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Just for yucks, I ran my Best Match name for Build’s new form through a Circular Gallifreyan Translator.

Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Cast

The Brigadier


Having lived a life in the military, specifically UNIT, Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge Stewart had died peacefully and in bed. However, an old enemy of his and the Doctor’s, now in female form and calling herself Missy, had taken his body and converted him into a Cyberman. However, he kept his emotions and helped the Doctor thwart her plans yet again.

After leaving for parts unknown, he fell through a time-hole and discovered Rusty the Dalek alongside humans. He did something contrary to his usual man of action attitude and talked with them. After successful negotiations, he and Rusty formed a new UNIT, the Unified Nebular Intelligence Task force. Now, he fights as Tech support and Military advisor for the Vortex Riders.

Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Cast

Rusty’s human form

Here’s the resurrected Rusty with a sex-change! As you can see, I improved the colors from the original shell. I also wanted to keep the armaments of a Dalek in the design of her new outfit. The only issue I had was cropping as I made the original picture just barely too big for the scanner.

Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Cast

Rusty the Dalek

Davros, why must your children be so detail oriented?


Rusty is an unusual case amongst the ultimate racists. He was an average Dalek until a battle left him adrift in space. His power source was cracked and leaked radiation. It broke a piece of programming that prevented Rusty from feeling anything but hatred against non-Daleks. Seeing the birth of a star made Rusty realize that life will always come back despite the Daleks’ best efforts.

He was picked up by a ship and made the crew an offer; fix him up and he will help the humans fight the Daleks. The crew agreed and set to work. Sadly, the work damaged the creature inside and so the Doctor had to intervene. The Doctor, Clara, and a couple of crew members shrunk down and went inside the casing to fix Rusty. They fixed the crack, but without the radiation affecting him, Rusty fell back on his old programming.

Clara convinced the Doctor to restore Rusty’s memory of the star’s birth and linked his mind with the creature. The Dalek saw what made up the Doctor, but latched onto his hatred of the Daleks and so went on a murderous rampage against the Dalek rescue party.

Over time, he joined a newly formed Unified Nebular Intelligence Task force, UNIT. He had made friends with an old member and a figurehead called Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart; a formerly dead man now restored as a Cyberman. Now Rusty acts as a Colonel and fights alongside the Brigadier.

A recent adventure resulted in his meeting of Princess Megumi and her Vortex Riders, from other universes. He, along with the Brigadier, joined the Vortex Riders as Tech Support and manage the gateway on Vorton.

Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Chapters

Chapter 74

We awoke in the med-bay of Vorton. I sat up, a little too quickly, and got dizzy. “Easy,” said a masculine Japanese voice. “Save your strength.” I looked up to see Hiiro putting his hand on my shoulder. Emu and Emily were next to him.

“What happened?” I asked as I realized I wasn’t in my suit.

“When that thing started collapsing in on itself,” explained Emu, “Death fired some sort of beam to your location, allowing Vorton to pick you guys up before they rescued us.”

“The ones you rescued are safe,” assured Emily, sensing my worry. “They’re waiting outside for you lot.” I heard stirring as my team and Robin woke up. Once things were deemed okay, we explained the story and were released from the med-bay. When we left, our friends greeted us.

“Wyldstyle!” cheered MetalBeard.

“Gandalf, we got out!” called Frodo.

“Of the frying pan, yes,” countered Gandalf.

“Did we destroy the piece of Vortech?” wondered Robin.

“We did,” confirmed Batman, “but if that’s what a tiny piece of Vortech can do, we’re going to need help.”

“From who?” asked Momotaros. “We got all the help right here!”

“No, we don’t,” I countered. “We need help from a few of our new friends, and maybe an enemy. One that Chell should be familiar with.” Chell then signed something hurriedly.

“I agree!” affirmed Tanisha. “We’re NOT recruiting GLaDOS into this!”

“We need an a.i to help run things,” I explained.

“Then let’s get someone else!” begged Emily.

“My mind’s made up,” I said, putting my foot down. “Emily, you will retrieve GLaDOS. Michael, I need you to get the Doctor. We need X-PO back online. Xiomara, you’re getting the Ghostbusters. Richard, Mr. Saunders, I need you to get, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, Mr. Simpson. Hiroki, I need you to get the Ninjago team. Elphaba, scour the multiverse for Dorothy and her friends.” Elphaba winced. “Wyldstyle, see if you can gather more Master Builders. Gandalf, I need you to gather the Fellowship. Batman, get the Justice League. Livia, I need you to get the Gamer Kid and whatever characters you can retrieve. Haitao, see who you can get in Jurassic World. Tonje, you’re going to Chima. Mikhail, I need you to pick up Mystery Incorporated. Josh, I need you to make contact with Marty and Doc Brown. I’ll pick up Godzilla. The rest of us will train with the Kamen Riders and Vader and his men.”

“Your Majesty,” piped up Rusty, “you may want to answer this distress call. I heard that a Prometheus-class starship from S-T-4-R-T-R-3-K was a Foundation Element. I’ve found that ship’s crew and Captain.”

“Get them here,” I ordered. “We may need Starfleet’s help.” A portal opened and the crew, led by a Klingon woman with all four pips on the collar of her red shirt, came onto Vorton.

“Q let us contact your home,” explained the Klingon Captain. “I am Captain Sh’Kar of the U.S.S. Enterprise-H.”

“Welcome to Vorton, Captain,” I said. “I am Queen Megumi Hishikawa of the Vortex Riders. Forgive me if I don’t guide you around the place, but we’re rather pressed for time. We’re picking up allies for our final battle with the one who stole your ship. Would you like to join us?”

“Is a Vulcan logically minded?!” snarked Sh’Kar. “You ask a Klingon if she would like to join the fight?! Of course! Besides, I have a mission with my crew to begin! I can’t do that without a ship!”

“Then Emmanuel will give you the tour and you can join the rest of my people in training,” I told her.

“Before you gather allies,” Sh’Kar stopped me, “do you have any idea what these are?” It was a pouch of studs, 125,000, to be exact.

“Money,” I explained. Sh’Kar handed the pouch to me. “How do you guys pay for goods when dealing with Ferengi?” I asked.

“A small supply of latinum is given to each officer,” explained Sh’Kar. “How rich are you now?”

“We’re now at 4,486,000 studs,” I elaborated. I turned to my people. “All right, ladies and gentlemen, you know your objectives?” Everyone confirmed. “Rusty, send us to our destinations!”

“I obey!” confirmed Rusty. She sent us through, starting with Xiomara.

I found myself on a pump-car on an old subway line. I shrugged, figuring I didn’t need it. I then heard someone shout “Hello!”

“Hola?!” I responded.

“Hey!” called another voice.

“Ghostbusters? Is that you?” I quizzed.

“Xiomara?!” called Peter as the Ghostbusters rounded a corner.

“Ghostbusters, hola!” I said. I was hugged from all sides. “It’s nice to see you too!” I affirmed. “However, my business here is not to catch up with you guys. I know the world ending is nothing new to you four, but this is bigger than just the world.”

“Judgment Day,” guessed Ray.

“Si, only worse,” I replied. “I’ll fill you in.”

“WINSTON!” called a demonic voice. It sounded like it was from behind us.

“Okay, I’m outta here!” yelped Winston. We backed up, almost stumbling over ourselves.

“Rusty,” I stammered into the comms, “I found them and could really use a…” I turned and saw a shriveled, severed head! I screamed and soon, many more heads in the same condition appeared around us! We all screamed as long as they stayed! Then, just as suddenly as they appeared, they vanished. “…Everyone okay…?” I mumbled. The Ghostbusters mumbled their confirmation, then a whistle sounded.

“Did you hear that?” asked Peter.

“It sounded like a…train,” mumbled Winston.

“Uh uh,” argued Ray. “These lines have been abandoned for…fifty years.”

“…Oh,” I said. We walked further forward and then…I heard them! Train wheels on rails! We turned around to see the light of a steam engine coming right for us! The Ghostbusters got out of the way, but I was frozen in fear! Thankfully, it was a ghost train, so it passed through me, but I still screamed as it did! It vanished into the darkness and the Ghostbusters came up to me to see if I was okay.

“That must have been terrifying!” guessed Winston.

“I think it was the train that went through you, Winston!” theorized Egon. “The old New York Central, City of Albany! Derailed in 1920! Killed hundreds of people! Did you catch the number on the locomotive?!”

“Lo siento, Señor Spengler!” I weakly apologized, still getting over my fright. “I missed it!”

I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was in front of the first iteration of the TARDIS! The one William Hartnell used! I approached the box and lightly touched the door, causing it to open. “What on earth?!” spluttered an old man’s voice. I heard footsteps and saw a man with white hair poke his head out. “Young man,” he griped, “do you realize how dangerous it is to just waltz into someone’s house?!”

“Er, begging your pardon, sir,” I said, pretending not to know this old man, “but I simply tried knock and the door moved on its own.” The old man grabbed his lapels in contemplation.

“Goodness me,” he muttered to himself. “It seems I forgot to lock it.” He then returned his attention to me. “What do you want?” he asked.

“I don’t suppose you know of a doctor around here?” I asked.

“My dear boy, you happen to be talking to one,” explained the old man, the First Doctor. “Come inside and tell me your troubles.”

“What, in there?!” I said, feigning ignorance about the TARDIS’ internal dimensions.

“Well, I can’t exactly have you freezing out here, can I?” snapped the Doctor. “Come in and shut the door! I don’t want a draft!” I followed him in and then lit up my face in astonishment. I’ve always wanted to be stunned at the TARDIS’ interior.

“Good heavens!” I breathed. “This is impossible!”

“Impossible?” snapped the Doctor as he fiddled with the console, the time rotor in the center not going all the way up to the ceiling. “Whatever next?” Just then, the TARDIS shuddered and took off on its own!

“What’s going on?!” I yelped, really wanting to know the answer.

“I don’t know!” responded the Doctor as he worked the controls. “Dear boy, go and check the fault locator, in that wall over there!” Most TARDIS console rooms don’t have it, but a fault locator does exactly as it says on the tin, it locates faults in the TARDIS’ systems. I checked it and got the readout.

“System J-27-Beta!” I called.

“J-27-Beta?” asked the Doctor. “Oh dear. You haven’t touched anything, have you?”

“No, why?” I responded.

“Well, you see,” explained the Doctor, “J-27-Beta is what keeps me from travelling into my future.” Just then, the TARDIS shook again and the console room looked slightly different. “Oh dear, it’s already started!” breathed the Doctor. I then noticed something on the console, by the time rotor. I picked the object up and examined it with the Doctor.

“A recorder?” I muttered.

“What on earth is that infernal thing doing in my TARDIS?” asked the Doctor.

“Excuse me, may I have that back?” asked a new voice. We whirled around to see a man in a Beatles’ haircut and dressing like a hobo. His hand was outstretched. I put the recorder into his hand and he put his mouth to it, playing a few notes. He then inspected it with a furrowed brow. “You haven’t been trying to play this, have you?” he asked. He then saw the Doctor. “Oh dear, we ARE in a pickle, aren’t we?”

“I presume this is YOUR TARDIS, sir?” asked the Doctor, rather One, since HIS immediate future incarnation, Two, was now with us. “I don’t like it,” muttered One. Two frowned

“So young, and yet so old,” he muttered. The TARDIS then changed again, altering just a bit. “Oh no,” moaned Two. “It’s that old fop’s TARDIS. My word, he’s always trying to show off!”

“You’re no joy to work with either, you midget hobo!” came an erudite voice. An older man in fancy clothes came in. “I take it YOU’RE the reason System J-27-Beta is out of commission.”

“Indeed not!” argued Two. He and the dandy, Doctor number Three, then started arguing.

“Oh, good heavens, will you lot stop messing about?!” snapped One.

“He started it!” argued Two and Three together. The TARDIS then changed into a wooden room with the console in wood and no time rotor.

“Oh, there you are!” said a jovial voice. A man with a mop of curly hair and an enormous grin and long, multi-colored scarf appeared with a bag of something in his hand. “I don’t suppose either of you would like a Jelly-baby?” he asked.

“I wouldn’t mind one,” I said. The man, the Fourth Doctor, let me reach into the bag and I took an orange one. The sweetness took me by surprise.

“Oh, don’t like it?” guessed Four.

“No, I do,” I assured him, “it’s just been a while since I had one.” The console room then went back to white and the time rotor came back. Standing there was a man in a cricketer’s uniform with a stick of celery on his left lapel.

“Good heavens, that can’t be right,” muttered the man, Doctor Five. “Well, time to fix…” He then caught sight of us. “YOU!” he exclaimed. “How did you lot get into my TARDIS?!”

“I could ask the same question!” said a rather loud voice. The owner was a man wearing some brightly colored patchwork coat! We all screamed in pain as our eyes saw it. The man, Doctor Six, put his hands to his hips.

“Please, tell me you’re me at my last incarnation!” begged Five.

“Why should I tell you such a lie?!” snapped Six. “I come directly after you! Good thing, too. A stick of celery on such a boring outfit?!”

“Oh, Rassilon, you’re worse!” moaned Four. “You’re the Mid-lives crisis!”

“MID-LIVES CRISIS?!” protested Six.

“I’d say that’s rather accurate,” said another voice. The owner, Doctor Seven, was a little man with a question-mark waistcoat, or vest, if you’re American. “Good heavens,” muttered Seven. “It’s as they say, too many cooks spoil the child!”

“…Spoil the soup,” I corrected. The TARDIS changed again. It looked more like a library and the time rotor went all the way up to the ceiling.

“What are you lot doing here?!” demanded a voice. We whirled around to see a man with long, wavy hair, the Eighth Doctor. “You can’t just stroll into my TARDIS like that!” snapped Eight. The TARDIS changed again. The walls were back to having roundels, but now there were coral supports. “…System J-27-Beta?” he guessed.

“It looks that way,” rasped an older voice. A war weary man then approached us. “It looks like time is showing its disappointment in me,” sighed the man, the incarnation most fans call the War Doctor.

“You’re not involved with the Time War, are you?” asked Eight.

“Time war?” asked One. The walls changed to yellow.

“Yeah, and he made a mistake that cost us Gallifrey!” snarled a voice that sounded like it was from the north. A man in a leather jacket arrived. “Because we lost our home, I can’t call him the Doctor!” snarled the man, Doctor Nine.

“What I did, I did without choice!” argued W. Doctor. “In the name of peace and sanity!”

“You didn’t do it in the name of the Doctor!” said another voice. Another man in a long coat approached. The TARDIS changed again to look more steampunk. “Okay, who touched what?!” demanded the new man, Doctor Ten.

“I’d say you lot touched something!” said a voice as someone in a bowtie tripped into view. Yes, I meant “tripped”. The man, Doctor Eleven, was one of the clumsiest Doctors.

“Wait, you two are my replacements?” asked Nine. “A pretty boy and a baby giraffe?!”

“More like uncoordinated house-cat!” replied W. Doctor.

“OI!” snapped Eleven. “I am NOT uncoordinated! And YOU!” he pointed to Nine. “How about those ears, Dumbo?!”

“My ears are just fine!” snapped Nine. The TARDIS then changed into Twelve’s.

“Good Lord, will you all stop arguing?!” snapped Twelve as he arrived. Eleven looked confused. “Seriously, it’s like dealing with pudding brained versions of yourself!” he griped.

“That…makes no sense,” whispered Eleven. “Pretty Boy over there…”

“OI!” protested Ten.

“…regenerated into that body again, making him the eleventh and twelfth incarnation,” continued Eleven. “Strictly speaking, I’m the last Doctor. So, why am I getting the same sense of familiarity with you as I do with them?”

“The Time Lords granted us a new regeneration cycle,” explained Twelve.

“The Time Lords?” asked Nine.

“But…they’re gone,” said a confused Ten. “HE killed them!” He was pointing to W. Doctor. Just then, the TARDIS landed.

“Well, it looks like explanations will wait,” I said.

“Michael, were you the one who fiddled with System J-27-Beta?” Twelve asked me. His previous incarnations looked at me.

“Michael?” asked One. “That’s your name?”

“…Yes, sir,” I replied, dropping the charade.

“And he addressed you by name,” noted Two.

“You’ve been in the TARDIS before, haven’t you?” quizzed Nine.

“Yes, Doctor,” I confirmed. “Specifically, this exact TARDIS interior. And, to answer your question, Twelve, I didn’t touch System J-27-Beta! While Six appeared, I had a brief chat with the TARDIS. It sabotaged that system itself.”

“You did what?!” Twelve snapped at the TARDIS. It beeped its reply. “You know the laws of time as well as I do! I can’t travel with my previous incarnations! On top of them risking creating a weak point with their mere presence, they cramp my style!”

“A magician with style?” muttered W. Doctor.

“Look, if we can all concentrate!” I snapped. All Doctors turned to me. “I’ve just had another chat with the TARDIS and we need to pick up Twelve’s successor. Somehow, the TARDIS couldn’t pick her up, but it could at least land in her general vicinity.”

“Her?!” wailed Six. “Are you telling me I become a woman?!”

“What difference does your physical makeup matter?!” I responded. “She’s still the Doctor!”

“Probably not as charismatic as me,” scoffed Four.

“Oh, for goodness sakes!” I snapped. “You lot sound like Internet trolls right now! Come on! Those that have them! Screwdrivers out!” Three, Four, and Eight to Eleven whipped out their sonic screwdrivers while Twelve pulled out sunglasses. He tossed me his TARDIS-like screwdriver.

“I have a feeling you’ve always wanted to swish about with a Sonic Screwdriver,” he explained.

“What are you doing with those wands?” asked One.

“They’re Sonic Screwdrivers,” explained Nine.

“Sir, where’s yours?” asked Three to Twelve.

“Right here,” explained Twelve as he pointed to the sunglasses.

“…Sonic Sunglasses?” asked Nine.

“…Okay, why?” asked Ten.

“I think they’re cool!” replied Eleven with a grin.

“Will you stop using that word?!” snapped Twelve.

“Oh, for heaven’s sakes, let’s just get on with it!” snapped One. We all exited the TARDIS to see that our surroundings were coral-like.

