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Trinity Soul: Ch 5

“Sweet Chaos! It’s FREEZING!” Sonic groaned aloud. He had ended up in a sewer, a frigid sewer, warm enough for water to drip. There wasn’t a stench, so that was a relief. Sonic rubbed his hands on his arms in an attempt to warm himself up, but that didn’t change the fact that he could still see his breath. “Where am I, Holoska?! Then again, I don’t recall Holoskan villages having a sewer system.” He then heard shaky grumbling.

“W-W-Why d-d-did I acc-cc-cept this-s-s-s job?!” shivered the voice.

“Who’s there?” called Sonic.

“H-H-Hell-l-l-llo?!” asked the voice. “W-W-Who’s there?! D-D-Do you have a s-s-spare c-c-oat for a f-f-f-freezing r-r-r-reptile?!”

“Sorry, only coat I got is my blue fur!” replied Sonic.

“B-B-Blue fur?!” repeated the voice. “S-S-Sonic?! Is-s-s that y-you?!”

“The one and only!” answered Sonic. “Who are you?”

“It’s-s-s m-m-me! V-V-Vector!” called the voice.

“Vector?!” yelped Sonic. “Keep talking! I’m gonna follow your voice!” As Sonic sped off, Vector’s voice continued.

“Hur-r-rry up-p-p-, S-S-S-Sonic!” shivered Vector. “I’m s-s-start-t-t-ting t-to shut d-d-down here!” Sonic found Vector after a few seconds of running. “Oh, S-S-S-sweet C-C-Chaos, y-y-you’re here!” chattered a freezing Vector the Crocodile.

“Good grief, we gotta get you some place warm!” exclaimed Sonic. “Come on! Let’s find a way out of here!” He hoisted Vector onto his back, not an easy feat to do for a Mobian Sonic’s size, and sped off, looking for a way out. “Come on! Come on! Where are you?!” he panted. Just then, he heard shouting.

“Easy for you to say!” called a voice with a Japanese accent. “You’re safe and snug in a shell!”

“There are no threats here!” insisted a harsh, grating, metallic voice.

“A Dalek?!” gasped Sonic. “Not while I’m around! Hey, Vector, would fighting something heat you up?”

“It sh-sh-should!” shivered Vector.

“This way!” called Sonic as he set Vector onto his feet. Vector came charging off after Sonic.

“Why can’t you see reason?!” boomed the Dalek voice.

“Why can’t you see the danger we’re in?!” yelped the other voice. Sonic and Vector rounded a corner to see a Japanese man dressed like a prince and arguing with a Dalek with external struts coming up the neck of the enlarged dome. Five lights studded the back of the dome and flashed red when it spoke.

“Well, that’s a new design!” laughed Sonic. “What’s the deal here?”

“Who are you?!” boomed the Abnormal Dalek.

“I’m Sonic! Sonic the Hedgehog!” introduced Sonic. “My buddy, Vector, here, needs to warm up! Kicking your can seems to be a good idea!”

“NO!” called the Japanese man. Sonic turned to the man and recognized him.

“No way!” gasped Sonic. “Hiroki?!”

“…I don’t believe it! You ARE the Sonic that helped us in the Vortech Wars!” cheered Hishikawa Hiroki. He and Sonic shook hands. Soon, Hiroki saw Vector about to collapse. “Here,” he bid as he produced a coat. Vector put it on and started rubbing himself to warm up. Soon, he wasn’t feeling so sluggish and slow.

“Thanks, kid!” he bid. “I’d have frozen solid if it wasn’t for you!”

“I aim to help,” chuckled Hiroki. “Sonic, it’s great to see you!”

“I wish I could agree,” boomed the Dalek.

“Oh, yeah,” remarked Sonic. “Forgot about you.” He curled up for a spin dash and picked up speed.

“SONIC! NO!” yelped Hiroki as he stopped Sonic.

“Dude, what are you doing?!” protested Sonic. “Dalek right here?!”

“Actually, that’s Davros, the creator of the Daleks,” explained Hiroki. “He’s finally allowed himself to become a full Dalek, but the mind is still that of Davros.”

