Trinity Soul Trinity Soul Chapters

Trinity Soul: Ch 66

Vortex: Trinity Soul rolled out of the way of Vortech’s staff swing, combined the axes into staff mode, and slammed the ground with it, creating a large energy shockwave. Vortech simply chopped with his hand and made a gap so the energy wave passed him harmlessly. Vortex: Trinity Soul then got an idea. She opened up several rifts and summoned Batman, Hongo, Wyldstyle, Gandalf, and Lacey. “What on…?!” spluttered Gandalf.

“It took all of us to defeat Vortech before,” explained Vortex: Trinity Soul, “so I thought it would be best to summon you all here.”

“Catchphrase time, is it?” chuckled Vortech.

“…You know what, we’ll humor you for once,” declared Vortex: Trinity Soul. “I might as well show off a trick in the process.” Her eyes then turned blue-purple and she moved a bit, examining herself. She was a little stunned.

“Well now,” she chuckled in Megumi’s voice, “I didn’t know she could do that. In any event, Kamen Rider Vortex! Evil will ultimately bow to me!” Her eyes then turned electric blue and Optimus took over.

“I am Optimus Prime!” he declared. “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings!” The eyes turned pink and Arsha spoke.

“I am Arsha Royana!” she announced. “I shall defend the Realms with my very soul!” The eyes returned to their powder-blue state and Vortex: Trinity Soul spoke in her normal voice.

“Kamen Rider Vortex: Trinity Soul!” she proclaimed. “The power of three will slay you!”

“Henshin!” called Lacey as she spun the dial on her belt. “Kamen Rider Apocalypse! Your world shall end!”

“I am Gandalf the Grey! Prepare to see some fireworks!”

“I’m Wyldstyle! Time to think outside the box!”

“I’m Batman! The Dark Knight rises!”

“Rider…HENSHIN!” called Hongo. He leapt into the air and became Kamen Rider Ichigō. “I am the start of a group of warriors! I am Kamen Rider!”

“I am Lord Vortech,” chuckled Vortech. “Prepare to be knocked into another dimension!” Vortex: Trinity Soul and Gandalf fired off magic blasts at Vortech, but he absorbed them both, then redirected the combined energy into them, knocking them onto their backs. Wyldstyle used a bit of the streets to build a bat-themed suit. Batman took control of it and slammed its fists down onto Vortech, but Vortech caught them in an energy bubble before flicking his wrists and tearing the Batmech asunder with only his mind. Apocalypse and Ichigō then leapt into the air as Apocalypse spun her dial again.

“RIDER KICK!” called Ichigō.

“RIDER APOCALYPSE KICK!” shouted Apocalypse. Both kicks hit Vortech hard, but Vortech got up, grabbed them, and threw them aside.

Up in space, the battle fared ill. Vortech’s fleet was getting smarter. All of his ships kept dodging the laser fire of their enemies. On the Nemesis, Ravage was having a tough time. “Our weapons can’t get a clean hit on them!” he called to Megatron.

“Advise Scarship to unleash his missiles!” ordered Megatron. “Full spread! We shall do the same!”

“Understood!” confirmed Soundwave as he transmitted the message to the Metarex ship.

“Ultra Magnus, I think NOW would be a good time for the Overshock Sonic Battery!” advised Prowl.

“Then we shall use it!” declared Ultra Magnus.

“Sonic! Shadow!” Tails called. “Load yourselves into the Sonic Power Cannon! We’re gonna test out how powerful the shot will be with you two!”

“Understood, Captain!” replied Shadow.

“Hey, you called Tails ‘Captain’!” laughed Sonic. “Maybe you should serve on his ship more often!”

“Don’t get any ideas!” snapped Shadow.

“Everyone, prepare for the Tunnel Torpedo!” ordered Grimlock.

“All adjustments made!” called Slag.

“Fire Razor Laser Disc Swarm!” Hiro ordered Tactical.

“Got it!” confirmed the Combatman.

“Has this ship fired its wing weapons before?” asked War to Richard.

“Quite a few times during that incident with the pirates,” replied Richard.

“Then we use them now!” declared War. “Fire Wing Streams!”

“We’re getting a transmission from the High Sky!” called Shalvey. “The Meteor and Scorpion are on the same call as well!”

“Put them through!” ordered Oak. Malnar, Dr. Borg, and Lardeth appeared on screen.

“Oak, we need to unleash all our drone fighters on the enemy!” advised Malnar.

“I second that!” agreed Lardeth.

“Then we shall swarm the enemy!” declared Oak.

“I only have 20,” reported Dr. Borg.

“Every little bit helps,” assured Oak. “Swarm pattern Omega! Launch all drone fighters and destroy them!”

“Photonic cannons! Now!” ordered Eelinape.

“Photonic cannons ready and firing!” called his Tactical Officer.

“Unleash the Swarm!” shouted Ultragingana.

“All hunter missiles away!” replied her Tactical Officer.

“Anti-matter Blaster! Now!” called Elizabeth.

“My lady, the weapon hasn’t been tested yet!” protested her Chief Engineer. “The anti-matter could…!”

“BRAK TELAR SHEK!” (OBEY YOUR ORDER!) shouted Elizabeth. The Chief Engineer gulped, then engaged the weapon.

“All-Powerful Engineer!” called Alfalna. “Ready the Deflector Launcher!”

“Deflector Launcher ready, Great Demoness!” reported her Engineer.

“FIRE!” shouted Alfalna.

“We have no choice,” sighed Rosadera. “We need the Spectrum Annihilator now!”

“So soon after we made the precautions to Elizabeth and Megumi’s round,” grumbled Azuliterii as all of the Chizaran princesses placed their hands on their consoles and poured their energy into the weapon.

