The Three Realms The Three Realms World Building

Blood Contract

Here is the Blood Contract the Royals signed, written in the known writing scripts of the Realms.

We, the Undersigned…

hereby declare, in our blood, the following vow: vengeance will be wrought on the Realm Trinity Empire via its destruction. If any of us attempt to break this vow, our life is forfeit.

Feymay Felompha

Emfam Felompha

Lardeth Felompha

Roomef Felompha

Jeefef Felompha

Olmarfa Felompha

Ufnamfa Felompha

Teefmanam Felompha

Pofomofo Felompha

Endram Felompha

Elgrad Royana

Arsha Royana

Hanako Royana

Orbak Emboramii

Malnar Emboramii

Elmpam Emboramii

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