“Well, if this isn’t a Zygon ship,” muttered Five, “then I didn’t beat Sir Francis Drake in cricket.”

“You brought cricket into that time?” I asked. My screwdriver then picked up a double pulse. “Gentlemen, around that corner!” I whispered.

“Not yet!” whispered W. Doctor. “Zygons too!”

“I have an idea,” whispered Twelve. “Adjust the frequency settings to 0.3794-Z. It should fool a Zygon’s eyes into thinking we’re Zygons.” We all did so and simply waltzed right in. The Zygons paid us no mind as we saw the current Doctor strapped to a table and a Zygon holding some instrument to her head.

“Identity confirmed,” reported the Zygon to his superior. “It IS the Doctor!”

“So, Doctor,” snarled the warrior-engineer, an aggressive chap, “what’s you game here? Do you seriously expect me to believe that Vortech is real?”

“That WAS the plan,” confirmed Thirteen. “Look, Zorkoth, Vortech will…!”

“Vortech is nothing more than something I told my hatchlings to scare them into behaving!” snarled the Zygon. “Now, if you will not return my ship’s power core, I will most certainly…” he was interrupted by the emergency lights shutting off. “WHAT NOW?!” he roared. I quietly congratulated Three for fiddling with emergency power. “Find the malfunction!” Zorkoth ordered his troops. The Zygons then left the room, allowing us to cancel our disguises and free Thirteen.

“Thanks for the helping hand, gentlemen,” thanked Thirteen. She then realized who her rescuers were. “Oh, good heavens,” she sighed. “I was only expecting Eyebrows over there!”

“We can discuss that later, Doctor!” I yelped as a Zygon alerted his crewmates to a prisoner escaping and intruders on board.

“RUN!” shouted Nine. We all made a mad dash for the TARDIS and entered it. The console room had changed while we were gone, looking exactly as Joshua described it.

“I see you’ve redecorated,” observed Two. “I don’t like it.” Thirteen had gotten the TARDIS to take off, then tried to pull her hand away from the console only for it to be pulled back. She rolled her eyes, then buzzed her silver sonic screwdriver on whatever glue was used so it would dehydrate.

“That Zygon webbing gets everywhere!” she griped.

“Zygons make webbing?” I asked myself as the Doctors had a telepathic conference to catch each other up.

Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Chapters

Chapter 28

“Thankfully,” the Doctor said as Michael finished, “we put Irina in the Zero Room, where one floats in air to fix themselves or stabilizes one’s condition. That Dalek Gaia Memory wasn’t anywhere near as powerful as a Dalek’s gun.” I ran my hands over my face.

“Okay, I have good news and bad news,” reported Emily as she finished. “Good news, Irina’s alive and is demonstrating brainwave activity. Bad news, brainwave activity isn’t evidence of consciousness. Rather, it’s an endless dream from which she may never wake.”

“What can we do?” I asked.

“The only thing we can do is keep calling to her,” replied the Doctor.

“The only logical choice for starting the process, given Irina’s relationship with him,” I mused, “is Mikhail. Mikhail, could you…Mikhail? Mikhail, where are you?!”

“Hey, where’d Michael go?!” asked Ankh.

“Don’t forget Richard, he’s gone too,” observed Batman. A thought struck me.

“You don’t think…?” I quizzed.

“It’s possible,” theorized Batman

“Hey, guys,” called X-PO, “I’m hearing some chatter from Michael, Mikhail, Richard, Rusty, Elphaba, Wyldstyle, and Eiji in the gateway room. The phrase ‘Make Davros hurt’ was thrown around. Any reason leap to mind?”

“Those idiots!” I hissed.

I stood at the gateway. My sister, Irina, was in a coma. Anger was directing my actions, anger that I feel is justified. “You seek revenge!” said a harsh, grating, metallic tone.

“Da,” (yes) I replied. Rusty glided to my side.

“On just Davros?” asked the Dalek. I turned to face him.

“You’re not stopping me?” I asked.

“I wish to help you!” replied Rusty.

“Ah, anything to make the Daleks hurt,” I guessed.

“Why just the Daleks?” asked an American voice. I turned to see Michael and Richard coming.

“Not this time, you two,” I directed.

“Your sister was hurt under my recent command,” argued Michael. “Honor must be satisfied.”

“And you helped me when Emily was beaten black and blue by one of her bullies that wanted her to commit suicide,” continued Richard. “I would be ashamed if I didn’t help.”

“What’s this I hear about getting revenge?” asked a woman. Elphaba came in. She had regained her ability to fly on a broomstick. “Trying to make this Davros character pay? Wasn’t he acting under orders?”

“It’s within Vortech’s sick mind to make us hurt,” hissed another voice. Wyldstyle came up with Eiji.

“You all wish to assist?” I asked.

“You need an attacker from the sky,” replied Elphaba.

“My Master Build abilities are handy,” offered Wyldstyle.

“And I’ve got a Combo that can take care of any cheaters,” replied Eiji.

“Then what are we waiting for?” I asked. “Set dimensional coordinates for Skaro!”

“No!” barked Rusty.

“No?!” I roared.

“Blindly rushing into Dalek territory,” explained Rusty, “is self-extermination! We must draw Davros out!”

“And to do so,” supplied Elphaba, “we need to make Vortech hurt. To do that, we need to hit where it hurts most, his wallet!

“Go on,” I invited.

“Vortech has set up Nonexistium mines in Rusty’s native universe,” answered Elphaba. “We strike at a big one and tell Vortech to send Davros our way at the next one.” I mulled it over. On the one hand, I wanted to make Davros pay quickly, but, on the other hand, blindly rushing at the Daleks will ensure my death. The cons of rushing at the Daleks outweighed the pros.

“Like I said, set dimensional coordinates for a big mining operation in Davros’ universe,” I said.

“I obey!” replied Rusty.

“How is this POSSIBLE!!!” roared Vortech. “Four missions, all in D-0-C-T-0-R-W-H-0, and only Igura succeeded in hers when she got the Foundation Element! You, Rani, nearly affected my plans with that dimensional manipulator nonsense! The universes you would have made would have faded in 2 hours anyway. Believe me, I tried that before getting the Foundation Elements. You, Yeti, perhaps it was a mistake to sever you from the Great Intelligence if the Gaia Memory is too complex for your processors!” Vortech turned to me. “So? I didn’t hear your excuse, Davros!”

“Because I have none,” I replied. “We failed to destroy the Doctor, nothing more.”

“Then why do you smile?!” snarled Vortech.

“I have news that may…interest you,” I answered.

“Speak quickly,” hissed Vortech.

“I took the liberty of testing the Maximum Drive of the Dalek Gaia Memory the Rani had so graciously created,” I explained.

“You don’t have a Maximum Drive slot,” observed Vortech.

“You don’t need a belt to initiate a Maximum Drive,” I answered. “I fashioned a weapon from a Dalek gun to allow it to use a Gaia Memory and decided my escape was a perfect test.”

“You…used the Dalek Maximum Drive?” guessed Vortech. I turned to one of the prisoners, a Mr. Sergei Kuznetsov.

“Do you know the true name of Kamen Rider Climb?” I asked him.

“My daughter, Irina,” answered the man. A thought struck him. “No. You didn’t!”

“I call the Dalek Gaia Memory’s Maximum Drive Dalek Extermination!” I laughed.

“You are bluffing!!” protested Sergei.

“I never bluff when one has died at my hand,” I answered.

“Then perhaps this day is not totally lost,” mused Vortech.

“If we can be so sure,” growled Sauron as he stomped into view. “It HAS been a while since any of us have killed one of the Vortex Riders.”

“Because it has been a while since a DALEK was provided the opportunity to do so,” I reminded.

“Really now?” snarled Sauron. “Because the mutants under my command during my time in the DC Comics world were utterly useless!”

“You dare call the Daleks mutants!” barked one of my children.

“My creations have enslaved entire worlds, Sauron,” I recalled, “while you sent your pathetic Orc forces after a simple ring!”

“You must be lying!” denied Sergei. “There’s no proof Irina is dead!”

“If it’s proof you want,” I chucked, “I am all too happy to provide.” I let a holographic projector do its work. Horror had spread across his features. “Word of advice, a scientist is always willing to give proof!”


“You are welcome to try!” I countered as I charged my hand with electricity.

“Enough!” shouted Vortech as he threw up a barrier between us. “Davros, are you certain that Kamen Rider Climb was exterminated?

“With this very Gaia Memory, Lord Vortech,” I replied as I pressed the button.

“DALEK!” it announced.

“Is everyone ready?” I asked.

“For Irina!” cheered Michael.

“For the Multiverse!” called Wyldstyle.

“For making Davros pay!” shrieked Rusty.

“For paying off old debts,” declared Richard.

“For a new chance at life!” called Elphaba.

“For my friends!” cheered Eiji.

“For honor!” I called. “POYEKHALI!” (Go!). We charged into the portal and fell through the vortex.

“You Riders might want to change before we arrive at the mine,” suggested Wyldstyle

“Good thinking,” I replied. Eiji put in his Medals and the rest of us drew our i.d tags. Eiji told us how his transformation abilities work, so I knew what was going on when he scanned his Medals.

“HENSHIN!” we announced.

“TAKA! TORA! BATTA! Tatoba! Tatoba, TATOBA!” sang Eiji’s OOO Driver. The rift opened to let us into a mine. The coordinates were set to the Cybermen’s home world of Mondas. What we saw was a sight I never thought was possible, but, given that Vortech has a hand in this, he may need the cooperation between the Daleks and Cybermen. Both species were working together to mine for Nonexistium. The mines were large enough but had special machinery that regenerated the metal once it was exhausted.

“Quite a bit of Daleks and Cybermen,” muttered Battle.

“How do we deal with them?” I asked.

“Set off minor explosions in random areas,” suggested Battle. “Get all enemy forces to investigate. Clear out any enemies near a communications console. Contact Foundation Prime to draw out Davros. After stating our demands, blow the place sky high and move on to the mines on Skaro.”

“Khorosho,” (Good) I declared. “Find explosives and spread out.”

“It’s a pity she was wearing her mask,” I said to my children as we went down the hall in Vortech’s fortress. “But, I can only imagine the terror she felt as she fell to the technology you, my children, have made. Lord Vortech now understands that the difficult tasks are best assigned to the Daleks.” We passed by a couple of Tarlaxians, Discornia and a creature made of purplish putty with red eyes and a vaguely humanoid form called Sludgiona.

“Hell spawn,” muttered Ms. Sludgiona in a burbling voice.

“Impure mutants!” snarled Discornia. Now, Hell spawn, I can let slide, but calling my Daleks impure mutants…! We turned to face them.

“What did you say?!” I growled.

I must say, the Rani is the worst lab partner ever. We were fixing up the Yeti Vortech had acquired and she was griping all the time. “Fixing things up was so much easier when Urak was around!” she moaned

“Spare me!” I hissed as I adjusted the jaw. It was then I heard Dalek gunfire. The Rani and Yeti heard it too.

“What is going on out there?!” demanded the Yeti. It got up and stepped out of the room. “How are these ladies supposed to…!” It didn’t get far as a Dalek blast shot his jaw. It goggled at the broken implement. “I JUST HAD THAT FIXED!” it roared, pulling out its Gaia Memory.

“YETI!” announced the Memory.

We had set up the explosives in the mine and acquired hiding places so the enemy wouldn’t see us. Battle told us to wait until the Daleks and Cybermen had concentrated their forces at the explosive sites. Thank goodness Wyldstyle can Master Build explosives. “Not yet,” motioned Battle. “Wait. …NOW!” We pressed the detonator that Wyldstyle built and the explosives went off.


“Moving to delete hostile elements!” reported a Cyber-Leader.

“Seek! Locate! Exterminate! Annihilate! Destroy!” ordered a Black Dalek. The enemy started investigating while a single Dalek and Cyberman guarded the communications terminal. These two were…different from the rest of their species. The Cyberman looked like he was in a silver bodysuit that simulated piping woven into it, had a chest piece with exposed wiring, a helmet with larger handle supports around the ears, a see-through mouth plate, and totally circular eye holes instead of the tear-drop design. The Dalek was gunmetal grey with black sensor globes, possessed tiny dome lights instead of the large ones I was used to, and a white light in the eyestalk with a black dot in the center, making the eye look like it had a pupil.

“Those are a Dalek and Cyberman from the 80’s!” whispered Battle. “What are they doing still in operation?”

“Sshh!” I hissed. “They’re about to speak. I want to hear them.”

“Cyber-unit L-4-R-R-Y,” droned the Dalek.

“Yes, Dalek T-1-N-4?” asked the Cyberman.

“Cyber-unit Larry?” asked Guard.

“Dalek Tina?!” snickered Battle.

“SSSHHH!!” I hissed.

“Do you wonder why we’re here?” asked Dalek Tina.

“I suppose that is one of the universe’s greatest mysteries,” mused Cyber-unit Larry. “Why are any of us here? Are we some cosmic coincidence or is there really a god with a plan for us? That kind of thinking keeps me from fully recharging.” There was a brief silence.

“No,” elaborated Tina. “I meant, why are we here guarding a communications terminal instead of investigating the explosions?”

“Oh,” replied Larry.

“What was that stuff about God?” asked Tina.

“Nothing,” answered Larry. I motioned for us to move.

“If you wish to find out about God’s existence,” I announced as I drew my blade, “I am all too happy to help in that regard. If you wish to live, move aside. I’ve come for Davros. Stand down and be spared.”

“ALERT!! ALERT!! INTRUDERS IN THE COMMUNICATIONS CAVERN!!” screamed Tina. She didn’t get very far as I ran her through with my sword. Larry then grabbed a silver tube with a red cylinder on it and trained it on us. Battle then opened a small bag and threw the contents onto Larry’s chest. It was gold dust and the instant it landed on him, Larry started sparking and giving off a death rattle. He fell, dead. I ran my fingers over the dust and examined it.

“A Cyberman killed by glitter? That’s ridiculous!” I declared.

“Not when it’s an early model Cyberman,” elaborated Battle. “The glitter’s made of actual gold.”

“You mean to tell me you turned gold into glitter in case you meet this kind of Cyberman?” I asked.

“Exactly,” replied Battle. “Coat the chest unit of these early model Cybermen in gold and you suffocate them.”

“I see,” I muttered. I then returned my focus to the mission. “Wyldstyle, take Guard with you and build a bomb big enough to level this place. OOO, Rusty, keep watch for the enemy. Elphaba, clear an escape route for us. Battle, help me open a line to Foundation Prime.”

“Just look what they’ve done!” snarled Igura as she stormed up to me in her Kamen Rider Talon persona.

“Spare me the dramatics,” I dismissed. “The Yeti’s jaw can be fixed.”

“This isn’t about the Yeti or me, Lord Vortech!” protested Talon. “The Daleks are creating dissension among the ranks! These savages are a threat to our plans! They should be confined! RESTRAINED EVEN!”

“I said that about you when your group came here,” muttered Ambassador Hell.

“Besides, you could not produce restraints strong enough to hold a Dalek!” boasted Davros.

“Loooord Vortech,” droned a Cyberman. This one was in a zip-up bodysuit, had a large front unit with wires and piping everywhere on the body, a cloth mask with eyeholes and a lantern on top of the head where the handles connect. As it spoke in a stilted monotone with some words drawn out and the others run through rapidly, the mouth opened but made no movements to form the syllables, “weee have recieeeved an eeemergency transmission frooom theeee Nonexistium mines ooooon Mooondas.”

“What seems to be the trouble?” I asked as I gave a glance to a broken Sergei.

“Uuunnknown, Lord Vortech,” reported the Cyberman. “Theee caller will speeeak only tooo you.” I accepted the call.

“T-1-N-4, L-4-R-R-Y, what is it?” I asked, assuming that it was the Dalek or Cyberman at their post. The voice with the Russian accent surprised me.

“Nice operation you have here,” snarled the caller. “Sadly, it is under new management.”

“Mikhail?” asked Sergei, sadly, knowing that Irina’s death affected his son as well.

“Kamen Rider Gallop,” I guessed. “The Rider that fancies himself a Cossack.”

“I have a bit of Cossack training,” answered Gallop. “My horseback skills are unmatched. However, like Irina, I fancy myself a swashbuckling pirate. Speaking of pirates, with the help of my team, of course, I just robbed you of one of your big, juicy mining operations.”

“The loss of ONE asset is hardly a blow to my cause,” I dismissed.

“Perhaps,” threatened Gallop. “But, I shall keep attacking them one by one until you give me what I want!”

“And WHAT, pray, is that?” I asked.

“The demon that put my twin sister in a coma!” declared Gallop. Wait, what?

“Coma?” I repeated.

“Mikhail, are you saying Irina lives?!” asked Sergei excitedly.

“Da, Papa,” replied Gallop.

“You are a liar!” hissed Davros.

“Davros,” called another voice. “Not so nice to hear you again.”

“Kamen Rider Battle, you saw Climb fall!” snapped Davros, correctly identifying the voice.

“We got her into the TARDIS and discovered that the Maximum Drive of your Dalek Gaia Memory gave off a low yield blast,” explained Battle. “Thanks to the Doctor’s efforts and to the efforts of our medic, Irina’s alive.”

“KHOROSHO!” shouted Sergei, his pain of having to bury his daughter now gone.

“So,” continued Gallop, “here is the deal. We’re going to hit the Nonexistium mine on Skaro. If you would care to meet us there, Davros, perhaps you can save Vortech from another loss. Oh, and Vortech, just in case you ever wondered what an exploding mine of Nonexistium sounds like…” He left the channel open as he pressed the button on a detonator.

“Escape ship primed and ready!” reported Rusty as he flew it to us. I snatched up some studs, 245,000 in total, and put them in a bag. Might as well make some profit. We jumped aboard as the bomb started shaking. We sped through the caverns before the bomb blew up. The explosion started catching up to us. We escaped…what’s the expression…by the skin of our teeth. The entrance collapsed as Rusty flew us to Skaro.

To say that Vortech was livid would be an understatement. As the transmission ended in static. Vortech strode angrily towards Davros. I smirked under my helmet. “Keep away!” yelped Davros.

