Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 7: Chaotic Power Struggle)

TMC 7-7

“WHO?!” cried Metal once he, Megatron, and Eggman heard Soundwave’s report.

“He’s already repeated himself three times over,” hissed Megatron. “I do NOT require Soundwave to repeat it a fourth time. Soundwave, what were those three doing there?”

“They were after the last Emeralds,” explained Soundwave.

“So a third party has the blue and white Chaos Emeralds,” mused Megatron. “I see. Excuse me. Eggman, Metal, and I have business to attend to.” He led them out of the room and down an abandoned hallway. They then stopped. Megatron gave a small grin to Eggman, making the rotund dictator a bit spooked. Megatron then grabbed Eggman by the shirt and slammed him against the wall! “I THOUGHT YOU SAID THEY WERE DEAD!!” he roared.

“Dead to my cause!” replied Eggman. Megatron slammed him against the wall again and released him. “They left me as I built the prototype Orbot, fearing being scrapped.”

“And the current Orbot and Cubot?” asked Metal.

“They ARE scrap metal,” assured Eggman.

“And you forgot about those three?!” snarled Megatron.

“They’re just three bots,” dismissed Metal. “What damage can they do?”

“They know Sonic!” answered Megatron. Eggman then saw the problem.

“They could jeopardize the whole plan!” he gulped.

“Restoring Optimus’ friend!” replied Megatron, reinforcing Eggman’s realization. “We MUST ensure that Sonic falls by Optimus’ hand!”

“Er, my Lord,” called Soundwave, “you may want to see this.”

“Patch it through to here,” ordered Megatron. A screen popped out of the wall as it showed Bokkun giving a speech.

“And so,” addressed Eggman’s former messenger, “a few weeks ago, Eggman allowed the Decepticons asylum from G.U.N., Sonic and his allies, and the Autobots. He’s made an agreement with Megatron, the Decepticon leader. He would assist the Decepticons in conquering Mobius. In exchange, they would improve Eggman’s technologies with their own.”

G.U.N was receiving the same call. “They’ve both held up their ends of the agreement,” continued Bokkun, “but, question: will Eggman consider those that are out of date? Answer: no. After we left, we found ourselves in a state of decay. We had even considered going back to Eggman, but it’s been clear that he has little regard for past robots as they remind him of his numerous defeats at Sonic’s hands. And, on that note, he’s built a new Roboticizer with Decepticon technology, pointing it at Sonic! He now serves as Cyber-Sonic!”

Cyber-Sonic’s optics went wide at the revelation. “And, to make matters worse,” hissed Bokkun, “Cyber-Sonic doesn’t remember his friends! Whatever lies were given to him, he believes. ‘Autobots are terrorists’, ‘Cybertron is dead’, ‘We have no Energon’, ‘You were built by us’, and other such lies. Well, I may have been an enemy to him once, but not again. He won’t be infected by Eggman and Megatron’s lies anymore, not when my people, the Radniks, have the means to restore him.”

The Autobots raised their brows when they heard that. “While my team took the white and blue Chaos Emeralds,” explained Bokkun, “another team, led by a Burrobot called Grounder, raided an old outpost of Eggman’s from the old days. In it was a backup storage for all Roboticized Mobians. In the event of an uprising, an unlikely scenario when Roboticized, Eggman would have used that backup to restore memories, albeit an altered version of them where they would believe they had joined Eggman willingly. That process was never perfected as the memories proved too solid to alter. Eggman had forgotten it over the years, a mistake on his part as Sonic’s memories were sent to that backup.” At that point, Bokkun held up a computer chip with the silhouette of Sonic’s head embossed on it. “This is where his memories reside now. I intend to have it installed into Cyber-Sonic.”

“Teletraan, can you get confirmation on the attack on the old outpost?” asked Optimus.

“Can do,” confirmed Teletraan.

“Agent Rouge, get confirmation on that,” ordered Commander Topaz.

“Yes, Ma’am,” obliged Rouge as she got to work.

“Soundwave, I require confirmation on that!” demanded Megatron.

“You’ll have it,” replied Soundwave.

“Abby, I need confirmation on that attack!” Aleena told her Chief of the Guard.

“At once, Your Majesty!” answered Abby.

“This is the first shot in the Radniks’ war on Eggman and his allies!” said Bokkun. “You’ve heard me right, Eggman. The Radniks, all those robots you tossed aside, formally declare war on you! To any robot that wants a taste of freedom, I urge you, resist! Resist today! Resist tomorrow! Resist until Eggman and his allies answer for their crimes!” Bokkun’s transmission ended.

Soundwave had sent all manner of robots to the outpost to confirm the attack. One of them found the computer core and sent the activity directly into his head. His optics went wide under his visor. Megatron, Eggman, and Metal appeared in the Command Center. “It’s confirmed,” gulped Soundwave. “The activity logs show that Sonic’s memories were transmitted there, then copied over to another storage device.”

“Bokkun intends to keep Sonic’s friendship with Optimus alive,” hissed Megatron. “That’s why he picked that target!”

“Metal,” ordered Eggman, “detail a squadron to find and eliminate the Radniks.”

“All of them?” asked Metal.

“All of them!” confirmed Eggman. “Every single traitor to our cause!”

“…That may take some time,” mused Metal.

“Then I suggest you get started!” snarled Eggman.

“My Lord,” called Shockwave as she approached them, “Cyber-Sonic just stole the Chaos Emeralds and has made it into a tunnel.”

“He’s heard the transmission!” hissed Megatron. “Soundwave, send Ravage after him. Tell him to retrieve Cyber-Sonic and bring him here. Damaged or not, it makes little difference, but he must be kept alive!”

“Ravage, eject! Operation: Retrieval!” ordered Soundwave. Ravage was deployed and sped off after Cyber-Sonic.

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