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Trinity Soul: Ch 2

It was another day with nothing on Megumi’s schedule. She idly flicked on the news after lunch to see her husband, Richard Saunders, in action. The news came up with Richard finishing a bit of news. “…but assures us he is in good spirits. In other news, A Mr. Mackerelempat, a Tarlaxian bus driver living here in Beyond City, has declared his intent to hold After Academy and Beyond City as his hostage and will not release them until he is paid ninety trillion studs and elected Mayor and Grand Poobah of New York City. Mr. Mackerelempat, whom school and city officials, as well as a good number of the student body and citizens, say is not playing with a full deck, says he will not disclose the location of the school and city, but does say they have enough food and water to last for ten more days. Police have informed us that he is supposed to be on medication to deal with his current mental issues and it has been discovered he had stopped taking his medication about three days ago.” Just then, Richard read something more on the teleprompter. “This just in; another ransom note has been found with further demands from Mr. Mackerelempat. He is demanding two Christmases each year and a hug from Mommy every night. The note has been traced and Mr. Mackerelempat has been located. A single Police Officer has managed to get him to come out peacefully and he is being treated for his mental issues as we speak, thanks to the Police Officer calling the necessary doctors. In local news, library officials are announcing amnesty on all overdue library books. They have stated that all fines on overdue library books will be forgiven if the books are returned to the newsroom within three seconds. …Three seconds? The teleprompter must need repairs.” Just then, a ton of books fell from the ceiling, burying Richard. He managed to swim his way to the top of the pile and cleared his throat before reading the news. “Library officials will be sorting through the books returned and will see if any are still missing. Now for any concerns addressing the upcoming Convergence, this WILL pass quickly. Such phenomena concerning the Convergence include people ending up in different universes involved in this event, temporary see-through images of people, and general confusion. Vorton and After Academy HAVE been identified as universes involved in this event of universes coming together. This event has been known to cause wars and spark animosity towards life-forms across universes. However, officials wish to assure everyone that such animosity WILL be prevented with this Convergence. Even if Shocker Rift intends to capitalize on this, they WILL be prevented from doing so. That is all from Multiverse News Network. Good day.” At that, Megumi switched the t.v. off. She then sat on the couch for a while, contemplating her next move.

“…Does my wedding dress still fit me?” she mused to herself. “I better check.” She was considering the upcoming anniversary of her marriage to Richard. As she pondered, the phone rang. She snapped out of her thoughts and picked it up. “Moshi moshi,” she greeted.

“Hello, Megumi!” cheered the voice on the other end. Megumi smiled as she recognized it as her husband, Richard.

“I saw your broadcast today,” she revealed.

“Yeah, about that,” remarked Richard, “Death told me that’s one of only a few things you do when I’m not around.” Megumi winced. “Something’s bothering you, what is it?”

“…X-PO, as of late,” replied Megumi. “I’ve visited counselors, talked to our friends, tried to do something to get my mind off of him, but the trial three years ago keeps creeping up!”

“I’ve been thinking about him these days too,” sighed Richard. “I still see him as our friend.”

“I do too,” moaned Megumi. “It’s just…I’ve had flashbacks from when Hiro tried to retrieve me after leaving me to the streets before Okaa-san found me and adopted me during that trial. Back then, my testimony brought a bad man to justice. Now…I feel like I’ve betrayed my best friend.”

“My testimony got X-PO locked up too,” muttered Richard. “I don’t know if my feelings match yours exactly, but I do understand where both our feelings are coming from.”

“…Maybe we need to spend some time together,” mused Megumi.

“We haven’t really done much of that lately, have we?” replied Richard. “Well, our anniversary is coming up. Maybe a trip somewhere new would help?”

“Can we also renew our vows Tarlaxian style?” asked Megumi.

“…Inspired by Scorpainia and Mechanipant’s renewal of their vows?” guessed Richard.

“Yep,” confirmed Megumi. “I was going to see if my wedding dress still fit me. Who knows, maybe I’ll still be wearing it when you get home?” There was a slight sexy purr in her voice.

“I just need to see if my tux still fits me,” Richard purred back. “I’ll see you when…” Just then, Richard’s voice abruptly stopped.

“Oh, playing a bit of hard-to-get, are we?” giggled Megumi. “…Richard? …Richard?!” A bit of panic replaced her happy mood. She dashed towards the house’s computer console and pressed a button. “Computer, gather all available data on Richard Saunders and display the current data!”

