Trinity Soul Trinity Soul Cast

Wilson Andrews

A 22 year old Quokka sculptor from Rottnest Island, off the western coast of Downunda (Australia), Wilson Andrews is a stereotypical Quokka always having a grin on his face. They’re Mobius’ equivalent to Hobbits. They’re inclined to be fat in the stomach and dress in bright colors, chiefly yellow. Unlike Hobbits, they’re not suspicious of outsiders. Quite a few Quokkas go off and seek adventure. Wilson Andrews is one such Quokka. The Convergence put him in another universe and he later joined as an After Academy Art student and a new Kamen Rider called Lash. He became an anthropomorphic personification like Amelia, his lover, so they can both shape-shift to either human or Mobian form, thus lowering any accusations of bestiality.

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