“Still, evil thing that needs to go bye-bye!” insisted Sonic.

“Not until we find a way out,” replied Hiroki. “Look, Davros and I have agreed to not kill each other until we go topside. Right now, someone heard us and went to get help. She told us to wait and…” he then yelped and looked around nervously. “I heard something that time!”

“You didn’t hear anything!” shouted Davros.

“…There! Don’t you hear it?!” shrieked Hiroki.

“Yes!” sighed Davros, as much as he could sigh in his current Dalek state. “I heard water dripping!”

“Sounds like rats!” gulped Hiroki.

“Okay, take it from the animal,” interjected Sonic. “Rats aren’t made of liquid. Rats don’t drip.”

“Rats only drink water…” ventured Vector.

“There’s such a thing as rat water?!” yelped Hiroki, his musophobia affecting his sense of logic.

“There are no rats!” yelled Davros.

“You don’t know that!” argued Hiroki. “What if you’re wrong?!”

“Okay, let’s assume, for some odd reason, I’m wrong!” snapped Davros. “Let’s assume there ARE rats! So what?! I’m the Emperor Dalek both externally and internally, Mr. Sonic here can create a sonic boom, and you’re a Kamen Rider! What can a five-ounce rodent possibly do?”

“…So, you’re saying there are rats!” whimpered Hiroki. Sonic smacked his face.

“Sure, let’s go with that,” he muttered.

“I’m getting out of here!” declared Hiroki.

“No, you’re not!” barked Davros. “I told that woman that we won’t move, so we won’t move!”

“Can’t we just stand near the light?!” pleaded Hiroki.

“That’s moving,” remarked Davros, “thus, it goes against our strict ‘No Moving’ policy!”

“But the light…”


“…will help us see the rats!”


“And their teeth!”


“…Hey, Davros, I thought I saw a mole-mite swimming in these waters,” mused Hiroki. Davros started shaking.

“Why did you mention mole-mites?!” he said in an uncharacteristic yelp.

“I’m just saying,” continued Hiroki, “mole-mites love Dalekanium. Since your casing is made of the stuff…”

“Okay, you know what, let’s stand at the light!” declared Davros. As they moved, an engine was heard topside.

“I heard there was someone down here?” called a voice with a distinct Swahili accent.

“Four someones actually!” Sonic called back.

“Sonic?” asked the voice. “What are you doing down there?”

“Okay, you know me,” remarked Sonic. “Who’s up there?”

“It’s me, Ultra Magnus,” revealed the speaker.

“Magnus?!” yelped Sonic. “What are you doing here?! …Come to think of it, do you know where ‘here’ is?”

“Apparently, the place is called Frigandor,” replied Ultra Magnus. “It’s a city of the Under-realm’s freezing northern continent.”

“That doesn’t sound like any place on Mobius,” muttered Sonic.

“Sorry, hold up,” interjected Hiroki. “Did you just call the guy Ultra Magnus?”

“Yeah, that’s Optimus Prime’s brother up top,” replied Sonic.

“You have Transformers in your universe?!” yelped Hiroki.

“…Yeah,” answered Sonic.

“…Richard would be over the moon about this!” breathed Hiroki.

“If we could concentrate!” barked Davros.

“What was that?!” called Ultra Magnus.

“That was Davros,” replied Hiroki. “Look, I can explain everything once we find shelter. For now, do you have something that can help us up?”

“As a matter of fact, yes,” answered Ultra Magnus. A manhole opened above them and a rope ladder came down. Davros flew up out of the sewers first and started laughing.

“My children are supreme!” he shouted. “Exterminate!”

“After him!” called Hiroki. He, Sonic, and Vector climbed up the rope ladder and joined Ultra Magnus’ Mobian Hedgehog holo-form in witnessing Davros shooting at everyone, killing a few in the process. Hiroki then brought out his Vortex Driver and fastened it onto his waist.

“Vortex Driver!” it announced. He then took out his i.d. tag and inserted it into the belt.

“Henshin!” he called before spinning the wheel. His armor was attached to him and he became Kamen Rider Sengoku. He deflected a blast towards the sky.