“Eyewitness accounts have reported Richard Saunders vanishing and leaving his phone behind,” reported the computer.

“The Convergence!” realized Megumi.

“The accounts support that theory,” droned the computer. “On a related note, further eyewitness accounts state that a fighter jet of advanced design is in a holding pattern above this street. Accounts also state that the jet is red and white and sport the Decepticon symbol on its wings.”

“A Decepticon above our street?!” yelped Megumi. “Not while I’m around!” She dashed into the bedroom and opened a drawer, pulling out her transformation device and putting it to her waist.

“Vortex Driver!” it announced. She then pulled out a small, blue disc and inserted it into the belt. She then struck a pose.

“Henshin!” she called. She then spun the wheel and a machine was generated that fastened armor onto her. The machine disappeared as her Rider Armor was complete. She was now Kamen Rider Royal! She dashed out of the house and looked to the sky to find the jet with the Decepticon symbol on the wings. She drew her blade, converted it to rifle mode, and fired upwards, near the jet’s nosecone. Someone squawked as the jet pulled up. Then…it confirmed Megumi’s suspicions. The nosecone and the fuselage’s underside split away from the upper part and then that assembly split in half and swung to the sides. The nosecone then rotated towards the back and flipped upwards to reveal hands. As the upper half of the fuselage and the cockpit folded to the underside of the jet, the wings rotated so the angles were pointing towards the engines. Speaking of the engines, the assembly had split away to reveal extensions and then combined again once the extensions had…well…extended. Parts of the underside folded downwards to make toes for the feet and a head popped out of the new torso. The head had red optics and an angry expression. The resulting robot landed on his feet and caused the pavement of the street to crack from the impact.

“All right, who had the nerve to try and frighten the mighty Starscream?!” bellowed the robot as rectangular canisters popped out of his upper arms and extended thin tubes.

“Okay, a bit of a disconnect there,” chuckled Royal. “In most of the realities I’ve witnessed, ‘Mighty’ and ‘Starscream’ never go together.”

“Most of the…?” stumbled Starscream before he realized what was happening. “Not more alternate universe scrap! We’re still rebuilding from that fiasco with Nemesis Prime!”

“Well, this event is beyond anyone’s control,” I remarked. “But, if you’re good, I can…”

“Forget it!” declared Starscream. “I’m not going to cooperate with fleshlings! I already deal with that stupid Eggman!”

“Eggman?” repeated Royal.

“You won’t live long enough to find out what I mean!” shrieked Starscream as he fired. Royal got out of the way with a dodge roll and swapped her i.d. tag for a new one. A trio of circles with versions of the person the i.d. tag was based off of orbited her, confusing her as, last time she saw this particular person, she only had one form.

“Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained,” shrugged Megumi as she chose one of the new forms.

“Wyldstyle True Form Steel!” called the Vortex Driver.

“True form?” repeated Royal. Her armor changed to look like Wyldstyle at the end of The Lego Movie 2: Second Part. “What in the…?!” yelped Royal as her helmet’s HUD showed what she looked like on the outside. “Wyldstyle has blue hair?! I thought it was…!” Starscream fired again, interrupting her thoughts. “I’ll ask her later!” Royal then grabbed various objects and fastened them together to make a large cannon.

“What good will THAT do you?!” laughed Starscream.

“Hopefully, a lot!” replied Royal. She fired and managed to knock Starscream back.

“Okay, that’s enough for today!” gulped Starscream as he recovered. “I’d stick around, but I’m squeamish!” He transformed back into jet mode and flew off…for a short distance. A car with hover generators then slammed onto Starscream’s back, causing him to crash. Once he landed, he transformed and got a look at the people coming out of the car. Royal saw them too and was surprised.

“…Team Dark?” she muttered. It was, indeed, Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, and E123-Omega. Just then, the car started changing! Arms swung out from underneath the front at the wheel wells with the hover generators becoming shoulder pads. The front then tilted downwards 90⁰ as the rear of the car pulled away from the passenger area and rotated at a waist so the spoilers became toes. The doors became wings as the top of the car became the rear of the robot as his head popped out from the front of the car. “Another Transformer?!” gulped Royal.

“Yo, Screamer!” called the new robot. “How’s it hanging?!”

“Please tell me you’re, at least, from my universe!” moaned Starscream.

“…Why, are you expecting Nemesis Prime’s version of me?” asked the robot.

“Starscream, you’re under arrest for attacking a public venue!” growled Shadow.

“Specifically, the concert I was part of!” supplied the robot. “Do you know how many people were hurt thanks to you?!”

