Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 8: Growing Problems)

TMC 8-9

“…Impossible!” breathed Dark Oak.

“My Lord, what’s going on up there?!” called Yellow Zelkova on the surface.

“Beam everyone up! Now!” ordered Dark Oak. Yellow Zelkova was beamed directly to the front of his chair.

“The Nemesis is hailing us!” reported a Trooper.

“That ship is back?!” yelped Yellow Zelkova.

“Open a channel!” commanded Dark Oak. The Trooper obeyed and the Nemesis’s bridge appeared with Soundwave having just been beamed up and assuming his station at Communications. Megatron sat on a throne in the middle, on the highest platform with steps. Dark Oak was surprised to see Megatron sitting in the Captain’s chair. “Megatronus?” he asked. “Didn’t I see you last at Regulon IV?”

“Given how long it’s been,” replied Megatron, “that you’ve graced the Galactic Stage with your presence, I will overlook your lack of knowledge of recent events. I am here to remind you of old alliances, specifically, the terms of your alliance with us.”

“I am an ally of the Decepticons,” corrected Dark Oak, “not you, you…formerly stuttering idiot. Did you fix your stutter?”

“More like replaced it with the rasp you hear now,” explained Megatron. “It was one of the many steps I took to become Jhiaxus’ successor.”

“YOU command the Decepticons?” scoffed Dark Oak.

“I’ve been commanding the entire faction for some weeks now,” replied Megatron. “By the way, I will be called ‘Megatron’ from now on.”

“If I recollect,” mused Dark Oak, “the Great War is over. As such, no one has a claim to this planet.”

“The ‘Great War’?” hissed Megatron. “That’s what the galaxy calls it these days? In any case, it merely died off for a while. We Decepticons have NEVER lost our rightful goal of Galactic Rule! We were merely waiting for the right moment to strike! So, to clear things up, this planet is STILL contested territory. As such, you will take no action against Mobius unless I authorize it. Are we clear?”

“Lord, you’re not seriously falling for this, are you?!” protested Black Narcissus. “Megatronus is an Autobot!”

“Someone prove Megatronus’ claims,” ordered Pale Bayleaf. A Trooper got to work, then came back with the results.

“Confirmed,” he reported. “This planet is still contested territory and Megatronus…Megatron is in command of the Decepticons.”

“What’s our move here?” asked Red Pine.

“What else can we do?” replied Dark Oak. “The Nemesis would destroy Scarship easily.” He turned back to the screen and Megatron’s smirking face. “The Metarex are at your disposal,” he finished.

“Excellent!” praised Megatron. “Now, it looks like there are TWO starships defending Mobius. One of them happens to be Mobius’ first starship, the other is a Vanguard-class Cybertronian ship flying the Autobot colors. You deal with the Mobian ship, I’ll deal with the Autobot ship.”

“Very well,” replied Dark Oak. The call ended and Scarship moved to engage the Blue Typhoon.

“Prime! Scarship!” called Ironhide as he pointed to the screen.

“I see him!” replied Optimus. “Helm, move us to assist Tails!”

“Bit of a problem!” reported Bumblebee. “The Nemesis is coming between us!”

“They’re charging weapons!” yelped Prowl. “Raising shields to maximum!”

“Status of our weapons?” requested Optimus.

“Primed and ready,” replied Prowl.

“Target their engines,” ordered Optimus. “Try and concentrate your fire on a specific spot. Helm, keep us moving. For all its brilliance, the Nemesis isn’t so good at hitting a moving target.”

“Aye, Sir. Fancy flying parameters set,” replied Bumblebee.

“Now!” called Optimus. The Ark charged at the Nemesis, firing its weapons as it weaved.

“The Autobots are weaving,” reported Thundercracker at Tactical. “I can’t get a lock.”

“Torpedo spread pattern Delta on my mark,” ordered Megatron.

“Megatron, that only works effectively in full space!” protested Starscream. “This close to Mobius’ gravity, they’ll fall uselessly!”

