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Trinity Soul: Ch 18

“There!” called Megumi as she pointed out something from the Observation Deck.

“Where?” asked Tarantulas.

“Right there!” insisted Megumi as she put her finger on the window where she saw something. “That was the flash of an anti-graviton beam hitting a mine!”

“Thus disabling its replication abilities,” finished Tarantulas.

“Precisely! Didn’t you see it?!” hissed Megumi.

“I’m afraid not,” sighed Tarantulas.

“Ever since you and the Brigadier were aware of it,” protested Megumi, “you’ve been pestering us to take down the mine field and now that we’re doing so, you can’t even see it?!”

“Weak optics,” explained Tarantulas.

“Pardon me?” asked Megumi.

“I have poor optical sensors,” elaborated Tarantulas. “Something that carried over from a Tarantula beast mode. Now, Waspinator, he had EXCELLENT vision, despite all the mishaps he had. I suppose he needed it more than me.”

“There’s another one!” cheered Megumi as she pointed out another flash.

“I’ll have to take your word for it,” sighed Tarantulas.

“When we disable all the mines, we’ll be detonating ALL of them,” declared Megumi, “and I promise you, weak optics or not, you’ll see it. Now, I’ve got an exam to…” Just then, the alarm sounded. “NOW WHAT?!” shouted Megumi, frustrated that her study plans were stymied.

“All inhabitants on Vorton, Beyond City is under attack by Cyber-Leader Gi and her Cybermen!” announced POmega. “Repeat, Beyond City is under attack by Cyber-Leader Gi and her Cybermen!”

“…THE CYBERMEN!?” wailed Megumi. “First, my husband gets taken away by an interdimensional event! Then, my friends get on my case about potentially breaking up the F.N.S! Now, the Cybermen are attacking Beyond City! How’s a girl supposed to get any studying done with life always stressing her out!?” She headed to the Gateway Room and met with Batman, Emily, Dell, Jandro, Wilson, and Agus.

“I don’t suppose you would object to assistance?” offered Jandro.

“Can you fight?” asked Megumi.

“I’m skilled in Tal-nar-thendir,” replied Jandro.

“Orbak told me about that,” interjected Batman. “In the ancient Vampire language, it means Style of Blood, a deadly form of martial arts.”

“I’m a Komodo Dragon,” supplied Agus, “so if anyone needs a venomous bite, I’ll supply it.”

“And Quokkas DO bite if we’re threatened,” called Wilson, “so I can help as well.”

“That’s all I need to know,” declared Megumi. “POmega, Beyond City, please.”

“Beyond City, coming up!” obliged POmega. The rift then opened.

“CHARGE!” called Megumi as everyone leapt into the rift. They tumbled through it, then arrived at Beyond City. All local armed forces, the army, SWAT, the Police, everyone with a gun was leveling said instrument of destruction at the Cybermen. Cyber-Leader Gi. Megumi noticed she had gold trim on her. “I though gold was toxic to you guys!” she called. That caught Gi’s attention.

“Megumi Hishikawa,” she droned, “leader of the Vortex Riders. Student at After Academy. Resident of Beyond City. Commander of Vorton. I had expected Moon-kyung to meddle in my affairs. To answer your question, we have upgraded ourselves so that gold does not affect us.”

“Hiro promised us,” called Megumi, “that he would not attack us in any way. Leave Beyond City at once, Cyber-Leader Gi!”

“The Cybermen are no longer under Hiro’s control,” replied Cyber-Leader Gi. “I have been upgraded to Cyber-Planner. I command ALL Cybermen.”

“Lovely,” sighed Megumi. “How did you split from Shocker Rift?”

“Aid came to us in the form of Caan,” answered Cyber-Planner Gi.

“You’re playing with fire!” warned Megumi.

“I have the needs of the Cybermen to consider,” dismissed Cyber-planner Gi. “I require more. What I have brought will bring more Cybermen to the fold.” The Cybermen then turned a machine on.

“What is that?” demanded Megumi.

“Rapid Advanced Brainchild: Bio-Integration Transformation,” explained Cyber-Planner Gi. The machine opened, revealing a cavernous maw and a mechanical rabbit.

“Where?” asked Megumi.

“Right here,” replied Cyber-Planner Gi as she gestured towards the rabbit.

“What, behind the rabbit?” asked a Police Officer.