“Thank Primus, you’re the Jazz of MY universe!” sighed Starscream. He then regained his composure. “In any event, you Black Arms runt, I am not bound by the laws of an inferior species!”

“You almost roasted everyone alive!” argued the robot, Jazz.

“Conquest is made from the ashes of one’s enemies,” dismissed Starscream.

“They were civilians!” retorted Jazz.

“They support you Autobots!” countered Starscream. “That’s enough to call them the enemy!”

“I take it you’re not coming quietly, big boy?” purred Rouge in her usual teasing manner.

“I’m not swayed by ugly organics!” hissed Starscream.

“…Big mistake!” snarled Rouge. She flew into the air and swiped Starscream’s face with her boots. Starscream howled in pain.


“CHAOS SPEAR!” called Shadow. He fired spear-shaped bolts of energy at Starscream’s wings and damaged them. Starscream clutched his wing and screamed in further pain.

“GRHRGH! Stupid organics!” he gasped. “Time to roast you!” He leveled his guns at the attackers.

“There’s an idea!” droned Omega. He then revealed his arsenal and aimed at Starscream.

“…Mommy!” squeaked Starscream before Omega fired. Starscream managed to find cover and fired back.

“Okay, no, this is NOT a thing I’m putting up with today!” hissed Royal as she spun the wheel on her Vortex Driver and rebuilt the cannon into a giant foot.

“Final Attack!” called the belt. Royal leapt into the air as the giant foot attached itself to her leg. As she extended her foot, Jazz was shooting at Starscream’s cover.

“RIDER ROYAL WYLDSTYLE TRUE FORM KICK!” she shouted as the foot connected with Starscream’s face. Starscream was knocked onto his rear from the impact.

“Try that again!” he snarled. “I fragging…!”

“Hey! Scrap-for-brains!” called a woman’s voice.

“WHAT NOW?!” roared Starscream as he turned around to see a giant boulder coming towards him. “…Primus save my…!” he didn’t finish his prayer as the boulder crashed into him, shattering on impact. He fell as his optics went from red to black. Jazz ran up to investigate and waved a scanner over him.

“…Huh,” he mused. “You would think that would have snuffed his Spark.”

“He’s still alive?!” gulped Royal.

“Yeah, just in stasis lock until his internal damage is repaired,” replied Jazz. “Now, the question becomes, where did that boulder come from?”

“Over here!” called the woman’s voice from before. Everyone still conscious turned to see a young woman, a man, and a dog-like woman with ten arms approach them. “Sorry for stealing your kill,” apologized the young woman, “but you looked like you were in danger, so my folks and I decided to help you out.”

“We appreciate the assistance, Ms….” thanked Royal.

“Oh, how rude of me!” the young woman hissed to herself. “Introductions! I’m Malnar Emboramii, Crown Princess of the Under-realm. This is…” The young woman, Malnar, then got a grin.

“No! Not the titles!” begged the man.

“Presenting my father, King Orbak Emboramii,” continued Malnar in an exaggerated voice, “The Ruler of All That he Sees, Keeper of the Realm’s Freedom, and He who commands kindly, but firmly!”

“What did I say about the titles thing to new people?!” grumbled the man, Orbak.

“Had to needle you, Daddy,” giggled Malnar. “Presenting his wife, my mo…”

“I’ll introduce myself, thank you,” interrupted the dog-woman in a motherly warning tone.

“Yes, Mama,” gulped Malnar.

“I’m Elmpam Emboramii, Orbak’s second wife,” introduced the dog-woman.

“My dearest Bride, did you really need to tell them that?” asked Orbak. “It almost sounds like you’re selling yourself short.”

“I assure you, I’m not, my kind Lover,” replied Elmpam.

“I take it they dote on each other?” Royal asked Malnar.

“Been doing that since I was two,” confirmed Malnar. “They married after my mother died.”

“Ah, your step-mom,” realized Royal as she cancelled her transformation.

“Yep,” replied Malnar. “And a wonderful mother to me and my sisters. Now, forgive me if I sound rude, but I didn’t catch your names.”

“Considering you introduced yourself before asking questions,” mused Jazz, “I don’t see any rudeness. I’m First Lieutenant Jazz of the Autobot Militia.”

“I’m Agent Shadow, leader of Team Dark,” growled Shadow.

“I’m Agent Rouge,” introduced Rouge as she gave a teasing wink.

“I am E123-Omega,” droned Omega.