“You Vortex Riders have interfered for the last time!” roared Davros as he fired.

“You just couldn’t resist, could you?!” shouted Sengoku as he leapt into the air and latched himself onto Davros. The added weight caused Davros to spin out of control, giving Sonic a clear shot. One spin dash and Davros was disoriented enough to come to a halt.

“If I could have everyone’s attention, please?” called Ultra Magnus as he pulled out a small cylinder. “Sonic, Sir, Vector, you may want to cover your eyes.” As he was about to activate the device, it was shot out of his hands.

“No way are you weaseling your way out of this!” called a woman’s voice. A bunch of law enforcement officers, led by a woman with white fur all over her body except for her feet, hands, and face. Her horns rested in the middle of her hair atop her head. Her tail extended a long black needle and pointed it at Sengoku. “If that was a mind-alteration device, let me inform you that such devices or spells are illegal!

“Spells?” quizzed Ultra Magnus. The woman then prodded his holo-form.

“A solid light avatar,” she muttered. “Right, I know a spell to take care of that! Vidictren!” The holo-form disappeared and the futuristic car carrier changed. The cab tilted forward as the bottom of the trailer folded around the trailer bed to become legs. The rest of trailer folded to become arms with long shoulder pads and a missile on each side of the pad. The head popped out, looking like a white version of Optimus until it was covered by another helmet with a movable face and blue helmet with white antennae. “Oh no, not another one!” wailed the woman. “I already have enough trouble with that ‘Decepticon’ bird in the holding cell!”

“Decepticon?!” yelped Ultra Magnus. The woman then fired a torrent of ice at him. “Ma’am, you got it all wrong! I’m an Autobot!” The woman wasn’t listening. “Autobot!” repeated Ultra Magnus.

“Get away from him! He’s on our side!” snapped Sengoku as he swapped out i.d. tags.

“Sonic Steel!” announced the Vortex Driver. His armor then evoked the iconic Hedgehog as he charged at her at high speeds to get her away from Ultra Magnus. Just then, there was a cackle as Davros flew through the sky.

“Look! Davros is getting away! Go after him!” he called.

“The Frigandor Militia will take care of him!” dismissed the woman. “Besides, I like picking on giants of my caliber, especially if they’re buddies with that yellow bird calling himself a Decepticon!”

“Buzzsaw,” muttered Ultra Magnus. Another torrent of ice shards was flung at him, forcing him to dodge again. “I told you, I’m not a Decepticon! Look!” he pointed to the Autobot symbol on his shoulder.

“Nice try! That won’t save you!” snapped the woman.

“Mistress!” called another woman’s voice.

“Larbuu, wait!” supplied a man’s voice. A male of the woman’s species, a human woman in a blue harem outfit with a blue rose adorning her hair, and a large, metal velociraptor came running up.

“Mistress, you’re making a mistake!” called the harem girl.

“A mistake?!” yelped the woman, Larbuu. “Enfanti, what are you talking about?! He’s like those Conquertrons!”

“No, he’s not!” replied the harem girl, Enfanti. “The metal lizard can prove it!”

“I told you, I’m a velociraptor!” snarled the velociraptor. “My name is Slash, not metal lizard!”

“Slash!” called Sonic. “Then the other Dyno-bots are here?”

“Ah, Young Sonic,” greeted Slash. “My excellent good friend! How dost thou?”

“I hate to interrupt, but who are you?” demanded Larbuu.

“I am a Dyno-bot warrior,” snarled Slash. “Slash, TRANSFORM!” Her beast head and neck folded downwards as parts of her beast chest split and rotated to become legs and feet while her beast legs and arms swung around and swapped places so her beast legs and feet became arms and taloned hands. Her tail folded upwards as her head popped up with her usual snarl on her face.

“More and more Change-a-trons!” growled Larbuu.

“No, Transformers!” corrected the male of Larbuu’s species. “And she’s an Autobot like he is!” he pointed to Ultra Magnus.

“Meaning what, Delga?!” snapped Larbuu.

“Autobots are to Transformers as Justitrons are to Changatrons!” explained the man, Delga.