“Seekers, we need to assist!” declared Starscream. “Starscream, Turbofoxes 1 through 10!”

“Thundercracker, Turbofoxes 1 through 10!” called Thundercracker.

“Skywarp, Turbofoxes 1 through 10!” declared Skywarp.

“LET THEM FLY, BOYS!” ordered Starscream. All ships and fighters fired their weapons at the fleet and the enemy ships were caught up in a brilliant light that lasted a good few minutes.

“Did we get them?!” asked Skywarp.

“Skywarp, we can still detect their warp engine signatures,” sighed Thundercracker. “Why do you even ask?”

“I’m an optimist,” whimpered Skywarp.

“You’re an idiot!” snapped Starscream.

“It’s no good!” growled Richard. “We can’t disable that fleet! We need to help Megumi out somehow!”

“We’re being hailed by the Chizarans,” reported Mikhail.

“On screen,” ordered War. Rosadera appeared, looking out of breath.

“Azuliterii’s patching into the satellites at the moment,” she reported. “We need to figure out what’s going on down there.”

“Agreed,” answered War. “Can you patch it through to all ships?”

“That was the plan from the start,” replied Rosadera.

“I’ve got a visual!” called Azuliterii.

“Put it through!” called Rosadera. The fight on the Chizara’s surface appeared on all viewscreens. Right now, Vortex: Trinity Soul had brought out Megumi’s second sword-gun and a Cyber Key.

“You know,” mused Vortex: Trinity Soul, “Megumi and Optimus always wondered what happened if a Cyber Key was used instead of an i.d. tag. Might as well find out!” She flicked the Cyber Key into the air and fired a stream of energy at it from her hand. “CYBER KEY POWER!” she invoked. The Cyber Key inserted itself into the weapon’s i.d. tag slot and a stream of energy erupted and surrounded the blade. “Holy crap! That actually works!”

“Final attack!” called the sword.

“RIDER TRINITY CYBER KEY SLASH!” announced Vortex: Trinity Soul as she swung the blade downwards and fired an energy wave at Vortech. Vortech merely held up his hand, stopped the energy wave, shrank it into a small ball of light and ran it along his arms like a basketball, then fired a torrent of energy at all of the combatants. They all ended up knocked down; groaning and grunting in pain.

“So amusing,” laughed Vortech. “So entertaining. …So fantastically futile. I am so much more than you, gnats. Even when I slept, you did nothing but play my game, and thus it shall always be.” Vortex: Trinity Soul glared at Vortech, then her gaze softened. She then recovered her strength enough to sit Japanese-style. Vortech blinked as confusion started flooding his brain. “Wh…what is this?” he asked.

“It’s my surrender,” explained Vortex: Trinity Soul. “I give up. You may kill me since I don’t have Megumi’s immortality.”

“WHAT?!” yelped Apocalypse.

“NO!” shouted Ichigō.

“What are you doing?!” protested Batman.

“Now YOU abandon reason for madness?!” argued Gandalf.

“There’s still so much to live for!” pleaded Wyldstyle.

“…No,” remarked Vortech. “No, you…you can’t do that.”

“You said this was a game, correct?” asked Vortex: Trinity Soul. “Well, I’m out of moves. Game over. The only winning move is to cease playing and there’s only one way to stop.” Vortech glanced around in confusion, then he realized her plan.

“NO!” argued Vortech. “YOU CAN’T DO THAT!”

“Then kill me!” countered Vortex: Trinity Soul. “Absorb my power! Whatever! None of us like this game and we no longer wish to play!”

“I will!” warned Vortech. “I will absorb your power, kill you, destroy your universe…!” Vortex: Trinity Soul stood up and let Megumi do the talking.

“SO WHY HAVEN’T YOU?!” she demanded. Vortech didn’t reply. “…Well? Why haven’t you?!” continued Megumi. “You’re perfect and all-powerful and all-knowing and all the garbage you spouted at us last time! You were smashing every reality into one back then! Yet, you’ve been around for five years and lain dormant for three! You could have started your search up earlier and yet, you DIDN’T!”

“What the hell is she doing?” demanded Caan as he arrived on the Virginia’s bridge.

“No clue,” muttered War, “but I think we’re gonna find out.”

“You…you HAVE to fight! I order you to!” demanded Vortech. “Continue the game, Megumi Hishikawa!”

“No!” disobeyed Megumi. “I figured you out! This eternal game nonsense? That’s your fear of you actually achieving your goal of godhood!” Vortech flinched. “The Chizarans called their eternal life and power a curse to those that seek it and they were right! After exploring the limits of their power and life, everything was pointless and so dull that they wanted to be mortal again! The only reason they’re still here now is because their tournament, throughout its rounds, gives them the feeling there’s always something out there that not even THEY know about!”

“She is laying the truth on THICK, isn’t she?” muttered Rojenthi.

“She’s not wrong,” replied Verdutha. “That IS why we hold the 3V2R.”

“Five years ago, we all showed you how small perfection really is! How terrifying of a goal that really is!” continued Megumi. “Well, this isn’t Foundation Prime, but here we are, having this exact same debate! Nothing has changed! You know where Foundation Prime is, what the Foundation Elements are! You could go back at any time, but you haven’t! Why? Because what’s the point?! You’re trying to stave off the inevitable boredom and insanity by playing this game, but it’s just a temporary diversion! You want us to play this over and over and over, well I say it’s gotta end at some point! If you won’t end it, then I will! WHAT ARE WE EVEN DOING?!”

“I…I…” replied Vortech before his legs gave out and he steadied himself on the controls. “…I still have no answer…”

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