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Trinity Soul: Ch 27

The battle was long and laborious for both sides. Minas Tirith’s catapults flung its own rubble onto the enemy, but it wasn’t enough deter them. The archers were shooting at the siege towers the trolls were pushing. “Not at the towers!” called Gandalf. “Aim for the trolls! Kill the trolls!” One of the towers then hit the wall and opened up to release the Orcs and Combatmen. Other Orcs and Combatmen were on the ground, trying to breach the gate, but turned when failing to do so.

“What are you doing, you useless scum?!” roared the Orc Commander.

“The door won’t give! It’s too strong!” reported the Second-in-Command.

“Did we not give you breaching equipment?!” shouted Megatron as he stormed up to the Orc in Robot Mode.

“They’ve cast shields!” replied the Second-in-Command. “Nothing can breach it!”

“…With its upgrades, Grond will breach it!” chuckled the Orc Commander. “Bring out the Wolf’s head!” Grond, the Hammer of the Underworld, made its appearance to the chanting of its name. Optimus then sighted Megatron, grabbed a few Daleks, and hurled them onto his foe’s head.

“HEY!” protested Megatron. He then looked up to see who split the Daleks open onto him. “Prime!” he snarled as Optimus landed, his battle mask deployed.

“One shall stand, one shall fall!” declared the Autobot leader.

“Why throw away your life so recklessly?” asked Megatron.

“That’s a question you should ask yourself, Megatron!” taunted Optimus. Megatron shifted his feet, ready for action.

“No,” he hissed. “I’ll crush you with my bare hands!” He leapt onto Optimus and began a gorgeous row with him! Kämpfer managed to get a look as he fired into the Orcs.

“Someone has to help Prime!” he called.

“Pick the enemy off!” ordered Ironhide to the rest of the team. “That’s all we can do!”

“But we have to…!” protested Kämpfer.

“Stay away, kid!” replied Ironhide. “That’s Prime’s battle!” The fight lasted well into the night. As they fought, Denethor led a procession with Faramir carried on a backboard.

“I am Steward of the House of Anárion,” he declared. “Thus have I walked, and thus now I will sleep. Gondor is lost. There is no hope for men.” As the procession went across a bridge, Denethor paused to look at the battle below. “Why do the fools fly? Better to die sooner than late, for die we must.” He continued the procession until they reached the burial halls.

Megumi continued leading her team through Shelob’s lair in pursuit of Frodo. “FRODO!” she shouted, continuing the call as her team did. Perceptor then tripped into the webbing, noticing its construction as he did.

“Fascinating!” he breathed. “This webbing is laced with Energon, the same way Blackarachnia makes her web!”

“Of course, she’d learn that,” sighed Megumi.

“What do you mean?” asked Prowl.

“At the beginning of the Vortech Wars,” explained Irina, “she consumed a Transformers Protoform and was subsequently altered.”

“Altered?” repeated Bumblebee.

“She IS a Transformer!” elaborated Megumi.

“…Shelob? The Shadow Spider? She’s able to turn into a robot like us?!” yelped Bumblebee.

“LOOK!” called Sam. He pointed out the short Elven sword, Sting. He found the Phial of Galadriel next to it as well. They were both caught in the web. Megumi and Emmanuel freed them from the web and handed them to Sam. “Me?” he asked.

“Samwise Gamgee,” replied Megumi, “I can’t think of a stouter Hobbit worthy of wielding Sting.” Just then, everyone heard a groan.

“Mister Frodo!” yelped Sam. Everyone charged down the tunnel to see Shelob wrapping Frodo up in her web. Sam tightened his grip on the sword and phial and strode towards the Spawn of Ungoliant. “Let him go, you filth!” he hissed. “LET HIM GO!” Shelob carelessly dropped Frodo. “You will not touch him again!” declared Sam.

“HENSHIN!” called the Riders.

“Open! Turn! Imagine!” announced the Chronicle Drivers.

“The Shroud of Cloak!”

“The Fan of Nimbus!”

“The Staff of Crescent!”

“The Hammer of Slam!” Everyone charged at the spider, but she went higher to get more room to strike.

“Shelob, TERRORIZE!” she shouted. She then went from monstrous spider to bipedal robot with three-digited claws for hands. She was about a meter taller than Prowl.