“You’re hardly in a position to order anyone around,” hissed Vortech. He swatted Davros’ hand aside and pressed a button. The chair started beeping and lights turned off. Davros was trembling violently until he pressed the button again. He started getting his breath back. “You allowed Kamen Rider Climb TO LIVE!!” roared Vortech.

“Daleks,” chuckled Sergei with a fat grin on his fat face. “Not, er, up to snuff, I believe is the expression. Isn’t that right, Talon?”

“You, shut up,” I ordered.

“Lord Vortech,” begged Davros, “I swear upon the Daleks, Irina could not have survived her wounds!”

“Well, the evidence says otherwise!!” roared Vortech. “It appears I am owed a Vortex Rider’s life. And if it’s not Irina’s, it had better be Mikhail’s!”

“Approaching Skaro!” reported Rusty. Battle was not exaggerating when he said Skaro was one of the worst planets to look at. It was blood red, had three moons, sickeningly green clouds, and two major continents divided by a mountain range.

“We’re being hailed,” called Battle.

“Tell the Daleks that we’ve come for Davros,” I rumbled.

“Funny,” continued Battle, “it IS Davros on the other end. He said that he’s ordered an escort to bring us to the mine near the Petrified Jungle.”

“A hasty trap that we shall spring,” I declared. “Tell him we’ll follow the escort on the path they chose.” Michael did as he was told and we followed the Dalek Escort to a stone-like jungle. Nearby was a tall city. The mines were about a mile to the city’s south. We landed near the entrance to see Davros and a horde of Daleks surrounding us. Michael described him perfectly on Vorton. “I see you were busy after Michael came here last,” I observed.

“Whereas YOU have been stupid enough to seek revenge!” ranted Davros.

“Prerogative of a brother when his sibling is harmed,” I replied.

“Speaking of visits,” recalled Battle, “I would have figured, after your sewers attacked, you would have drowned in the corpses of your children.”

“Not when there is an escape pod to be had,” answered Davros.

“And a nearby Dalek ship to collect you, I surmise,” guessed Battle.

“Ah!” exclaimed Davros. “There, I was fortunate.”

“Oh, for a moment, I guess,” I mused. “I’m thinking that Vortech didn’t like hearing about my sister’s survival.”

“For the time being,” countered Davros. “Comas can go both ways.”

“True,” I conceded. “But, I can’t help but feel there’s an unanswered question. Why are you working for a thief like Vortech?”

“You cannot steal what is simply a random object to most people,” answered Davros. “No one, aside from Vortech, is interested in the Foundation Elements!”

“Not what I have heard,” I declared.

“As Vortech’s people, the Vortonians, have been exterminated,” ranted Davros, “and your friends are now fractured, you will not hear that claim again!”

“Do you never do anything but smash and kill?!” protested Wyldstyle.

“There, you are mistaken, Madam Wyldstyle,” argued Davros. “The Daleks have taken to calling me by my title on Necros.”

“The Great Healer?” asked Battle.

“A somewhat flippant title, I confess, but not without substance!” boasted Davros. “I have turned these Daleks into a raw war machine, healed them from the disease of defeat!”

“While working for Lord Vortech, I notice,” I observed. “Did the Daleks expect you to join him?”

“The Daleks understood that power over reality itself was ripe for the taking!” declared Davros.

“With you as their leader?” I asked. “You’re more man than Dalek.”

“So, what of the Dalek sewers?” asked Battle. “Or will they still rot down there?”

“You should know me better than that, Battle,” hissed Davros. “I never waste valuable resources.”

“How can the dead be valuable?” I asked.

“Because the dead make excellent concentrated protein!” replied a Dalek.

“My children are developing their galaxy quickly,” continued Davros. “Nutrient loss WAS one of the empire’s major problems.”

“You’ve turned the inhabitants of your sewers into food?” I said, repulsed at the idea.

“And it has placed me above even the Emperor Dalek!” raved Davros.

“And you lot are okay with resorting to cannibalism?!” I called to the Daleks.

“The dead are only useful in prolonging the living!” replied a Dalek.

“I’ve heard enough!” I declared as I drew my blade. The others got ready to fight.

“If you would permit me,” interjected Davros, “I’d like to show you a new ability I have.” He pulled out the Dalek Gaia Memory Battle had described on Vorton. “Are you familiar with Dopants?”

“Sorry?” I asked.

“When an organic creature is implanted with a connection for a Gaia Memory,” explained Davros, “It gives them power and a form based on the Gaia Memory. The resulting creature is called a Dopant. The only thing that can cause a Dopant to revert to its host’s original state would be a Maximum Drive, where all the power is focused in one attack.” He then pressed the Memory button.

“DALEK!” it announced. Davros then put it into his chair. Light flowed around him as data symbols came over him. His shape soon changed. His chair turned into legs with the lower legs looking like a Dalek’s skirt. He gained a new left arm where the forearm looked like the gunstick, with a gun barrel hidden in the palm, and the right arm had a plunger hidden in the palm. The head looked more like the Dalek dome with the eye embedded in it.

“You now bear witness to the Dalek Dopant!” cheered Davros’ new form. We got ready to fight. OOO extended his claws and rushed at Davros. Davros sidestepped and punched OOO on the spine. Wyldstyle built a cannon out of some Daleks and fired, but Davros shrugged it off. I changed into Wyldstyle Steel and built off the cannon, making it bigger. The two of us fired, but Davros leapt over it and attacked. Wyldstyle broke the cannon and rebuilt it into a combat suit for Rusty. Rusty plugged in and went on the offensive. Davros used the plunger in his hand and lifted him up into the air.

“ALERT!! ALERT!!” he squawked. “SUIT MALFUNCTION!!”

“Get out of there!” I yelled. Rusty shot his way out as Davros tore the battle suit in half. Battle and Guard did a double team attack and swiped at Davros repeatedly. Davros started laughing!

“That tickles!” he jeered. Davros then threw them into me, knocking the wind out of us. He then started laughing. “I see that your green skinned friend is gone!” he called. I looked up and grinned under my helmet.

“A spell to halt the progress ahead!” chanted Elphaba’s voice. Davros started looking around. “To freeze, to bind my foe in red!” Red chains from the air wrapped around Davros. He was yanked into the air and was taken for a ride by Elphaba! She had regained her cackle as she flew, writing “Surrender, Daleks,” in the sky. Davros then managed to plant his feet on the ground. Elphaba stopped and tugged on the chains. Blue light then appeared beneath Davros’ feet as he took off, taking Elphaba off her broomstick! This time, he took her for a ride and made a diving maneuver towards the ground. Davros pulled up in time, but Elphaba did not. When she hit the ground, she lost her concentration on the chains, releasing Davros. We were at Davros’ mercy.

“Look at you inferior creatures,” he boasted. “Lying at my feet with merely seconds of your transformations left.” Why was Davros right? Our transformations cancelled out. “With my Daleks,” continued Davros, “I shall be utterly unstoppable! The Dalek machines being manufactured automatically…”

“I know the Doctor said this to you already,” interrupted Michael, “but it’s not the machines, but the minds. The Daleks are totally evil!”

“And I still do not accept that!” shouted Davros. “The Daleks are merely programmed to survive! To do that, they must become the dominant species! When all other life forms are suppressed, when the Daleks rule everything, then there is peace. Wars will end. Daleks are not a tool of evil, but of good!”

“And to prove your megalomania,” continued Michael, “you created a virus that would destroy all life on contact.”

“You must mean the Reality Bomb,” recalled Davros.

“What?” asked Eiji.

“Electrical energy binds our atoms and their individual parts together,” elaborated Michael. “The Reality Bomb cancels it out. Soon, all manner of matter falls apart, becoming dust, the dust becoming atoms, and the atoms…nothing.”

“Nothing?” I repeated.

“This was in response to a question the Fourth Doctor posed to this lunatic,” finished Michael. He turned to Davros. “If you were to create a virus in your laboratory, something contagious and infectious that killed on contact, a virus that would destroy all other forms of life…”

“You wouldn’t use it, would you?” I asked Davros.

“…To hold in my hand, a capsule that contains such power,” began Davros, “to know that life and death on such a scale was my choice… To know that the tiny pressure of my thumb, enough to break the glass, would end everything…Michael was right! The Reality Bomb was my virus! If the Doctor had not interfered, that power would have set me up above the gods! But I shall try again to make a new virus! AND THROUGH THE DALEKS, I SHALL HAVE THAT POWER!”

“How is that helpful to the universe?!” wailed Wyldstyle. “There’s no democracy! You would deny freedom! You would be unfair to everyone that isn’t a Dalek!”

“Democracy?” spat Davros, as if the idea were vile. “Freedom? Fairness? Those are the creeds of cowards. The ones who will listen to a thousand viewpoints and try to satisfy them all. Achievement comes through absolute power, and power through strength! You have lost!”

“Alert! Time capsule detected!” screamed a Dalek. It was then that a familiar noise rang through the air. Soon, Davros, Skaro, the Daleks, and all other things aside from me and my team faded to make way for the TARDIS’ interior. I made a mad dash for the door, but someone held me back.

“This does not concern you!” I bellowed.

“Wrong!” snarled a voice. The accent was Russian and the tone was feminine. It couldn’t be! I tried again, but the person started gripping my fingers. I turned to see a fully conscious Irina! She released her grip on my fingers. “You idiots better hope Davros can’t follow us to Vorton,” hissed Irina. “If he can, I’m holding you responsible, Mikhail.” There was venom in her voice. I didn’t understand why. I couldn’t dwell on it for long as the TARDIS lurched!

“That monster just latched on!” reported the Doctor, not knowing Davros’ new Dopant form.

I paced the Gateway room, waiting for that familiar Vworp the TARDIS makes. Emily and a new arrival that Hiroki recommended sat on the platform. They were eating some cake, celebrating a successful procedure that brought Irina out of the coma. He was a young Japanese surgeon that also functioned as a Kamen Rider. From what Hiroki told me, this man, Kagami Hiiro, was a genius surgeon at only 24. He was a bit cold, but it was clear he was trying to get over that. His Rider alias is Kamen Rider Brave. Equipped with the Gamer Driver, he uses a game cartridge, or Gashat, after the Japanese onomatopoeia for inserting a game cartridge into a console, based on a fantasy RPG called Taddle Quest to transform and gain power. Hiroki also said that if there was someone beneath Hiiro’s notice, he would dismiss them by saying their existence was a “No Thank You”. Given that Emily knew the medical terminology and tools to get Irina out of that coma, such a phrase wasn’t flung her way. “Careful, Meg,” warned Emily, making me twitch, “you’ll make a trench in the floor.” That was when I heard a Vworp.

“Ah, the Doctor’s returned,” observed Shōtarō.

“It sounds like she’s about to…” began Philip. He didn’t complete his sentence as the TARDIS practically bounced in with a monster hanging on the side. It then started beating on the doors.

“What in the…?” yelped Hiiro as everyone gawked at the monster. The monster then looked around.

“So, this is Vorton, the base of operations for the Vortex Riders. Quaint, compared to my children,” snarled the monster. It then turned to Shōtarō and Philip. “WHAT? W hasn’t left?! I’d best take care of you two first.”

“Philip,” directed Shōtarō, “access the Gaia Library on this monster.”

“Beginning the lookup,” reported Philip. A bright light then appeared beneath him as he shut his eyes. “Keywords?” he asked.

“Dalek Dopant,” answered the monster.

“Stay out of this!” I hissed. Philip then gasped.

“It’s Davros!” he yelped. Shōtarō goggled at the Dopant.

“That thing became a Dopant?!” he cried.

“Correct,” confirmed the Dopant, Davros. The occupants of the TARDIS then exited said time machine.

“You, idiots that decided on getting revenge,” I snarled, “go to my quarters. I’ll talk to you once I’ve dealt with Davros.” I drew out my i.d tag. “Henshin!” I then drew out a new i.d tag, the W i.d tag. I had to touch both Shōtarō and Philip at the same time to get it. I selected CycloneJoker for the specific form.

“W CycloneJoker Steel!” announced Vortoranii.

“CYCLONE! JOKER!” called the W Driver’s voice. The music for the respective Gaia Memories played. Shōtarō and Philip then pulled out their Gaia Memories, Heat and Metal. They pressed the buttons.

“HEAT!” called one.

“METAL!” called the other.

“Henshin!” announced the two men. Philip then put his Memory in the belt and passed out. Hiiro caught him and brought him to safety. Shōtarō then put his Memory into the belt after Heat appeared. He then opened the belt.

“HEAT! METAL!” called the belt. HeatMetal’s Memory music played as W twirled the Metal Shaft.

“And now, my turn,” declared Hiroki as he drew his i.d tag. “Henshin!” After the transformation sequence, he drew out his W i.d tag and selected the form.

“W LunaTrigger Steel!” called his belt.

“LUNA! TRIGGER!” announced the W Driver’s voice. An ominous glowing sound played followed by some rock guitar riffs. His steel looked like W, but it was yellow on the right side and blue on the left. We went on the offensive, Sengoku using his fancy katana in rifle mode, or tanegashima mode, as he calls it, and firing multiple shots, forcing Davros to try and seek cover. W made multiple hits with his staff and scorched him on impact. My punches and kicks had a windy effect to them. Soon, Davros could barely stand.

“This clinches it!” called W as he put the Metal Memory into his shaft.

“METAL! MAXIMUM DRIVE!” announced the Memory.

“METAL BRANDING!” shouted W. Sengoku then put his i.d tag into the rifle and leveled it on Davros.

“Final attack!” called the weapon.

“RIDER LUNATRIGGER BLAST: TRIGGER FULL BURST!” shouted Sengoku. I jumped into the air for a Rider Kick.

“RIDER CYCLONEJOKER KICK: JOKER EXTREME!” I announced. Sengoku then fired multiple homing shots on Davros. W’s staff lit up on both ends as he delivered a powerful blow to Davros. I split down the middle and both halves charged at Davros. First my right half, then my left. Both sides reconnected when I landed. I felt weird but shrugged it off. We then came together.

“Saa, omae no tsumi o kazoero!” we all finished. Davros’ Dopant body exploded, revealing his old self, and an ugly man he was, and the shattered remains of the Dalek Gaia Memory fell.

“NO! MY POWER!” wailed Davros.

“Doctor, take him to the brig,” I directed as we cancelled our transformations. The Doctor then grabbed Davros’ chair and pushed him to the brig.

“Release me, Doctor!” ordered Davros. “You will return me to Skaro!”

“Shut up, or I’ll switch you off!” threatened the Doctor. She soon brought him into the brig as I headed for my quarters. When I arrived, I leveled my gaze at the ones that tried to seek revenge. Those idiots looked pitiful, like children that were sent to their rooms to wait for the other parent to tear them a new one.

“Well?” I asked icily. “I’m waiting for your explanation.”

“You are…well within your rights to…” began Mikhail. Wrong way to begin.

“We’re not talking about my rights,” I snarled, “we’re talking about the fact that you let your anger towards Davros blind you.”

“Davros brought harm to my sister!” argued Mikhail.

“And she was hurt under my command,” supplied Michael.

“On top of that, he helped my sister,” answered Richard. “I owed him.”

“Besides, we need to make the enemy hurt,” mused Elphaba. Rusty nodded his eyestalk in agreement.

“YOU THINK THAT’S JUSTIFICATION FOR PETTY REVENGE?!” I roared. I turned to Eiji and Wyldstyle. “I didn’t hear your reasons!”

“They’re friends,” replied Wyldstyle.

“They needed backup,” gulped Eiji. I shook my head.

“I don’t believe this!” I shouted. “Tell me, does revenge ever complete anyone? Here’s a hint, NO! It doesn’t! It might fly with the Klingons, but we’re not Klingons and those are not Klingon uniforms! Irina almost lost her brother! If she didn’t convince the Doctor to find you, you would have been dead on Skaro, not even in your native universe! There is a limit to the amount of stupidity I can put up with and you’ve just crossed it! Now, I don’t want to hear another word about revenge or making someone hurt! In fact, I don’t want to hear about Davros being hurt while he’s our prisoner! Is that clear?!”

“Your Highness, Davros is too dangerous to be left alive,” retorted Michael. “He may try to…”

“Crystal clear, Your Highness,” interrupted Mikhail. “This will not happen again and Davros will not be touched unless you say so.”

“And I won’t be saying so anytime soon!” I snapped. “Now, all of you idiots, GET OUT!” They shuffled out of my room. “Oh, and Mikhail, I recommend you do everything in your power to make amends with your sister because she almost lost a family member and considered how to approach telling your dad about your death.” Mikhail said nothing, just nodded and shuffled out after the rest of his team. My room was empty, so I took a breath and sat down. Never, in all my life, had I gotten so angry. Then again, never, in my life, had I nearly lost my friends.

Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Chapters

Chapter 27

After the titles play again, a brief replay of the scene where we transmat up to the ship will remind us what happened. Dalek Transmats are unpleasant feeling, let me tell you right now. After that unpleasant trip, we all got out to make sure there weren’t any of those stupid pepperpots. We secured all the area needed. Madame Vastra, Strax, and I secured a northern corridor. Xiomara, Emmanuel, Hiroki, and Philip secured an eastern corridor. Jenny, Shōtarō, K-9, and Tonje secured a western corridor, and Irina and Sheela secured a southern corridor. It was awkward silence time, even with the steady noise of the ship. I never knew what made that noise around Dalek facilities and ships. “That rhythm is starting to annoy me to no end!” hissed Strax.

“Save it,” I hissed back.

“Silence, girl!” snarled the Sontaran. That’s the disadvantage of being a clone race, like the Sontarans, you can’t tell the difference between genders. Back to the awkward silence. The Doctor was at work with a console in the junction we were securing.

“So,” I mused, “just making idle conversation here, I’m a tad bored, Commander Strax, if we were enemies and you, of course, beat me in battle as a Sontaran soldier, what would you do?”

“Well,” answered Strax, “given that you haven’t made any attempts to make an enemy of me, I find that situation unlikely. However, in a strictly hypothetical situation, of course, I would most likely submit you to each of the processes on Field Major Styre’s manual on human resistance to torture.”

“Styre?” I yelped, remembering the episode he starred and subsequently died in. “I didn’t realize he published.”

