Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 8: Growing Problems)

TMC 8-10

There was a “Welcome to the Fight” party at the Autobot base. Morale was at an all-time high as Grimlock and the Dyno-bots were welcomed back to Mobius with open arms. “I don’t think you ever told us why you’re here,” recalled Optimus. “I thought the verdict was jail time.”

“It was,” replied Grimlock, “until the Decepticons started acting up. The courts decided we would serve our sentence under you. Only YOU can decide whether or not we’ve done our time.”

“So, I’m your parole officer?” sighed Optimus. “Lovely description.”

“More like we’re new soldiers for you,” assured Grimlock. “We would have been here sooner, but we had to fight tooth and nail to get the Fang overhauled.”

“It shouldn’t have taken that long,” muttered Ironhide.

“Being a criminal has its stigmas,” replied Slash.

“Well, in any case,” cheered Optimus as he raised his glass, “welcome back to Mobius!”

“Hear, hear!” agreed the partiers.

While the Autobots and their allies celebrated, the Decepticons and theirs were licking their wounds. Several repair crews were detailed for both Scarship and the Nemesis. Everyone was at the new moon-base on the dark side. It was constructed in secret while the Autobots worried about the Metarex’s colonization efforts. Megatron sat in his quarters, brooding on his bunk. His door chimed. “Enter,” he snarled. Shockwave came into the room.

“I have news you may be pleased with,” reported Shockwave.

“Do you, now?” asked Megatron. “I find myself in urgent need of good news, so tell me.”

“I have successfully constructed a Chaos Energy Generator room,” explained Shockwave. “It is in Robotropolis right now, but I can construct one here easily now.”

“Then begin construction immediately,” ordered Megatron.

“There is more,” replied Shockwave. “Laserbeak has successfully gathered intelligence on the Mobian Starship, the Blue Typhoon. They have a fully functional Warp Field Driver.”

“Impossible!” breathed Megatron. “Such a device is beyond even us! How can a backwards world create such a device?!”

“It is not fully Mobian technology,” explained Shockwave. “It is a combination of Seedrian bio-tech, Mobian knowledge of Chaos energy, and Cybertronian design.”

“Is it now?” mused Megatron. “And Laserbeak has downloaded schematics?”

“Correct, My Lord,” confirmed Shockwave. “As the Metarex are Seedrian radicals, I can make use of their bio-tech. We also possess intimate knowledge of Chaos energy and Cybertronian design.”

“Then, make haste and build it!” urged Megatron. “We must outfit our ships with such a device! If I recall, it could, theoretically, bring a ship safely to Warp 20.”

“In theory,” confirmed Shockwave. “I shall give it top priority.”

“Excellent,” praised Megatron as he stood up.

“Where are you going?” quizzed Shockwave.

“To point out this silver lining to the troops and our allies,” replied Megatron.

“Something feels wrong,” muttered Sira to Natalie, Amy, and Trema. “It’s as if walls are crumbling away.”

“I’ve felt it too,” replied Amy.

“Do you think it’s any think it’s anything serious?” quizzed Trema. “I mean, this wall could lead to nothing.”

“Who says it’s one wall?” remarked Sira. “I’ve felt it both inside the planet and separating us from another realm of existence.”

“Okay, the wall between realities, I can believe,” conceded Amy, “but inside Mobius? I think that whatever threat lived there was defeated.”

“You’ve told me about Sonic’s involvement with Dark Gaia,” answered Sira. “But, need I remind you that the beast is a primordial force? It may be awakening now at its proper time.”

“Why now?” muttered Amy. “Why with the Transformers here?”

“Their conflict may have been what was needed,” guessed Natalie. “It could be enough fuel for it to overpower Light Gaia.

“It could escape its prison,” gulped Trema, “possibly destroying Mobius’ solar system permanently.”

“Who’s to say it will stop there?” asked Natalie.

“Our limits would mean nothing to the creature,” agreed Sira.

“Because of their conflict,” theorized Trema, “it could target Cybertron.”

“If I were you, I’d be more worried about Nebulos,” replied Sira. Everyone turned to her. “Think about it. What good would it do this creature to travel without an easier means of transport?”

“She’s right,” muttered Trema. “Our planet is near a rare stable wormhole, the graveyard of our gods. Dark Gaia could use it to go to the galactic quadrant adjacent to ours.”

“Which means,” replied Natalie, “you need to convince your son to raise the defenses for a possible attack.”

“Would that I could,” sighed Trema, “but Galen hasn’t been responding lately. I’m still waiting for news on why.” At that point, something buzzed in her pocket.

“Okay, THAT’S just creepy!” gulped Amy. Trema took out a communicator and opened it, speaking in Modern Nebulanese.

“Trema, nart le,” (Trema, this is.) she called. “Tam tho reank. …Sug. …BALT?! Ne recont, ta le?!” (You may speak. …Yes. …WHAT?! In prison, he is?!”

“Prison?!” yelped Amy.

“Nart relamp, U redo askera!” (This matter, I will settle!) declared Trema. “Un palerti, amper!” (My arrival, await!) She hung up. “Galen was thrown in prison about a week ago by Lord Zarak!” she revealed.

“What for?!” quizzed Sira.

“Zarak wouldn’t say,” replied Trema. “This is a family matter and a ship is picking us up tomorrow!”

“Sorry, ‘us’?” inquired Amy.

“Didn’t you aid me when I first came here?” asked Trema. “I consider you my sisters and family.”

“First I’ve heard it,” replied Amy.

“Very sweet of you,” bid Natalie. “Wait, that’s not very Nebulan, is it?”

“Not really, but I will take it,” answered Trema.

“We’ve got a lot of people to talk to,” sighed Natalie.

“I’ll tell the Grand Coven,” declared Sira.

“I better tell the Autobots,” resolved Natalie.

“I’m gonna tell my mom and friends,” replied Amy.

“I’ll organize the landing site,” affirmed Trema. “Amy, better leave some room in your bags for Nebulan clothes. Our outfits are well renowned in the galaxy and I think you will look excellent in them.”

“How can I fit them into…never-mind, I know a spell for that,” replied Amy as she answered her own question.

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