“It IS the rabbit,” answered Cyber-Planner Gi. “Rapid Advanced Brainchild: Bio-Integration Transformation, RABBIT, if you prefer.”

“…YOU MECHANICAL TWIT!” shouted the Police Officer as she holstered her gun, convincing all but the Vortex Riders and their friends to relax. “YOU GOT US ALL WORKED UP OVER A STUPID RABBIT?!”

“Officer,” Megumi advised, “I’d be careful about RABBIT! If it’s made with Cyberman technology, we might be in for an unpleasant surprise!”

“Like heck!” argued a SWAT guy. “Those guys almost made me wet my pants, I was so scared.”

“RABBIT might have something that could kill the lot of us!” urged Megumi. “I must stress caution!”

“Like we need to be scared of rabbits!” dismissed a soldier.

“It could do us in!” hissed Megumi.

“You malfunctioning tin cans!” called the SWAT guy.

“Sir, taunting them’s not a good idea!” yelped Megumi.

“What’s the rabbit gonna do? Nibble our butts?” asked the SWAT guy.

“We can’t be too careful!” continued Megumi.

“Someone go dismantle it,” called the Police Officer.

“I got it!” called her fellow Officer. “Silly little rodent! One dismantled rabbit coming right up!” He moved towards the Cybermen’s new weapon…and it struck! RABBIT’s head split down the middle and attached itself to either side of the head. RABBIT’s tummy split down the middle as well and attached itself to both shoulders. RABBIT’s rear finally split apart and attached itself to each of the poor man’s hips. All of the attached pieces then activated an electric charge that made him convulse in pain as metal spread across his body and the parts created handles on the head, a chest unit, and metallic boots! RABBIT then detached itself from the man and reassembled itself into its rabbit form. The police officer was gone and, in his place, stood a new Cyberman! “Cyber-unit 2/Z/007: online,” droned the new Cyberman.

“You were warned,” Cyber-Planner Gi called to the crowd.

“I just wet myself!” squeaked the SWAT guy.

“Rapid Advanced Brainchild: Bio-Integration Transformation,” announced Cyber-Planner Gi. “A portable Cyber-converter. You were warned and were foolish enough to not heed Megumi’s advice, even when she is the most logical person to listen to, given her experience with us.”

“OH, ZIP IT!” shouted the first Police Officer. “CHARGE!”

“COME BACK!” shouted Megumi. Too late. The crowd charged and tried to attack the Cyberman. Unfortunately, RABBIT struck first. It attached itself to a SWAT woman and converted her into a Cyberman, then moved towards a soldier and converted her, then a Police Officer and converted him, all while the rest were tiring themselves from fighting the Cybermen.

“FALL BACK!” called the first Police Officer. “WITHDRAW!” Everyone got away while the Vortex Riders and their allies covered the retreat. Cyber-Planner Gi raised her hands, a signal the Cybermen took as “Hold Fire”. They stopped shooting as RABBIT reassembled itself.

Once everyone got away, they all panted as they rested. “How many…did we lose?” gasped the first Police Officer.

“Gwen, Cassandra,” reported a SWAT girl.

“And Tommy, that’s five!” panted the first Police Officer.

“Three,” corrected Jandro. “In any event, we’d better not risk another frontal assault, that rabbit’s a demon-machine!”

“Maybe we could confuse the Cybermen if we fall back further?” suggested the SWAT guy.

“Shut up!” snapped the first Police Officer. She then sniffed the air. “Ugh! Go change your kilt!”

“Maybe…maybe we should taunt them!” offered the soldier. “Then, they’ll become so cross, they’ll make a mistake!”

“Like what?” asked the Police Officer. The soldier floundered in trying to give an answer.

“Besides, the Cybermen have ZERO emotions,” muttered Megumi. “Taunting them will do no good.”

“No, but new Riders will,” came a voice. Who should walk towards the crowd but…

“Sento!” called Megumi. There, in all his egotistical glory, was the theoretical physicist, Kiryu Sento, Kamen Rider Build!

“Having a bit of trouble with the Cybermen?” asked Sento.

“Three of the armed forces have been converted by the Cybermen’s new toy, RABBIT,” explained Megumi.

“I know, you already briefed me on that,” replied Sento. “Or, rather, your future-self did, the 70-year-old one.”