“Posthumously,” Strax explained. Madame Vastra shook her head.

“Brutes,” she muttered. “Michael, if you’re so bored, maybe you should find out what the Doctor’s doing?” I saw the irritation in the Silurian’s eyes.

“I…see your point,” I gulped. I headed over to the Doctor. I know, some men will call me a wimp. Tell me, would YOU argue with a lizard woman from the age of the dinosaurs you knew had eaten humans before? No? Didn’t think so. I leaned over the Doctor’s shoulder and cleared my throat.

“Tea time already, Strax?” asked the Doctor, not even looking in my direction.

“Okay, I’m a lot taller than him, for one,” I said, annoyed.

“Yes, but you have the potential to be brutish as him,” remarked the Doctor.

“Not true!” I argued.

“So, you’ve had no wars?” countered the Doctor.

“As ever, Doctor, the soul of tact!” I replied. “What are you doing, anyways?”

“Just figuring things out, as usual,” answered the Doctor.

“Anything I can do?” I asked.

“Not on this end, no,” muttered the Doctor. “I, on the other hand, just need to find the temporal origin of this ship…ah, got you!”

“You have answers?!” I asked. “Where and when did this ship come from?!” The Doctor didn’t answer, she just pulled out a laser spanner and messed with the transmat!

“And then one more pick-up before I shut this off for good!” she called.

“Doctor?! Answers?!” I asked. The Doctor said nothing as she and I shoved some plungers out of the way as they shimmered into view. Wait, plungers?

“Unauthorized computer access detected!” said the harsh, grating, metallic tones of the plunger’s owner. The Daleks had bypassed the guard positions we had set up by transmatting in their own ship! We were quickly surrounded.

“What?!” yelped the Doctor. “I wasn’t doing anything!” The transmat started smoking. “That was like that when I got here!” Xiomara and her group were herded aside to make way for someone I didn’t want to see. The horribly scarred remains of a man glided their way past. The person used a black Dalek skirt with white sensor globes to move, had a black shirt with only his right arm to his name, a control panel in front of him, sunken in, fried shut eyes with a single blue orb in his forehead to see, a metal cage around his scalp, silver shoulder pads, and a back rest. His hand was robotic in origin, one he most likely built himself after someone shot it off. He cracked a blackened smile as he clapped his robot eye on the Doctor.

“You might have a new face, Doctor,” he  in a voice that had was aided by a cybernetic voice box, “but I see you are still the same old prattling fool!”

“Davros,” hissed the Doctor. “Not so much a bad penny as a mad penny.”

“Oh, great, I meet the lunatic behind the existence of these dust bins,” I groaned. “I knew the Rani said you were involved, giving orders, but I didn’t think it was as part of the invasion force.”

“What have you done with the population of the Earth?” asked the Doctor.

“I have…given them new employment,” answered Davros as he turned to the Daleks. A horrible thought struck the Doctor.

“The Daleks!” she gasped. “They’re…?”

“Yes, Doctor,” chuckled Davros. “Your precious humans.”

“Necros and Satellite Five!” I called.

“Yes, making Daleks from human genetic material is hardly a good idea,” supplied the Doctor. “For a start, they may be driven mad by their own flesh and gain a concept of blasphemy. For another, it may spark another civil war.”

“Blasphemy?” asked a Dalek. “I have no understanding of the word! It is not registered in my vocabulary bank!” That made me arch an eyebrow.

“My mistakes on Necros and the mistakes made by the Emperor on Satellite Five have been corrected,” continued Davros. “Many qualities needed for Daleks are buried in all manner of life. What better way to unleash those qualities than to make Daleks? Silurians are cold hearted, Humans are divisive, and Sontarans are war-like; most excellent qualities.” He turned to the Daleks. “Confine them to the holding cells!” He glided away. “Whilst I reformat a Dalek production line to accept a Time Lord body.” The Daleks led us to our holding cells, even going so far as to put us in separate cells. That would tear Vastra and Jenny apart and the Daleks knew it.

“I know, I know,” sighed the Doctor as she came to her cell. “I’ll make myself at home, shall I?”

“Enter!” barked one of the Daleks.

“By the way,” snarked the Doctor as she did so, “I’d like a wakeup call at seven and two soft boiled eggs for breakfast.” Laser fields activated over the openings. “And plenty of butter on the soldiers!” called the Doctor as the Daleks trundled away. Well, most of them, one took the bait.

“Why would you need butter on soldiers like the Daleks?” it asked.

“Oh, please tell me Davros didn’t delete toast soldiers during your mutation!” I wailed.

“Not mutation!” argued the Dalek. “Purification! And the soldiers of toast shall be exterminated!” It trundled away.

“Not before the Sontarans destroy them first!” called Strax. I rolled my eyes.

“Daleks,” sighed the Doctor. “So predictable.”

“Madame,” I called to Vastra, “there is such a thing as toast in your time, right?”

“There is,” interjected the Doctor before Vastra could get a word in, “but the electric toaster hadn’t been invented yet.” She fiddled with some wires and deactivated the energy shields of our cells. She then blew on her new TARDIS whistle with said vehicle appearing. “And now that we know when and where this ship came from,” continued the Doctor, “we can stop this travesty before it happens.”

“You may know, but WE don’t!” called Philip.

“I’ll tell you on the way,” promised the Doctor as she opened the TARDIS. “Do cultivate a sense of urgency.” We entered the TARDIS and got to the controls. Philip, Shōtarō, Jenny, Vastra, myself, Hiroki, and Irina hung back while the rest worked the controls. Strax was clearly enjoying helping pilot the TARDIS.

“Doctor, it is a privilege to pilot this magnificent device with you to go to battle against an enemy such as the Daleks!” cheered the Sontaran nurse.

“Well, if things go well,” muttered the Doctor, “we should be arriving at their ancestral seat any second now.”

“Ancestral…” I began, then an unanswered question was answered. “SKARO?! We’re going to the Dalek home world?!”

“If things go right,” replied the Doctor. “And so far, nothing can go wro…” she didn’t get to complete that sentence as the TARDIS shook violently. “I NEED TO STOP SAYING THAT!”

“WHAT’S GOING ON?!” yelled Irina.

“TIME SCOOP!” shouted the Doctor.

“Not the Death Zone!” I wailed.

“No!” answered the Doctor. “Somewhere else!” We landed roughly. The scanner wasn’t working. “Drat,” hissed the Doctor. “We’ll have to poke around.” We stepped outside onto…what…? “It can’t be!” breathed the Doctor. “This isn’t possible!”

“We landed in the one place the Doctor shouldn’t have gone to, Trenzalore!” I whispered.

“Why?” asked Sheela.

“See that giant version of the TARDIS’s exterior?” explained the Doctor. There it stood, taller than Burj Khalifa. “Well, that is the TARDIS, but in the future. The interior dimensions are bleeding into the exterior in this time. Inside there is the late Doctor, may I rest in peace.”

“That’s your tomb?!” gulped Tonje.

“Yes, and I shouldn’t be here,” answered the Doctor. She saw a ledge. “This way,” she directed. We climbed the ledge. “Something tells me the answer to all this lies ahead inside the TARDIS.” As we traveled, we saw some Weeping angels, but they seemed scared, as if they were running from the Doctor’s tomb.

“Something doesn’t add up,” I muttered. “Trenzalore’s future was altered when the Time Lords gave you a new regeneration cycle. Why is this still here?”

“I can’t see that far ahead in my time stream,” answered the Doctor. That was when we heard footsteps. We turned to find ourselves surrounded by beasts. They were stocky humanoids, had the snout of a boar, four eyes, one on each side of the head, starting from the face, two sets of large ears, one over the other, clawed hands, and vestigial wing flaps around the arms. They had sharp teeth in a snarl.

“Tetraps?!” I yelped. “How did the Rani con these people again?!”

“I see you haven’t looked closely at these Tetraps,” called a voice. The Rani stepped from behind the rocks in front of the Tetraps. “I had traveled to Mondas to get the schematics for the earliest Cybermen and applied them to these Tetraps.” I looked closer to see some shiny parts under the fur. “Beautiful slaves, aren’t they?”

“You say that as if you expect a round of applause,” hissed the Doctor.

“Have a care, Doctor,” warned the Rani, “you are not here to play the clown!”

“Was it you that used the Time Scoop that brought us here?” asked Sheela.

“And it is here that I shall make my greatest experiment,” answered the Rani.

“Well, I apologize for the inconvenience,” quipped the Doctor, “not to mention my curiosity.”

“What do you want to know?” asked the Rani.

“What you’re doing in my future gravesite for a start,” replied the Doctor.

“I simply needed a good site for my newest experiment,” remarked the Rani.

“Would this experiment have anything to do with me?” asked Philip.

“It DID require you,” said the Rani.

“Did?” quizzed Shōtarō. “What made you stop using Philip?”

“I gathered the necessary data from the Daleks,” explained the Rani.

“Then, why are you making Gaia Memories?” asked the Doctor.

“My own needs,” finished the Rani. I was starting to get a little peeved.

“I don’t know as I like the cryptic remarks you’re giving here,” I snarled.

“Fine, I’ll explain,” sighed the Rani as she opened a gate. “Gaia Memories hold more than the powers and memories of things; they also hold the experiences of different species.” She held up a bluish-green Gaia Memory with an illuminated H. She then pressed the button.

“HUMAN!” announced the Memory.

“Is that why you fought us?” asked Emmanuel. “To gather data?”

“Not exactly,” answered the Rani. “I came to gather a species’ time stream.”

“I don’t follow,” admitted the Doctor. The Rani pulled out a white Gaia Memory with nothing on it.

“This is a blank Gaia Memory,” lectured the Rani. “When I install it into my TARDIS, I can read the memories of any species of my choosing. The only limit, however, is the Time Lords. For some odd reason, I can’t just plug this into my TARDIS and read my own species time line. My theory is that because we’re not supposed to know our futures, that limit carried over. So, I did something no TARDIS ever did, and went to Gallifrey’s future, where we’re nothing more than time streams littering our planet.”

“You’re insane! Gallifrey’s time locked! No one’s ever done that!” shouted the Doctor.

“Well, I did,” argued the Rani. “Now, of course, I’m familiar with the laws of time, so I told no one when I came back. It’s going to happen eventually, so why resist it? Before I came back, I stuck this blank Gaia Memory into the time streams of every Time Lord that will go extinct on Gallifrey. After that tedious trial, I discovered that not all Time Lords will die there. So, I travelled to other Time Lord’s tombs throughout the universe, even my own. The last one I visited was the Master’s tomb.”

“Does that Time Lord die as male or female?” I asked. “Just curious.”

“Spoilers,” interjected the Doctor, bringing up the memory of her wife, River Song. “In any event, you’ve proven your power to make Gaia Memories, but I can’t help there’s something a great deal more to visiting tombs and breaking the laws of time.”

“Really now?” asked the Rani.

“What are you doing making Gaia Memories like Davros with his Daleks?” asked the Doctor. “And what do you intend to do with them?”

“Tarsek, get over here!” barked the Rani. A Cyber-Tetrap lumbered forward and pulled out some equipment. “So far, I have 25 Gaia Memories, bar the Time Lord one. With this and the Zone Gaia Memory, I will initiate the Never-Ending Hell Maximum Drive with the Gaia Memories I created.”

“The Zone Gaia Memory?!” yelped Philip.

“You plan to conquer this universe?” called Shōtarō.

“Hardly,” scoffed the Rani. “Using the Maximum Drive, I intend to slice through the Time Vortex, undoing it and making it nothing more than a mass of energy.”

“A dimensional manipulator!” realized the Doctor. “You intend to turn our universe into a dimensional manipulator!”

“While you escape in your TARDIS!” I snarled.

“I shall be back, once the turbulence has subsided,” answered the Rani.

“But how will that work out for you in the long run?” asked Sheela.

“Because I intend to make my own universe,” replied the Rani. “That’s why I used the time scoop, to get to your tomb, Doctor.”

“You know of my habit of having companions,” quizzed the Doctor. “Why are these people involved?”

“Workers are required in my new universe,” answered the Rani.

“You have the Cyber-Tetraps,” I pointed out.

“And Vortech can give you minions,” continued Xiomara.

“The Cyber-Tetraps are needed for my military police,” dismissed the Rani, “and Vortech had his usefulness fulfilled.”

“I see,” realized the Doctor. “Turning this universe into a dimensional manipulator will make the Foundation Element lose power, forever frustrating Vortech’s plans. This whole thing was a means to an end for you.”

“Now that you understand the experiment,” declared the Rani, “I need access to your tomb.”

“I don’t think so!” snarled the Doctor.

“Drivers ready!” I called.

“JOKER! CYCLONE!” announced Philip and Shotaro’s respective Gaia Memories.

“Henshin!” we called.

“CYCLONE! JOKER!” shouted the W Driver All riders were in their suits with Phillip safely out of harm’s way.

“I’m hardly scared,” taunted the Rani as she pulled out her belt and strapped it on. She then pulled out the Eternal Memory and pressed the button.

“ETERNAL!” it called. She then put it into the Memory slot.

“Henshin,” she announced and tilted the Memory slot.

“ETERNAL!” repeated the Memory. Her suit formed and Kamen Rider Eternal stood there.

“We keep the Rani out of the Doctor’s tomb at all costs!” I commanded. The Doctor managed to get in to reinforce her…er…casket if you will. With the Cyber-Tetraps pushing us back, Eternal strode towards the tomb. W did a last-ditch maneuver by pulling out the Joker Memory and putting it in the Maximum Drive slot.

“JOKER! MAXIMUM DRIVE!” announced the Memory.

“Joker Extreme!” called W in both Shōtarō and Phillip’s voice. W then leapt into the air and extended both of his feet. He then split in half! First the Joker half struck her, then the Cyclone half. The two halves reunited, thank goodness, and I prepared my attack. I inserted my i.d tag into my blade and converted it to rifle mode.

“Final attack!” yelled my weapon.

“RIDER BATTLE BLAST!” I shouted. The shot hit the ground, ending in a large explosion. I chuckled. “No way is she getting up from that,” I boasted. The smoke cleared. The Cyber-Tetraps were lying dead, but Eternal still stood. She charged after the Doctor! “STOP HER!” I yelled. She entered the tomb! I got in to see Eternal toss the Doctor aside and smash the console open. The rest had caught up.

“What is that?!” called Sengoku as he pointed to a mass of blinding white light in the shape of many strings huddled together.

“That’s the Doctor’s time stream,” I explained. “All Time Lords break down to become their time streams. Leaving bodies behind is passé to them.” Eternal then jabbed the incomplete Gaia Memory into the Doctor’s time stream. She then pressed the button, causing the Doctor to clutch her head in pain. Eternal then extracted the Gaia Memory as it changed colors. It was as red as the planet Gallifrey and had an illuminated T. Eternal did a test and pressed the button.

“TIME LORD!” announced the Memory.

“Finally!” giggled Eternal. “Now I can begin!” She fled to the top of the tomb and pulled out another Gaia Memory. It had an illuminated Z on it. She pressed the button and put it in one of her Maximum Drive slots.

“ZONE! MAXIMUM DRIVE!” called the Gaia Memory. That was when other Gaia Memories flew into the other Maximum Drive slots and went from A to Z.


“This is it!” called Eternal. “NEVER-ENDING…!” She didn’t complete her sentence as something knocked the knife out of her hand. The object then flew over Philip’s body and converted him into data, sucking him up into itself!

“Don’t be alarmed!” assured Sengoku. “We’re about to see W use the Xtreme Memory!”

“The what?!” I asked.

“A bird-like Gaia Memory directly connected to the True Gaia Memory!” explained Sengoku. W then closed his belt, allowing a rather bulky, metallic bird to slide over the Cyclone and Joker Memories. The middle band started glowing as the belt opened again with the bird split in half, revealing a small turbine with an illuminated X.

“XTREME!” announced the belt. A small whirring noise, like a fan belt, was heard, followed by a small piece of epic orchestra. W then started pulling on the silver band dividing him and pulled it apart to reveal a white, crystalline middle section. The unibrow disappeared and in its place were X protrusions on each side of the head. He gained a set of shoulder pauldrons in the shape of sideways W’s. A sword and shield then appeared in his hand.

“What in the…?” yelled Eternal. W then grabbed the Heat, Joker, and Cyclone Memories, and two new ones, one was yellow with an illuminated L, the other was green with an illuminated P. He then put the Cyclone, Heat, yellow, and Joker Memories into the shield, then put the green one into the sword hilt. The weapon then spoke.

“CYCLONE! MAXIMUM DRIVE! HEAT! MAXIMUM DRIVE! LUNA! MAXIMUM DRIVE! JOKER! MAXIMUM DRIVE! PRISM! MAXIMUM DRIVE!” announced the weapon. If I were to go on the letters, I’d say Luna was the yellow Memory and Prism was the green one. W then drew the sword out with colors flowing around it. He tossed the shield in the air and jumped, landing on the spinning shield and flying towards Eternal.

“BICKER CHARGE BREAK!” called W in both voices. When he reached Eternal, W swung the sword at her, the energy causing a lot of her Gaia Memories to shatter. The only ones that survived were Yeti, Dalek, and Eternal. Speaking of, Kamen Rider Eternal couldn’t handle the exploding Gaia Memories and keep her balance near the edge of the tomb’s roof, and so she fell.

“Saa, jigoku o tanoshimu!” called  Sengoku. Eternal’s suit had disappeared, revealing the Rani as she started glowing yellow. “What the?!” gulped Sengoku as we cancelled our transformations.

“Time Lords have a way of cheating death,” explained the Doctor. “Whenever an old body gets frail or is too badly damaged, our DNA rewrites itself and our cells rearrange themselves to make a new body. The side effect is that our personalities can change as well.” The Rani stood up to glare at us, then she stumbled to a small mausoleum. She fumbled for a key, leading me to believe the mausoleum was the Rani’s TARDIS. Before she put the key in the lock, her regenerative energy exploded as her face and body morphed. She grew a few inches, her chin and nose were pointed, her hair pulled back to reach her shoulders in a 50’s bob and it darkened to brown. The light died so we could see her pale skin and emerald eyes, piercing into our soul.

