Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 7: Chaotic Power Struggle)

TMC 7-8

Aleena, Optimus, and Commander Topaz convened in G.U.N HQ. “So, are you aware of what Bokkun said?” asked Aleena.

“That message was broadcast across the planet,” answered Topaz. “I’d be surprised if Eggman and Megatron missed it.”

“Teletraan had confirmed the attack on the outpost,” reported Optimus.

“As did my Royal Guard,” answered Aleena.

“So did Rouge,” replied Topaz. “It looks like Bokkun bought us some valuable time.”

“We need to find a way to help him,” declared Optimus. “Bokkun just proved to be the key to restoring Sonic.”

“I’ve pondered over why Megatron wanted Sonic on his side,” mused Topaz. “It would do severe damage to us if Sonic had to fall by our hands.”

“Let’s see if Sira has heard the news,” remarked Optimus.

“Do you have her number?” asked Aleena.

“That, or he plans for a telepathic conference,” joked Topaz.

“Don’t be ridiculous, I don’t have the training for that,” replied Optimus. He mentally dialed Sira’s number and got the ringtone.

Sira, Natalie, and Amy were doing some yoga in Sira’s personal gym. They were doing the Half-moon pose to their right when the phone rang. Sira looked to the heavens. “Oh, for the love of…!” she snarled.

“I’ll get it,” called Natalie. She headed to an old phone and picked it up. “Mayworth Manor Gymnasium,” she said. “…Oh, hello, Prime! …Yes. …Pardon? …Hold on, let me put you on speaker.” She pressed a button on the side and put the phone back on the hook. “Okay, go ahead,” directed Natalie.

“Have you been informed about the attack on the old Eggman outpost?” asked Optimus over the line.

“It has to be a fake,” insisted Amy. “Bokkun IS an Eggman robot.”

“Not fake at all,” replied Optimus. “G.U.N, the Royal Guard, and the Autobots have confirmed it.”

“What?!” yelped Amy.

“How could anyone move memories onto a computer?” quizzed Sira.

“Does it matter?!” cried Amy. “We have a way to get Sonic back! We’ll invade Bokkun’s hideout, get that chip, and…!”

“We’re not invading Bokkun’s base,” countered Optimus. “We’re trying to meet him.”

“…Is that a joke?!” hissed Amy.

“I understand that there’s bad blood between you and Bokkun,” replied Optimus, “but, right now, with our efforts to restore Sonic hitting a wall, we can’t afford to get that chip by force. Right now, Bokkun holds two Chaos Emeralds.”

“What’s that got to do with it?!” asked Amy.

“It means that Eggman has less of an advantage over us in terms of Chaos Emerald power and tech,” answered Optimus. “If we can get Bokkun and his Radniks on our side, we’ll have intimate knowledge of Eggman’s tech! But, we can’t do that if we threaten him. Aleena, Topaz, and I will meet him soon.”

“…All right, but he’s got a lot to do if he’s gonna convince me he’s on our side,” hissed Amy.

“I understand,” replied Optimus. “I just hope Sonic heard the news as well.”

Cyber-Sonic was running. He could feel his pursuer coming after him. The fact that he couldn’t see confirmed his suspicions of the identity of his hunter, Ravage. Ravage was outfitted with Umbra-chameleon circuits, allowing him to blend in with the shadows. On top of that, his muffler was the most advanced on Cybertron. He could hunt in vehicle mode and no one would ever see him. The tunnel Cyber-Sonic ran into was perfect for Ravage. He was going slightly faster than Cyber-Sonic, who had forgotten his abilities. He was toying with him! The chase went on for a minute until Cyber-Sonic tripped. Ravage then caught up and transformed in mid-air, leaping onto Cyber-Sonic. His claws came out and started raking across Cyber-Sonic. “You are returning to us,” declared Ravage. “You will either terminate Optimus or he will terminate you. There is NO alternative.”

“Let’s agree to disagree!” argued Cyber-Sonic. He then flung something at Ravage’s optics, blinding the bot. It was mud, according to his olfactory sensors. He got the mud off of his eyes and reached for his guns, only, he found ONE gun, not his usual two. He found in Cyber-Sonic’s possession.

“Come now,” laughed Ravage as he leveled his weapon at Cyber-Sonic, “you are not a mech who uses a gun.”

“Perhaps,” agreed Cyber-Sonic. “And I may loathe killing a person with a gun, but…” he pulled the trigger and the shots went wild!

“STOP, YOU IDIOT!” roared Ravage as he dodged. “YOU’LL BRING THE ROOF IN!”

“THAT’S THE IDEA!” called Cyber-Sonic. The tunnel’s roof then started breaking up, chunks of rocks falling on the two.

After fleeing the rockfall, Cyber-Sonic made it out of the tunnel. He ended up in a grassy field by the mountainside. In desperation, trying to get away from Ravage before he got out of the cave-in, he ran to his left and kept running until he saw a cave. His sensors found five Chaos Emerald signatures. “That way!” he said as he took off. If all went well, he could find salvation.

“Target is running into the cave, Mrs. Beller,” reported a soldier as RAAT watched.

“Chaos dammit,” swore Josie Beller. “We don’t have the necessary forces for underground combat. Pull back. Sonic is still too deep into machine territory.”

“At once, Ma’am,” confirmed the soldier. RAAT then started packing up.

“Mark my words,” hissed Josie as she looked to the sky, “when all this is over, I WILL be vindicated.”

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