“…Are you…?” quizzed Megumi.

“You didn’t notice I’m older than the last time you met me?!” yelped Sento. Upon closer observation, there were a few wrinkles on his face and his hair had developed some grey in it.

“Never mind his age!” rasped Batman. “Sento, you said ‘new Riders’.”

“I did, didn’t I?” snarked Sento. He then produced three Chronicle Drivers. “Let’s see, this one’s for Jandro, this one’s for Agus, and this one’s for Wilson.”

“Sento, they’re visitors!” protested Megumi. “You can’t expect them to be Kamen Riders!”

“They’re going to be valuable to you in the future,” assured Sento.

“I can’t ask them to risk their lives like this!” insisted Megumi. “They haven’t even gotten home yet!”

“With all due respect,” interjected Jandro, “I don’t know about Dr. Atmadja or Mr. Andrews here, but I’m perfectly willing to risk MY life. I have the endurance necessary to keep up with the Cybermen.”

“I would like to see how the transformation works,” mused Agus.

“And the Kamen Rider franchise is still going strong where I’m from!” cheered Wilson. “I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be one!”

“…There’s no dissuading you, is there?” asked Megumi. All three of them shook their heads. “All right, fine, you can fight. Do you know how to work them?”

“Victor showed us how it was done,” explained Agus.

“Then let’s get started,” muttered Megumi. “Officer, let us handle the Cybermen.”

“Understood,” replied the Police Officer.

“Here we go,” declared Megumi as the Riders and their allies approached the Cybermen.

“You propose to challenge us yourselves?” guessed Cyber-Planner Gi. “A futile maneuver.”

“That’s for us to find out,” chuckled Sento as he produced a pair of Fullbottles. “Sā, jikken o hajimeyou ka?” (Now, shall we begin the experiment?) He then shook the Fullbottles and twisted the caps before inserting them into the Build Driver.

“TIME LORD!” called the belt. “TARDIS! BEST MATCH!”

“The incident two years ago, with Sougo and Dr. Insano?” guessed Megumi as everyone fastened their belts.

“Exactly,” replied Sento.

“VORTEX DRIVER!” called Megumi and Emily’s belts.

“CHRONICLE DRIVER!” announced Jandro, Dell, Wilson, and Agus’ belts. I.d tags and Armor Auto-bios came out as Sento turned the crank on his belt, making the piping appear and form his suit.

“ARE YOU READY?!” asked the Build Driver.

“HENSHIN!” everyone called. The piping then slammed onto Sento and formed Build in a new form. Megumi and Emily spun the wheels and the rest had pressed their belts’ shelves down.

“Open! Turn! Imagine!” called the Chronicle Drivers. New suits were formed. Dell became Construct. Jandro’s suit evoked old Vampire armor, Agus’ suit was designed for practical use, and Wilson’s suit had a bit more decoration.

“The Wrench of Construct!”

“The Shroud of Cloak!”

“The Venom of Tox!”

“The Tail of Lash!”

“Kamen Rider Royal!” began Megumi. “Evil will ultimately bow to me!”

“Kamen Rider Touché! En Garde, thing of evil!”

“Kamen Rider Construct! Let’s do this Texas style!”

“Kamen Rider Cloak!” called Jandro. “You will be shrouded in defeat!”

“Kamen Rider Tox!” announced Agus. “The venom of failure floods your veins!”

“Kamen Rider Lash!” proclaimed Wilson. “Two hits! I hit you, you hit the ground!”

“I’m Batman! The Dark Knight rises!”

“KODOKUNA TIME-TRAVELER! (The Lonely Time-traveler!) TIMELORDTARDIS! YEAH!” called the Build Driver. The right arm and left leg evoked Time Lord art and his left eye looked like the collar of a Time Lord’s ceremonial robes, all of them were gold. His right shoulder read TIMELORDTARDIS in Circular Gallifreyan. His remaining limbs and eye were blue and his left shoulder had a light on it. His right eye looked like the Doctor’s TARDIS.

“Kamen Rider Build,” finished Sento. He then ran his finger along the TARDIS eye. “Shōri no hōsoku wa…” he announced before he made his fingers splay out, “…kimatta!” (The law of victory is set!)

“Delete them,” Cyber-Planner Gi ordered her Cybermen. The two groups then charged at each other.

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