“I only had that body for fifty years!” she snarled in an Irish accent. “Do you have any notion what you’ve done?!”

“Stopped you from making a dimensional manipulator out of this universe?” asked the Doctor with a smirk.

“Sarcasm will get you nowhere, Doctor!” snarled the new Rani. She scuttled into her TARDIS and fled Trenzalore.

“You know,” mused the Doctor, “for once, I agree with the Rani. How about we leave this beastly place?” We were all in agreement. We still had to get to Skaro to stop the Dalek invasion. The Doctor piloted the TARDIS herself this time, muttering something about humans making the TARDIS jumpy, so I got a translation from what Hiroki said after the Rani fell. “Saa, jigoku o tanoshimu,” means “Now, enjoy Hell,” a perversion on W’s catchphrase. The TARDIS landed in an observation tower on a planet with sand everywhere, red skies, and no plant life to speak of. The buildings were metallic in nature.

“So, we’ve made it?” I asked.

“Daleks conquer and destroy!” screeched a voice I’m familiar with.

“Skaro,” replied the Doctor, “home of the Daleks. It looks like they’ve been busy too. Last time I was here, this place was in ruins.”

“After the sewers revolted?” I asked.

“You mean the sewers of Skaro are revolting?” asked Emmanuel, trying to understand the grammar I used. I shook my head, confusing the poor man.

“The Dalek word for sewer is the same as the word for graveyard,” I explained. “The creatures inside the tanks are genetically hardwired to live, no matter the condition. But, even they’re not immune to aging. Overtime, the creature breaks down, rots, decays, liquefies.”

“And so, the still fresh Daleks rip the old ones out of their casings and drop them into a sewer?” guessed Xiomara. She shuddered when I nodded. “Remind me never to consult them for retirement plans.”

“We need to get down,” I observed.

“Right!” called the Doctor. She grabbed a Dalek arm from a broken casing. “This Dalek manipulator arm should be compatible with that control switch.” K-9 moved to speak. “No, it’s not a plunger, before you ask!”

“Master!” warned K-9. “Daleks are patrolling on the ground below us!”

“And watchtowers are scanning for intruders,” I continued.

“Stealth is key, then,” remarked the Doctor. We managed to slip past the watch tower and found ourselves at the edge of a green river. There were stepping stones across the way. “Watch your step,” warned the Doctor as she tested one out. “I don’t fancy taking a dip in a pool of toxic Dalek waste.” As we crossed the river of radiation, we noticed a control panel that was allowing toxic waste to fall across our path. “Step aside,” called the Doctor. She found the pipe flow controls and redirected the waste into a gaggle of Daleks down below, allowing us passage. “A simple case of reversing the polarity,” chuckled the Doctor. “Even a pudding brain could’ve handled that.” We noticed that the path had laser walls that switched on and off at different intervals, so we timed our way through the walls. We made our way to the lift, but a black Dalek was guarding it. We stayed out of sight.

“If only we could bluff Daleks,” I muttered.

“What about the old hacking method?” asked the Doctor as she got to work on a control panel. The Dalek then started spinning.

“DIZZY! DIZZY!” it yelled. It then exploded, clearing the way for us.

 “Going up!” called Irina. We climbed onto the lift and went up. On the roof of the building was a machine that had a Dalek skirt with a big globe on top. There were no weapons to speak of and a grey hexagonal eye in the center. The globe opened to reveal Davros.

“Welcome to my new empire, Doctor,” he announced. “It is fitting that you should be the first to fall to the power of the Daleks!”

“Drivers ready!” I called. Shōtarō and Philip brought out their Gaia Memories. Philip then went a safe distance away from any Daleks that will inevitably surround us.

“JOKER! CYCLONE!” said the two Gaia Memories.

“Henshin!” we all called.

“CYCLONE! JOKER!” announced the W Driver

“Kamen Rider Sengoku!” began Sengoku, “You shall get a taste of Feudal Japan!”

“Kamen Rider Climb! Mountains are a warrior’s best friend!”

“Kamen Rider Claw! My weapons shall turn you into ribbons!”

“Kamen Rider Arch! My skills outdo Robin Hood!”

“Kamen Rider Seeker! It’s not gold I seek, but your end!”

“Kamen Rider Swing! I’ll be taking your legs!”

“Kamen Rider Battle! For friends and family, I shall be victorious!”

“Kamen Rider W! Saa, omae no tsumi o kazoero!” The Doctor had a bit of trouble coming up with a catchphrase.

“Er…I am the Doctor, the healer of time and space!” …Awkward silence. “Er, anyways, nice to see you again, Davros. Surely, you must be running out of escape pods by now?” That was when a TARDIS materialized in the shape of some Dalek equipment. The Rani stepped out in a new outfit, simple pants, a simple shirt, and a lab coat. She brought the Daleks with her.

“GET THEM!” she roared.

“All hail Davros!” called a Dalek.

“I’ve got something up my sleeves, but I need cover!” yelped the Doctor.

“Everyone, we protect the Doctor at all costs!” I declared. We started fighting the Daleks before the Rani joined the fray.

“ETERNAL!” announced her Gaia Memory.

“Henshin!” she called as she put the Memory into her belt and activated it.

“ETERNAL!” said the Memory as her suit formed. She drew her knife and attacked me! I kept blocking with my sword.

“Come now, ma’am,” I taunted. “Surely you don’t want your childhood destroyed!”

“Irrelevant!” replied Eternal. “You ruined the greatest experiment ever!”

“You were going to turn your universe into a dimensional manipulator!” I argued. “You would take the Doctor’s place as the last of the Time Lords! That was Hell, even for a wanderer like the Doctor!”

“Unlike the Doctor, I could have lived with it!” hissed Eternal.

“Forgive me if I’m skeptic!” I replied. Davros continued monologuing!

“After all this time,” called the lunatic, “finally, my Daleks will take their rightful place!” The Doctor made a pylon powering Davros’ throne explode, making him jolt. “You will not be so fortunate next time!” promised Davros. “Attack them, my Daleks!”

“They’re trying to do so!” taunted Strax. “Let me say, they’re hardly the best examples of warriors.”

“You say that as if this is war!” laughed Seeker. “Señor Strax, this isn’t war, this is sport!”

“Of course, the conquistador would say that!” I joked.

“I’ll get you later for that, Michael!” said Seeker hotly, as she converted her blade into rifle mode. She then put her i.d tag into the rifle.

“Do not anger me!” warned Davros. “You are a pathetic insect against my Dalek creations!”

“Final attack!” announced Seeker’s weapon.

“RIDER SEEKER BLAST!” called Seeker. She then shot another pylon, making Davros quiver again.

“Stop that!” he roared. Eternal put her Gaia Memory into the knife.

“I should have done this when I fought W,” she muttered.

“ETERNAL! MAXIMUM DRIVE!” announced the Memory. W started going into spasms as he went grey.

“Eternal Requiem,” called Eternal as she brought the blade down on W. The Gaia Memories flew out and W’s transformation was cancelled. Philip woke up and got Shōtarō out of danger. That was when a pale gray, mechanical velociraptor jumped into Philip’s hands. Shōtarō smirked.

“Reckless, as always, I see,” he mused as he pressed the button on the Joker Memory.

“JOKER!” called the Memory. Philip did some fancy folding on the raptor to reveal that the tail held a Gaia Memory with an illuminated F.

“FANG!” announced the Memory.

“Henshin!” called the two men. This time, Shōtarō put the Joker Memory in first and passed out. It appeared in the left-hand slot of Philip’s belt as he put the Fang Memory into the right-hand slot and tilted it. The rest of the Fang Memory became a raptor head with a horn on the snout as the W Driver opened.

“FANG! JOKER!” announced the Driver. The suit was a little different to say the least. It was white on the right half with the Joker colors on the left. It was a little spikier than the original.

“Time to go for the finisher!” snarled W. He pressed the horn three times.

“FANG! MAXIMUM DRIVE!” announced the W Driver

“Fang Streiser!” called W as he performed a flying roundhouse kick, which projected the head of the Fang Memory biting down on Eternal and the pylon she was in front of. The Eternal Memory flew out of the belt before shattering completely, cancelling the Rani’s transformation. The pylon blew up, making Davros jolt again.

“A foolish error on your behalf!” boasted Davros. “Daleks, EXTERMINATE!” The Daleks fired. “This will be my ultimate victory!” ranted their creator. “You cannot stop it!” He then noticed something. “Wait, where’s the Doctor?!”

“Oh, don’t mind me!” called the Doctor. She was fiddling with a control panel.


“I think you said that a while ago,” I observed. We kept the Daleks busy. “Doctor, what are you up to?” I asked.

“A little messing around,” explained the Doctor. An image of her face popped up on the screen.

“What are you doing?!” shouted Davros. “CEASE AT ONCE!! THE DALEKS ARE MEANT TO OBEY ME! THEY! WILL! OBEY! ME!”

“For future reference,” called the Doctor as she finished, the image on the screen changing to that of Davros, “it’s a really bad idea to route all your targeting software through a single computer node!” The Daleks then started shaking as if they were resisting movements but couldn’t.

“Weapons targeting is being overridden!” reported a Dalek. “I cannot control! I cannot control!” The Daleks started haphazardly firing on Davros and the Rani!

“Oh no, I’m not wasting this regeneration!” yelped the Rani. She scuttled into her TARDIS and fled.

“No! Stop! I AM YOUR CREATOR!” shouted Davros.

“We cannot override the Doctor’s commands!” screamed a Dalek.

“CURSE YOU, DOCTOR!” shouted Davros.

“That’s the first time he ever said that specific phrase,” I observed. There was a massive explosion in the sky as Davros started going up.

“And that’ll be your fleet exploding, Davros,” revealed the Doctor. We turned on our heels, after the Doctor blew on her TARDIS whistle. “I hope you’re well insured. See you next time, Davros.”

“DALEK!” announced a Gaia Memory voice. As the TARDIS reappeared, we turned to see Davros put a Gaia Memory into a Dalek gun from his chair. “DALEK! MAXIMUM DRIVE!”

“DALEK EXTERMINATION!” roared Davros. A single blue bolt of light flew towards us. We got out of the way…well…all but Kamen Rider Climb. She was hit by the blast.

“IRINA!” I shouted. The rest is a blur, your Highness, but we put her in stasis for the trip here.

Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Chapters

Chapter 26

Go ahead, play the Doctor Who theme. Imagine your own intro sequence. Now, imagine the names “Jodie Whittaker, Michael Archer, Emmanuel Babineaux, Sheela Kumar, Irina Kuznetsov, Hiroki Hishikawa, Tonje Haugen, Xiomara Elizondo.” Now, imagine the title of the show. You can see it in bold, capital letters. Doctor Who! Now imagine Jodie Whittaker’s grinning face in the stars then fading into the episode’s title, The Dalek Extermination of Earth! before we cut to the interior of the Dalek Command Saucer. “Time capsule detected!” reported the Dalek running Scan-Ops.

“Battle computers estimate a ninety-seven percent chance that it is the Doctor!” read off the Dalek running the battle computer mainframe.

“Oh, I think we can up that to one-hundred percent,” replied a voice from the shadows. “However, I give you my word, this time, there’s a zero percent chance of the Doctor’s survival!” As the voice ranted, the TARDIS landed in an old station of the London Underground that had been exposed by bombing. Outside, the Daleks were squawking orders to the humans.

“Do not resist the will of the Daleks! All humans must present themselves for processing!” they bellowed. We all poked our heads outside.

“So, where and when is this?” asked Xiomara.

“London in the year 2055,” replied the Doctor, “or, at least, what’s left of it.” She sighed in annoyance. “Who else but the Daleks would cause so much destruction?”

“Well, no point staying down here,” I mused.

“Right,” agreed the Doctor. “We need to find a way up onto the street. I don’t want to be late for the surprise welcome party.”

“Oh, look,” observed Irina, “a locked door.” It was a shutter style door.

“Well, Doctor,” I jested, “these broken shutters are nothing your magic wand can’t handle.”

“You mean the Sonic Screwdriver?” asked the Doctor.

“Po-tay-to, po-tah-to,” I dismissed.

“The Sonic Screwdriver is a tool of the Time Lords!” argued the Doctor in annoyance. “It is technological in operation, not mystical!”

“It’s a device that can perform a multitude of tasks with either the flick of a switch,” I countered, “or an incantation. It can function as a crude laser or unlock doors. That’s what a magic wand does.”

“Well, at the moment,” replied the Doctor as she pulled out the charred remains of a Sonic Screwdriver with the TARDIS at the end of it, “a Sontaran shot it. I haven’t gotten around to fixing it. Michael, be a dear and get the toolkit.” She then got a faraway look. “I really need to use it more often. I don’t know why I stopped.” She then pushed me into the TARDIS. “In any case, off you go!”

“Wait! But…!” I couldn’t complete my sentence as the door was shut on me. “I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHERE IT IS!” A beep from the console alerted me to a path being shown in yellow light. I figured out who made it as I grinned at the console. “Is there anything Time Lords can’t put into their time machines?” I asked rhetorically. The console then showed me a person in simple clothes on its view screen. “Yes,” I muttered, “humility isn’t a Gallifreyan’s strong suit.” I followed the path into a room built like a futuristic tool shed, complete with the TARDIS’ old roundels. “Not even the Doctor knows what the roundels are,” I muttered to myself. I grabbed the toolkit and returned outside. The toolkit apparently also has telepathic circuits as I knew what tools were inside and what their main functions were.

“Excellent!” cheered the Doctor. She knelt down at the door controls that she had opened up. “Now then, pen torch.”

“Pen torch,” I replied as I handed her the tool. It was a pen with a powerful torch at the end, or flashlight, if you’re from America. The Doctor pulled a small clamp arm out and attached it to the edge of the opening after she turned the torch end on. After adjusting the light, she could see what to do.

“Magnetic clamp,” she requested.

“Magnetic clamp,” I replied, handing her the tool. She put it across the internal workings to make a circuit.

“Astro-rectifier,” requested the Doctor.

“Astro-rectifier,” I confirmed. It was used to give temporary power to the circuit the magnetic clamp was making. The doors opened and the Doctor removed her tools. As I put them back, I started wondering to the Daleks’ purpose here.

“What do you suppose brought the Daleks here?” asked Irina, voicing my thoughts.

“I’m fairly sure that they didn’t get lost on their way to a plumbing convention,” mused Emmanuel.

“I never asked Davros why the manipulator arm looks like a plunger,” muttered the Doctor as we went up onto the street.

“Why ask Davros anything?” I asked. “He just wants to cause destruction.”

“But, a plunger?” quizzed the Doctor.

“Daleks are the masters of Earth! Daleks are the masters of Earth!” shrieked a Dalek. A saucer then blasted a large hole where a double-decker bus was resting.

“Daleks reign supreme!” called another Dalek.

“Alert!” screeched a third. “Vortex riders detected!”

“Right on cue,” quipped the Doctor. “Not so nice to see you again.”

“Time Lord genetics detected!” reported a Dalek.

“Confirm identity of Time Lord,” ordered a Black Dalek.

“I obey!” obliged the subordinate. A probe stuck itself into the Doctor and flew towards the Dalek.

“I already got vaccinated!” she protested.

“TARDIS located!” screamed a Dalek that traveled to the Underground.

“You don’t even have legs!” called Hiroki.

“They don’t need them,” I gulped. “Stairs may have been a problem for early model Daleks, but not these new ones.”

“Identity confirmed!” reported the Dalek that stuck the Doctor with a needle. “It IS the Doctor!”

“Exterminate!” ordered the Black Dalek.

“Drivers ready, everyone!” I directed. “Protect the Doctor!” We got our i.d tags out and readied ourselves.

“Henshin!” we all announced. We donned our familiar Rider suits and charged the ranks of the Daleks as the Doctor looked at a wall of blue light.

“A Dalek energy shield,” she muttered, “and heavily guarded too. There’s nothing getting past that in one piece. There must be a power source nearby. And chances are we’ll find a few more Daleks too.” As she looked around, we fought off the Daleks.

“Might want to add us to your ‘Ka Faraq Gatri’ files!” I quipped. “The Doctor’s getting lonely being your only arch-nemesis!”

“Ka what now?” asked Sengoku.

“It’s Dalek for ‘Oncoming Storm’!” I explained. I then stabbed a Dalek right between the manipulator arm and the gun stick. A bit of green dripped from my blade. I then turned it into rifle mode and fired on three more. As we fought, the Doctor found something. It was a console that had the same globes that are on the Daleks’ skirts.

“AHA!” she cheered. “What do we have here?”

“Dalek technology?” asked Swing.

“Unmistakably Dalek technology,” confirmed the Doctor. “And if my calculations are correct, and they are, then this is one of the power sources to that energy field.” She started fiddling with the electronics inside. The unit started shaking. “Take cover!” called the Doctor. Those of us that could fell on our fronts and covered our heads. The Daleks, regrettably, do not have a way to do so. I couldn’t see their deaths, but I could hear them. Judging by the boom and the following death rattles they made, I guessed that the shrapnel pierced their casings and killed the creatures inside. We got up and saw the grisly aftermath of those Daleks. They weren’t moving.

“Non-Dalek lifeforms detected!” screamed a Dalek’s voice. “Exterminate! Exterminate!”

“Stay calm!” called the Doctor. “More Daleks incoming! We need to get to safety!”

“Where in this time zone is safe?!” asked Arch.

“Especially now that a Special Weapons Dalek is coming!” I yelped.

“You’re right,” agreed the Doctor. “There’s nothing we can do here. The Daleks will have us surrounded. So, where to next? Let’s take a punt, shall we? Back to the TARDIS!”

“Problem,” replied Seeker, “the Daleks are surrounding the Underground entrance. That Special Weapons one is with them. If only Wyldstyle were here.”

“How easy you forget,” chuckled Climb as she drew out the Wyldstyle i.d tag. She swapped hers out for the new one.

“Wyldstyle Steel!” announced her belt. She got the Wyldstyle Steel on and used the Special Weapons Dalek and some street lamps to make a laser beam to slice through the Daleks and get back to the TARDIS. We got inside and started working the controls, this time with Arch and Sengoku standing to the side. The Doctor told them to head down to a room near the pool and retrieve a valuable asset. We landed in Central London again, but in a different time.

