Emily led Hiroki to the med-bay while Batman turned to Gandalf. “That staff’s important, somehow,” guessed Batman.

“We should put it somewhere secure,” suggested Hongo.

“Agreed,” I replied. Gandalf decided to put it away. He leaned it up against a wall. It fell over. He tried again, same results. He was about to try once more when a green hand grabbed it. The owner of the hand, Elphaba, was nose to nose with Gandalf.

“There’s a vault on the same level as the brig,” she snapped. “You can put it there!” She shoved the staff back into Gandalf’s hands. Gandalf recovered as Batman held up the new Keystone.

“This is the Elemental Phase Keystone,” called the mysterious voice. “Also known as the Keystone with the fanciest name.”

“Can’t we just say Elemental Keystone?” I asked.


“Battle arena?” I quizzed.


“Now that sounds awesome!” cheered Sheela.

“We’ll test it out once this mess is over,” I declared. Emily came back to us. “How’s Hiroki?” I asked.

“He’s recovering at a faster rate than most humans do,” reported Emily. “Just a good night’s sleep and he should be all right for tomorrow.”

“Good,” I replied. “I need him ready for the coming fight.”

“Do you think that we’ll be fighting Hiro tomorrow?” asked Gandalf.

“We’ve caused major embarrassment for him by taking the staff and the Elemental Keystone,” I answered. “I think a fight with him is very likely.”

“In the meantime,” requested Elphaba, “could someone technically minded help me? The gateway is making a rattling noise.”

“I’ll check it out,” answered Lukas.

“Let me help,” offered Batman. That’s when the portal opened again. I really didn’t want these people to come through. Why? I had visited their dimension once and loathed it! The people that came out were Bart Simpson, Krusty the Clown, and Homer Simpson, in that order.

“Eat my shorts, you two!” Bart taunted to Homer and Krusty.

“You’re gonna pay for dousing my new business opportunity!” snarled Krusty, in reference to his new flame grilled burgers.

“Why, you little!” shouted Homer. He managed to catch Bart and started strangling him. While that was going on, I decided to get some new i.d tags. How I got them, in fairness, wasn’t gentle, but since I hate their show, I wasn’t gonna lose sleep over what I planned to do. I kicked Homer in the teeth, punched Bart in the face, and threw them into Krusty. Since I already had the Krusty i.d tag, I had now gotten the Homer and Bart ones.

“Now then,” I snarled, “out you go!” I threw them one by one into the portal back to their world and shut it off. “Well,” I remarked, “that was entertaining.”

“Who were those people?!” asked Oren.

“No one you would want in your shop, I can assure you,” replied Emmanuel. While we were in the Vortex, Oren had revealed his past about being a former para-trooper in France, hence why he can speak fluent French, and his training and current job as the head chef and owner of the pastry shop, Charmant II. He never revealed what happened to the original Charmant after the events of Kamen Rider Gaim. It didn’t matter, for at that moment, a portal opened for him. “I guess this is Au revoir for now, Monsieur Oren Pierre Alfonzo,” remarked Emmanuel.

“If you ever visit Zawame, my home town,” invited Oren, “be sure to stop by Charmant II. Au revoir, mes amis!” He then gasped as if he remembered something. “I found this bag on the front steps of Charmant II before that portal united me with you.” He gave us the bag. I opened it to see studs!


“Merci!” I called to Oren. He bowed and then jumped through the portal. “Well,” I said, “who’s up for dinner?” A collective stomach growl came from everyone. “I thought so. Let’s eat.” We headed down to the cafeteria and had our meals. Emily had brought a meal to Hiroki so he could get something in his belly. After a shower, we all went to bed, with Hiroki staying in the med-bay so Emily, with her quarters next door, could check on him.

Death had arrived at the tournament arena we were at and met with someone training a regiment under their command. The armor the leader wore disguised their gender as it gave the appearance of a muscular warrior with an angry face for the helmet design. Death dismounted her horse and approached the armored person. The person turned and took off the helmet to reveal a woman’s face with a scar across her right eye going to her left cheek. “I have come for your aid, War,” whispered Death, “in troubled times. The Vortexons are abroad. Darkness that our sisters, Light and Dark, cannot control is approaching! The Tarlaxians under Vortech’s control are alive and well!”

“Is that all the news you have for me then?” grunted War as she went to improve the stance of one of her soldiers.

“Is that not enough?!” whispered Death. “Vortech is moving again!”

“We can deal with Vortech ourselves, Death,” grunted War. “You and me. One way or another, we’ll have true power as Gods.”

“What talk is this?!” whispered Death. ‘What are you saying, War?!”

“It’s time for us to choose,” grunted War. “A new age is coming to the dimensions. A new power is rising. Nothing that anyone can do will avail against it. Vortech’s enemies are utterly doomed, but his allies…well…I see no downside to a universe of his design. Ultimately, it will lead to eternal…me!”

“Are you saying that we should join with Vortech?!” whispered Death.