“…They DON’T intend to conquer?” asked Larbuu.

“Of course not,” assured Ultra Magnus. “I don’t even know where Frigandor or the northern continent are from.”

“I…see,” replied Larbuu, not entirely sure she believed everything.

“I think I can clear up any questions you all have,” called Sengoku as he powered down. “But first, introductions. I am Hishikawa Hiroki, Kamen Rider Sengoku.”

“I am Ultra Magnus, Second in Command of the Autobot Militia.”

“I’m Slash, the Dyno-bots’ top researcher.”

“I’m Sonic! Sonic the Hedgehog!”

“I’m Vector the Crocodile, P.I.!”

“I am Lord Delga Larkentha.”

“I’m his wife, Larbuu.”

“I’m Enfanti Glarosa, co-head of the Larkentha family’s Blue Rose Harem.”

“And a private eye too, don’t forget that,” interjected Larbuu as she and Delga both hugged her.

“Master, Mistress, not in public,” mumbled Enfanti.

“Harem?” asked Hiroki.

“…I take that word has a negative connotation where you’re from,” guessed Enfanti.

“In my universe, yes,” replied Hiroki.

“Why don’t we all answer questions at my castle?” offered Delga.

“A splendid idea,” agreed Ultra Magnus.

They were all in the main hangar of Delga’s castle to accommodate for Ultra Magnus and Slash’s robot modes. According to their sensors, Energon radiation was nonexistent, so they could stay in robot mode indefinitely. That was probably because there was no Energon to speak of in all the Realms. Hiroki had just explained the Convergence to everyone and Sonic talked about how he knew Hiroki. “Let me make sure I got this right,” groaned Larbuu as she rubbed her temples, “you two robots,” she pointed to Ultra Magnus and Slash,” are from an alien world called Cybertron and are part of a faction amongst your kind called the Autobots and are at war with another faction called the Decepticons. Ultra Magnus, both of your younger brothers are leading the opposing factions with your youngest brother as your boss. Slash, you are part of a group of Autobots that turn into prehistoric animals because of genetic experimentation. You all are fighting a second war on the same planet where the Decepticons were originally defeated in the first war. This planet happens to be the same planet you two come from,” she pointed to Vector and Sonic. “You,” she pointed to Hiroki, “know the blue one from a war with a creature called Lord Vortech as he was one of your allies. You just didn’t know he worked with the Autobots. Have I missed anything?”

“Er…no, you got it down pat,” replied Hiroki.

“Good! Because my head hurts!” wailed Larbuu as she clutched her head.

“Now, for you guys,” began Hiroki, “this is the Under-realm because the people are a little looser with darker passions. Your ancestors once went to war against the Mid and Over-realms because you didn’t see ANY similarities until you found a message from your gods and goddesses explaining how their conflict fractured their one world into three. They implanted the most brilliant minds of the time with the ideas of Realmgates, crossing into other Realms hoping to bring peace where they could not. After a century, peace was established and Realmfleet was formed. Everyone can join Realmfleet, no matter their social class, but rulers HAVE to join Realmfleet and serve as Captains for five year so they can see how their decisions will affect every Realm. Because of your liberal use of the Realmgates, ideas were spread, especially the new concept of harems. Instead of being enslaved with no say, it’s built on consent. The person has to ask to join the harem and it’s socially acceptable to have children with those in your harem as the harem members are considered spouses under Combined Realm Law.” Delga wrapped his arms around Enfanti as she wiggled in his lap when Hiroki said this. “So, have I missed anything?”

“The thing about having multiple spouses being socially acceptable,” replied Enfanti.

“And the fact that people, even royals, choose who they want to marry,” supplied Delga.”

“And magic’s commonplace here,” continued Ultra Magnus.

“And creatures we consider mythical,” finished Sonic.

“Okay, thank you!” interjected Hiroki.

“I’ve gotten a message from Realmfleet,” called Delga. “Arsha’s ship, the Endeavor, has picked up a few people, one of them similar to you, Sonic. She’s also missing a good number of her senior staff and her spouses. It should be coming any minute now.”

“Then we shall wait for their arrival,” declared Hiroki.

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