“We’re not aiming at a ship going alongside us,” replied Megatron. “Steady……FIRE!”

“TORPEDOES COMING DOWN ON US!” shouted Ironhide.

“Get to their underside!” ordered Optimus.

“That puts us in range of their…!” countered Bumblebee.

“We’re surrounded by torpedoes!” replied Optimus. “We don’t have a choice! Underside! Now!”

“They are going under us,” reported Shockwave.

“Fire underside weapons!” commanded Megatron.

“Aye, Sir!” confirmed Thundercracker as he let fly. The lasers the Nemesis fired hit the Ark hard.

As the people on board regained their balance from the ship’s rocking, Prowl looked on his console. “Shields at 56%!” he called. “Another hit like that and we lose them!”

“Of course, Megatron would compensate for moving targets!” hissed Optimus. “Get behind them!” The Ark changed course and the Nemesis fired off more lasers. One of the shots hit the starboard bow.

“We’ve just Bow Shields!” reported Prowl.

“Keep us out of range for as much as possible!” ordered Optimus. “Move in only for certain shots!”

The Blue Typhoon wasn’t faring any better. Cosmo had pointed out a few weapons that Scarship didn’t have last time she saw him. Scarship was pursuing the Blue Typhoon. “Maintain course!” urged Tails. “Status of warp engines!”

“Warp engines at 60%!” called Cosmo.

“Status of shields!” requested Tails. The ship rocked.

“Aft shields buckling!” reported a human male, Tobias, at Tactical.

“Transfer auxiliary power to shields!” ordered Tails. Cosmo did so, but the ship was still hit.

“Aft shields gone!” called Tobias. He then moved to Tails’ side. “We can’t win this one!” he said. “We must withdraw and regroup!”

“We can’t do that!” replied Tails. “The Nemesis would take us down in the state we’re in! We’re barely holding it against Scarship!”

“The Mobian Vessel has lost shields and is losing warp power!” reported Scarship.

“Yes, but it’s moving on an erratic path,” mused Pale Bayleaf. “Smart, we can’t lock onto them with our weapons.”

“Well, I have a few missiles with their name on them!” laughed Scarship.

“No,” replied Dark Oak. “Maintain pursuit. They are wounded. Let them bleed.”

“That ship is resilient!” reminded Yellow Zelkova. “We’ll lose our chance!”

“The way an enemy behaves when wounded,” argued Dark Oak, “is the key to its destruction. Maintain pursuit.”

“Guys,” called Tails, “I have an idea!” Tobias returned to Tactical when he heard that. “New course!” ordered Tails. “3-0-7-Mark-2-7-5!”

“Captain,” protested the female Cobra, Amber, at the Helm, “that takes us dangerously close to…!”

“Trust me!” assured Tails. The Blue Typhoon then made a direct course for Mobius’ sun!

“They’re entering their sun’s corona!” reported a Trooper.

“Maintain pursuit!” commanded Dark Oak.

“Tails, we’ll be reaching the photosphere in 30 seconds!” called Tobias.

“Standby to enter warp on my command!” ordered Tails. “Set course to 2-5-0-Mark-0-1-5!” A pair of consoles sparked.

“Shields failing!” reported Tobias. “Outer hull temperature exceeding design limits!” The ship rocked again as the Metarex fired.

“Captain!” shouted Cosmo.

“Maintain course!” urged Tails.

“The Metarex are closing on us!” reported Tobias.

“Standby!” insisted Tails. The ship had to run level just to slow down before it hit the sun. “NOW!” shouted Tails. The sudden burst of speed when the Blue Typhoon got away from the sun caused some of the star’s gases to erupt from the surface.

“SOLAR FLARE!” warned Scarship.

“BREAK OFF PURSUIT! GET US OUT OF HERE!” shouted Dark Oak. Scarship turned quickly, but they were still buffeted by the solar flare. Scarship rocked and tossed a few Troopers around. “Report!” demanded Dark Oak.