“Does that displease you?” grunted War. Her tone became more dangerous. “Where’s the Foundation Saber?! Why does Lacey say she no longer has it?! That blade was crafted by my hands! Have you taken it? Would you rather…”

“General War, forgive the interruption,” called one of War’s commanders, “but our intelligence network has discovered something that might be of interest.” He handed a device over to War.

“What is this?” grunted War.

“After careful study, we’ve determined it to be one of the logs of Vortech’s minions, specifically, Hiro Adachi,” replied the commander

“From the Kamen Rider world?” whispered Death.

“Yes, my lady,” confirmed the commander. “The contents have been unlocked and examined to be sure that it wasn’t doctored. You may want to take a listen before declaring the thing you personify on Death.” War took the log and pressed the play button.

“Rogue’s log, multiverse date: 37th day of the 2019th year of the 9th multiversal age (February 6th, 2019); I have managed to discover that a weapon known as the Foundation Saber is needed to stabilize the elements. I have tried to tell Vortech this, but he’s so convinced that someone may use it to kill him. He’s right though, but he’s not sure where it is. I have revisited the world of the Simpsons to get information from Lacey.” Death gasped. “She said that War had crafted it as one of the few weapons that can harm her.” War arched an eyebrow. “When I told Vortech of this, he said that there is a far cleaner way to defeat War and her associates and bend them to his rule, the Rifle of Tarlax. Since we have enslaved and brainwashed some Tarlaxians, convincing them they are advanced Vortexons, I will ask them where the rifle is. Once we have all four horsemen, Vortech will use the rifle to implant a controller into their skulls since Shocker and Shocker Nova’s methods of brainwashing will prove fruitless. Both branches are working on a solution right now. End log.” War was trembling in anger.

“His allies?” whispered Death. “Vortech claims none. There is a third choice. Stay in the enemy’s council and learn of their plans.”

“Skulk around and pass information like a rat?” grunted War. “No. I see no honor in staying another second as Vortech’s ally.” She turned to her troops. “Ladies and Gentlemen, we march for battle! Prepare for the red rain! Sharpen your blades! Load your guns! We march for glory and victory!” The troops cheered in readiness.

“Not yet!” whispered Death. “We still need to keep the Foundation Saber away from Vortech! There is a weapon that you crafted. Five to be precise.” War turned sharply on Death.

“Are you out of your mind?” she snarled. “Our own transformation belts are bad enough, but the Apocalypse Driver?! We don’t even have a rider that can carry the name Apocalypse. There is a mutant named that, but that dimension is already in turmoil and is beyond even Vortech’s reach!”

“But we DO have a rider that can carry the mantle of Apocalypse,” whispered Death. “Perhaps, you know of whom I speak. An old friend of ours. A goth girl with lacey clothes and a black flower in her hair with a skull in the center.”

“Not Lacey!” grunted War. “She can’t handle such a task. Her humanity would get in the way!”

“Just give her a chance!” insisted Death. War grunted. “She’s proven that she can put aside humanity when duty comes first! She’s a skilled commander! She’s the proper age!” War rolled her eyes.

“Ma’am,” questioned the commander, “what choice do we have? Besides, Lacey is an old friend. She may prove to be a perfect candidate for Apocalypse.” War considered.

“There’s still Pestilence and Famine to convince,” she finally grunted.

“Then we must convince them together,” whispered Death.

“Sadly, War will not join you,” remarked a voice. Everyone turned to see Hiro standing in the seats above. He chuckled as he jumped down to the arena. “Vortech’s not gonna like the fact that you betrayed him, War.”

“I don’t like the fact that you’ve proven yourself to be a rat,” grunted War.

“Hiro, this does not need to devolve into a fight,” whispered Death.

“War started it,” argued Hiro as he loaded his i.d tag. “Henshin!”

“You’re not the only one with a belt like that,” grunted War. “Soldiers, the Bellum Driver, if you please.” A soldier opened a box with a belt inside. It had a black strap with a grey sphere and a sword above it. War put the belt on. “Named after my Latin name,” explained War, “it is a new weapon that will spell your defeat! Henshin!” She slid the sword into the sphere.

“War!” rumbled the belt. Armor appeared, giving the appearance of an angry, orange soldier with pointed canines.

“Kamen Rider War!” roared War. “I shall bring battle to your doorstep!”

“I’m getting in on this too!” whispered Death as she pulled out a black belt with bones going horizontally across and an upside-down skull with the mouth open. Death put the belt on. “Henshin!” she whispered. She turned the skull right-side up, which closed the jaw automatically. The sapphires that made up the eyes started glowing.

“Death!” rumbled the belt. Her armor had a black and white skeletal motif with a cowl and scythe blades on the forearms.

“Kamen Rider Death!” announced Death. “You cannot delay your appointment with me!”

“We’ll see!” declared Rogue. “Kamen Rider Rogue! Stand and deliver!” The two charged at each other. War’s soldiers cheered War and Death on, giving them strength.