“Come on, then! Finish it!” challenged Sam.

“My pleasure, Halfling!” hissed Shelob as she pulled out her firearm. Prowl tackled her and attempted to wrestle the gun away from her. Bumblebee leapt onto her back and tried to get a decent shot in, but she bucked the two mechs off of her.

“No choice, then!” sighed Perceptor. He then took out a small device, flicked it into the sky, gathered energy into his palm, then thrust it into the air. “CYBER KEY POWER!” he announced. The device then returned and fitted into the back of his lens and turning, making it split in half and gather energy into it. He then fired a large laser beam at Shelob, but she dodged the attack, then hurled a large boulder at him. Perceptor was out, leaving Team Sonic to use their team attack.

“SONIC OVERDRIVE!” they announced as Tails kicked Sonic into the air, giving him height enough to do a Light Speed Attack, doing his signature Spin Dash at higher speeds and bouncing on Shelob multiple times. Shelob then grabbed Sonic and threw him into his teammates.

“Final Attack!” called the Vortex Drivers.

“Final Pen Stroke!” announced the Chronicle Drivers.












“RIDER CRESCENT KICK!” The kicks sailed through the air and hit Shelob square in her chest. There was an explosion as they landed. “Perfect!” declared Usagi I, Kamen Rider Crescent.

“Not really,” snarked Shelob as she stood up. She then fired on the Riders, cancelling their transformations as they gasped in pain. She then caught a batarang and snapped it in half. “I use vibrations and webbing to hunt,” she snarked as she flung Batman into the rock wall. “Did you really think vision’s the only thing I have going for me?” Malak and Oak then charged at her. “Wait a minute, aren’t trolls in Sauron’s service?” she asked as she kicked them aside. Dalengor, Lardeth, and Gorfanth then put a massive fireball into the air. Shelob rolled her eyes as she grabbed them and threw them into the fireball, making it dissipate and causing them to land on the ground with severe burns.

“Dai Super Charge!” called Megumi, Kamen Rider Royal, as she spun the wheel twice. She became Kamen Rider Vortex and swung her sword into Shelob’s leg, causing her to only say “Ow” and rub her wound. She then kicked Vortex into the gasping heap as it canceled her transformation.

“Pathetic,” sighed the Shadow Spider Predacon. “What can you hope to achieve?”

“Well, we just left an opening for Samwise the Brave!” gasped Megumi. Sam then thrust Sting under Shelob’s Spark Chamber! The blade severed a few Energon lines, causing her to clutch her abdomen in pain. Sam then held the phial out in front of him and used it to drive Shelob back.

“YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS, ORGANICS!” roared Shelob as she slunk back into the darkness. Once she was out of sight, Sam dashed to the still-webbed Frodo.

“Frodo, Mister Frodo!” he sobbed as he shook his friend. “Wake up!” he begged. “Don’t leave me here alone! Don’t go where I can’t follow! Wake up!” Frodo didn’t stir. “Not asleep. Dead,” whimpered Sam.

“I’m sorry, Sam Gamgee,” sighed Megumi as she took the Ring off of Frodo. “The venom in her stinger was altered as well. I almost died. The reason I was cured was because another Predacon gave my doctor the cure. He’s no longer with us. I’m afraid…you’re right. Frodo Baggins is dead.”

“Guys! Orcs inbound!” hissed Bumblebee. Everyone took cover in a tunnel mouth and observed Shagrat and his pack finding Frodo’s body.

“What’s this?” he chuckled darkly. “Looks like old Shelob’s been having a bit of fun!”

“Killed another one, has she?” grunted an Orc. Shagrat took out a tricorder and got a reading.

“…No,” replied Shagrat as he closed the tricorder. “Even with her new venom cocktail, this fellow ain’t dead.”

“Not dead?!” whispered Sam.

“She jabs him with her stinger,” lectures Shagrat, “and he goes as limp as a boned fish, then she has her way with them. THAT’S how she likes to feed, FRESH blood. Get him to the Tower!” The Orcs picked up Frodo.

“Samwise, you fool!” Sam cursed himself.

“Don’t take all the credit,” remarked Megumi. “I made that kind of blunder too. Come on, let’s follow them!”