“My shields are at 50%!” replied Scarship. “I’m recycling them now!”

“Resume pursuit!” commanded Dark Oak.

“That solar flare caused them to break off pursuit for a moment,” reported Tobias, “but they’re coming back. Our shields are restored.”

“Come about!” ordered Tails. “Fire at will!”

“Scarship is recycling his shields,” relayed Thundercracker, “but it’s going to take a while.”

“Once we deal with the Ark,” replied Megatron, “we’ll assist Scarship.”

“Sir,” called Shockwave, “a warp signature has been detected!”

“Can you identify?” quizzed Megatron.

“Only that it’s the result of a Warp Tunneler,” answered Shockwave.

“A bit crude,” muttered Megatron. “Get the registry number when the vessel is spotted.”

“Here it comes,” called Thundercracker. It looked like a broadsword with wings tipped with large laser cannons and a small point at the bow. The wings were on the top and bottom of the ship for a bit until they rotated to the sides. Megatron’s optics went wide in anger and terror.

“How?!” he gasped.

“A Saber-class vessel?!” quizzed Cosmo. “That’s Cybertronian in origin!”

“Contact Optimus!” called Tails. Optimus’ face came on screen. “Prime, can you get the registry number?!”

“We’re getting it now!” replied Optimus. Prowl’s voice then came through.

“IT’S THE FANG!” he said happily. Optimus and Tails’ faces brightened.

“Who said there wasn’t a Dyno-bot around when you needed one?!” cheered Optimus.

“The Fang is hailing us!” called Tobias.

“Open a channel!” directed Tails. Grimlock’s face joined Optimus’ on Tails’ screen. His visor was now blue and the Autobot symbol on his chest was now permanent.

“We would have been here sooner,” joked Grimlock, “but warp traffic was terrible!”

“Your timing couldn’t be better!” praised Optimus. “Your ship is equipped with Dresna Drainers, right?”

“Yes, Sir!” replied Grimlock. “It can even drain Quad-rotating shields! Who needs help the most?”

“Go after Scarship!” directed Optimus. “Then, both you and the Blue Typhoon join us to engage the Nemesis!”

“Aye, aye!” confirmed Grimlock.

“Good to have you back, Grimlock!” called Tails.

“Good to be back, little buddy!” replied Grimlock. The call ended and the Fang fired off a yellow beam from its bow.



“Unknown!” replied a Trooper. Scarship then rocked. “Shields are gone!”

“Give all available power to the weapons!” boomed Dark Oak.

“The nacelles are exposed!” called Tobias.

“Activate the Sonic Power Cannon!” ordered Tails.

The Sonic Power Cannon was the special weapon of the Blue Typhoon. Its ammunition was a special one. The main ammo was charged with an exorbitant amount of Chaos Energy from a Chaos Emerald while it spin-dashed to collect it in the chamber. It is then fired like a rail gun. The ammunition was wearing a special suit as it keyed in a ready sequence. That’s right, the ammunition was alive and it had a name, Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic’s suit was designed to instantly transport him back to the Blue Typhoon once he hit his target. After keying in the ready code, Chaos energy flooded the chamber and Sonic spin-dashed in place, gathering the energy. After a few seconds, Sonic felt some invisible force pull him along at high speeds right out of the cannon. He sailed through the upper atmosphere right into Scarship’s starboard nacelle. He was then transported back to the bridge of the Blue Typhoon to see the resulting explosion he caused. “Now THAT,” cheered Sonic, “was way past cool!”

“You know what’s even cooler?!” chuckled Tobias. “The Sonic Power Cannon worked better than expected! Look!” On the screen, the smoke from Scarship’s exploding nacelle cleared to reveal a significant gash in his armor.

“Now’s our chance!” urged Cosmo.

“Advise the Fang to fire at will on the gash in the enemy ship!” called Tails.