“2015,” sighed the Doctor. “A good year, or at least, it will be if we can find the next power source to break down the Dalek’s force field.”

“And you think that we can find it here?” asked Sengoku as he and Arch brought a robot in. It was shaped like a dog, was gray, and had its name on one side. It had a red visor with a probe that could be extended from the eye. It had a pair of radar dishes to look like dog ears and had a wire tail. It had a dog tag, a set of controls on its back, and a hook for someone to attach a lead (leash) on it. It looked quite battered.

“K-9!” I cheered. K-9 didn’t move.

“He’s had quite the tumble with some Sontarans,” explained the Doctor as she opened K-9 up. She fiddled with the electronics and muttered to herself. “Let’s see…can’t quite…ah, yes…need to align that…oops, almost forgot where arrow A points…and Bob’s your uncle! One fully operational tin dog!” She closed the dog and switched it on. As the eye glowed red, she went to the front, holding her hand out to sniff. The probe extended as K-9 gathered data on the hand, then the head tilted to see the face.

“Master?” quizzed K-9 as the probe retracted. The Doctor stroked her dog’s head, making the tail wag. “Last time I saw you,” said K-9, “was with Mistress Sarah.”

“This is the Mark IV K-9?” I asked.

“Yes,” confirmed the Doctor. “I picked him up after Sarah…passed.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” I sympathized, remembering Sarah Jane Smith’s actress having a battle with cancer. She died in 2011. Then I remembered what the Doctor said earlier. “K-9, when were you around the Sontarans?” K-9’s response, apropos, given that he doesn’t know me and my friends, was to deploy his stun blaster from his snout.

“Negative! Negative! Negative!” barked K-9 as his ears rotated backwards. “Retreat! Retreat! Retreat! Intruders are not welcome in the TARDIS!”

“K-9! HEEL!” ordered the Doctor.

“Master?” asked K-9.

“I picked these people up to help me with a Dalek problem in 2055,” explained the Doctor. “Now, recognize Michael, Emmanuel, Hiroki, Irina, Tonje, Sheela, and Xiomara: friends.” K-9 slowly retracted his blaster and extended his probe. We cancelled our transformations and held our hands out for him to scan. When he was finished, his tail wagged.

“All are now recognized as friends, Master,” reported K-9. “Correction; Mistress.”

“Calling me Master is fine,” assured the Doctor. “Now, shall we get moving?” We left the TARDIS with K-9 at the Doctor’s heels. We were in Central London. A tree was about to be planted, but the truck’s crew was on break. I then remembered something.

“Doctor,” I observed, “there was an area that would have had a tree in 2055. It would have easily been long enough for us to climb the bus and get to another part to find the energy field power source.”

“I think Richard and Emily would call it going halfway around your butt to get to your elbow,” muttered Irina.

“They used another word, but yes,” agreed Hiroki.

“That could be our best option,” mused the Doctor. “K-9, see if you can plant that tree.”

“At once, Master,” obliged K-9. He found a panel at the truck’s rear and extended his probe to interface with it. A claw arm on the truck then grabbed the tree and put it in the ground.

“OI!” called one of the crew members. The whole crew saw us. The Doctor drew out a wallet with a blank card, at least, blank to me. She presented it to the crew.

“I’m the Doctor, this here’s the relief crew your Foreman asked for,” she answered.

“You trying to be funny?!” snapped the man. “I’m the Foreman and this paper’s blank! I didn’t ask for a relief crew OR a doctor!” The card, called Psychic Paper, didn’t work.

“More clever than you gave him credit for, eh?” I muttered to the Doctor.

“Look, sir,” argued the Doctor, “planting this tree is VITAL to the survival of the human race. For, in the future, that tree could very well alter the course of human history, being a beacon of hope, showing every man, woman, and child that perseverance will ensure their survival and you’re not buying a single word I’m saying, are you?”

“What gave that away?” quizzed the Foreman. He was dialing a number on his mobile, the police, in all likelihood. Sadly, he couldn’t complete the call.

“Master! Hostiles, incoming! Danger!” warned K-9. We turned to the sky to see the Dalek fleet! We landed on the date the Daleks invaded Earth!

“All hail the Daleks!” called one of those pepperpots as it shot one of the crew. The Daleks were firing everywhere on the screaming masses.

“Time to go, I think!” yelped the Doctor. We turned to face a Dalek right behind us. Its eyestalk was a few centimeters from my face.

“All humans are to surren…!” it barked. The Dalek didn’t complete its sentence as I whacked it off with a knife hand chop. “MY VISION IS IMPAIRED! I CANNOT SEE!” We got out of the way of the gunstick as the Dalek fired wildly. We retreated into the TARDIS.

“Daleks conquer and destroy!” called another Dalek.

“I’d love to stay and reminisce,” muttered the Doctor as we gathered around the controls, this time with Xiomara and myself being left out, “but, you know how it is. Things to do, planets to save.” We took off and returned to Dalek controlled Central London in 2055. The tree we planted had indeed grown with branches long enough to get to the roof of the bus.

“Drivers ready!” I called. We got our i.d tags and struck our poses.

“Henshin!” we announced. After we donned our suits, we climbed up the tree and landed on the bus. Poor K-9 was almost left behind!

“I got him,” called Arch. He swapped out his i.d tag for the Batman one.

“Batman Steel!” announced the belt. He then fired the grapple gun onto the latch for K-9’s lead.

“Master Arch, what aaaAAAUUGGH!” yelled the tin dog. K-9 was brought up rapidly onto the bus’s roof. He’s one that claims he has no emotional programming but judging by how his tail was stiffer than usual, I’d say Arch spooked the poor dog.

“Next time, just let poor K-9 use his hover generators,” moaned the Doctor as she reassured her dog.

“Intruders detected!” reported a Dalek. “Protect the energy shield!”

“Exterminate the Doctor!” ordered a Black Dalek.

“I obey!” obliged a third. After dispatching those Daleks, we had managed to get a lift truck to get us up to where we could see the generator, but the only ledge was on the second floor instead of the top floor.

“Let’s see, judging by the decay,” said the Doctor as she licked fingers after touching it, “I’d say it was completed in 1867. We just need to go a couple of years before and move the ledge up.” She then took out a whistle, blew into it, and the TARDIS appeared. “And the TARDIS whistle works just fine!” cheered the Doctor. We got back into the TARDIS and headed for 1865 Central London. This time, the Doctor decided to hang back with Claw. The landing was…bumpy, to say the least. As we staggered out, we cancelled our transformations again. Our shoes crunched against newly fallen snow. “Here we are,” whispered the Doctor, “Victorian London. The Gelth, Weng-Chiang, a giant dinosaur in the Thames, I’ve got a tale or two to tell from my time here.” She examined the snow. “It must be winter,” she observed. “Strange how quiet it is, and there’s a sinister look to the snow.” I then saw old friends of the Doctor.

“Hey! It’s the Paternoster gang!” I called. I approached the gates to try and introduce myself, but they shut on their own accord.

“Creepy old gates slamming shut of their own accord in the middle of the night,” muttered the Doctor. “Never a good sign.” We headed to an old crane, but part of it was frozen in ice.

“I think I can handle this,” called Hiroki. “Or, rather, with Wyldstyle’s help, I can. Henshin!” After the Henshin sequence, he activated Wyldstyle Steel and built a large flame thrower. After that, we moved the ledge to the top floor where it was needed. We were about to get into the TARDIS when we saw a shaggy, brownish, bear-like creature spraying the TARDIS with some sort of aerosol that made ice on contact. The thing was bipedal, had fearsome claws, and when it turned, we saw yellow eyes and teeth.

“A Yeti!” I exclaimed.

“Yeti?” asked Xiomara.

“What on Earth is the Great Intelligence up to now?” moaned the Doctor. That’s when the Yeti laughed. That surprised me, they usually roared.

“The Great Intelligence?” growled the Yeti. “That thing is nothing more than a Cosmic Annoyance. I’m a Yeti of Vortech’s design. The Mark IV Yeti, if you will.”

“That dolt’s interfering here?” I snapped.

“He intends to control this universe,” explained the Yeti. “After seizing the Foundation Element of this universe, a Dalek gunstick, he figured the best thing to do would be to get rid of you, Doctor. And, with the avatar of the true Gaia Memory in our possession,” Sengoku was surprised, “ah, I THOUGHT that remark would startle you, Kamen Rider Sengoku, the self-proclaimed Rider Encyclopedia. Yes, we have Philip. Shōtarō followed after him, but we lost him.”

“Henshin!” announced the rest of us.

“Careful!” warned Sengoku after we finished transforming. “If they have access to the true Gaia Memory, they may possess the power to make their own.”

“And a Gaia Memory looks like…?” I ventured. The Yeti then grabbed a USB flash drive and pressed a button near the plug. It was brown like the Yeti’s fur and had an illuminated Y on it.

“YETI!” announced the flash drive after the Yeti pressed the button.

“That’s a Gaia Memory,” explained Sengoku. “They carry the memories and powers of certain things, like the wind, or metal, or Yetis, in this case.”

“Amazing what one can build with Master Vortech’s abilities,” crowed the Yeti. He then pulled back a fur flap on his right arm and put the Gaia Memory in at a diagonal and then pushed it flush against his arm’s internal mechanics.

“YETI! MAXIMUM DRIVE!” announced the Gaia Memory.

“Yeti Freezer,” declared the Yeti as he got ready to swipe his claw. We raised our weapons to strike, but the Yeti swiped the air, making ice encase us. We froze on the spot. “I am hardly the only one in this city’s timeline with a Gaia Memory. Sengoku, you’ve probably heard of Kamen Rider Eternal. That Rider’s been essential in making the two Gaia Memories my master has in his possession. Speaking of which, Lord Vortech wouldn’t want you running around and ruining things, so I’ll just deal with you now. With you lot gone, the Vortex Riders are that much weaker and the Time Lord will finally die. Say goodbye, Doctor and Company.” He raised his claw to strike, but something interrupted him.

“SONTAR-HA!” it roared. Something tackled the Yeti and knocked him to the ground while a pair of women got us out of the ice. Being of a colder body temperature than humans, the Doctor recovered more quickly than us.

“Is everything quite all right?” asked one of the women, wearing a black veil.

“Apart from being frozen, Madame,” I shivered. “I think we’ll be okay. We’re not feeling sluggish, at least. The Doctor, even less so.”

“So, you know the Doctor?” asked the other woman. “Is he still in there?” She was pointing to the TARDIS.

“No,” corrected the Doctor, “SHE’S right here. Good to see you again, Madame Vastra, Jenny. I presume Strax is dealing with the Yeti?” The person that tackled the Yeti was then flung off. He picked himself up and grabbed a large club. He had a potato shaped head, reached up to my solar plexus, had three fingers, and a crazed expression.

“I’m going to enjoy eviscerating you, Sontaran!” roared the Yeti.

“Prepare to meet complete and utter dismantling at the hands of a Sontaran Warrior!” declared the creature, a Sontaran.

“Strax, return here at once and put that club down!” commanded Madame Vastra.

“But, Madame!” protested the Sontaran, Strax.

“Now!” ordered Vastra. Strax grudgingly put the club down and joined with Vastra and the other human.

“And the young woman with you is your wife, Ms. Jenny Flint, correct?” I asked.

“That’s…right…” stammered Jenny.

“Now that the Sontaran lap dog has returned to its master,” growled the Yeti, “the TARDIS key! I can’t have you returning to 2055!”

“I don’t think so!” snarled the Doctor.

“JOKER!” announced the voice of a Gaia Memory. We all looked around, Sengoku trying more feverishly to find the source of the voice.

“Henshin!” called a voice behind us.

“JOKER!” announced the mysterious Gaia Memory. A small orchestral hit played. We turned to see a Kamen Rider in black with purple trim, red eyes, rounded shoulder pads, and a long silver unibrow evoking the letter W. The belt he wore was red with a silver outer lining that held a black Gaia Memory with an illuminated J. The Memory Slot was tilted to look like an L resting on its point.

“Kamen Rider…Joker!” introduced the mysterious Rider as he flicked his left wrist to make a J with his thumb and pointer.

“YOU?!” roared the Yeti. “How did you find me?!”

“Nothing escapes a Hard-Boiled detective, Dopant,” declared Joker.

“Half-boiled, you mean!” argued the Yeti.

“That’s not a Dopant, Shōtarō-san,” replied Sengoku. “That’s a robot powered by a Gaia Memory with Kamen Rider Eternal’s help and Philip’s coercion.”

“Then, where’s Philip?” demanded Joker to the Yeti.

“Like I’d tell you!” roared the Yeti. He pressed his Gaia Memory’s button again.

“YETI!” announced the Yeti Memory. He then put it in his neck and swung it down. “YETI! MAXIMUM DRIVE!” Joker then took out his Gaia Memory and put it into a slot on his right leg. He then pressed a button on the slot.

“JOKER! MAXIMUM DRIVE!” called the Joker Memory. Energy gathered around his foot.

“Rider Kick!” announced Joker.

“YETI CRUNCHER!” shouted the Yeti as energy flowed around his teeth. As the Yeti charged with an open mouth, Joker leapt at the Yeti and delivered a powerful kick, shattering the Yeti’s teeth. “MY TEETH!” screamed the Yeti. The kick was still travelling as the ice around the TARDIS shattered.

“And we’ll be going back to 2055,” cheered the Doctor. “All of us, Paternoster Gang and new Rider included.” We got into the TARDIS and Joker started looking around.

“Welcome to the TARDIS,” I introduced. “Yes, it’s bigger on the inside and it can travel to any planet, any time. Now, please don’t gawk. We’re landing.”

“Couldn’t we take a breather?” asked Joker.

“Not likely, given that Daleks are surrounding the TARDIS,” I answered, looking at the screen. Sengoku explained what Daleks were as we got ready to fight. “Er, Ladies and Gentlemen,” I gulped. “The Daleks have a hostage and have recovered the Yeti. They seem to be with a Kamen Rider.” Joker looked into the screen when he heard me say “Kamen Rider”. This Rider had a white suit with a black cape, blue gloves in the style of flames, yellow eyes, and three prongs like a crown. He had a belt like Joker, but the Gaia Memory was white and had an illuminated E. He was holding a knife at the throat of someone in what I would call a fashion disaster outfit. A red Dalek with prongs around its neck and three dome lights instead of two was at the head of the group. This was a Dalek Supreme.

“Doctor, we know you are in there!” boomed the Supreme. “We are willing to cease the attack if you surrender yourself to us in exchange for Philip!” It was referring to the human the Kamen Rider was holding his knife to.

“Come now, Shōtarō,” declared the Rider, “surely a hard-boiled detective could understand the reality of the situation. Surrender the Doctor and we’ll stop attacking London.” After confirming the mysterious Kamen Rider’s identity, I pressed the external communicator.

“Eternal, surely you know about the Daleks,” I replied. “They’ll exterminate you on the spot once the Doctor steps out, as well as Philip.”

“Our leader has ordered them and their master not to do so,” called Kamen Rider Eternal. The Doctor took over negotiations.

“‘Their master’?” she said. “That was the phrase you used? The Daleks answer to no one, not even their creator.”

“Given that I saw him shout orders at a couple of these tin cans,” answered Eternal, “I’d say that claim is in dispute.”

“Davros barked orders and the Daleks said that they obey?” I muttered.

“Something seems wrong here,” mused Madame Vastra.

“Perhaps it’s a Dalek duplicate,” guessed Strax. The thought hadn’t occurred to me.

“Which one?” I asked. Multiple possibilities ran through my head.

“Their hostage, most likely,” figured Jenny.

“You have five seconds to obey!” demanded the Dalek Supreme.

“It could be a bluff,” guessed the Doctor. “It could be that they may strongarm Shōtarō or myself into obeying.”

“Four!” counted Eternal.

“Then again, why would the Daleks need Philip?” asked the Doctor. “Now that they’ve learned how to do so, they can make their own Gaia Memories without him.”

“Three!” counted the Dalek Supreme.

“Doctor!” I yelped, guessing her endgame.

“Two!” counted Eternal.

“Power down,” ordered the Doctor to all Riders. “I think we’d better do as they say.” As we powered down, I noticed Shōtarō’s civilian form was dressed in film noir detective clothes, complete with fedora, er, trilby, er, whatever. We headed for the doors.

“ONE!” counted the Dalek Supreme. We stepped out when it said that.

“Good afternoon!” greeted the Doctor.

“Doctor, you’re proving to be a thorn in our side,” hissed Eternal.

“Oh, no tea and chat?” asked the Doctor. “For someone who claims to be Eternal, you’re forgetting what makes eternity bearable. Tea, a good meal, a story, brilliant lights,” she seemed to be shooing one of us off in secret. Xiomara then got an idea and got to the lift truck. “You see, you surround yourself and poor Philip with the ultimate racists. The ultimate terrified people.”

“You imply that the Daleks know fear, Doctor,” argued the Supreme. “You are incorrect!”

“Oh, but you DO know fear,” countered the Doctor. “Where else does your hatred stem from? You fear anything that isn’t a ‘pure’ Dalek, the Dalek Civil War is a prime example. You would smash anything that Daleks didn’t make because the materials didn’t come from Skaro or any planet in your empire of ruin.”

“We’ve built an empire of purity!” shouted the Dalek Supreme. “The Daleks on those planets do not have to deal with other races! It was Davros who said so! When all other life-forms are suppressed, when the Daleks become the supreme beings of the universe, then there is true peace! There is no war in our empire, Doctor! We succeeded where the Time Lords have failed! Yet, you still dare to oppose us!”

“Yes, we do!” declared the Doctor as Philip surreptitiously went over to our side and handed Shōtarō a belt that looked like the driver he had mirrored itself, holding two Gaia Memories instead of one. “We dare to believe we can survive!” said the Doctor. “We hold the future in our hands! We dare to keep all of our dreams alive! It’s time we took a stand!”

“You can win if you dare!” I sang. Everyone turned to me in confusion. “The Doctor started it by quoting the Transformers movie.” While that went on, Philip showed Shōtarō a green Gaia Memory with an illuminated C.