“RETREAT!” called Gandalf as the gates fell to Grond. “The city is breached! Fall back to the second level! Get the women and children out! Get them out! Retreat!” While Gandalf organized the retreat, Optimus still dueled Megatron. Megatron threw a chunk of stone sharp enough to pierce Optimus’ abdomen, but the Autobot leader was undeterred. As he pulled the stone out, Megatron activated his concealed sword and slashed at the open wound. He then jumped into the air as Optimus stumbled backwards. Just as he was bringing the sword down, Optimus delivered an uppercut and knocked Megatron onto his back. He then charged at Megatron as the Decepticon leader swung his leg to try and trip up Optimus. Optimus jumped, leaving him open for Megatron to drive both feet into Optimus’ midsection and shoving him back. He then got into a grappling match with Optimus, his talons inching closer to Optimus’ face.

“I’LL RIP OUT YOUR OPTICS!” snarled Megatron. Optimus then got a grip on Megatron’s legs and caber tossed him away!

“FINISH HIM OFF, PRIME!” cheered Wyldstyle. “DO IT NOW!” Optimus leveled his gun at Megatron. The Decepticon leader then sensed an ally coming to his aid, so he decided to buy time.


“You, who are without mercy,” hissed Optimus, “now plead for it? I thought you were made of sterner stuff!”

“NOW!” Megatron shouted to his ally as he went flat. The Witch-King then jumped into the air, startling Optimus, then threw a Morgul Blade at him. His intended target was the Spark, but Optimus twisted so his right shoulder was hit. The blade pierced his steel frame and began its work! Megatron then got up and fired his fusion cannon at Optimus. “Fall! FALL!” he bellowed. Eventually, Optimus DID fall. Megatron stood up and leveled his cannon at Optimus’ head. “I would have waited an eternity for this!” boasted Megatron. “It’s over, Prime!” The Witch-King then departed to deal with Gandalf. He and Pippen were rushing to Faramir’s rescue. Gandalf held his staff in defiance of the former Man.

“Go back to the abyss!” boomed Gandalf. “Fall into the nothingness that awaits you and your master!”

“Do you not know death when you see it, old man?” laughed the Witch-King. “This is my hour!” He drew his sword which was set alight, shattering Gandalf’s staff. “You have failed! The world of men will fall!” declared the Witch-King. That was the idea, but a horn interrupted his boasting. That horn belonged to Théoden’s group.

“No!” snarled Megatron. “Idiot Seekers! I can’t trust them to delay mere horsemen! Still, I’ll have your head as a consolation prize, Optimus!”

“NEVER!” defied Optimus as he swung one of his axes into Megatron’s side. Megatron cried out in pain and stumbled. He looked around and surmised the battle would be lost.

“Hiro, this is Megatron!” he barked into his comms. “Are the Seekers with you?”

“They are,” replied Hiro. “I take it you see the Rohirrim?”

“I do,” growled Megatron. “Are they still alive or will I have to content myself with punishing corpses?”

“They’re alive,” answered Hiro. “They just went to repairs.”

“I will join them,” declared Megatron. “I need a rift back!”

“Coming up,” remarked Hiro as a rift opened. Megatron couldn’t resist a jab at Optimus.

“Tell me how Wraith life is going when you get the chance, brother,” he laughed as he returned to Vorton.

“Optimus’ life-signs are fading!” called Rusty on the Virginia.

“Beam him directly to sick-bay!” ordered Emily. “Ratchet, you have a patient!”

“On it!” replied Ratchet.

Both the Orcs and the Rohirrim had organized their ranks. Théoden ran his sword along the spears. “RIDE NOW, RIDE NOW!” he commanded. “RIDE! RIDE FOR RUIN AND THE WORLD’S ENDING! DEATH!”

“DEATH!” repeated the Rohirrim.

“DEATH!” Théoden announced again.

“DEATH!” called the Autobots.

“DEATH!” commanded Théoden.

“DEATH!” shouted Arsha and her crewmates.

“DEATH!” ordered Théoden.

“DEATH!” called the Vortex and Chronicle Riders.

“FORTH, EORLINGAS!” shouted Théoden. The pounding of hoofbeats echoed across the Pelennor Fields as the Rohirrim and their allies charged at the Orcs, boxing them in.

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