“Aye, aye, Sir!” confirmed Tobias.

“We’re being advised by Tails to fire at will at the gash they’ve created!” reported Slash.

“Then let’s take the little guy’s advice!” replied Grimlock. “Fire at will!” Both ships unleashed Hell!

“I can’t engage the warp drive!” called Scarship. “My weapons are out! We’re out-matched!”

“Advise the Decepticons that we’re out of the fight!” ordered Dark Oak as he ran his hands over his face. “Megatron won’t like this.”

Dark Oak was right, Megatron DIDN’T like it. “The Fang and Blue Typhoon are joining the Ark!” reported Soundwave. “That last shot we got took out the weapons!”

“Thundercracker, can you get them online?!” boomed Megatron.

“Not in any reasonable time!” reported Thundercracker.

“My Lord, I believe it’s time to start packing!” suggested Starscream.

“Contact the Metarex,” ordered Megatron. “Tell them to fall back to the dark side of the moon.”

“They don’t have warp drive,” replied Soundwave.

“Is there power to the tractor beam?” asked Megatron.

“Plenty,” replied Thundercracker, “but we’ll get to the moon in an hour.”

“It will have to do,” remarked Megatron. “Advise Scarship to expect a tractor beam to tow them if they cannot make it in time. Advise Eggman to prepare our new moon-base for our arrival. It looks like, even with our new allies, this war will take longer than expected.”

“Victory was within our grasp!” ranted Dark Oak. “A new home-world! Our strategic position for our eventual fight with the Quintessons! All lost!”

“The Nemesis has us in its tractor beam,” reported Red Pine. “I’ll send a message advising them to release us when we’re at a safe distance.”

“That WON’T be necessary!” snarled Dark Oak as he moved to the teleport pod. “I intend to voice my complaints to the Pax Child!” He keyed in coordinates and drew his golden sword.

“My Lord, you’re wasting your time!” protested Red Pine as Dark Oak shimmered away. “THEY WON’T LISTEN TO YOU!”

“Someone from the Metarex ship is coming over,” reported Shockwave.

“One of the Five?” asked Megatron.

“Dark Oak,” confirmed Shockwave, “and he has his sword ready.”

“Complaints, most likely,” mused Megatron. Dark Oak came onto the bridge and raised his sword. As it came down, Megatron activated his sword and engaged in a sword duel with Dark Oak. Megatron then pushed Dark Oak’s blade away and sunk his talons into Dark Oak’s chest. He gasped in pain and fell to his knees. Megatron then grabbed him by the throat and hoisted him above his head. “Beam the pair of us over to Scarship,” he ordered.

Purple light shimmered onto the bridge, then coalesced into Megatron holding Dark Oak above his head. He then threw Dark Oak onto the floor. Red Pine came to assist, but Dark Oak waved him away. “I understand there has been some underestimation of my commitment to the goals of this alliance,” called Megatron. “A fair number of you remember me as a stuttering idiot afraid of his own shadow. Well, Dark Oak himself can tell you that that bot has long since died in the Pits of Kaon. Once we reach our moon-base, we can further discuss the particulars of this alliance. Right now, however, is NOT the time. The Autobots and their allies would destroy us all. I would advise you to rest up.” He activated his comms. “Megatron to Nemesis, one to beam up.” He vanished in purple light as the Metarex turned to their master.

“…Do as he commands,” sighed Dark Oak. “We cannot afford to forget our alliance with the Decepticons.” The Nemesis continued on its journey to the moon with Scarship in tow.

“Optimus, should we pursue?” called Grimlock as his face and Tails’ filled the Ark’s viewscreen.

“That won’t be needed,” replied Optimus. “We still have a one ship advantage over them.”

“Eggman’s gonna make up for that deficit,” guessed Tails.

“Then we’ll prepare for that fight,” assured Optimus. “For now, we have some catching up to do. Have all ships assume standard orbit around this planet. We’ll talk at the base.”

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