“What?!” yelped the Doctor. “No! I…okay, yes, but it was the good one!”

“Doctor, you waste our time!” bellowed the Dalek Supreme.

“Past tense!” jeered Xiomara. “She wasted your time!” She was holding the remains of the shield generator.

“Energy shield losing power!” reported a Dalek.

“Protect the final generator!” ordered the Supreme.

“Two down, one to go!” called the Doctor. “It appears that we still have work to do!”

“Exterminate!” screamed a Dalek as it fired. We dodged. We got ready to transform, Shōtarō put the new belt on and one just like it appeared on Philip’s waist. They pressed their Gaia Memory buttons.

“JOKER!” announced the Joker Memory.

“CYCLONE!” called the green one.

“Henshin!” we all shouted. Philip then put his Gaia Memory into the right slot of his belt. It transferred through data into Shōtarō’s belt as Philip fell asleep. Strax got him into the TARDIS as Shōtarō put the Joker Memory into the left slot and tilted both sides.

“CYCLONE! JOKER!” announced the belt. It started with a technical guitar to Joker’s orchestral hit. The suit looked like Joker’s but the was a silver band going down the middle with the right half green and sporting a silver cape.

“And Kamen Rider W (pronounced Double), the two-in-one Kamen Rider, is here!” said Sengoku. W spoke in both Philip and Shōtarō’s voices.

“Saa, omae no tsumi o kazoero!” they taunted. We then charged the ranks of the Daleks. The Doctor set to work trying to find the final generator with K-9. It didn’t take long to find it as Daleks came out of the wall near the house we altered.

“Destroy the TARDIS!” ordered a Dalek. Good plan, won’t work.

“More Daleks?” gulped Shōtarō’s voice from W.

“Stay alert!” called Philip’s voice from W. As Philip spoke, W’s right eye flashed. We kept the Daleks off the Doctor’s back while she and K-9 found an energy field guarding the path to the generator.

“K-9, if you please,” requested the Doctor. K-9’s blaster came out and shot the mechanism making the shield. “…I was expecting a little finesse, but I’ll take it.” K-9 drooped his head slightly. We then approached yard doors. On it was “I.M. Foreman. Scrap Merchant. 76, Totter’s Lane.”

“The scrap yard where it all started!” I declared. “Whizzing through time and space with Susan, Ian, and Barbara on the 22nd of November 1963!”

“The doors are locked,” muttered the Doctor, concerning herself with the present situation. “Back to 2015 it is!” She summoned the TARDIS and we piled in; Philip still sound asleep. I turned to Sengoku.

“Philip’s soul entered the Cyclone Memory,” he explained. “It’s how W gets the powers of the wind. Philip’s soul then entered Shōtarō to act as strategist.”

“And, their catchphrase?” I asked.

“‘Saa, omae no tsumi o kazoero’?” quizzed Sengoku. “It means ‘Now, count up your crimes’. Shōtarō’s mentor, Kamen Rider Skull, was the first one to say that.” The TARDIS then gave its landing noise.

“Here we are!” called the Doctor. She then fished something out of the toolkit. It turned out to be Missy’s Laser Screwdriver!

“I thought she abandoned that when she was the Prime Minister!” I yelped. “What are you doing, carrying that around?!”

“Swiped it from him before he died on the Valiant,” explained the Doctor.

“She? Him?” queried Seeker.

“Madame, Monsieur, who are you talking about?” asked Arch.

“An old acquaintance of the Doctor, with a higher degree in Cosmic Science while the Doctor barely scraped by with a 51% on the second attempt,” I explained.

“That is confidential!” snapped the Doctor. “Besides, I was a late developer! He underwent a sex change regeneration before me. She now calls herself Missy, but I still know her as the Master.” We stepped out of the TARDIS. The Doctor headed to the chain over the yard’s doors when we heard something familiar. “That’s a TARDIS arriving,” muttered the Doctor. “The new Type 90.” This TARDIS took the shape of a pillar box, Britain’s free-standing post box. The top opened to let a woman out. She was in the clothes of an early 20th century nanny, complete with a ridiculous hat. Her expression was not one I would personally expect on a nanny, this was cold and calculating.

“Oh dear,” sighed the woman in a Scottish accent. “Don’t go away, Doctor!” She had climbed out of her TARDIS and walked towards us. “My coordinates seemed to have slipped a tad,” mused the woman. “Still, not bad after a round trip to Gallifrey.”

“Speaking of the Master,” I hissed.

“Missy, if you must,” corrected the woman. “I do hope you can spare a moment of your time, Doctor, especially with Daleks on the way.”

“Sarcasm always was a weak point, even with you,” snarled the Doctor.

“May I say,” I interjected, “that that hat looks utterly ridiculous. I preferred the beard version of you. Anthony Ainley was a fantastic version of you.”

“I rather like this form,” countered Missy. “It allows me to travel incognito.”

“Maybe in the early 20th century,” argued the Doctor.

“Well, Time Lords need a sense of style,” said Missy softly, “some of us, anyway.”

“Now look, if you’re here to be rude…” hissed the Doctor.

“I came here to warn you,” interrupted Missy, “an old Time Lord acquaintance of ours is involved with the Daleks.”

“Old school chum?” I asked.

“Well, which is it? You? Rallon? Drax, Rassilon forbid?” quizzed the Doctor.

“I believe she was once called Ushas,” recalled Missy.

“You mean the Rani?” yelped the Doctor. “She’s a jackanape like you, causing nothing but trouble!”

“She has something called the ‘Eternal Memory’ in her possession,” reported Missy.

“You mean it’s a woman as Kamen Rider Eternal?!” exclaimed W.

“A Time Lady, no less,” continued Missy. “She’ll certainly try to kill you, Doctor. The High Council thought you should be made aware of her.”

“How very kind,” snarked the Doctor. Missy tensed up in irritation.

“You are an incorrigible meddler, Doctor!” she hissed. “Still, the Council believes your hearts are in the right places. Now, be careful, will you? The Rani’s learned a new trick or two with the Eternal Memory.”

“I refuse to be worried by someone as cold and typically Arcalian as the Rani!” rebuffed the Doctor. “She’s an unimaginative plodder, like yourself!”

“Her degree in neurochemistry was higher than my own in cosmic science, loath though I am to admit it,” answered Missy.

“Yes, well, she was put in a house that values study,” conceded the Doctor.

“I do suppose you’re right in her being unimaginative,” continued Missy. “She stole my little ‘surprise’ from when I first came to Earth.”

“Oh?” asked the Doctor.

“Examine the chain around the doors,” instructed Missy. As the Doctor moved to do so, she was stopped by Missy’s umbrella. “However, be careful.” The Doctor pushed the umbrella aside. She then felt on the door around the chain and felt something off when her hand was at the seam of the door. She followed it all the way to the top and then felt around the chain in that area. I’d say a special invisible string was being used.

“A volatizer?” guessed the Doctor. Missy nodded. “Oh, grief!” said the Doctor. “If it should fall, it’ll explode, taking the scrap yard, surrounding buildings, and people with it. She’s most likely rigged it up so opening the door or cutting the chain will make it fall.”

“Well, I hope Missy has a witty way of dealing with it, since it was her original idea!” I demanded. Missy had vanished. I heard her TARDIS going away. “COME BACK!” I shouted. Too late.

“Good luck!” called Missy’s voice.

“Never mind her,” called the Doctor. “I have a plan.” She carefully pulled the string upwards, slowly, I might add, until we could see a black cylinder with a drum on top, the volatizer, I believe. “All right, someone fetch the magnetic clamp.”

“I got it,” I responded as I went into the TARDIS. I grabbed the clamp and then headed outside to hand it to the Doctor. She used one end of the clamp to get a grip on the volatizer and get it over the doors without falling. At that point, a Dalek saucer flew overhead.

“You will obey the Daleks!” barked a Dalek.

“I’ve just about had enough,” snarled Swing. She took the volatizer off the clamp.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING, YOU CRAZY VIKING?!” I yelled. She turned to the ship.

“This is a Time Lord explosive!” Swing shouted. “I hope my clumsy human fingers don’t do something clumsy!” She then tossed it at the saucer! “Oops! You guys handle it!” After the saucer exploded, she turned to me. “What was that about me being a crazy Viking?”

“Er, nothing, just rambling!” I said quickly.

“Thought so,” muttered Swing. While that went on, the Doctor, W, Sengoku, and Claw made a ramp from the scrap.

“Alright, back to the TARDIS!” called the Doctor when they were finished. We piled in and returned to 2055, hacking through Daleks who were confused about the ramp that mysteriously appeared. “All right, I should be able to get to the last generator from here,” remarked the Doctor as she climbed the scrap. We stopped by a control panel before the Doctor said “Oh, blast!”

“What’s the matter?” asked Claw.

“A Dalek and Eternal are guarding it,” replied the Doctor. “I can use this device to override the Dalek’s controls system, but I need someone to take care of Eternal.”

“We took care of Eternal once,” called W. “We can do so again. This ‘Rani’ is inexperienced in terms of the Gaia Memories.”

“Get to it, then!” encouraged the Doctor. W took off as the Doctor started messing with the controls.

“SYSTEM MALFUNCTION!” yelped the Dalek. “HELP ME!” Eternal was confused.

“Lady, you’re making a mistake, siding with evil” called W. Eternal turned to see W pull out new Gaia Memories. One was red with an illuminated H and the other was silver with an illuminated M. He pressed the buttons.

“HEAT!” announced the red one.

“METAL!” called the grey one. He then swapped out the Cyclone and Joker Memories for the new ones, Heat in the right slot and Metal in the left.

“HEAT! METAL!” announced the belt. A bit of rock music played followed by a metallic synth as the right side went red and the left side went silver. A long staff appeared with a red grip looking like a W.

“Let’s go, Time Lady!” challenged W. Eternal cocked her head. “We had a run-in with an old acquaintance of the Doctor. Apparently, she was male once, and called herself the Master. Calls herself Missy nowadays.” Eternal gripped her knife.

“So,” she hissed, “that jackanape decided to interfere! I don’t when or HOW she regenerated since HE used up his and was in the habit of borrowing bodies!”

“Let’s just say,” I replied, “a certain war changed that. You, of all people, should be familiar with the Great Time War.”

“I am, and I didn’t participate,” answered Eternal. “The last Dalek I fought was the cause of my first regeneration. I liked that body!”

“So, the incidents with Loyhargil and sleep deprived humans were your favorites?” I asked. That got her. She started throwing punches while W was dodging and swinging his staff. I jumped in with my sword and went on the attack. We traded blows for a while, but, W and I had to end it. W pulled the Metal Memory out and put it into the staff.

“METAL! MAXIMUM DRIVE!” announced the Memory. Fire started coming out of both ends of the staff.

“Metal Branding!” called W in both Shōtarō and Philip’s voices. I inserted my i.d tag into my sword.

“Final Attack!” announced my weapon.

“RIDER BATTLE SLASH!” I called as I swung my sword at a diagonal while W swung the staff and unleashed a torrent of flames. Eternal sparked before the belt she used spat out the Gaia Memory she was using. The suit disappeared to reveal a woman in ginger hair and goth clothes with a knee-length skirt and a lab coat. Her emerald eyes were burning into my soul as her black lipstick adorned lips parted in a snarl. She turned to the Dalek that the Doctor hacked into.

“It looks like my work is done anyways,” hissed the Rani. “See you later.” She stepped into a rusty boiler and closed the lid. Judging by the noise and its fading away, I figured out that it was the Rani’s TARDIS. When it faded completely, the Dalek screamed.

“The coast is clear!” called the Doctor. “Time to shut down the energy shield and put an end to this!” The Dalek then fired on the generator before exploding. We heard a noise like machinery winding down. “And that’s our cue!” guessed the Doctor. We made our way back to where the shield was and found a dais with a control panel on board.

“A Dalek Transmat!” I breathed.

“Last time I saw this model was during that whole mess with the Hand of Omega,” mused the Doctor. She managed to get it working. We all got out of our suits and Philip came out of the TARDIS. “Shall we?” invited the Doctor. We used the Transmat to beam ourselves upwards onto a Dalek ship. I just hope there aren’t any Daleks where we beam into.

Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Chapters

Chapter 25

We arrived back on Vorton safely. Eiji, Kōsei, and Ankh were amazed at their new surroundings. “Oh, good!” cheered X-PO. “You guys got the cake!”

“Yeah, and we were almost toast, too!” hissed Batman.

“You cut that pretty close, X-PO,” snapped Wyldstyle.

“Couldn’t you have opened the rift sooner?” asked Touché as we cancelled our transformations.

“Is that the cake from Portal?” asked Richard. “You guys were in Portal? Man, I wish I had been there!”

“You really don’t, my dear brother,” argued Emily. “With Hiro gaining his own Super Charge sequence and with the main enemies of Eiji-san here, we had our work cut out for us.”

“Speaking of cutting,” muttered Gandalf as he eyed the cake. “Perhaps a slice of…” Tanisha took the cake out of Batman’s hands and held it above her head out of Gandalf’s reach.

“It’s not for eating!” growled Batman. I then looked around.

“Hey, where’s Hiroki?” I asked as X-PO took the cake. “I have another Rider for him to geek over.” Mikhail and Lukas came up.

“He, Tonje, Emmanuel, Michael, Sheela, Xiomara, and Irina went on an adventure with a new Doctor,” replied Mikhail. “They’ll be back soon. Something about a Dalek fleet over their native universe’s Earth.”

“Can we get something to eat?” asked Eiji. “That adventure wore me out.”

“The adventure, or Putotyra?” asked Ankh.

“Follow me,” I directed as I led the way to the cafeteria. When we showed off the cafeteria and demonstrated the replicators, Eiji, Ankh, and Kōsei got their food. Ankh seemed to be eating a lot of popsicles.

“Isn’t that a bit…unhealthy?” asked Emily.

“I don’t eat food in the sense that you humans do,” explained Ankh. “Heck, my senses are dulled. I can’t taste food, Colors are washed out, and sounds are distorted and muffled. The only time I experienced the full range of the five senses was when I possessed a detective.”

“The Greeed are voids that can’t be filled,” elaborated Eiji. “Thus, they want to turn the world into Cell Medals.”

“And…you’re working with him?” I asked.

“Let’s just say, he’s learned a thing or two,” chuckled Eiji.

“That reminds me,” mused Ankh as he drew a bag out of his body. “Kōsei, do you know anything about these?” The bag was full of studs!

“Not a clue,” admitted Kōsei.

“Those are studs, the local currency,” I explained

“There are 150,000 studs in that bag,” counted Vortoranii.

“You can have them,” muttered Ankh as he tossed the bag to me.

“That’s 980,000 studs!” Vortoranii said, then laughed like Count Von Count.

“Guys,” called X-PO, “I hate to sound needy, but, unless you want to miss this, Irina and the others came back and she needs medical attention!”

“What?!” yelped Emily. We made a mad dash for the med bay. Irina was hooked up to an IV and had an NG tube in her nose. Her pulse was low, but steady. Tonje, Hiroki, Emmanuel, Michael, Sheela, and Xiomara were there along with a woman with blonde hair reaching her neck and a coat with the hood down at the bed, running the medical equipment. The TARDIS was there as well.

“Emily! Good!” called the woman. “She was hit by a handheld, low yield, Dalek blaster. Davros seemed to have it on his person.”

“Where’s the Doctor?” asked Emily, going into full Medic mode. “I want the full story of what happened while I work.”

“Well, Doctor?” asked Michael to the woman. I goggled.

“The Doctor passed the torch to her?” I guessed.

“In a manner of speaking,” replied the woman.

“That IS the Doctor,” explained Michael. “I’ll explain later. Doctor, if you please.”

“Oh, come on,” argued the woman, the new Doctor, “surely you want to tell the story.”

“Oh, very well,” muttered Michael.

“CHARGE!” ordered my princess. As her team entered the rift, the rest of us started wondering what we should do.

“I don’t know about you, meine Freunde,” called Lukas, “but I’m going to go tune up the replicators.”

“I’m going to rest my back,” sighed Livia.

“Same here,” agreed Richard. That was when a familiar sound started playing.

“Anyone hear that?” asked Joshua.

“That’s the TARDIS!” called Mikhail.

“What’s he doing coming back here?!” I asked as the TARDIS materialized in the gateway room. The door opened and a woman poked her head out. She caught sight of me.

“AHA!” she cheered. “I need your help, Michael! Something’s going down around my universe’s Earth. Mind coming with?”

“Hold on, how do you know my name, Ma’am?” I asked.

“Never mind that,” dismissed the woman, “I’ll explain later. Just pick six others to come with us!” I was surprised but did so.

“Er, Tonje, Hiroki, Emmanuel, Irina, Sheela, and Xiomara, you want to see the TARDIS again?” I asked.

“Eh, why not?” mused Emmanuel. As the people I picked entered the TARDIS, I glanced around.

“Doctor?!” I called. No response. The woman then headed to the console. “Doctor?!” I called again. Still no reply. I tried a different approach. “Professor?!”

“Oh, come on,” replied the woman. “You’re making me nostalgic.”

“Ma’am, I don’t believe I know what you’re talking about!” I snapped.

“Oh, just put your hands on the telepathic circuits,” instructed the woman.

“Michael, who is this woman?!” asked Tonje.

“I don’t bloody know!” I yelled. It’s rare that I ever use bloody in that context. We all put a hand on the TARDIS’ telepathic circuits and reviewed the most memorable moments of the pilot.

