Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 9: Amy’s Alien Adventures)

TMC 9-1

The Autobots and their allies had been informed of Trema’s intentions and her desire to bring her friends along. A large area had been charted as a landing pad for the ship about to pick them up. As they waited, Optimus looked around. “We need to make a dedicated landing pad,” he mused to Topaz and Sonic.

“I drafted a proposal for such a thing for Aleena to look over,” replied Topaz.

“It would be way past cool to see Mobius join other space-faring civilizations,” sighed Sonic.

“You just want to find new places to run,” guessed Amy.

“Guilty,” confirmed Sonic.

“Landing site, this is Angela,” called the Blue Typhoon’s grasshopper First officer.

“Go ahead,” replied Optimus.

“A ship has entered our territory,” reported Angela. “It’s giving us the registry number and name and is requesting permission to land.”

“And the registry and name are?” asked Optimus.

“Registry: 4-7-7-4,” relayed Angela. “Name: Retranga.”

“My family’s ship,” explained Trema. “They may land.”

“Escort the Retranga to the landing site,” directed Optimus.

“Understood,” replied Angela. “Angela out.” The call ended. After a few minutes, the Retranga started its landing cycle. It was a large vessel, fearsome looking, like a bat with razor-sharp wings. It deployed its landing struts and lowered a ramp. A Nebulan man came out, his teeth gleaming.

“Tami tuurg ment rant, orbe tam rande belas, Stylor,” (Your teeth like that, only you would flash, Stylor.) remarked Trema. The man, Stylor smirked.

“Nar rakt nor al vian estar, el le, Un mara,” (The best way to show style, it is, My wife.) he declared. He then switched to English. “It has been too long!” They embraced one another.

“I wish the circumstances were different,” sighed Trema.

“We WILL get Galen out,” assured Stylor. He then swung his metal hand over his upper right heart. “This, I vow.”

“Did you get into an accident?” asked Trema as she pointed out her husband’s hand.

“Ah, this,” he winced. “I was being stupid and didn’t adjust the estate’s fuel rods correctly.”

“I received news of your accident and recovery,” replied Trema. “Go on.”

“The only way to save my life,” explained Stylor, “was to undergo the binary-bonding process with one of the Autobots stationed on Nebulos. As such, I am now a Headmaster, binary-bonded to Chromedome.”

“That was never revealed to me!” yelped Trema. “Why was I not told this?!”

“I didn’t think you would stay with me if I told you,” answered Stylor.

“Stylor, you and I both know,” assured Trema, “that I would never abandon you over this!”

“I realize that now,” sighed Stylor, “and I regret dishonoring the family like this.”

“Helping me get Galen out will clear the stain you perceive,” replied Trema. She then turned to her fellow witches. “Is everyone ready?”

“Time to see a new planet!” cheered Amy.

“Just a minute,” interjected Stylor, “why did you ask them if they were ready?”

“They’ve helped me adjust to life on this planet,” explained Trema. “I consider them my sisters.”

“Do you?” replied Stylor. “In that case, welcome to the House of Trema. I am one of her three spouses, Stylor.”

“I’m Amy Rose,” greeted Amy.

“Sira Mayworth, at your service,” introduced Sira.

“I’m her wife, Natalie Mayworth,” replied Natalie.

“Excellent,” cheered Stylor. More Nebulans then joined him, two women and two men. “Ah, good. Permit me to introduce my partners. The lovely lady here is my scientist, Arcana, Headmaster for Brainstorm. The soldier-man is my weapons specialist, Duros, Headmaster for Hardhead. The strapping young man is my scout, Gort, Headmaster for Highbrow. The last lady…needs no introduction.”

“TAM?!” (YOU?!) roared Trema as she clapped eyes on the Nebulan lady in an extravagant dress.

“Tam ree, e lapferno al ska,” (You too, a pleasure to see) remarked the woman.

“Tam reeck Llyra morp tam, bem tho?!” (You bring Llyra with you, why did?!) Trema demanded of Stylor.

“It was her insistence,” replied Stylor.

“Galen DID propose to me,” continued Llyra in English.

“I don’t care WHO he proposed to!” snarled Trema. “You have no right to come here!”

“Er, Trema,” asked Amy, “why are you shouting at her?”

“She’s Zarak’s daughter!” replied Trema.

“And Galen’s betrothed,” supplied Llyra. “I would rather have my future husband be OUT of prison. You need me to convince my father to let him out.”

“Trema,” said Sira, “whatever grudge you may have with her needs to be put aside. If she can get Galen out, we need her.”

“I can get him out just fine without a coward’s help!” snarled Trema.

“Much as I would like to reminisce on how much our families HATE one another,” remarked Llyra, “Galen doesn’t have the time.”

“…Very well,” grumbled Trema. “But, you WILL be watched!”

“That is acceptable,” replied Trema.

“Everyone, we have a mission to complete!” barked Trema. “We will not rest until my son is free! To Nebulos!” Everyone boarded the ship with Trema in the Captain’s seat, Stylor sitting by her side, Arcana at the engineering station, Duros at Tactical, and Gort at the helm.

“I can’t believe it!” giggled Amy as she bounced up and down. “I’m going to another planet!”

“With how Trema’s talked about Nebulos,” sighed Sira, “I would love to see it.”

“It sounds like a perfect honeymoon getaway,” mused Natalie.

“Gort,” directed Trema, “take us out.”

“Aye, My Lady,” confirmed Gort. The ship then went upwards slowly. As the landing struts retracted, the people on the ground waved goodbye.

“Gort, once we clear the atmosphere,” instructed Trema, “go to maximum warp for Nebulos.”

“Won’t the Decepticons detect the warp signature?” quizzed Gort.

“This ship is designed for stealth at any warp speed,” assured Trema. “Maximum warp to Nebulos when we leave the atmosphere.”

“Very well,” replied Gort as he set the course. The ship had left the atmosphere and then went to Warp 9 for Nebulos.

Regretfully, Megatron was taking a stroll around the moon-base and saw the flash of a ship going to warp. Eggman joined him, having also seen the flash. “What was that?!” yelped Eggman.

“That, my dear doctor,” replied Megatron, “was a Wing-class Nebulan vessel leaving the solar system at maximum warp.”

“How can you tell it was a starship?” asked Eggman.

“The warp flash pattern is highly distinctive,” explained Megatron.

“We’ve fully repaired Scarship,” declared Eggman. “Let’s send our Metarex allies after…!”

“I would prefer that the Metarex stay in this system,” interrupted Megatron. “If we were to send Scarship after a Nebulan vessel, our alliance with them would prove ill. The Nebulans don’t like the Metarex.”

“But, we can’t let that ship get MORE allies!” shouted Eggman.

“If the talks I’ve had with Zarak are true,” replied Megatron, “we don’t need to worry about allies.”

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