“I’m Hishikawa Megumi,” finished Megumi, “Kamen Rider Royal.”

“Kamen Rider?!” gasped Jazz. He had a fanboyish smile on him. “I’ve met an actual Kamen Rider! My fanboy dreams have come true!” He then squeed.

“I take it the Kamen Rider franchise exists in your universe?” asked Megumi.

“Sure does!” confirmed Jazz. “I’m a huge fan!”

“Universe?” quizzed Shadow. “Are you telling me that we’re in another universe?”

“My current home of Beyond City,” explained Megumi.

“Er, are we calling the Realms ‘universes’ now?” asked Orbak.

“…I think we need to chat a bit about things,” declared Megumi. “But first…” she pulled out her phone and activated the house computer from it. “Have any Feudal Nerd Society members vanished into thin air?” she asked it.

“Affirmative,” replied the computer. “A few have been located on Vorton, but others have yet to be found.”

“Compile a list of the missing members,” Megumi commanded. The house computer did so.

“Compilation complete,” it reported as the police managed to get Starscream’s unconscious form onto a flatbed.

“Display,” ordered Megumi. The list popped up. “Let’s see, Richard, Hiroki, Tanisha, Lukas, Xiomara, Sheela, Lacey, Flora, Charline, Brenden, Death, Pestilence, Alesandro, Liam, Jason, Peach, and Usagi I. All right, we need to find them! Your Majesties, Team Dark, Mr. Jazz, let’s compare notes.”

“What do you mean Jansha just faded into thin air?!” roared Dr. Borg.

“With respect, Dr. Borg,” replied Tormo, “I don’t know how much clearer I can be. Jansha faded into thin air and we have found no magical trace.”

“Scour the Realms!” ordered Dr. Borg. “Rip cities apart if you must, but Jansha is to come back to us ALIVE!” Just then, a face popped up on the monitor. It was a male human face, and it was grinning. “Who in the depths?!” yelped Dr. Borg.

“Calm yourself,” replied the man, “I only want to talk. Specifically, I want to talk to you about this lovely lady here.” He moved aside to reveal Jansha.

“I’m okay, Dr. Borg,” assured Jansha. “This man was trying to find our universe, and no, I do NOT mean ‘Realm’.”

“Another universe?” asked Tormo. “You mean, like a different reality?”

“Exactly,” replied Jansha. “Apparently, an event is going on called a Convergence, where different realities are coming together. Hiro has an offer for us.”

“Make it quick,” Dr. Borg warned Hiro.

“What would you say,” offered Hiro, “if I offered to make you the absolute ruler of all the Realms, as you desire? No queens, no kings, no councils, just you?”

“I intend to have a ruling council in the future,” countered Dr. Borg. “Having one person make all the decisions is inefficient and unreliable.”

“Just making an offer,” assured Hiro. “Just trying to build a bridge,” he and Jansha then vanished into a blue vortex of energy and came into the same room as Dr. Borg, “between Shocker Rift and a potential ally.”

“Perhaps you can explain why you were trying to contact me in the first place,” hissed Dr. Borg once she got over her initial fright.

“The Convergence,” explained Hiro, “gives us a rare opportunity for our universes to come together and face a threat that exists in the multiverse. A very dangerous criminal called Caan has escaped my custody and intends to rip reality apart.”

“None of which is my concern,” dismissed Dr. Borg as she headed towards the door.

“That’s very short-sighted of you, Doctor!” called Hiro. Dr. Borg stopped. “Think about it. What’s to stop Caan from attacking your little band?” Dr. Borg faced Hiro again.

“Was that a threat?” she whispered.

“As I have said,” replied Hiro, “Caan is a dangerous criminal that has escaped my custody. I’m trying to bring him back, but have met with little success. However, I am merely functioning on technology and don’t have the necessary magic to expand my search.”

“So you come to me?” asked Dr. Borg. “Why should I help?”

“Jansha has told me of your little Realmfleet problem when she appeared on my vessel,” explained Hiro. “You only have one vessel, correct? I can offer you thousands, with millions of crewmembers under your direct control.”

“…That IS a good step in building a bridge between us,” mused Dr. Borg. “Shall we discuss this over dinner? You and your senior staff are invited.”

“We would be delighted,” agreed Hiro. “I just need to return to my ship. How soon can you expect us?”

“About an hour,” answered Dr. Borg.

“I’ll return in one of your hours, then. Farewell,” bid Hiro. He opened a rift and left Dr. Borg to consider things.

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