“One day, I shall come back. Yes, I shall come back,” faded to “They will persuade other Daleks to question. You will have a rebellion on your planet!” fading to “You exist only because your will insists that you exist. Your will is all that is left of you,” fading yet again to “You’ve no home planet, no influence, nothing! You’re just a pathetic bunch of tin soldiers skulking about the galaxy in an ancient spaceship!” fading again to “Well, a place where one embarks and disembarks from compartments on wheels drawn along these tracks by a steam engine; rarely on time,” fading to “But did you bother to tell anyone that they might be eating their own relatives?” with another man saying “Certainly not! That would have created what I believe is termed… ‘consumer resistance’,” fading to “I have pity for you!” and a Dalek counting fifteen and the man saying “Goodbye Davros. It hasn’t been pleasant,” fading to “You want dominion over the living, yet all you do is kill!” fading again to “Great men are forged in fire. It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame. Whatever the cost,” fading once again to a woman saying, “If you are an alien, how come you sound like you’re from the north?” and a man replying, “Lots of planets have a north!” fading to “Don’t challenge me, Harriet Jones! ‘Cos I’m a completely new man! I could bring down your government with a single word!” fading again to “Wrong with me? It’s not my fault. Why can’t you give me any decent food? You’re Scottish. Fry something!” fading one last time to “You know you’ve got a lot in common with the Tivolians? You’ll both do anything to survive. They’ll surrender to anyone. You will hijack other peoples’ souls and turn them into electro-magnetic projections. That will to endure… That refusal to ever cease. It’s extraordinary. And it makes a fella think! Because, you know what? If all I have to do to survive is to tweak the future a bit, what’s stopping me? Oh! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah: the ripple effect. Maybe it will mean that the universe will be ruled by cats or something in the future. But the way I see it, even a ghastly future is better than no future at all! You robbed those people of their deaths; made them nothing more than a message in a bottle. You violated something more important than time: You bent the rules of life and death. So I am putting things straight! Here, now, this is where your story ends!” All of those quotes and an image forming in our minds slowly became clearer and clearer to show the woman, the Time Lord, that was piloting a type 40 TARDIS with a chameleon circuit stuck as a 1960’s London Police Box. We were dazed at the story that unfolded.

“So…the Doctor we’re familiar with…” muttered Emmanuel.

“Had many different faces…” finished Irina. I turned to the woman.

“Seriously?” I asked.

“Yep!” confirmed the woman.

“You’re him?!” I continued.

“That’s right!” grinned the woman.

“Even the blonde hair?” I asked.

“Yes!” said the woman, a little annoyed.

“You’re the…Thirteenth Doctor?” I asked.

“Yes!” repeated the woman, the Doctor. “You humans have a rather enormous capacity for repeating the facts!” The TARDIS then shook.

“Doctor, what’s going on?!” asked Sheela.

“Bit of temporal ripples!” explained the Doctor. “Someone, or something, is creating a rather large distortion in time about the size of Paris! It seems to be centered around Earth, my universe’s Earth.”

“So, who caused the distortion?” I asked. I did NOT like the response.

“Typical Daleks!” hissed the Doctor as her fingers danced around the console. “What IS their fascination with Earth? That’s MY fascination!”

“GOD…FLIPPING…WHHHYYYY?!” I shouted. “Couldn’t it be early model Mondasian Cybermen?! THEY knew how to be creepy!” The TARDIS rocked again. “Are they firing on us?!” I asked.

“I may need some help maneuvering the TARDIS,” called the Doctor. “Hiroki! Michael! Emmanuel! Sheela! Xiomara! Give me a hand!”

“We’re not Time Lords!” protested Hiroki.

“Put your hands on the telepathic circuits again,” directed the Doctor. “The TARDIS will fill you in on its operation.” Information about all the panels on the console filled our minds. It soon integrated with human limits and it became easy as pie!

“Oh, many a fan of your adventures would sell their souls just to have this kind of knowledge!” I cheered.

“Seems simple enough,” mused Sheela.

“So, what are we supposed to do?” asked Irina as we took our places, “stand here and look glamorous?”

“Well,” chuckled the Doctor, “you could always get us some tea. Maybe a bit of paperwork.” Tonje punched the Doctor in the shoulder. She and Irina then stormed up the stairs and headed into a hallway. “TONJE! IRINA! JOKE!” said the Doctor as she massaged her shoulder.

“They’ll be back when we’ve landed,” I assured. We then set to work on weaving the TARDIS through Dalek laser blasts and the saucers that said lasers came from.

Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Chapters

Chapter 16

Back with the main baddies, Vortech was being shouted at from Hiro. “WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO?!” shouted Hiro. “You just rolled up and told the Daleks about the Scale Keystone in the hopes that they would join you, let it get caught by the Vortex Riders, and you’re doing NOTHING to stop them?! Vortech, you have lost your tiny little mind!!”

“What use is the Scale Keystone to those absurd little heroes?” asked Vortech. “All that Keystone can be is a plaything for children.”

“You seem to forget that children are trying to stop us!” protested Hiro. “They have Chen’s staff! A Foundation Element! Remember that you hired me to get such things so you can make universes collide?”

“We can retrieve it at our leisure,” dismissed Vortech. “If anything, you may be doubting Igura’s ability to get the Foundation Element from Dimension D-0-C-T-0-R-W-H-0.”

“It’s about time for the winning team to return,” chuckled Ambassador Hell. The portal opened and revealed Igura and her Shocker Nova team stepping through. “Wait, where’s my team?!” shrieked Ambassador Hell.

“They had encountered a race called the Cybermen,” explained Igura. “They tried to beat them but failed. A few were destroyed, most were converted. My team, on the other hand,” she produced a Dalek gunstick from behind her back, “had no casualties. One Foundation Element, as you requested.” A small, groaning noise escaped from Vortech while Ambassador Hell slapped his face.

“Subarashi!” (Awesome!) cheered Hiro. He turned to Vortech and Ambassador Hell. “You know the deal. Igura must choose what meal you two cook.”

“I’d like some Nikujaga,” ordered Igura. “And the meat must be sweet.”

“We’ll need some time to prepare,” muttered Ambassador Hell.

“We can wait two days, so you can get the meal right,” chuckled Igura. Vortech and Ambassador Hell stormed off.

“Well, that should give him something to chew on,” mused Hiro.

“Yee?” asked a Shocker Nova Combatman.

“Well,” explained Hiro, “Vortech’s been nonchalant about the fact that the self-proclaimed ‘Vortex Riders’ have a new size changing Keystone, calling it a toy.”

“Yee!” snapped the Combatman.

“I agree,” replied Igura. “Those Keystones have provided powers and they’ve proven proficient with those powers. Who’s to say they won’t use size-changing to their advantage?”

“There’s one last Keystone,” reported Hiro, “and our new Ring-bearer should be able to find it soon.”

“Speaking of which,” asked Igura, “you said that you had to bring his fortress there and put the Ring in that eye on top?”

“Exactly,” confirmed Hiro. “If necessary, we’ll have to send his forces along with him.”

“Let’s hope it works,” prayed Igura.

Back on Vorton, the TARDIS had arrived near the gateway. We had all explained who we are and what was going on to the Doctor. He was waving that wand of his, the sonic screwdriver, as he calls it, over Wyldstyle’s scanner as we walked out. Gandalf wanted to stay and explore more, but Batman and I got him out of there. “Okay,” finished the Doctor as he switched of the screwdriver, “I should be able to lock onto this, no problem.” He tossed it back to Wyldstyle and started examining the gateway. “Someone’s using this rift technology like a Gallifreyan Time Scoop. They’re pulling in monsters and madmen from everywhere.”

“We noticed,” muttered Batman.

“That doesn’t speak well of our security,” I mused. “If the enemy side can lock on to the gateway, it may know where we are.” The Doctor fiddled with the electronics inside the gateway and replaced the paneling once he was done.

“But THAT should stop whoever’s behind this tracking you from now on,” assured the Doctor. “No more rift loops. Speaking of which, I should go drop Mr. Kisaragi back in his own time and rescue the rest of you from one.” Batman took out one of the grapple guns he had and tossed it to the Doctor.

“You’ll need this,” he called. The Doctor looked uneasy as he held it.

“I usually take the stairs, but thanks,” muttered the Time Lord. “I’ll go finish up with the Daleks and their pals after I drop Gentarō off in his universe and time.”

“And we’ll deal with the rest,” assured Batman.

“Good,” confirmed the Doctor. He turned to Rusty and the Brigadier. “Are you sure you want to stay?”

“These people need additional technical support!” answered Rusty.

“Rusty’s right,” supported the Brigadier. “Having a witch work machinery doesn’t inspire confidence. It’s all taken care of. UNIT’s been notified.”

“Then see you lot later,” called the Doctor to us. “Or earlier.”

“Before you drop my past off in the Cyber-base with the rest of these guys,” stopped Gentarō, “give me this.” He handed the Fourze driver to the Doctor. “I don’t know where it came from as I destroyed it a while ago. Heinlein fans call it the bootstrap paradox, time travel theorists call it a causal loop, the Greeks call it begging the question, I call it a headache.”

“You googled the bootstrap paradox?” asked the Doctor as the space themed Kamen Rider stepped in.

“No, we all had a lecture by Michael,” explained Gentarō as the TARDIS started dematerializing. “And don’t listen to Kengo when he says I touch everything! That’s not true!” The TARDIS was gone, and so was its madman pilot.

“What an odd fellow,” mused Gandalf. He took out the Keystone to let it fly towards the gateway.

“The Scale Keystone!” cheered the voice “I’ll handle that.”

+GATEWAY 80% STABILIZED+ announced my belt

“Before you go, Mr. Gateway Guardian, we want answers!” I shouted to the sky. “Why is the enemy trying to get random objects? Why are our parents being held hostage? Why did the belts choose us to fight? And why are people from our fiction helping us?”

“And can the enemy be beaten?” asked Joshua.

“Only if Kamen Riders Apocalypse and Vortex can be found,” answered the voice. “Kamen Rider Apocalypse is supposed to be trained by all four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.”

“Sounds like a team of Sauron’s forces,” gulped Gandalf.

“Nah, they’re nice Anthropomorphic personifications,” assured the voice. “They’re just really good at their jobs, especially Death. She’s actually very sociable.”

“Really?” I asked. I hadn’t expected the Grim Reaper to be friendly towards mortals. Then again, we all have an appointment with Death, so being friendly would ease their souls after Death makes a visit.

“And with Kamen Rider Vortex around,” continues the voice, “more dimensions can be visited.

“Who’s Vortex?” I asked.

“A Kamen Rider that can freely pass between dimensions,” explained the voice. “No need for a gateway. That Rider can even summon others to help from across the multiverse. It’s said that those with large amounts of imagination from a dimension where nothing super-powered exists can find this Rider. 16 fragments of a map were made and forged into belts.”

“Our Vortex Drivers,” guessed Joshua.

“You guys chose us because we were the most imaginative in our dimension?” asked Tanisha.


“But Batman’s real in his universe,” protested Xiomara.

+BUT NOT IN YOURS+ countered my belt.

“So, nerds are prized in the multiverse,” I mused. “We actually care about the fandoms we love. Whenever a change comes to a fandom and it changes the fandom for the worse, we try like Hell to protect the fandom’s integrity.”

“Like Sonic the Hedgehog and its changes,” supplied Emily. “That franchise became flawed during its run and fans try their best to get Sega to improve their mascot so the characters don’t fade in the background.”

“That’s why we’re chosen,” I guessed, “because, deep down, we’re fierce when it comes to our fandoms that we will fight to protect them, and the enemy just wants to slap us down, even going so far as to kidnap those that support us! They want us to just put our heads down like nerds were forced to do in the 80’s!”

“Well,” swore Hiroki, “all they’ve invited was defeat! If we’re the ones who’ve been asked to travel the multiverse to defeat our enemy, then we will!”

“That leaves those objects the enemy’s getting,” rasped Batman.

“They’re called Foundation Elements,” replied the voice. “They’re objects made to keep the multiverse stable.” It showed a set of images.

“Wait a minute, that’s kryptonite!” called Batman.

“That’s MetalBeard’s treasure!” yelped Wyldstyle.

“That’s Ichimonji’s Typhoon!” observed Hongo.

“That’s Mom’s necklace!” called Hiroki.

“Those are Dorothy’s ruby slippers!” shouted Emily.

“That’s the nuclear rod from Springfield Nuclear Power Plant!” called Richard.

“That’s Chen’s staff!” observed Michael.

“That’s a Dalek gun!” I yelped.

“More exist across the multiverse to keep each universe stable,” continued the voice.

“I don’t see the Ring,” realized Gandalf.


“We have to find the keystones and Kamen Rider Vortex,” I said. “If we’re the ones to stop the enemy, we’ll stop the enemy! Who’s with me!?!” We all gave a battle cry to show our unity, even the Brigadier and Rusty. Elphaba came up.

“What’s all that shouting?!” she snapped. “I’m trying to take a nap!”

“Come on, Elphaba,” I teased. “Haven’t you given a battle cry to give yourself energy to deal with a threat?”

“I never had many threats to my power,” responded Elphaba, “so, no, I haven’t.”

“We’re just shouting our cause to eliminate a long-term threat,” answered Emmanuel.

“There is an immediate threat that needs dealing with!” screeched Rusty. “The threat of gratitude! A reward will be dispensed on all of you so it can be neutralized!” Rusty opened his casing and, dear lord, Michael was not exaggerating on the gooey pilot inside the Dalek casing! Rusty’s innards were a tentacled blob of greenish, brown flesh with a single yellow eye, no visible mouth, and a smaller visible brain than the Emperor Dalek. It was practically strapped in with wires sticking into it. A longer tentacle hidden from the skirt section pulled a drawstring bag out and handed it to me. It was dripping with goo. I accepted it gingerly and opened it. More studs were inside.

“What’s the total number of studs we have now?” I asked my belt.

+STUDS IN BAG TOTAL 220,000+ replied my belt. +CURRENT CUMULATIVE STUD TOTAL IS NOW 600,000+

“Thank you,” I said to Rusty.

“You’re welcome!” responded Rusty as he closed his casing.

“Michael, why don’t you and Rusty tell me about the Daleks, in case we encounter them again,” suggested Batman.

“Very well!” replied Rusty. “The Daleks originally came from the planet, Skaro. We were once a race of humanoids called the Kaleds.”

“They were in a thousand-year nuclear war with the Thals,” continued Michael, “another race of humanoids that look a lot like Emmanuel, just without the dress and makeup.”

“They were tall and blonde?” asked Emmanuel.

“Yes,” confirmed Michael. “The resulting mutations from the fallout were accelerated by a disfigured Kaled scientist named Davros.”

“What he bred,” continued Rusty, “he placed into a travel machine designed for combat! He had removed all emotions and morals, except hatred!”

“And you’re one of the exceptions?” I asked Rusty.

“Only when the Doctor repaired me and linked my mind to his!” elaborated Rusty.

“Well now,” I mused, “interesting history of the Daleks.” My stomach growled.

“What was that?” yelped Rusty. “Was it a Dalek threat?!”

“No, just the threat of hunger,” I assured. “Who wants dinner?” Everyone, even Rusty and the Brigadier, said yes. “Wait, how can you guys eat?” I said to Rusty and the Brigadier.

“I can convert the food into an acceptable nutrient for Daleks!” replied Rusty. “Human food tastes better than the standard nutrients Daleks are given!”

“And Cybermen can eat when a recharge is insufficient,” continued the Brigadier, “but it requires the removal of the helmet and that can disrupt communication with other Cybermen. Now, I’m not going to be broken up about it, since I’m free.”

“Let’s get some grub then,” I suggested. We departed for the cafeteria.

War gasped for breath as she held her wound closed. “Never, in all of my existence,” she snarled as Death got bandages, “has a mortal ever beaten me!”

“Don’t talk,” whispered Death harshly as she started treating the wound. “The Daleks don’t exactly care that you’re immortal.”

“But the whole idea of an ant like him beating me!” roared War, angry as all Hell. “It’s infuriating! I didn’t spend my entire existence in battle just to be defeated by some idiot scientist who reverse engineered a transformation belt! A technology we entrusted to the Vortonians! I knew we should have kept it out of their reach! They should never have had that power! But no! No one listens to War, since she’s only a brute! Never mind the fact that she’s the most skilled in tactics and…!”

“Shut up!” hissed Death. “In case you forgot, I was in that fight too! The Vortonian military needed a final weapon to use so they could help the Tarlaxians.”

“Half of which are enslaved again!” snarled War. “Look at Turretorg! He was a very outspoken advocate for independence!”

“We’re not interrupting, are we?” wheezed a voice. War and Death turned to see a woman in full green plague doctor gear and a thin, yellow haired woman in baggy clothes constantly eating, but never gaining enough body mass to look healthy. They were Pestilence and Famine. All four horsemen had gathered. Pestilence knelt down to War’s wound. “Dear Lord, Death,” she wheezed. “You could have cleaned her wound! She may be immortal, but War isn’t immune to all diseases!”

“Why did you summon us?” mumbled Famine as she ate the candy bars she pulled out of her pockets.

“We need Kamen Rider Apocalypse NOW,” whispered Death.

“And you believe that to be Lacey?” grunted War. “She’s not from a null dimension like the Vortex Riders are! Who’s to say the Apocalypse Driver would accept her?”

“Doubtless, it could reject her if she’s untrained,” replied Famine as she swallowed, “but if we get her to the academy, it might help her in the long run.”

“I must agree with Famine,” wheezed Pestilence as she applied disinfectant to the wound. War tired her best not to wince from the disinfectant’s sting and Pestilence’s response.

“Don’t tell me you agree with Death!” she grunted.

“Only through the combined power of the Keystones and the two Savior Riders, Apocalypse and Vortex, will we finish Vortech!” argued Pestilence. “Lacey has proven herself to be open and understanding of us. She may be the best candidate for the mantle of Kamen Rider Apocalypse.”

“Besides,” mumbled Famine as she started scarfing down chicken nuggets, “she needs a better life. Her dad isn’t exactly supportive. You saw how he tried to destroy her death metal collection!” War considered for a moment as Pestilence wrapped her wound in gauze.

“Very well,” she finally grunted. “I’ll get her to our shared dimension.”

“No, you’re injured and need to rest,” whispered Death with a tone of finality. “Pestilence, you take War to the Healer. Famine, pick up Lacey. Take her to the academy, you have the necessary connections to get her registered.”

“What about the Vortex Riders?” asked War. “A shared dream haunts them.”

“Leave that to me,” answered Death. She mounted her horse. “Giddyap!” she said. The horse went through a portal she had made. Pestilence had War slung over her own horse as she rode while War’s horse ran after his rider. Famine mounted her gaunt looking horse and opened a portal to the Simpsons’ home world.